My Corsairs are back with a slight tweak.
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Author:  Zardock [ Sat Mar 07, 2009 4:01 am ]
Post subject:  My Corsairs are back with a slight tweak.

Well upon some Mathhammer working things out I've decided that my Corsair Cult of the Serpent will return and it's better than ever, more Khainites, more Corsairs and more serpents! Ok so only added a hydra but it has 5 heads so it is very serpenty.

The theme for this is Zardock, my dreadlord, has exiled his fleet onto a small chain of islands and landed his Black Ark there as a base of operations of the coast of the Southlands. Being a devout follower of Khaine and a great supplier of sacrifices to the Temple he has procured the services of many members of the Temple who have decided that they will have a better selection of victims following him. Upon the island his men discovered a giant sea serpent who visciously tore them apart and Zardock immediately saw that this was one of the Aspects of Khaine at work in the world. Anyway upon setting up a shrine on his island stronghold, he discovered that mixing the venom of the serpent with fresh blood created a concoction that could keep a crew sustained at sea for many months without returning for food (sort of like Bugmans), which his men see as a favour of Khaine upon them, allowing them to slaughter more without need for rest. This is why the Shrine of the Serpent acts like a Cauldren of Blood, in the way that it drives the members of Zardocks crew the same way a normal cauldron would inspire regular Druchii. Unfortunately his small settlement has been declared heretical by the Temple of Khaine and they can no longer return to Naggaroth. Cut off from their homeland they are forced to fight for the glory of Khaine to ensure that the magical concotion will still sustain them.

But enough of the fluff I hear you cry? Well I do apologise for that, on to the list, which I have modified upon hearing of the success of GeOrc and Dark Alliance's Restricted Temple of Khaine list and so would also like to try out the 5 girl Witch elf units and see how they fare...

The restrictions I have imposed on the list are thus:

No Dark Riders or Cold Ones, they couldn't be sustained on the Concoction and any that were brought along soon died out.

No Spearelves or Crossbows, Zardocks fanatical crew was drawn to him for the bloodshed and as such he did not gain support from the regular nobility.

Thats about it, and to all the question the Black Guard, they will be converted to become his Brain washed devoted retainers who are so addicted to the venom that they have no fear and are uterly dedicated to Zardock.

Zardock likes to get up close and personal, RBT's are a no go either.

So heres the list, sorry if you didn't want to read my rushed through fluff.

Corsair Cult of the Serpent.

Zardock, Dreadlord @ 225pts
Equipped with Crimson Death, Armour of Darkness, Pendant of Khaeleth.

Death Hag @ 225pts
With Shrine of the Serpent. BSB

Corsairs @ 230pts
18 Corsairs with Full Command and Sea Serpent Standard.

Corsairs @ 113pts
10 Corsairs with Repeater Hand Bows, Reaver with Pair of Hand bows.

Corsairs @ 113pts
10 Corsairs with Repeater Hand Bows, Reaver with Pair of Hand bows.

Corsairs @ 230pts
18 Corsairs with Full Command

Harpies @ 55pts
5 Harpies.

Harpies @ 55pts
5 Harpies.

Witch Elves @ 105pts
7 Witches. Hag with Manbane.

Executioners @ 112pts
7 Executioners, Draich Master and Musician.

Black Guard @ 264pts
13 Black Guard with Full Command, Banner of Hag Graef, Ring of Hotek.

Shades @ 126pts
6 Shades with Great Weapons, Bloodshade.

Hydra @ 175pts

Total = 1998pts

109 Models

2 Dispel Dice.

Tactically the RHB corsairs are there to keep my flanks clear and one will take the obligatory babysit the frenzied corsairs task before they can unleash there 3 KB Cauldron enhanced attacks or perhaps just 4 attacks each depending on who I come across.

Harpies and Shades are for harrassment etc, the standard uses, the Hydra will be an annoyance and bullet magnet which I hope will warrant alot of attention and take it off my army.

