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Poll: 8th edition: Various Character Builds - Sorceress 

Favorite Sorceress - Hero Level
The Scholar 58%  58%  [ 18 ]
The Priestess of Khaine 10%  10%  [ 3 ]
The Mage Bomb 3%  3%  [ 1 ]
Super Bomber Woman 29%  29%  [ 9 ]
Total votes : 31

Poll: 8th edition: Various Character Builds - Sorceress 
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As promised, here is the polling section for the main topic 8th edition: Various Character Builds. This is the first of several so I can start moving characters to a Confirmed Status and try to clean up the conglomeration of builds offered by the fine posters of druchii.net.

Pick your favorite build, and if you wish mention any of the others you like. If you have a new build, please post in the main topic.

Once a build gets 10+ votes I will move it to "Confirmed" status on the main topic (link above in red). So due to the responses, The Scholar has been updated in the main topic.

Many thanks once again.

Here's the list of them. (Thanks to Sulla for reminding me that they were missing)

New builds will keep getting added. Sadly, it won't let me update the polling for some reason, so if you like any not listed or want to vote for a second build please post and I'll keep track.

The Scholar
Sorceress - 180
Level 2, Tome of Furion, Seal of Ghrond

Reasonable build for added spell options. The 3rd spell gives more options for obtaining the “Greater Spells” to change the battle at a key point. The new rules mean that your arcane is either cast assist or scroll; we can’t have both anymore from what I read. As such, the extra dispel die means you should be more on par with your opponent at the start of the magic phase. Since you’ll always have 2D6 power dice, 3 spells is tactically better than getting 1-2 dice extra power dice if this is your only mage at low scale.

The Priestess of Khaine
Sorceress - 185
Level 2, Sacrificial Dagger, Pearl of Infinite Bleakness

This build is the mage who gains upon the bloodshed of those around her. With access to an ever replenishing amount of Power Dice after Power of Darkness and Sacrificing, she can easily blow through opponent’s defenses. The only limitation is the spells she rolls. For instance, if you get Chillwind and Doombolt the Dagger is largely wasted as you should already be getting the spells off. Take this build more for the Lores in the rulebook and have fun with the higher casting values. (see The Pearl is simply to keep your soon-to-be-corpse unit from running due to sacrifices or enemy attention when they realize what power you can field. If fielded the same time as the Ring of Hotek, the offense and defense can be hard to conquer for opponents if you keep this mage from spontaneously exploding with careful deployment and movement phases.

The Mage Bomb provided by sulla
Sorceress - 112
Level 1, Dark Steed

This build is depends highly upon the randomness of the dice. The main idea is to trigger the Ring of Hotek on yourself while parked nearby the most expensive enemy unit. With a fair amount of luck you can get the 2-4 result on the miscast table and get a st10 large template centered on your mage to eliminate a chunk of the enemy forces. Of course there are several hazards to consider.
    1. Getting her shot or spelled at
    2. Rolling the result that starts killing all your other mages
    3. Not rolling doubles unless you use all 7 dice and skip the rest of your magic phase.
    4. Removing the mage with the same result.

Otherwise, this is a decent option if your intention is to annoy your opponent in a semi-crazy tactical manner.

Super-bomber-woman provided by Red…
Sorceress - 200pts
Lvl1, Ring of Hotek, Earthing Rod, Dark Pegasus
Red wrote:
This bad girl is made for flying between/behind the enemies lines and moving within 1" behind or beside her target unit(s). In the magic phase she casts her spell (preferably a really nasty one) using ALL of the magic dice you have available. Odds are that you will not only succeed in casting it, but that your score will be too high for your opponent to dispel it AND you will get a miscast (due to the ring). She then gets to roll on the miscast table (with a re-roll in case you get a score that you don't want) and hopefully do a ton of damage to the victim unit(s) that she is next to. Even though she will probably take a S10 hit, this will only cause a single wound and she has 3 (due to the peggy), so can do this two more times!

It's a bit extreme, but could be lots of fun, especially against an elite heavy army (that unit of Chaos Knights just won't know what hit em!).

Challenge Mistress by sulla
Sorceress- 185pts
Level 2, Tome of Furion, Pendant of Khaeleth
sulla wrote:
A great support mage. 3 spells gives a great chance of knowing your desired spell in any lore and the pendant makes her virtually immune to most miscast wounds and a potential tarpit vs high strength enemies.

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It might help to copy and paste the descriptions of your selections here to save your readers traipsing up and down the link...


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