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8th 2500 DE vs Rats 
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I figured I'd try my hand at a battle report, it was 8th edition. 2500 point dark elves vs skaven, I didn't get his list, going from memory (the numbers in brackets are the order they got deployed in)

Seer, bell, scroll
BSB, storm banner, heavy armor, shield
Engineer, pocket rocket

2x 40ish slaves (6,8)
40ish clan rats, FC (14)
40ish storm vermin, FC, razor banner (12)
40ish plague monks, FC, plague banner (10)

2x rat swams things w/packmaster guy (2,4)
8x gutter runners, slings, poison (brought in via ambush)

2x WLC (16)
HPA (19)
Doomwheel (18)

Dreadlord, cold one, giant blade, glittering scales, other trickster's shard, SDC, shield
Sup Sorc, l4 light, cold one, ring of hotek, dispel scroll, ironcurse icon
Master, BSB, cold one, dawnstone, pot of strength, charmed shield, lance, SDC

20 WE, Std, Mus, razor (13)
10 WE Std, Mus, flaming (17)
2x 5 DR, Mus, xbows, shields (1,3)

10 COK, FC, swiftness (11)
14 Executioners, FC, gleaming pennant (9)
8 Shades, GW (20, scouting)
2x RBT (15)

2x 5 warlocks (5,7)

I wanted to have a fully painted army without borrowing painted stuff but I didn't get the 5 warlock riders finished so that was a fail.


For spells I got:
Net of Amyntok, speed of light, Pha's protection and Shem's burning gaze

He ended up with:
Pestilence breath, blessed with filth, scorch and warp lightning
and he shows up with 2 pieces of crack.

I vanguard both dark rider and warlock units towards his lines because I really feel the need to get rid of his WLCs.


I won the roll to go first 4 to 6 (5+1). He activates the storm banner.

I forgot to take a picture at this point but I moved the shades and the dark riders at the top of the table around his rat swarm thing. Didn't move anything else that I can remember.

Magic phase, 6,5 – no channels. I try to cast doombolt on the top WLC but roll 6,1,1,1 and fail to cast. I try to cast doombolt on the WLC at the bottom roll 5,5,1,1 but he dispels on 4 dice. L4 casts bubble Pha's 4,3,1, he doesn't stop it.

Shooting: At the top, 8 shades shoot at rats 16 shots, 1 wound. 5 dark riders at rats, 10 shots, 0 wounds. At the bottom, 5 dark riders at WLC, 10 shots, 0 wounds. Both RBTs fire at WLC but 0 wounds.

His turn 1: Storm banner fails, lulz. He charges his rats at my shades, I stand and shoot but do 0 wounds. He moves doomwheel forward 10”, HPA forward 8”. Reforms slaves near the top towards dark riders. Moves everything else forward somewhat. Magic phase, bell rolls 3 and trundles forward a bit more.


Magic: 3,1 – no channels. Casts scorch at top unit of warlocks on 6,5,4,2, does 2 wounds, 1 dies. Tries warp lightning on 1 die, I dispel.

Shooting: First WLC fails 4+ from Pha's. Second WLC fires at WE with razor banner, gets direct hit on them at str 6, 7 die. Mortar thing scatters off target. He restrains on doomwheel shooting

Combat: Shades do 5 wounds and kill of rats

Turn 2: With the storm banner down, I take a chance and reform my units out of single file into blocks hoping I can take out WLCs. I move the dark riders at the top around his slaves towards his storm vermin, likewise I position the top warlocks out of his storm vermins charge arc but can see the top WLC. I move warlocks and dark riders at the bottom back a bit to be safely out of range of the HPA.


Magic, 4,4 – no channels, 6 dice doombolt at top WLC, fails to cast. Try to cast bubbled Pha's on 2 dice but he dispels.

Shooting: Shades at top WLC, 0 Wounds. Dark riders at top WLC, 0 wounds, Dark riders at bottom WLC, 1 wounds. Both RBTs at WLCs and 0 wounds again.

