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Incomming Tomb Kings: tactics brainstorm 
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Hey guys,

I was at my local hobby store the other day and got a brief look at the store copy of the new Tomb Kings book. While I can't divulge what I did see, it got me thinking about how the DE are going to deal with the TK once the book is released in two weeks.

As a recap of details from the GW website articles and previous TK editions, we can guess the following:

- Undead = Unstable, Immune to Psychology
- the army in general will be low initiative
- Liche Priests will have access to Lores of Nehekara, Light and Death
- Though still unstable, the undead construct rule makes them more stable than Vampire Counts
- Necroshpinx and Warsphinx are T8 (highest in game), with Necrosphinx being a monster hunter with at least 1 heroic killilng blow attack per turn
- Archers in tomb kings could still have their no shooting modifiers rule
- Casket of Souls is still around, but now as a rare choice (see army section at GW online)
- Chariots will still be in units, and appear to have a strength bonus for impact hits similar to Ogre Kingdoms relative to ranks
- Special characters: Settra is still around, Khalida too. Probably going to be some more considering how many we are seeing in other armies
- Tomb Guard can take Halberds, will still have KB
- They will probably keep the Heirophant rule, considering that VC have one similar. Kill him and the army crumbles.

Our job (like the sneaky, backstabbing, espionage-prone Druchii that we are) is to now think about how we can use this information to our advantage in devising lists that are capable of dealing with the new Tomb Kings. I have some ideas, but considering that I have seen the book talking about them could prove a dead give-away as to some details that I can't discuss. Still, there are a few that can be talked about.

1- Magic: DE have possibly the most powerful offensive magic phases in the game. Considering the expected low initiative of Undead, this could be advantageous through use of Shadow and Death magic (I'm thinking Purple Sun and Pit of Shades primarily)
2- I think we can expect to see several sphinxes in armies come the release. T8 will not be easy to counter. Again shadow magic (Mindrazor) seems like the best option.
3- Liche priests should be releatively low combat stats (WS, T, A), like most wizards. This can make the Heirophant an easier target for us, thus reducing the army to dust in short order. Assassins with D3 attacks could get the job done fast...

These are just a few of my ideas for the future. If anyone else can think of others to put forward, speak up.

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Fri Apr 22, 2011 3:48 pm
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One small correction: The Steam Tank and (when being shot at) the Cauldron of Blood both have T10, so the Sphinxes are not the highest Toughness things in the game.

I reccomend Lore of Shadows. Withering can bring it down to T5, at which point Exes will take it in short order. Or you can just let the Witches poison it to death.

It only has a 5+ armor save. It's not going to be that serious a problem.

Sat Apr 23, 2011 1:14 am
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I see you have seen the book too...

Withering is possible, but that's a 1-3, so we'll see Toughness 5-7, which is still a bit risky. Secondly, even with I1, the execs will still strike second without DH BSB. It might be an idea to charge with CoK on a flank charge to maximize damage. On their own, a maxed-out flank charge (7 wide, minimum 1 full rank) will inflict 2.951 wounds, and suffer 1.528 wounds in return from a necrosphinx. Combat resolution should take care of it from there. So a flank charge with heavy cavalry or a large unit of infnatry (which I would not recommend against the warsphinx due to its special attack) should see a sphinx dead in 1 round of combat.

Blood stains the snow. Glory to Khaine!

Sat Apr 23, 2011 2:48 am
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