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1500pts Tournament list 
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The Tamer of Sea Dragons
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Hey guys, this list needs criticism as I hardly play 1500pt games, and so don't know what works best.

Sorceress - 160pts
darkstar cloak

Sorceress - 170pts

20 Warriors - 155pts
full command

20 Warriors - 149pts
Standard bearer, musician

5 Harpies - 55pts

5 Harpies - 55pts

5 Dark riders - 110pts

5 Shades - 90pts
Great weapons

5 Cold one knights - 135pts

15 Black guard - 246pts
standard bearer - banner of hag graef

War hydra - 175pts

TOTAL - 1500pts

Hope fully the magic I have will harm quite a lot before the enemy gets to me. After that I have the ever present hydra and black guard to beat most units at this points limit.
The shades and CoK are thier for support, and the dark riders/harpies are for war machine/mage hunting/harrassment.
The warriors are thier for CR and can hold a charge before the hydra/CoK/shades counter charge. Also the warriors can be pretty effective twinned with word of pain.
Lifetaker is their to combat skirmishers and flyers. Also I don't know which arcane item goes best in this list, either darkstar cloak or sacrificial dagger is what I want to use. But do you think I have enough warriors to use the dagger effectively?

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Sun Jun 28, 2009 9:11 pm
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Where are the girls going to hide ?

I would drop one of the spear units and a unit of harpies for 2x10 RXB with shileds. They let you thin out the enemy fast units and are big enough to nullify ranks if they flank charge. You could go for 2x7 on the BG and drop a figure there as well.

Otherwise I would take the familiar over the dark star cloak and drop LT for ToF

Far more flexibility, and complements you melee component better while freeing up the points for the RXB.

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Sun Jun 28, 2009 9:29 pm
The Tamer of Sea Dragons
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The rxb would cause more damage, but they never work for me. I always find them to be too much for what they do. Some people find that reapers underperform for them, however for me its nearly always the rxbmen that underperform.
However I could try and use your idea in a few trial games. You never know they might be my star unit.
Personally I love the lifetaker as I think its one of the best magical bows in the game (behind hail of doom arrow) it really helps getting rid of flyers/skirmishers.
Also I like the familiar, but only on a pegi lvl4, other than that I never use it, as I make sure she can cast at what she needs to, plus after moving turn one, I don't really need the familiar.
Do you find one unit of harpies is enough then? I nearly always need the two as one unit dies early as a screen, but I could try without them to use the rxbmen.
Thanks for the advice.

Sun Jun 28, 2009 9:50 pm
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Id highly recomend 2 things, the sacreficial dagger (makes 2 level 2s incredibly powerful at this points level). And the cruise missile BSB if you can fit him, he can actually perform even better at 1500 than at 2k. Plus theres nothing more frustrating than when your blackguard flee (in a 6 game tournament last weekend, mine fled 4 times in the 5 games they were used :evil: )

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Mon Jun 29, 2009 7:52 am
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The Tamer of Sea Dragons
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Lol unlucky EJ.
I do LOVE the cruise missile BSB, but its just points thats the problem. I always like to fit characters into an army, and not the other way around.
I really want the two mages, but really don't want to lose any of those units to get the BSB, I know hes great for holding stuff up, but in the long run of a game I find that mages can cause so much more damage, and all th things in the list (units-wise) I think I'm going to find neccessary.
The change I might do is the 2x10 rxbmen for 5 harpies and a unit of warriors.
Also your right the dagger is probably going to be lethal, as theres only 2 armies that could even get enough dispel dice to cope (Lizardmen engines, and tzeentch daemons).

Mon Jun 29, 2009 10:09 am
Cold One Knight
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I compleatly support this decision to get the RxB's in. I would try to find the points for a 6th harpie in the other unit. Personally i find 6 do much better than 5 because it can help you get one more hapie attacking in a sacrafice situation. Example: Enamy wizard is on the edge of a unit. You charge with five harpies as a sacrafice to kill the wizard. only two harpies can attack. Mathhammer wise thats only 1 wound. If you have 6 harpies you get another 2 attacks and you could kill that wizard outright with avg. rolling

I like this list especially because i do almost the exact same thing at 1500 :P the only diference i run is with a small unit of corsairs as a missle screen for ASF Black guard

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Mon Jun 29, 2009 9:11 pm
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Well I'm gonna try out this revisioned list with some R-HB Corsairs as a screen for the BG.

I wanna see what this brings.

I"m not 100% sure where the ladies go but I recon the R-XB are a safe bet but it depends on the range of my spells, otherwise the corsairs are an option...

Mon Jun 29, 2009 11:13 pm
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