His turn 2: His gutter runnes fail to come on. Doomwheel goes forward 11, HPA goes forward 9. Storm vermin reform to face dark riders and warlock. Slaves reform a little bit


Magic, 3,1 – I channel 1: Bell rolls 10, scorch, does dark riders for 4 wounds, 2 die, pass panic. He tries to cast scorch with 3 dice but fails to make casting cost.

Shooting: Engineer whips out pocket rocket towards cold ones and witch elves, he rolls 14 on 7 dice, failure. WLC fires at witch elves with flaming banner through cold ones, 1 dead cold one and 7 dead witch elves. Doomwheel fires at witch elves, strength 2, but still gets 3 wounds :| Other WLC misfires, no ill effect on misfire.

Turn 3: Cold ones charge doomwheel, auto make. Dark riders charge WLC, auto make. Move warlocks around towards his bell/clan rat unit. Move executioners away from HPA. Move dark riders at bottom towards lower WLC. Move witch elves with razor banner up a bit.


Magic, 6,2 – no channels: Cast speed of light on cold ones w/ 6,1. He lets it go, try to cast 6 dice doombolt on storm vermin, fail to cast.

Shooting: 10 dark riders at bottom on WLC do 1 wound. Both RBTs shoot and do 1 nore wound and killing it. 6 Shades at slaves, do 4 wounds.

Combat: Doomwheel does 1 wound via grind, but I make save, cold ones finish off doomwheel. I reform to face bell unit. 3 dark riders on WLC, does 1 wound, crew does 0 wounds back, he holds.

His turn 3: Gutter runners come on. Storm vermin charge dark riders in combat with WLC. HPA needs 14 to get to cold ones, he gets 13, that was close. I guess I forgot to take a picture again, dammit.

Magic: 6,3 – no channels: Bells gets frikkin 10 again, I decide to dispel it (we play that it is a bound spell, don't actually know if that is right or not now), using 2 dice. He casts scorch on 4 dice but I dispel on 4 dice with 2 6's. He casts pestilence breath, does 1 wound to the warlocks. Casts warp lightning at witch elves, didn't write down how many died, I think 4.

Shooting: Poison wind mortar misfires. Gutter runnes do 2 wounds to top RBT. Dark riders manage to do 2 wounds to WLC. Storm vermin kill them off and reform back towards the centre of table.

Turn 4: Cold ones and witch elves charge HPA. At this point having an alcohol-induced mental fog I bizarrely decide to charge one unit of warlocks at his bell unit where his BSB is in front rank, he forgot to go 5 wide to push him into 2nd rank. Move witch elves with razor up to wall. Move dark riders near the bottom to chaff his plague monks.


Magic: 5,2 – no channel. 4 dice doombolt on mortar, 2 6's but only 1 wound on warlocks and I ward save, oh the cheesy goodness. I get 8 hits on mortar and do 7 wounds, he makes 6 ward saves! Not enough though apparently, it's dead jim. 3 dice speed of light on cold ones, opponent dispels.

Shooting: RBT on gutter runners amazingly does 2 wounds, but they pass panic. Shades go nuts and do 11 wounds to slaves, who fail panic and flee.

Combat: WE/Cold ones vs HPA. WE only does 1 'flaming' wound (getting nervous). DL only does 1 wound (more nervouser). BSB does 2 wounds, and finally knights do 2 wounds and kill it. Witch elves overrun, knights reform into single line. I have no idea why I did that :) 1 Warlock does 2 wounds to engineer on 2 6's to hit and kills him. 6 warlock attacks on the BSB only does 1 wound :| (I forgot about no rerolls due to BSB having higher initiative). Then fortunately, he only manages to do 1 wound back and I pass my break test on 2,1.

His turn 4: His storm vermin charge the witch elves, needs 6 and he gets it. Slaves charge warlocks and they flee.


