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Author:  Nightblade183 [ Mon Jun 29, 2009 9:31 pm ]
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I finally finished painting all 60 of my corsairs. Yes that's right 60, and they're all the old metal ones too haha. I just need to build them a big boat now and sail away. Argh maties!! haha

Author:  Edtharion [ Sat Jul 11, 2009 4:30 pm ]
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Hi again guys!

I haven't been on here for a while, a combination of having a new PC to install and University life seem to have stopped me, but I came back during free time and remembered the commarardry I enjoyed here, so here I am!


I still havent managed many games with any list, but the full lot is near painting completion, so I just have to wait for my friends who are starting the hobby to finish their painting and modelling and everything is good to go and I'll be sure to let you know.

How is everything going for the rest of my Brothers?

Author:  Zardock [ Sun Jul 12, 2009 12:47 am ]
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Nightblade183 wrote:
I finally finished painting all 60 of my corsairs. Yes that's right 60, and they're all the old metal ones too haha. I just need to build them a big boat now and sail away. Argh maties!! haha

Ha, welcome to the club of 60+ metal corsair model users.

Author:  Carpet [ Sat Jul 18, 2009 6:39 am ]
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hey guys got told to join in here as id be right at home. have just started playing DE and have made a corsair list...room for a big un'?

Author:  Calisson [ Sun Jul 19, 2009 9:05 am ]
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Three topics in this post. Distinct, but linked togeter in some way. :?


1. Welcome carpet among the Brotherhood! :D

I added your list in this thread on top of p.3.


2. D.R.A.I.C.H. Classic Army Lists
This thread is about how to build sucessful lists around different tactics and themes.
Nightblade183 has indicated a will to revive his thread.
There are many themes for different armies... except a Corsair / raider / Lokhir list. :(

Here in the Brotherhood, we should be able to define what should be a competitive AND corsair-fluffy army. 8)

I suggest we took two paths, as I defined in carpet's army list thread.

A) Fluffy list, :D for the pleasure of playing a raiding party, somehow competitive.
See in my first post of this thread which units fit best the purest corsair fluff.
Lokhir is leading this list, of course!

B) The most competitive list, :twisted: with minimal corsair fluff/style.
One unit of corsairs per 1000pts seems a minimum, and probably a maximum, too.
Zardock suggested a fluffy way to include BG and COB, Thanatoz did it for WE, WarpGhost for COK. There is no restriction, the fluff can be tweaked!
Where there is a will, there is a way! (Lenin)


3. Lord Veshnakar's My Huge Dark Elf Army (Refresh for newest pictures!)
We can welcome Lord Veshnakar in the Brotherhood. :o

- Lokhir's mini is taken (as a Dreadlord/Master on Foot with Two Hand Weapons)
- seashells basing on most models
- Slave Objectives
- Cauldron of Blood w/Death Hag BSB with an incredible octopus conversion
- octopus (pennant) and sea serpent (shields) theme for warriors,
- 21x2 Black Arc Corsairs with 2HW full command and option for champion with or without repeater handbows
- octopus and sea serpent (shields) theme for Repeater Crossbowmen,
- 10x2 Black Arc Corsairs with Repeater Handbows
- octopus (pennant) theme for Execs & BG
- octopus decoration for COC.

With no doubt, this army has a strong corsair flavour (and may even have an ocean's smell, thanks to the seashell and the starfish).
Obviously the fluff did not restrain Lord Veshnakar to take whichever unit he wanted.
That is a great inspiration for option B) above.

I'm sure 1st Mate Zardock, lookout in the crow's nest, agrees that it's an awesome corsair army. ;)

Author:  Edtharion [ Sun Jul 19, 2009 10:24 am ]
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Welcome Lord Veshnakar unfotunetly my computer isn't letting me load up all the images, but the ones I did see looked impressive!

Do we make preposals for the 2 lists here?
even though my current list is Khainite-I still have a lot of love for the Brotherhood, and of course Corsairs, I just think Witches and Execs are cool

Author:  Calisson [ Sun Jul 19, 2009 5:43 pm ]
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@ Edtharion: from Veshnakar's army, the COB is the most impressive and Brotherhood related:
Cauldron of Blood w/Death Hag BSB

@ Edtharion Do we make proposals for the 2 lists here?
It would be more convenient to start two new threads and to post here the hyperlinks. This would allow separate discussions.

