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Welcome to Druchii.net, the world-wide online community for Dark Elves in Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

We are exiles, driven from our true home by the treason of our own kin, who have denied to the first and bravest son of the Phoenix his rightful throne. We went across the icy storms of the western seas, to a desperate frozen place, Naggaroth, the Land of Chill. Anyone would have lost hope, but not Dark Elves. We came with our fortresses, the Black Arks, with our refined civilization, based on military prowess, and with our will, stronger than steel.
We managed to survive here, and to develop the tools of our revenge. Our legacy has been transmitted from generation to generation, with one goal in mind: to reclaim our homeland and the crown for our rightful King Malekith. We tamed the most dangerous creatures, now submitted to our will. The resources we did not have there, we brought them from abroad. From Naggaroth, we send forth our legions in the world, culling it from the weaker souls and lesser beings. We liberate crude beings from their fruitless lives by teaching them with whip and stick the fruits of hard labour and the meaning of life through the most refined rituals of death.

Druchii.net is the place where you can discuss the philosophy of our grand civilization, the intense beauty of life escaping its mortal shelter, the fascinating despair of souls losing their last hopes.

Global announcements 
Posted by: T.D. » Wed Mar 11, 2015 2:13 pm Global announcement



Druchii Beastmasters scour the four corners of the Warhammer World to yoke the mightiest Creatures of Chaos to the will of the Witch King.

Venturing beyond the Northern Watchtowers; West across the Gulach Rondi; South to the Broken Lands; or East across the entire Seven Seas from our dread ports ...no Beast of the Earth is safe from the rod and the lash [...]

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View the latest post Druchii.net 1st Universal Battles Tournament
Posted by: Amboadine » Fri Feb 06, 2015 9:56 pm Forum: Battle Reports

Druchii.net 1st Universal Battles Tournament

Thanks to Marchosis and Rowena for the initial concept and inputs into the rules pack.
Adjudication and draws will be performed by Amboadine who will not participate in the tournament to remain impartial.

Welcome to the first Druchii.net Online tournament using the Universal Battles tool. This contest of Generalship will open to all members who are willin [...]

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View the latest post Attachment(s)D.Net INVASION 2015 - ARMY PAINTING CHALLENGE
Posted by: Cultofkhaine » Mon Jan 05, 2015 2:20 am Forum: Painting and Modelling


Sharpen your blade and dust off your paint brushes, the call has gone far and wide. Rally your troops, it's time to get some paint on them. With the new year now upon us there is never a better time than now to start painting your new Warhammer Army.


To paint a 1500pt Warhammer Army over the next 6 months.

Each month entrants are required to paint 250+ points and post their progress on [...]

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View the latest post Poll: : End Times of the Elves -- Vote & Discussion
Posted by: T.D. » Sat Dec 27, 2014 12:14 am Forum: Tales of the End Times



Thanks all entrants to the End Times of the Elves Competition :D

Khaine is pleased with the blood spilt in his honour :twisted:

-> This is the place to discuss and comment on the entries.

D.net members please vote to thank the storytellers for their tidings of the Apocalypse! Voting closes on 1st Jan 2015.

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View the latest post Happy Christmas!
Posted by: Rork » Mon Dec 22, 2014 9:04 pm Forum: Announcements


Happy Christmas to all you Dark Elves out there! May the fire cleanse your enemies...may your palate be cleansed too!

All hail the red one! Have I ever mentioned he's on my team? ;)

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View the latest post December Story Competition -- The End Times of the Elves!
Posted by: T.D. » Mon Dec 01, 2014 9:29 am Forum: Tales of the End Times

"The dividing line between Asuryan and Khaine cuts through the centre of every Elven heart"
- Hotek, Priest of Vaul


We find ourselves to be living in interesting times. The Witch King has invaded Ulthuan and the Sword of Khaine has been pulled from its ancient rest. The Unliving Dead are rising in the East, and a tide of Chaos grows in the North. It is a crux of peril, where the harshes [...]

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