Magic: 3,2 – no channels. Bell rolls 16, forget what that is didn't write anything down. He does scorch on 3 dice, and does 2 wounds on the witch elves with flaming, only standard bearer left now. Tries to cast pestilence breath with crack hit, I dispel.

Shooting: Gutter runners do 1 wound to RBT.

Combat: Warlocks do 1 wound to BSB and kill him and kill one clanrat also. He whiffs all his attacks back, and I hold on 4,1 :) Witch elves inflict 7 wounds on storm vermin, storm vermin do 5 back. I hold on something (didn't write down what).

Turn 5: I move the lone standard bearer witch elf away from the action. Reform cold ones back into block. Don't have much else written down here.


Magic: 6,3 – I channel. I do 4 dice soulblight and it goes off, he fails to dispel with 5 dice. I also get off speed of light and pha's protection on remaining witch elves fighting storm vermin.

Shooting: RBT does 1 wound to gutter runners. Shades do some wounds to slaves (can't make out number).

Close combat: 4 warlock attacks on grey seer, 3 wounds, he fails all his ward saves :) He loves warlocks. He does 1 wound to warlocks back, they fail break test and flee 10”, he doesn't catch them he doesn't go far. Witch elves do 2 wounds on storm vermin but he completely whiffs, no wounds due to spell debuffs. Witch elves hold on 2,2.

His turn 5: Gutter runners charge RBT. Bell charges warlocks who flee further, tries to them redirect into cold ones needing 8 but gets 7 and fails. In the bottom corner, when rats attack and try to charge lone witch elf with flaming banner, needs 8 and gets 10. I think I missed another picture here.

Shooting: None

Magic: Bell rolls 10, I dispel, he has no wizard so phase ends.

Combat: 1 lone witch elf with flaming banner does 1 wound to rats. Rats whiff and break, they go 9, witch elf goes 7. Gutter runners kill RBT and need 11” to get to cold one knights, he rolls 10. Witch elves versus storm vermin, I do 1 wound. He manages to do 2, only witch elf standard bearer left but holds on 2,2. 1 witch elf holding out against like 25 storm vermin.


Turn 6: Lone Witch elf flaming banner charges rats and catches them. Cold ones charge bell. Warlocks rally.

Magic: 5,2 – no channel. Try to do 4 dice doombolt on gutter runners but he dispels. I cast 2 dice speed of light on cold ones, 2 6's, get calamitous detonation, wound on sorceress, 4 cold one knights dead, doh. Worried that I won't kill bell now. Dreadlord does 1 wound to bell, BSB does no wounds, cold one knights do 2 wounds, and 1 wound on rats. Rats are unbreakable. Storm vermin kills remaining witch elf standard bearer and reforms.

His turn 6: My BSB uses potion of strength. Storm vermin charge warlocks, slaves charge cold one knights in flank. Plague monks charge executioners but I flee away only 5”, he need 9” to catch but only got 8”.


Magic: Bell rolls 14, +1 attack or something

Shooting: Gutter runners shoot at warlocks, 2 wounds but I save both.

Combat: Warlocks do 3 wounds to storm vermin, storm vermin whiff, warlocks hold. DL does 1 wound to bell, BSB does 2 wounds. Sorceress throws rock and kills a rat. 8 cold one attacks do 3 wounds to rats. Rats do 2 wounds to knights. Slaves do nothing to BSB. I lose combat by 1 but I hold.

Final score was 1253 to 665 in my favour. We hadn't played in a while so we were a little rusty (or maybe just plain bad). I was extremely lucky with a number of rolls such as many low break tests I passed and many times opponent was one short on a die roll that could have made a big difference, so final score is kinda meaningless.

That's it, hope you enjoyed it.

Sat Nov 21, 2015 10:51 pm
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Thanks for taking the time to share. Nice to see the photos and congrats on the win.

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Sat Nov 21, 2015 10:54 pm
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Sure thing. It's a good deal harder to do than I thought. If I did it again I would be more organized and take more photos.

Sat Nov 21, 2015 11:00 pm
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