Kinstrife In Har Ganeth
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Author:  Voodoomaster [ Fri Oct 15, 2004 11:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Kinstrife In Har Ganeth

6th Day of the Civil War
Lelith looked at her brother studying a letter from General Kala, currently located from the south near Wraith Gate, then sighing , placed the parchment down and picked up another letter this one from lady Jhaelrnya, off the bleak coast. what Khael saw in these two females was beyond her but it was useful to keep contacts with other generals during the civil war. Turning Lelith continued studying one of the plaques that Khael had brought back from Lustria her brother. a few silent minutes passed before Khael spoke up.
“It Seems that the Asur are defeating us at wraith Gate according to Kala” Said Khael emotionlessly.
“What!” Screamed Lelith. Snatching the letter from her twin brother. And quickly reading.
“I will not have the Asur kill one of my few allies!” shouted Khael as he rose from his Seat his huge form towering over his sister, Lelith knew the danger signs and immediately tried to calm her brother.
“My Brother, the Asur may kill you Ally Kala but what does she mean to you?” enquired Lelith with caution.
Khael Stared at his sister a moment before answering “Kala Commands the Black Lotus Brigade a unusual, army that has elements of both the temple of Khaine and the Cult of Pleasure. I was hoping that she would help me in finding Khaleth! The Traitor! The Kin breaker! Our former Brother!” he shouted these last words with such hatred that the slaves serving wine fled.
“Khael please calm down there is nothing that can be done you can’t go to Wraith Gate and find Khaleth at the same time!” begged his sister.
“No I can’t” Sighed Khael looking at Lelith “but you Can” Khael said smiling.
“What!” exclaimed Lelith looking at him.
“You will lead the 4th, 12th and the 16th legions of Har Ganeth south to Wraith Gate and assist General Kala by any means necessary.” Commanded Khael Vraneth Reagent of Har Ganeth.
Lelith stunned took a few moments to answer back. She had not excepted her brother to order her around like this she also had wanted to hunt down Khaleth but now she was being ordered south to fight Asur.
“What….What about Khaleth?” Lelith stammered, but Khael interrupted her before she could finish.
“I know my brother he is not a great leader he will seek advice from a former master, He will find Droleth Olthos and ask advice from him, that is where he will be” Said Khael triumphantly.
“Of course” breathed Lelith. “fine” she said “I will go to Wraith Gate”
Khael turned and looked at the large column marching behind him he had mobilized 8 legions from Har Ganeth to Help him find his Brother he had given orders to all lordlings and unit commanders that no one was to touch Khaleth, Save him. Khael wanted the joy of killing his traitor brother.
Smiling Khael ordered his chariot forward and the whole column began marching north to the dwelling of Droleth Olthos.
“I Kill You Khaleth” Shouted Khael into the Sky “I Swear by Khaine the High Handed Executioner! That I will Kill you!”


Reality Check:
Greetings, Ladys, Gentlemen [and of course all your druchii out there].
this will be the war diary of character Khael Vraneth. during the Flesh and Blood Campaign.

Khael's Aim in the Campaign is a simple one. During the Storm of chaos his brother turned to slannesh and all hell broke lose in Har Ganeth, after Returning from Lustria he finds the city in turmoil, and after restoring order vows before Khaine to bring back his brother and kill him.
if you wish to post in this thread can you please do so in the form of a letter, intelligence report, or other correspondent to my character Khael Vraneth, Reagent of Har Ganeth, 3rd son of Kurl Vraneth, Lord Executioner, Slayer of Asur, etc. [no need to put all my titles :) ]

Please Do not post things like "nice thread", "you Suck" or other things like that if you want to comment on things like that feel free to send me a PM. i want this to be a field commanders notebook with letters from allies, intelligence reports, failed scouts heads etc.

this is the background to my character and his family. http://www.druchii.net/viewtopic.php?t=28624&highlight=
having said that.....

Author:  Voodoomaster [ Sat Oct 16, 2004 12:04 am ]
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15th Day of the Civil War

i have finally arrived at Droleth's Manor and after a long conservation with him has has confirmed my Suspicions that my traitor brother would indeed turn to his old master for help. Khaleth left this place 9 days ago however in what direction he has gone i cannot tell. i have Decided to remain outside my old masters manor in the Spitefull Peaks until my scouts have gathered more information.

In regards to other matters i have heard that my sister Lelith has met up with General Kala at Wraith Gate. although wounded Kala is Still as i hoped alive and with fresh troops Kala and My Sister should be able to stop the Asur from completing the the 6th gate and hold the wraith gate.

Also My Standard Bearer Khalek is still heading south to join up with lady Jhealrnya's ships massing off the bleak coast. Of her lost ships containing Kala's 21st legion of black lotus i have not had confermation that they have been destoyed yet.

now if you excuse me i have to make to inspection of the camp.

Khael Vraneth, Camped in the Spiteful peaks.

Author:  General kala [ Sat Oct 16, 2004 2:24 am ]
Post subject: 

To Lord Executioner Khael Vraneth of Har Ganeth

Greetings from what remains of the Wrath Gate,

I send you tidings of the arrival of your sister, Leilith. She and her forces arrived after the victory at Dictator Pass only slightly worse for wear. Their morale is high and they are eager to engage the enemy within the next few days.