The Black Guard are there because I want to convert something bad-ass and still corsair and yet still keep a great unit in my army.

Execs will be my can openers and when I used to just use them without the BG and other units that were threats they would be shredded on their march up the table, now I hope they can get stuck in and be over looked by my opponent.

I know I haven't left much room for negociation on my choices but opinions on how people think this list will run would be nice. If frequent Khainite users could give me tips on the application of witches and where they should be that would be great.

If I had to add to make 2250pts I would probably add an assassin and perhaps another unit of Execs to round it off.

Ok so I originally had 5 special units and noticed that just before I posted so now the 2 units of 5 witch elves has merged into 1 unit of 7 with a manbane Hag.



Author:  Darkangel16 [ Sat Mar 07, 2009 5:59 am ]
Post subject: 

its awesome to see a corsair based list i often get laughed at for even using them in an army.

i would be worried that there isnt enough concoction to sustain 2 khainite units and WE are very fragile,

giving your dreadlord null talismans and perhaps a scroll caddy might help if your fluff allows it.

In addition, the book says RBT's are used at sea so maybe you could throw some in and still stay true to your fluff

also if your death hag is part of the shrine of the serpent shes crew.. so not very mobile

and the hag in the WE should be given rhuine of khaine for the extra attacks

Author:  Calisson [ Sat Mar 07, 2009 4:02 pm ]
Post subject: 

Hi mate! Go corsair!

In my researchs, I found out that WE are awesome against foes with no armour. This is the case with corsairs as well, to a lesser extent.
Execs are well complemented by either WE or Corssairs. You have many corsairs, so you need more Execs, not WE, especially not a small troop.

Shades, I'd add an assassin with them.

You did not take the war banner. This one is the best banner we can get after the SSS. It would be better than 3 corsairs in the second big unit.

Have fun and let us know!

Author:  Zardock [ Mon Mar 09, 2009 12:52 am ]
Post subject: 

No Spearelves or Crossbows, Zardocks fanatical crew was drawn to him for the bloodshed and as such he did not gain support from the regular nobility.

Ignore that I think that some ranged support may be necessary for the survival of my army other than pistols and a flame template.

My main opponents will probably be TKs and MoC who are predominantly Tzeentch from what I hear.

Anyway I want to try and remove the Khainites at the moment and instead focus on the Corsair aspect of my list, the CoB will stay though as its fluff is incorporated as a specific Corsair magic pot of blessings.

So we shall move from a mixture of Khainite + Corsair to a predominantly Corsair list with just a CoB to make my corsairs killing blow monstrosities.

Thus the Cult of the Serpent will ride again in its true form!

Again here is my new list, still devoid of a scroll caddy but after I face the Tzeentch army I'm hearing so much about from my mate I'll see if it's really necessary.

Corsairs Back to Basics

Zardock (Dreadlord) @ 225pts
Crimson Death, Armour of Darkness, Pendant of Khaeleth

Sorceress @ 150pts
Level 1, 2 Dispel Scrolls

Warriors @ 149pts
20 Warriors with Standard and Musician.

Crossbowmen @ 110pts
10 crossbowmen with Shields

Crossbowmen @ 110pts
10 crossbowmen with Shields

Corsairs @ 230pts
18 corsairs, Full Command, Sea Serpent Standard.

Corsairs @ 230pts
18 corsairs, Full Command, War Banner

Dark Riders @ 112pts
5 dark riders, Repeater Crossbows, Musician

Dark Riders @ 112pts
5 dark riders, Repeater Crossbows, Musician

Harpies @ 55pts
5 harpies

Harpies @ 55pts
5 Harpies

Black Guard @ 264pts
13 Black Guard with FC, Banner of Hag Graef and Ring of Hotek

Reaper Bolt Thrower @ 100pts

Reaper Bolt Thrower @ 100pts

Now it is back to my basic Corsair list and I will keep it like that until I reckon I can use Khainites to a degree of skill.

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