I have explored a corsairish balanced list:Calisson's analysed approach to a balanced corsair army., however, it is not that fluffy nor that competitive. Fun to play but needs improvements in order to become more competitive.

I'd like any of you mates to start the appropriate threads and keep the discussion alive.
Suggested titles for the two threads:

Discussion about a Corsair fluffy list

Discussion about a Corsair competitive list

Author:  Carpet [ Sun Jul 19, 2009 6:48 pm ]
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The problem is striking a balance between the two lists! Ive been sat at work all day with the DE book open writing lists-what a headache! It isnt all bad as I met 2 new gamers today that gave me small tips...although one saw the book and simply quoted "Dark Elves hey....well somebody has to play with them"

Author:  Malcontented [ Sun Jul 19, 2009 10:21 pm ]
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Although i am but a dark elf newbie, i fully intend for my army to be heavily raider themed. The bulk of my army will consist of Corsairs and units intended to compliment their nature of warfare. The seizing of slaves is the primary focus of our army and to not include corsairs for me would seem strange

Author:  Zardock [ Mon Jul 20, 2009 4:42 am ]
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Carpet, that player is most likely a veteran, used to the old 6th edition Druchii, now we have alot more killing power, once you get the hang of your army and get a few games in with him, he may regret ever saying that. :twisted:

May I say that wow that COB look superb!!! Vesknakar, excellent work there mate.

I must accelerate the Shrine of the Serpent project, but I still haven't found a suitable serpent model to use as the basis for the sacrificial platform's main structure. Anyone see anything on the net please let me know, I need something relatively large about the size of the Khaine Statue from the COB we have at the moment. It should be able to support a platform (obviously with a bit of remodelling) which will hold a Corsair priest gutting a slave and kicking him into the pit below the statue.

Thought I'd send out another call for help, really want to get my list out of modelling and into the field.

Calisson I may just start a discussion about a fluffy corsair list then, seeing as I used to run what has been considered 'purist' corsair list.

Author:  Carpet [ Tue Jul 21, 2009 8:29 am ]
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Zardock, i really hope thats the case!

Author:  Malcontented [ Tue Jul 21, 2009 1:01 pm ]
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For the love of Khaine that octopus of blood is sublime!

Author:  Calisson [ Tue Jul 21, 2009 2:36 pm ]
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Malcontented, tell Lord Veshnakar on his own post => THERE

Also, I updated the => Discussion on Corsair Army Lists, Competitive/Fluffy.
Need your input.

Author:  Zardock [ Tue Jul 21, 2009 10:25 pm ]
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Added my input to that thread Calisson, I just however realised that noone has posted pics (to my knowledge) of free-hand corsair banner designs they would like to share with the Brotherhood?

Author:  Korius [ Thu Jul 30, 2009 9:07 am ]
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I'm so disappointed i've found this thread after i've built my Warriors. I could've done something to make them look a little more Corsairish :D

Anyway i'd like to say i am in, as there are some really cool ideas coming out of this thread :)

Now i have to explain why my CoK are raiding with the Corsairs :) Athough i do think i have a good idea why my Warriors are there, simply because they are aspiring Corsairs who haven't yet earned their sea dragon cloaks! :D

Lucky for me i painted my Warriors up in a blue colour scheme so i guess that works for the sea bound Corsairs!

Drink up me hearty's yo ho!

Author:  Calisson [ Sun Aug 30, 2009 7:47 pm ]
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Hi mates!

I took the opportunity of summer vacations (in exile away from the Sea) to put together in a single thread everything about the handbow corsairs:
D.R.A.I.C.H. The Handbow Corsair tactica.
If you like the beautiful models of corsairs, but you wondered how to use them best, I hope that my article will provide you with some new ways to use efficiently that unit.

I am not going to write the equivalent tactica for regular corsairs.
There are several of you who own many more than me (did I read 60?) and who have a lot of experience with them.
You've used them in large or small units, with the SSS or other banners, with or without the help of the CoB, in association with various characters/assassins, and along with many other units.

Who, among the members of the Brotherhood, will write the melee corsair tactica? :D
You can find the list of relevant threads that contain what has been said so far there: HELP me to improve the D.R.A.I.C.H. !

Author:  Zardock [ Sun Aug 30, 2009 11:46 pm ]
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I guess I could write the tactica, seeing as I build my list around melee corsairs.

Author:  Calisson [ Wed Sep 23, 2009 8:23 am ]
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I had more thoughts about the fluff for the fist list I proposed.

