Wood Elfs vs High Elves game 2 wk46
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Author:  Cold73 [ Thu Nov 13, 2014 7:50 am ]
Post subject:  Wood Elfs vs High Elves game 2 wk46

This is my last game from last weekend, different opponent, but same opposing army.

Scenario: Battle Line 2500 points

High Elves from left to right.
10 Reaver of Ulthuan, 30 Lothern Seaguard with Noble BSB, 40 Lothern Seaguard with lvl 4 Mage lore of High Magic, 20 Phoenix Guard with lvl 2 Lore of Life, Prince mounted on a Great Eagle, 10 Reaver ofUlthuan.

Dark Elves from left to right
5 Wild Riders, 5 Sister of Thorn, Treeman, Great Eagle behind the Treeman, 38 Dryads , Ancient Treeman lvl 4 Life , 21 Glade Guard with Moonfire arrows (+1 to wound on forces of Order)with Sorceress lvl 2 Beasts and Battle Standard Bearer (in woods), 38 Dryads, 5 Wider Riders, Great Eagle, 6 Treekin.
Scouts: I placed my 6 WayWatchers straight across in the woods just over the half way line and within easy charge range of the lefst most unit Reavers.
Vanguard: She vanguards her left most unit of Reaver further to the left, around a piece of impassible terrain. She vanguards her right most unit up on my right flank.
My Wild Riders and Sisters on the left moved their full vanguard move straight ahead, now standing almost next to my Waywathcers. My Wild Riders on the right moved to hide behind a building, outside of charge arc of my opponents Reavers there.

Wood Elves Turn 1

I move my Wild Riders and Sisters on the left to the flank of his Lothern Seaguard 30+, moved my Treeman up full force towards that same unit. Moved my Dryads full speed towards his other Lothern Seaguard unit 40+, moved my Ancient Treeman up to the building to screen my Wild Riders from shooting who were hiding behind that building. My Wild Rider their remained put, while my Treekin turned to face the one small pass my opponents right Reavers and Phoenix Guard to charge through. Finally I moved both my Eagles up to safe places. During the Magic Phase I managed to get Throne of Vines of, but my opponent used her dispel scroll to stop Dwellers from Below. During the shooting phase my Glade Guard managed to kill 10 Seaguard of the largest unit. There was no melee phase this turn. (I forgot to do anything with my Waywatchers)

High Elves turn 1
She moved her Reaver on the left up from behind the impassible terrain. She tried to move her right most Reaver unit out of all charge arcs, but just failed by an inch or two. The left most Seaguard unit turned to face my Sister and Wild Riders, while the right most seaguard unit shuffeled a bit to the left to make it impossible for me to get my Wild Riders behind the lines. The Phoenix Guard moved up full speed to threaten my right flank. My opponent had really invested in magic with both the Banner of Sorcery and the Book of Hoeth, unfortunately for her the spells she had were not that threatening. She got of regrowth to heal a 3-4 Seaguard, and managed to get of Tempest to kill 3 Dryads. I did manage to stop Hand of Glory. During the Shooting phase she only managed to kill 3 Sisters of thorn. Will admit I got very lucky there. She did about 10 wounds to my Sisters and I managed to save 7 of them. She also killed 2 Dryads (you gotta love T4 against S3 shooting).

Wood Elves turn 2
My Treekin charged the Reavers on the right. On my left flank I slipped my 2 remaining Sisters of Thorn behind my opponents lines. My Wild Riders, not liking the look of 30+ bows aiming their way, moved all the way back behind my Dryads. My other unit of Wild Riders slipped from behind the building, and moved all the way to threaten the rear of the upcoming Phoenix Guard. My great eagle moved up to join them there. My Treeman moved towards easy charge range of the smaller unit of Lothern Seaguard, while my Dryads marched to stand only a few inches from his larger block of Lothern Seaguard. My Eagle on the left moved behind my opponents reavers on that flank. Magic phase was once again very low, and I didn’t manage to get any spells off. Shooting once again killed a few Seaguard. In the close combat phase my Treeking easily killed the Reavers and overran of the board, safe from the upcoming Phoenix Guard. <Although I had turned my WayWatchers to face the reavers on the left I once again forgot to shoot with them>

