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9th Age 2400 list 
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Hi there -

Looking for some input regarding the Core section of this list. I'm pretty happy with everything else, just trying to optimise the Core section with regard to the rest of the list.

dawnstone, giant blade, dragon helm (so 1+ re-rollable and S7 attacks), cold one - goes in cold one unit

Hero BSB
MR3 item, enchanted shield (1+ save), cold one - goes in cold one unit. BEASTMASTER!

level 2 wizard, pegasus, CoT, dispel scroll. beasts magic
level 1 wizard, horse. naked! beasts magic. flits between the dark rider units to stay safe (ish) or hides behind terrain.

alpha predator hydra x2
10 CoKs, full command + movement banner

5x dark riders, shields crossbows, musician
5x dark riders, shields crossbows, musician
5x dark riders, shields crossbows, musician

bolt thrower
bolt thrower
5x harpies
5x harpies

which leaves exactly 252pts spare. what do you think? crossbowmen? sword and shield warriors? more dark riders? has to be in core.

252pts would get me:
19 crossbowmen with musician and gleaming pennant
23 hand weapon and shield warriors, heavy armour
2 more units of dark riders.

the idea with the list is to fly across the board with the cold one unit and smash into whatever magic bunker is there, or a medium-strength infantry block. ideally break it in a couple of rounds of combat. beastmaster on the cold ones to re-roll to-hits. harpies to chaff up any potential flanking units. dispel scroll and MR3 should keep it safe enough. harpies can screen against missile shooting.

dark riders and bolt throwers to shoot chaff.

double wyssan's wild form to get one through per turn at least - on the cold ones whilst in combat or on a hydra - going to S6 T6 will be very beneficial.

or peharps it's a case of dropping a unit of dark riders to get a nice block of hand weapon and shield warriors which can have wyssan's cast on them, and hold up killy units until the cold ones have dealt with a medium-sized enemy unit.

yeah so, any feedback would be great, thanks!


Fri Jan 01, 2016 5:15 pm
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It looks pretty doable to me. Since you asked for feedback, here are a couple of biased suggestions.

First up is the L2 with CoT=cloak of twilight? if so would be 50 points, so couldn't have dispel scroll on here as well.

Find room for Wand of stability. It gives you a very powerful dispelling advantage for 15 pts.

For your core, I would probably take 19 crossbows w/Std/Mus. I don't think hw+shield is very good right now, spears might be a better option if you have them.

Alpha predator for a hydra seems a little unconventional to me, if you feel you need the +I fair enough but the breath weapon with 2d6 str 4 can help you win a key combat.

The only other thing is 2x 5x harpies, some people swear by harpies but I think if you can squeeze some extra points the hunting chariot w/ harpoon launcher is pretty good.

Fri Jan 01, 2016 7:59 pm
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Joined: Wed Mar 19, 2014 10:25 pm
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lol yeah - good point regarding the magic items allowance for that level 2! will have to put the dispel scroll on the level 1.

alpha predator gives the WS boost, but potentially the breath weapon is more useful.

the hunting chariot is cool but chucking a unit of harpies under the bus buys us two turns of combat which is pretty incredible really if you are stuck in a grind and need an extra turn to break the opposing unit. i love my harpies!

the crossbowmen unit seems like easy pickings to be honest; i'd be inclined to perhaps drop a unit of harpies though to put a 30+ swordsmen unit together. i kind of feel the army needs a block of troops to hold ground and lose models whilst the cold ones and hydras do the business on one side of the board.

Fri Jan 01, 2016 8:59 pm
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