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Seraphon vs Exiles: Death at the Dais 
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"The Jokar Warhost has shamed it's race at the Dais of Merkiln. It what should have been an ambush of an invading Seraphon warhost turned into a slaughter of Thralls. The Sorceress Kloriux has taken full responsibility and sacrificed herself to Khaine rather than returning back to the Dark Queen. "

So I played Death at the Dais a couple days with a mate. We did a wound cap and tried to make it a competive looking game, but it turned into a slaughter for my Exiles. It is an interesting battleplan with a planned ambush and some cool magical and command abilities. I think that it could have been a much closer battle if my first rolls were not so terrible. It you haven't played it that jest of the battleplan is that there is an invader and an ambusher. I was the Ambusher. The ivander gets to set up first then the ambusher has to roll for models to come on to the broad. on a 3+ the unit gets to play.

Here is our lists:
Thrall Warhost
5 Black Guard
5 Executioners
10 Bleak Swords
10 DarkShards
10 DarhShards
2 Sorceress 1 is the General
5 Drakespawn Knights
Dreadlord on Coldone

Scar Vet on Col One
2 skink Priest
9 Suarus Knights
12 Suarus Warriors
12 Suarus Warrios
4 Skink Handlers
3 Salamanders

Phox Jorkarzul

Thu May 19, 2016 7:20 am
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Joined: Wed Sep 09, 2015 4:11 am
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So in turn one I had to roll to bring my troops on. I decided to roll from what I wanted most on the table to what I wanted least. So my General was first rolled a 1, then second Sorceress rolled a 2, then Dragon rolled a 2, then Blackguard 2, Executioners came on with a 3, White shield Darkshards failed, Black shield Darkshards came on. Bleak swords came on, and DrakeSpawn knights came on.
So without any army command units I should have help back, but I figured that if I could get some charges in and do some quick damage then I might be able to turn the tide when everyone else shows up. So I moved into the shooting phased and killed off one of his Skink Priest so victory there but when you fail all your charges it's only going to go down hill.

So he began his movement. He move his left flank of Saurus Warriors towards my Executioners, his salamanders within range of my Bleak Swords, His right flank Warriors moved towards my Darkshards, and his Scar Vet and Saurus Knights moved to engaged my Drakespawn.

In his shooting the Salamanders killed my whole unit Bleak Swords, and his Priest did 3 killed three of my Darkshards. Then unlike me he made his charges and the pain came with them.

In his first round of combat he attacked my Drakespawn Knights killing one of them. I attacked his Saurus Warriors and didn't roll a single 6 on the hits, but managed to do 3 wounds. He hit back killing 2 of my Executioners and I only put one wound on his knights.

File comment: The Seraphon fireback
Shoot Charging.jpg
Shoot Charging.jpg [ 41.78 KiB | Viewed 3686 times ]
File comment: His movement
Turn One Movement.jpg
Turn One Movement.jpg [ 37.37 KiB | Viewed 3686 times ]
File comment: First Deployment
Deployment_Deployment.jpg [ 35.53 KiB | Viewed 3686 times ]

Phox Jorkarzul
Thu May 19, 2016 7:42 am
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Joined: Wed Sep 09, 2015 4:11 am
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Like Murphy's Law what could go wrong did. I lost turn two. Here he was able to move his Scar Vet to a position to charge and his right flank of Warrior up to make a charge on my dark Shards.
In his shooting phase his Salamanders kill two more Executioners and his Priest killed another DarkShard.
All his units then entered close combat with my troops, he opened his attacks with his Scar Vet killing 1 DrakeSpawn Knight. I attacked backed missing terribly. His left flank Suarus Warrior then attacked my Executioners killing the last one and his right flank attacked my Darkshards kill all but one. I attacked back missing.

On my turn I rolled to see who was coming on, and only my Black Guard was going to make it on, so I called the game.

Overall it was a lot a fun to play, I never played this one before. I think that it might be a little in the Invaders advantage, especially when you read the rules that say if the invader should be the player with the most models. If I would have deployed further back I think all I would have done was prevent him from winning in two turns if my Army Command wasn't on the table. That was the hardest part was missing the key roles in the beginning of the game.

File comment: Game Over
Turn Two Shooting and Charging.jpg
Turn Two Shooting and Charging.jpg [ 40.39 KiB | Viewed 3686 times ]
File comment: He moves in for the charge
Turn Two Movement.jpg
Turn Two Movement.jpg [ 43.22 KiB | Viewed 3686 times ]

Phox Jorkarzul
Thu May 19, 2016 7:54 am
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