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1. By being in here you will learn tidbits about how the campaign is going etc. This stuff is to remain private between you and you. Anyone who reveals secrets is being a jerk to everyone else because there is strategy involved in the campaign and as such you can wreck it.

2. You should play in the campaign. That means play games and submit battlereports and write BatReps in the Bat Rep Forum. This way we set an example by playing the actual game. Too many Chefs and not enough Cooks and the campaign will die.

3. When you play games, it will be hard, but distance yourself from what you know. In other words if you know Arnhelm is weak in the upper levels but strong in the lower levels, don't go making some special league of you and your friends to beat down the HE and enter reports. As a worker on the campaign, you cannot be a leader of any faction. That is a conflict of interest. You can belong to a faction but you'll have to be silent or at least silent about the secrets you know. Raise Cain on any other issues just not the ones you know about.

4. Be cool to the Campaign Managers (CMs). jeffleong13 and Underway. They are the bosses. I am not the boss. They are. Help them. When they say they need something, give your feedback but if you can tell that they really feel strongly about something don't give them grief. Its just too hard to have too many leaders for this.

5. If an issue doesn't concern you, ie: Underway asks Vorchild for a revision to the ToK list, don't get involved unless you are part of that initiative. Remember there is a whole group of people working on that initiative already. Let them have their cake.

6. Be careful what you reveal to your initiatives. That is a judgement thing.

7. Have fun and make sure you mention any good ideas you might have. That is important as well.

Sorry to sound like a dick but it has to be said so everyone is clear about the deal here.

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Wed Sep 08, 2004 7:31 pm
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This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.   [ 1 post ] 

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