Cauldron of Blood, the Corsair way :twisted:

Fluff for the Brothers of the Coast army list
competitive list, few pure corsair units but the fluff can be made corsairish!

COB general The Cap'n of the expedition. (see picture above)
He is not the kind of hero to rush mindlessly in the midst of a melee, he rather uses his brain and, to a greater extent, his loud voice!
His role is to lead by taking a higher look to the combats, and yelling orders to the units. Therefore, he never engage combat himself.

When attacked, his two bodyguards and himself are all three seasoned and ferocious fighters, each with two swords so salty and covered with coral toxins that they've become poisonous;
but as the Cap'n wants to avoid individual combats in order to be able to lead the whole battle, they don't bother to take armours, and wear somptuous clothes instead.

The Cap'n takes a higher look around by climbing on a wheeled mobile prison (counts as the CoB), pushed by the two bodyguards, which contains chained rich noblemen taken for ransom, and also a few horribly tortured slaves, one of them progressively eaten by a sharkling (or is it a squid?) in a barrel above which he is hang, in order to break the resistance spirit. There you've got a cauldron and some blood, which drops make the shark mad.
Horrified by the terrorizing sight of the tortured slave and the unknown beast below, the opponents are also reluctant to hurt their kin noblemen attached to the chariot, and their hesitation explains the 4+ ward save and the MR.

From his dominant position, the Cap'n yells his orders to any unit save the harpies which can't understand him.
The most commonly heard orders can be (+1A, KB or 5+WS):
- Ahoy! I'm watching you, mateys! Wake up and dash smartly more attacks NOW!
- Arrr! Show them lubbers how cutting yar cutlass get after months at sea!
- Avast! Mateys, protect yar barnacles like in the bilge rat!

One of the units (the execs) is so impressed by the Cap'n that they never would dare to leave a loosing fight when they are under his scrutiny.

Scroll caddyThe clerk.
He avoids the combats, he is there just to take notes on the booty and ransoms. He makes sure that the Cap'n will receive his golden share and nothing is missing. He has a huge bottle of ink and several scrolls.
A kind of sinister seagull is usually on his shoulder. Sometimes, the "parrot" takes off and drops on a distant foe some gluant cuttlefish dark ink (or even the whole bottle), causing disturbance and even wounds. However, the "parrot" is repelled by magic resistance.

"unkillable" BSB on steedThe First Matey.
He carries a gigantic flamboyant torch, along with his an impressive sword, and gallops around in order to set buildings on fire. His torch is so bright that the enemies (especially the strongest ones) often aim at the torch rather than at the holder, which explains his unbelieveable luck at escaping blows.

star/manbane assassin The Cook.
Nobody would pay attention to a mere cook, untill he starts to throw cutlasses and cooking axes, coated with jellyfish's poison. And he obviously knows how to cut flesh with his knives!

5 DR, muso Slave runners.
At the end of their poles, they have some hooks and ropes in order to help capture fleeing slaves

5 harpies scavengers. Preferably with the crab claws, of course!
5 harpiesmore scavengers.

15 AHW corsairs, FC, SSSThe banner reads: "Prepare to be boarded!" :D

10 RHB corsairs, muso Looters.

15 BG, champ, RoH, standard, ASF Old salt.
They are the most seasoned corsairs after having sailed the 7 seas. They've seen it all, nothing freightens them, often magic tricks don't impress them and fail.
They are so used to massacres that they care not about losses, be it their own or a nearby unit.
However, they don't run fast anymore and are not so good to capture fleeing enemies.
Darn good fighters with their huge boarding axe. However, their Sea Dragon Cloak is so teared off that it has lost its effect and does not protect much against distant attacks.

15 Execs, FC, warbanner Rookie young Mates.
They did nor earn yet their Sea Dragon Cloak.
They are still very impressed by the presence of the Cap'n, to the point to accept losses that otherwise would break them off if the Cap'n was far enough.
However, they refuse to feel the presence of the First Mate nor the Clerk, who could observe them too closely. They don't mind the Cook.
As they are beginners, they have a wrong tendency to kill their foes by mistake rather than to capture them intact as a good slaver should.

