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New to the site and WFB 
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Before I posted, I did search for topics that could answer my question. If there is an obvious thread that I should be reading but have missed, please point me in the right direction.

Hi all,

I'm interested in playing Druchii but want to know if it's a bad choice for my first army in WFB. I have played other table top games but they have all been squad based/skirmish games (W40K, Vor, etc...). Vor is now all but dead (hoping for a resurrection) and while 40K is thriving here, the rules are disappointing to me.

So, I'm looking for an army that has versatility, is fun to play, and that looks good on the field.

Do the rules differ significantly from 40K?

Are they better?

Are there any downfalls to the rules that I should be aware of or are they solid?

Should I be starting off with a different army?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Sat Aug 01, 2009 12:16 am

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The rules differ significantly. I understand your angst about 40k, I was going to attend a 40k tourney and after a few games I was so bored with the game that I'm offering them up for trade.

The biggest difference you'll find is in the movement phase, games are won and lost in this phase of the game, rather then the shooting or combat in 40k.

It's more complicated and requires more thought yet I find it far more satisfying, psychology has a bigger impact on the game as well and requires more thought.

Dark Elves are a pretty solid first option, they have units that can play in every part of the game, they're very powerful without being ridiculous like daemons and vampires, psychology such as fear still affects a few of their units so you'll learn how to deal with fear/terror while other units have frenzied and hatred which are also important to learn about.

And the models look great.

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Sat Aug 01, 2009 3:11 am
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Hi, Powderhorn, welcome in D.net.

Welcome in Warhammer Fantasy.
Compared to 40k, there are many similarities, but the game requires more finesse, it is more about melee and less about shooting, overall it requires more careful thoughts. Overall, playing both, I find WHFB more interesting and challenging than WH40K.

All armies have specific features that make them interesting to play.
DE do require some thinking to be effective, but this forum is great to help you learn faster how to use your army.
What is great with this army is its variety.

May I suggest you to have a look to the D.R.A.I.C.H., on top of the tactics forum?
There you will find an hyperlink to a thread made for newcomers. I'm sure you will appreciate it.

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Sat Aug 01, 2009 7:00 am
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You'll find that literally every decision you make in WFB will significantly impact the course of a battle in ways that you would never have expected.

DE are a great choice, clearly, ;) because they are such a flexible army. For that reason, they are both fun and difficult to play. Whereas an O&G army can pretty much fight most of its battles with one or two army lists, even a good DE general can benefit a great deal from constantly modifying his/her army depending on the opponent. For example, an army that's effective against WE may be a hindrance against a chaos demons army.

If you're into fluff at all, DE are a great choice too. Good luck!

Wed Aug 05, 2009 6:55 pm
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