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Result small tournament 2250. Shame for me :( 
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Tournament list:

Supreme sorceress,
Dagger, 2 scrolls, pearl of darkness, in unit spears

Assassin, stars, manbane, cloack

Death hag, cauldron of blood,

Death hag, BSB, Hag greaf, manbane, rune of khaine,

5 dark riders, muzo
10 RPX warriors,
24 Shield warriors, standart.
6 haries

5 Shades
6 CoK, champ, RoH
17 Executioners, ( Death hag went here)
12 Black guard, naked

2 Reapers.

Battle plan,

Shoot large things, magic, things, dagger when nessecery. Dagger is very good. Just dont kill too many, when youre being shot at.

Exes behind a unit rpx warriors, walk forward 5 inches,
Black guard next to it.

Shades wil do their shading tingy.

Knights next to Executioners far away from my sorceress.

Let me tell you, Executioners with the hag means, everyone avoids it. It never got in combat in the front! And still doing well haha. Still a shame.

Besides from that I lost Both my 2 games.
I was a small 2250 tournament, and because we were with a uneven number. I didnt play First round. Earning a solid victory in points term for that.

My First game was a against a WOC list or rather a Monster of chaos list. This rather jackass of a player brought the following:

Dragon lord: Runeshield, 3 ward save versus missile, Dragon, some weapon didnt remember

Lvl 1 caddy in knights
Chaos hero on flying disk

3 x 5 marauders horseman, frenzy, flais,
Dragon Ogre Shaggoth,
Giant slaanesh

7 chaos knights, frenzy.

First thing i told him: you have a F*ck* up list. He knew, he did’t care. Nor should he. Just wanting to tell him that.

Key points:

He got First turn, marching flying forward. not mutch else.

I taunted his knights to charge me, but he was quite clever. Never to to that. Right he was.

I shot, RPX-warriors felling a giant in one turn! Reapers did three wounds on dragon. My shades fled from terror Dragon shaggoth, Magic killed some marauders.

His turn, still marching forward, i setup far end. Breathing on my RpX warriors

I shot some things, shades rally.
Got word of pain on his dragonlord. Didnt matter really. I totally forgot the assassin this battle.

He charged my warriors with his knights in front, shaggoth with marauders in flank.

Shaggoth overran in front of execs, So i charged, death hag neatly sliced the shaggoth all by herself! Didnt matter otherwise he still got a load of other strengt 6 attacks. I overran 5 inches in front of his dragon. His knights charged in my executioners flank, dragon in front. He Challenged ofcourse. Took it with champ.

Flank executioners killed (4!) chaos knights like a hot knife trough butter. Thank you cauldron. Put a wounds on chaos lord. His shield dont Works on Gifts of khaine. He still won due overkill and flank charge. I however still held due stubbornes.

This combat held three turns. The executioners where now autnumbered so i lost no stubborn anymore. Only his sorceress from his knights survived, and the dragon lord had an almost dead dragon. The rest of my army was fleeing or killed.

Mon Mar 30, 2009 5:12 pm
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How do you taunt the Knights to charge you? Just verbally? because I would love to know if they had been in range of something, they were frenzied and had to charge...
Other than that, nice effort with the executioners, always fun when they slice and dice!

Tue Mar 31, 2009 12:12 am
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Yeah, just verbally. Against a list like that. You just need to have a least 4 Reapers

Tue Mar 31, 2009 1:25 pm

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Reapers are rubbish against CK.
What you really need is to get spirit of the forge on the level 4.

Tue Mar 31, 2009 8:16 pm
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Nasty list and it takes even more cleverness to be able to handle it. Either way a few dice rolls I bet could have swayed the results in your direction.

Verbal is always nice too! I enjoy making the opponent feel small and that they could never really reach my lines. Then just smack them around and show them who is boss.

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Wed Apr 29, 2009 10:24 pm
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