5 shades with GW Scouts, the beaters of the hunting battue
5 shadesMore beaters

Hydra Kind of giant squid. See the drawing on bottom of page 93 of our army book, but slimmer.
EDIT: from Lokhir Fellheart Themed Army -- Opinions and Suggestions
The beast moves on 2 of its tentacles, not unlike a snake.
The forward tentacles are used to grab difficult terrain (trees) and drag forwards, so there is no restriction to movement in difficult terrain. It does not work for charges, because the tentacles are then used for fighting.
It uses 6 tentacles for its attacks, plus the beak.
The breath attack is a poisonous sticky ink cloud.

The two handlers are covered with seagrass and alguaes, otherwise they would be eaten.

2 RBT When not chasing Moby Dick, they gladly join the raiding party.

Thanks for the accelerated talking course from Talk Like a Pirate Day Sept 19th!! ;)

A lot of work is required for the "Cap'n" and for the "hydra".
Some work is required for the "clerk", the "cook", the "1st Mate".
Mere adjustments should suffice for DR, BG, execs, GW shades, handlers.
Models as they are look good enough for shades, corsairs, handbow corsairs, harpies, RBTs.
Of course, you should make a heavy use of the octopus accessories sold with corsairs!

Unfortunately, for me, the modelling talent required is out of reach. :cry:
If ever someones achieves that, plese send pictures! :P

Author:  Phierlihy [ Sun Sep 27, 2009 11:31 pm ]
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Hardly related but I picked up a "Corsair" brand power supply for my PC and it game with a stamped velvet bag. It's my new "Black Arc Corsair" dice bag =)

Author:  Darkdoom [ Tue Jan 05, 2010 10:17 am ]
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So how exactly do youy join the brotherhood?

Author:  Calisson [ Tue Jan 05, 2010 10:42 am ]
Post subject: 

Well, you did show an interest merely by posting in there. That is enough to join us.

So: Welcome! :D

Next step is to help us keep the Brotherhood alive, with a corsairish attitude.
It can be done in your army lists, in your signature, in the comments you bring into any discussion (off topic, History of the Druchii, Roleplaying...), and if you get a good idea to help the Brotherhood, please post here.

Author:  Erethain [ Tue Jan 05, 2010 4:14 pm ]
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i like the Corsairs the most out of all the non hero fluff, and the models look brilliant. i dont see the need for warriors in my army as the corsairs can do everything they can (beside attack in two ranks but you dont need that when they have 2 attacks each). And reading the Malus Darkblade books make me like them even more

Author:  Benmannen [ Fri Jan 15, 2010 12:35 pm ]
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Very inspiring thread, I just wish you would include some more Corsairs in your lists. :)

Here's a list I brought to a tournament during the spring 2009. I did pretty well and I ended up at 3rd place. I intentionally made it a bit weak and included 30 Corsairs with handbows and about 60 regular Corsairs. The three Warrior units at the bottom were modeled as slaves in shackles...

My 2 fighty characters were in Chariots and that was a problem in every game, they would go stupid, or just in general be much slower than the rest of the army. They would get charged and S7 attacks would rack up tons of overkill via the chariot and so on.

I usually put my Sacrificial Dagger lady with corsairs so it got very expensive in tbe long run, but fluffy. She was not happy to be out on adventures far from her comfy castle... So she would slice away as much as she could so the raid would end early :)

Lots of ranks and flanks, or maybe more flanks than ranks. The Handbow units actually didn't do too bad. They would clear the flanks as well as a Dark Rider unit if not better, to my surprise.

Heavy Armor
Seadragon Cloak
Crimson Death
Pendant of Khaeleth
Cold One Chariot

Battle Standard
Armor of Darkness
Cold One Chariot

Level 2 Upgrade
Sacrificial Dagger
Dispel Scroll
Dark Steed

Add hw
Rune of Khaine
Touch of Death
Cloak of Twilight

23 Corsairs
Full Command
Reaver with pair of Repeater handbows
Sea Serpent Standard

24 Corsairs
Full Command
Reaver with pair of Repeater handbows

12 Corsairs
Reaver with pair of Repeater handbows

10 Corsairs w handbows

10 Corsairs w handbows

10 Corsairs w handbows

10 Warriors w shields

10 Warriors w shields

10 Warriors

7 Shades w additional handw

Author:  Calisson [ Sun Feb 07, 2010 5:57 am ]
Post subject: 

Hey Mates!

I just discovered that Google turned pirate-speaking! :D

Author:  Haareth [ Wed Feb 17, 2010 9:18 pm ]
Post subject: 

Hello, Brotherhood! Actually, I'm playing a Corsair army, so I'm in :) At your service, captain!

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