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City Garrison List, take to a torny? 
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I've got a tornement coming up in about a month and i was just looking over the players pack and it allows the City Garrison List. Not only that, but there is no composition score. Realising this would allow me to take 8 bolt throwers in my 2500 list, I'm rather keen.
Does anyone see any problem with taking such a list to a torny? Would anyone else do it? And what would you take to support the 8 bolt throwers?


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Fri Dec 21, 2007 1:50 am
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Just keep in mind the other weakness's of that list....i.e., 1 Sorceress max, the flopped slots, etc. It is an inhierently defensive list, which opens other problems in a tournament as well....especially an uncomped one.

Would I do it? Nope
Support for 8 RBTS? Lots of City Guard units, and high mobility characters, headhunting and warmachine hunting are highly crucial.

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Fri Dec 21, 2007 2:21 am
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You could do this but this only leaves you 1700points for the rest of your army. This makes looking after the RBTs a hard job, as soon as a unit breaks threw your lines or something comes in from behind then you are giving your opponents some very easy VPs. For this reason alone I would not take more than four in a list like this, which is still quite a few and will not be walked over quite as easily. These four will help take care of tougher units as well as help alot in controling your opponents movement phase.

Im not sure if you have tried it but I ave found that a couple of larger units of city guard(20) do well when used with multiple(around 4) units of smaller city guard(10). The larger units give you rank bonuses as well as standars etc and the smaller ones are good for getting in the way and getting flank charges.

You will probably want to make use of the single unit of CoKs that the city guard list lets you take. I always do and this unit, along with a hero, is generaly my hard hitter that I use to finish of units that have been put into places they are better off not been in by the RBTs.

As for what Drakken has said magic will be a downside for the list but you could always use a Dark Emmisary from the Ablion campaign. This guy along with the lvl 2 Sorceress can do very well, just keep him out of combat. you will have to check if you can use this character, but as you can use the city guard list you can hopefully use this guy as well.

Harpies in this list are now rare choices with the 0-1 limit removed and so because of this I would highly recommend taking 2(both of your rare slots) units of these. The units only need to be about 5 or 6 strong and they are great for taking out warmachines and marchblocking etc. Having 2 units gives you a wide range of options as what to do as you could slow down alot of enemy units, or use one to go after warmachines and the other to march block.

I hope this helps.

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Fri Dec 21, 2007 3:10 am
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when i still was in germany, a friend of mine took the city garrison army to a tournament, he was quite good (on the other hand he was a good player anyway) i think he was top 3, maybe even first rank.

i like the list because i dislike magic anyway...
and the scroll caddy is all you need, mostly, because if all your 8 RBT shoot at one unit with a sorcerer in it, that unit is gonna be blasted into oblivion. i would also take 10 man flayers and at least two units of city guard - they make great anvils due to the 4+ save and spears in combat.
the next thing i would do is to take a large unit of CoKs, you can only take one, so make the best of it. you need something to mop up after your shooting, and they are ideal to break small units. also i agree with devils reject: take tow units of harpies (i recommend 5 strong each), for the reasons he named.


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Fri Dec 21, 2007 3:37 am
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The idea of 8 RBTs makes me want to pee my pants with glee... I mean, really, if anything even makes it to your lines, a think a few strong H2H units would be able to clean up the ragged remnants that are still up for a fight.

I'd put my general in a unit of CoKs, take some harpies, some Witch Elves, and some XBowmen, and just sit on my butt for 2-3 rounds while my RBTs rip everything on the board to shreds... Then pounce when he's got nothing but nervous looking standard bearers running around. :)

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