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I am back after ages and face death itself! (1500 vs CV) 
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Hi fellow Druchii!
After a 3 years absence I am back into the hobby and D.net.

Tomorrow night I'm going against the Vampires, my first time ever, and only the 5th battle with the new Druchii (3W-1L so far). We agreed on 1500 pts., hence no vamp lord. I definetely need some advice on the army list (I did not write the mundane equipment, but it's still there)

Master: Cold One Chariot, Deathpiercer - 205
The guy should charge, combined with rank and file troops, in order to smash their weakest block (number wise) on the charge and get to the rear of the vamps battle line. Magic weapon and killing blow for the win. Immune to fear is icing on the cake.

Sorceress: lvl 2, dispel scroll, sacrificial dagger, Lore of Fire - 185
Lore of Fire seems good against undead: plenty of damage, no regeneration. Let's just hope to get 1 of the big spells. She's going with the spearelves to put the dagger at "good" use.

Sorceress: lvl 2, dispel scroll, tome of furion, Lore of Fire - 175
I usually don't bring a second sorceress, this time I chose her over the reapers because:
1- I am scared by the vamp magic phase, hence the additional DD and scroll
2- I am scared by the ethereals, hence the second "real" caster

I am not sure about the dual Lore of Fire, though. Should I get Dark Magic with one sorceress?

Spearelves: 25, champion, standard, shield - 187
Mainstay unit, cheap and effective. The extra body count is there to maintain full rank bonus after some casualties (even from dagger)

Crossbowelves: 10, champion, shield - 115
Never leave home without these guys, they shoot well and can put up a decent fight if needed. The champion is there as bodyguard to the sorceress.

Dark Riders (2 units): 5, musician, standard - 106 x 2 = 212
I opted to leave the crossbows and get the standard, an extra bit of CR against undead flankers should be better than a couple casualties with shooting, negated by nehek and the like. I know it's risky in terms of victory points.

Witch Elves: 12, standard, champion, witch brew, banner of murder - 190
Heavy hitters. They should get rid of skellies and zombies very easily, maybe even grave guard? They're naked, but the vamps don't shoot; frenzy is a good asset too.

Cold One Knights: 5, standard, standard of slughter - 186
More heavy hitters. They come back from the mists of time, I can't remember the last time i fielded them. I expect these guys to smash flankers. I painted a rune of speed on their banner, should be enough to teach the cold ones how to run ;)

That sums up to 1455 pts, so I have room for something more, sadly not a single unit without dropping something else.

Main concerns at the moment:
1- COKs need some help on their flank? Probably yes, the undead fast flankers outmove them so it's tough to get the charge; maybe one unit of DR could help the COKs on their flank; this solutions leaves the other flank almost uncontested, though; harpies maybe?
2- ethereals: do I have enough weapons to keep them at bay? I can guess there will be black knights, probably no wraiths; if he brings wraiths as rare, well, the problem on the flank is far lighter as they can't march without a varghulf, correct? (i'm not even considering the blood knights under 2K)
3- dual Lore of Fire?

TY very much for your feedback.

My Draich is the Witch King's arm.

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Wed Sep 10, 2008 8:29 am
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do you have room for the Lifetaker? it is magical and will help your shooting..

that or add an extra Cok/full command... ring of hotek (keeping it on one side of your board (so not to mess up your mages)

just a couple thoughts...

also you like the armor piercing on the witches? I mite be inclined to give Hag manbane or Rok.. not so much Witch brew.

Wed Sep 10, 2008 12:54 pm
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Joined: Mon Jun 17, 2002 10:36 am
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Thx for feedback.

Lifetaker could replace one dispel scroll, it's a tough choice but I will think it over.

On the other hand, the Ring of Hotek scares me a lot: I plan to dive the master into the fray as soon as possible, thus possibly hurting my own casting. Also, I figure that vamps cast almost always on few dice.

Armor piercing should be good, it adds a lot to the killing power of the witches and they depend on kills to win the combat. Going on with this reasoning, I accept your suggestion and take the Witchbrew out, because it's static CR and not guaranteed to kick in. Now: RoKhaine for more killing power or spare the points and get a little harpy unit?

My Draich is the Witch King's arm.

8ED record: W0-L0-D1

Wed Sep 10, 2008 1:30 pm
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