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'Ardboys Cheesestar 
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So I was really looking forward to taking this army list to Ardboys this weekend but it's not going to happen due to not getting my extra shades in time and other issues....

I've been testing and tweaking and was hoping to spring it on the poor unsuspecting fluffy opponents there 8)

CheeseStar3KunderstandingCauldron 3000 Pts - Dark Elves Army

Malekith, Witch King of Naggaroth @ 600 Pts

Dreadlord @ 254 Pts--Rxb, SDC, Sh, RoDarkness, Soulrender, Guiding eye, Blood Armour

Lokhir Fellheart @ 250 Pts

Master @ 170 Pts GW,Handbow pair, HA, SDC, Sh, BSB, SHG

Master @ 144 Pts GW, RXB, RoH, AoD

Death Hag @ 200 Pts COB

41 Shades @ 927 Pts GW, champ

Assassin @ [171] Pts 2ndWeapon, Rending Star, Manbane, Cloak of Twilight

3 x 10 Crossbowmen @ 110 Pts Shield

5 Dark Riders @ 92 Pts Musician

5 Dark Riders @ 85 Pts

5 Harpies @ 55 Pts

Casting Pool: 7

Dispel Pool: 5

Models in Army: 85

Total Army Cost: 2997

It's got everything. With 5DD plus RoH and Malekith's punitive MR I have plenty of magic D, though it would be nice to have one scroll. The star is big enough that the RoH can actually be in the same unit with Malekith and be 12" away. So the star gets 1/2 BS enemy shooting, RoH, punative MR2, COB bonuses, terror, immune to panic, one turn shooting reroll, first strike with GW, 6 combat characters plus champ....

Originally I thought naked DR were the way to go for core, but I've learned having some shots not in the star is really good. For example a hierophant hiding in 20+ infantry. I can kill all the rank and file in one turn shooting from the star then kill the lone heiro with shots from the crossbowmen (the look on his face...)

Also the crossbowmen can deploy single rank with characters and completely block the unloaded star from 1st turn forced demon charges, etc. Once the characters leave and the crossbowmen go to 2 ranks the star is magically unobstructed :twisted:

Even if the opponent managed to get a pinning charge/flank manuever Lokir gets to jump in to fight on the flank. His extra VP ability also rocks.

Malekith's item killing works wonders against VC banners.

No room for a captain scarlet but I think the COB is really worth it. Can stay hidden behind star, give the star 5+WS on opponent's turn and killing blow or extra attacks on my turn. It also creates the option for the assassin to be stubborn on his own and hold up an enemy unit...

My only nightmare really is chaos dwarfs with earthshakers. I actually managed to win my one game against them but my opponent made several mistakes. A TK opponent killed two characters first turn with a lucky catapult in spite of "look out, sir" and still got masacred. VC deathstar managed to beat me, but I made mistakes and also had poor luck. A second turn ethereal flying black coach also didn't work out for me but the newer version would work better plus I still would have won without making a huge mistake. Everything else just dies. The star can evaporate a unit every turn with shooting and opponents just can't earn enough points to make up for it. HTH is brutal, the assasin kills chariots on his own if needed and even a thirster can't charge without losing half his wounds to stand and shoot.

Too bad it work see the light of day...


Wed Sep 23, 2009 2:40 am
Black Guard
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Joined: Sat Oct 23, 2004 7:05 am
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Oops, only 2 units of crossbowmen. Not sure how that happenned.


Wed Sep 23, 2009 2:45 am
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