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Duckman Learns 8th Edition: Battle Reports 
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Seeing as I keep typing out notes after games usually in army list threads, I figured I would move reports to their own thread and perhaps begin to write more robust reports as time goes by. First up is my most recent game against Orks and Goblins.

Dark Elves
Supreme Sorceress Level 4, Lore of Life, Cold One, Dispel Scroll, Talisman of Presrvation

Death Hag, Cauldron of Blood, BSB
Master, Repeater Crossbow, Halberd, 2+ Armor Save

20 x Corsairs, AHW, FC, Gleaming Pennant
25 x Witch Elves, FC, Banner of Swiftness
5 x Dark Riders, Shields, XBows, Muso
5 x Dark Riders, Shields, XBows, Muso

War Hydra, Fiery Breath

5 x Doomfire Warlocks, Master of Warlocks

3 units of 5 Boar Boys, 15 Wolf Riders (10 and 5), 4 Ballistas, 2 Doom Divers, 60 Night Goblin Spearmen with some heroes including an Ork Warboss, a unit of 20 Black Orks, and 40 Night Goblin Archers.

The game went great, a total massacre! I wiped the board on turn five while only losing half a unit of Warlocks, a Master, the Hydra, and half the Corsairs. We decided to play Dawn Assault and my opponent had unlucky rolls on deployment resulting in his hoped-for 10 leadership bubble not working out as anticipated.

Turn One
I go first. The Warlocks move up the left flank and Doombolt a unit of Boar Boys, killing them! They miscast and lose 2. Dark Riders move up the right and middle and take some shots at Wolf Riders and set up a charge on on Doom Diver. RBTs (dead center) pick off a few Wolfriders. Corsairs and Witch Elves move up the middle, Hydra goes up the left flank to set up a counter-charge should his spears try to charge the Corsairs.
His turn, he fails a charge with Boar Boys, mostly whiffs with his artillery except for one Ballista shot that puts the Cauldron of Blood at 1 wound left! Repositions with Wolf Riders and Boar Boys to get at my RBTs. Moves up Orks on the right flank and Goblins down the middle.

Turn Two
The Warlocks charge a doom diver on the left flank, killing it. Dark Riders charge a ballista on the right flank, it surprisingly sticks. Witch Elves charge some Wolf Riders hoping to overrun into the Night Goblin archers but fail their pursuit. Corsairs move up the middle to protect the Witch Elves from a flank charge from the Boar Boys/Night Goblin Spearmen. Hydra stays put to protect Corsairs. 5 other Dark Riders sneak between Wolf Riders and Archers to set up charges against the 3 ballista in the middle. RBTs rain hellfire down upon the approaching Wolf Riders, wiping them out.
On his turn, an untimely animosity roll forces the Nightgoblin Archers to charge the Witch Elves, who flee despite a flank charge and are later caught by Dark Riders after they take out the Ballista. The other doom diver misfires. The Hydra was charged by 60 Night Goblin Spearmen and wins combat thanks to Breath Weapon doing massive wounds but the Goblins stick.

Turn Three
Hydra dies, goblins reform to attack the Corsairs, who charge into and kill a unit of Boar Boys then reform to face the Goblins. Witch Elves get hung up on some Wolf Riders, kill them but fail to overrun into the Black Orcs. Dark Riders charge and kill a Ballista, overrun into fleeing wolf riders. RBTs take out remaining approaching Boar Boys--they are on fire this game!
He charges into the Witch Elves, I win combat anyway but they stick. My Dark Riders are set up for a flank charge next turn. He makes a long charge onto the Corsairs with his big scary unit and nearly takes out the Sorceress, one wound remaining--but that means she rolled 4 successful ward saves against the 6 attacks from his Orc Warboss! I lose combat by 3 and need a 6 to win leadership. First roll, fail; no big deal, gave them the gleaming pennant. Second roll, fail... I think I'm screwed but then remember the BSB on the Cauldron of Blood gives an 18 inch re-roll! Third time's the charm and they stick.

Turn Four
My Dark Riders in his back line take out another Ballista and overrun into the final one. Doomfire Warlocks get a Soulblight off on the big block of spear goblins and set up a flank charge for next turn. Other unit of Dark Riders flank charges the Black Orcs who are wiped out by the Witch Elves, who reform to face the spear gobbos. The Corsair combat goes better this time; I remember challenges and even though my Master dies, he only takes two wounds and otherwise my Corsairs slice him up. I win combat but he sticks.
Same story on his turn turn--Corsairs and speargoblins are the only combat ongoing; I continue to deplete his numbers, win combat and he sticks.

Turn Five
I come in for a flank charge with my Warlocks, kill the last ballista with the Dark Riders, and (maybe bottom of turn five) finally kill every last one of the goblins, heroes, and the Orc Warboss for a total massacre!

Everyone performed well this game so it is hard to pick a favorite, but the ferocity of the Witch Elves taking out 5 Wolf Riders, 40 Goblins, and 20 Black Orcs has to take the cake from sheer points alone. Plus rolling 20+ dice, re-rolling them, then rolling the wounds, and re-rolling them, is the most fun I've had in Warhammer yet.

Wed Sep 06, 2017 8:05 pm
Killed by Khorne
Killed by Khorne
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Hey man,

Glad you enjoyed the game! Witch Elves have been my favourite Dark Elf unit since 3rd edition :twisted:

I like your list -- strong centre with enveloping wings and some ranged support.

2 questions:

1) Is your Sorc really on a Cold One? I'm thinking that makes her a bigger artillery target plus forcing stupidity rolls? Or is this a typo?

2) Have you tried fielding an Assassin in place of the Master?

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Thu Sep 07, 2017 12:40 pm

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T.D. wrote:
2 questions:

1) Is your Sorc really on a Cold One? I'm thinking that makes her a bigger artillery target plus forcing stupidity rolls? Or is this a typo?

Yes, I fielded her with the Corsairs but didn't think about the artillery target problem. I was hoping for an armor save VS his 3 Strength goblins but perhaps I should reconsider. I ultimately want to get a Pegasus model but haven't yet (and not sure how to use it effectively).

T.D. wrote:
2) Have you tried fielding an Assassin in place of the Master?

Ooooh this would have been a perfect game to try that! I'm afraid I totally forgot about that unit, people tend to be so disdainful of it that it slipped my mind.

Thu Sep 07, 2017 4:33 pm
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