High Elves turn 2
No charges, she moved her smaller unit of Seaguard so that the upcoming Treeman was in her front. She moved her larger unit of Seaguard an inch or so back so that she could atleast stand and shoot at my incoming Dryads. The reavers moved up far to threaten the left flank of my Glade Guard, while her Lord on Eagle moved up to threaten the Right flank. Magic, once again a huge difference in my opponents favour. I had to let the regrow couple a seaguard, but managed to stop everything else, it cost me my Dispel Scroll to stop Hand of Glory. But I didn’t like the idea of facing buffed up Seaguard in battle. During the shooting phase my opponent did nothing to my Treeman, but managed to kill antoher 4 Dryads.

Wood Elves turn 3
My treeman charged into the smaller block of Seaguard, suffering no wounds from the Stand and Shoot. My Dryads charged the larger unit of Seaguard, suffering 3 cassualties from the stand and shoot. My Wild Riders charged the Phoenix Guard in the rear. (I just wanted to pin these in place for a turn so my Treekin could come on and charge them). I also charged my WayWatchers into the flank of the Reavers on the left. I had to since I needed my GladeGuard with Battle Standard Bearer to shoot at the upcoming Lord on Eagle. My Sorceress left the glade guard and moved up to be closer to my Dryads. My Wild Riders behind my Dryads My Ancient Treeman and Treekin moved into easy charge range of the Phoenix Guard. During the magic phase I managed to get Flesh to Stone of on the Wild Riders fighting the Phoenix Guard in the rear. Everything else was dispelled. During the Shooting phase my BSB shot his Hail of Doom Arrow at the upcoming Lord. 17 shots ( al lot better then the 4 in my previous repot), 16 hits, 9 possible wounds. The Lord on Eagle misses 3 or so armour saves and dies. During the combat phase my Waywatchers kill 2 Reavers, but also suffer 2 cassualties themselves. The reavers stay and reform towards the waywatchers. My Treeman kills a lot Seaguard without suffering anywounds itself, but they are steadfast and hold. My Dryads kill about 12 seaguard, and lost about 10 in return. This unit of Seaguard also stays to fight another round. My Wild Riders (with Flesh to Stone giving them Toughness 7) kill about 3 phoenix guard. The Phoenix Guard stay to fight and decide not to reform, but wait for the charge of the Ancient Treeman and Treekin.

High Elves Turn 3

A very fast turn, with every unit in combat there is no movement. During antoher 11-5 magic phase my opponent manages to get Regrowth of, healing 2 of the phoenix guard. I had to let Tempst through, luckily it did very little wounds. All other spells were dispelled. During the combat phase, the reavers kill my remaining Waywatcher, but loose another one themselves. The Reavers reform to face my Eagle. In the fight with the Treeman the seaguard do no damage to the Treeman, but their Battle Standard Bearer is killed by the Treeman. The Seaguard are steadfast, but fail their leadership roll and run of the board. The treeman reforms to face the flank of the other Seaguard unit. In the fight between the Seaguard and the Dryads, a couple of die on both sides, but both units stick around to fight another turn. The Phoenix Guard against the Wild Riders in the rear is an ongoing fight without casualties on either side. The Wild Riders loose combat due to combat resolution, but stay put on the generals leadership.

At this point my opponent decides to call it.
There was indeed very little she could do. The remaining reavers would have easily been shot down by the Glade Guard. With the help of the Treeman and maybe some magic, the Dryads would have easily killed their Seaguard opponent. Furthermore my Treeman Ancient with the aid of the Treekin and the Wild Riders in the rear would probably have killed the Phoenix guard in several rounds of combat.

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