She has informed me that you have begun keeping a log of this campaign. This is pleasing to hear. It has always been my opinion that the war record of a commander is beneficial to both the commander and his house and posterity. I urge all Druchii commanders in the field to do the same.

But this is idle chitchat. I am writing with intent. My spies in Ghrond have finally reported on the whereabouts of your brother. It seems that in the weeks before the civil was begun, he formed a relationship with one Shayra Kurin, a noble of the lesser house of Tyrik. The nature of his relationship with her is uncertain. Potentially romantic, potentially political, potentially merely decadent. What is definitely known is that she is an extremist evangelist of Slaanesh. Only her political entanglements in the Royal Court have yet kept her from the retributions of the Temple.

This Lady Kurin also has contacts within the Slaaneshi rebellion. Since your brother is an experienced warrior with troops at his disposal, the logic would conclude that Lady Kurin sent him to seek his place in the rebellion and to meet with the commanders of the Slaaneshi fanatics. Last word was that his column moved out from Ghrond three days ago headed northward under cover of night. His trail may yet be traceable if your Shades are skilled.

As a last item, I have also been informed that he still wears the livery of a Master Executioner of Har Ganeth. I would imagine that this is to hide his true loyalties from the Temple of Khaine in Ghrond.

Have your ships made ready to sail as swiftly as possibly once your vendetta is fulfilled. Your Draich is sorely needed here at the Gate.

May your hunt be short and successful,
General Kala Kodai Velari
Commander, Black Lotus Brigade

Author:  Voodoomaster [ Sat Oct 16, 2004 8:57 pm ]
Post subject: 

16th Day of the Civil War

Today has been a day in which more good news has come to me than bad. firstly in the early hours this morning a Rider all the way from Wraith Gate bearing a letter from General Kala, Confirming the Arrival of My Sister Lelith. But More improtantly Kala's Agents in Ghrond have Confirmed That My Brother Khaleth Left Ghrond 3 days ago heading North to join the bulk of the Rebellion. His Apparent meetting with Shayra Kurin, Comes as no Surpise to me as i have met this Lady Before when i was in Ghrond and she seemed very interrested about my brother even all those years ago. i have Aready Sent my Fastest Rider East to Ghrond to alert the Temple of Khaine about Lady Kurin, and to request an Assassin be sent to visit her.

The Second Piece of Good News that reached me just a few hours ago In Regards to Lady Jhealrnya lost Transports containing General Kala's 21st Leigion of Black Lotus have been found wreaked 180 leagues to the north-east of Karond Kar. It Seems that i still owe Lady Jhealrnya Compensation, Becasue according to my Scouts most of the ships are so badly damaged they will never be able to return to sea. i need to send a letter to General Kala informing him that the 21st are stranded.

I am still outraged that Khaleth Still wears the liverly of the master of Har Ganeth, he does not even deserve to be allowed to see, let alone wear, the Liverly of Har Ganeth. with the letter sent to the Temple of Khaine in Ghrond informing them of my brothers Betrayal.

i am vexed, i will go execute those Cult of Pleasure Spies that were found this morning, i need the practise in preperation for my brothers head.

Khael Vraneth, Camped in the Spiteful Peaks.

Author:  Voodoomaster [ Tue Oct 19, 2004 9:04 pm ]
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19th Day of The Civil War

finally i have called a halt after 3 days marching and my forces shall wait here until my shades bring news on General Kala's Information of My Brother's Tracks north.

Also my Rider that i sent to ghrond has returned with a message from the Great Hag Queen Herself Hellbronne, it seems that when the assassin i requested was sent to Sharya Kurin's Appartments, the place was deserted and the slaves locked below told the assassin that she had fled just hours before. in a rage the assassin killed half of them and sent the rest to be sacraficed. She is also Greatfull that the Lords of Har Ganeth are still able to carry out Khaine's Glorious Work.

i must now go and cheack that the sentries are alert we are getting closer to the chaos wastes now and i do not wish to be killed before i find my brother.

Khael Vraneth, Camped in the spitefull peaks 100 leagues from the watchtowers.

Author:  Voodoomaster [ Sat Oct 23, 2004 2:05 pm ]
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21st Day of the Civil War,

Traitorours, worshipers of Slannesh. they attacked the camp during the early hours of yesterday, this is the frist time that i have seen a devoted of slannesh up close. they are more beautiful than any Bride of Khaine is that is possible. for a time my Executioners and myself were transfixed on the beauty of these elves, that was until Mairna, Dreile and Shelleth the only female executioners i had in the battilon i was with charged forward to meet them, this shook us from are Hypnotism and we follwed them in. We were victorious and not 1 devoted survived the battle.

I found out Later on after the battle that the forces that attacked us were led by none other than Sharya Kurin. My Brothers Mistress. my Dark Riders almost killed her but before they reached her some demon of Chaos swooped down and carried her off.

From the Captured Chaos Warriors i have learnt my Brothers Plan, it seems that he is heading North to gather Various Armies and then march south to Ghrond and try to attack the city, i will not let this happen and i shall attack him where he least expects it, in the chaso wastes itself.

now if you excuse me i have to go execute the prisoners in honour of Khaine for today's Glorious victory.

Khael Vraneth, Camped 80 Leagues from the Watch Towers.
Reality Check:
Come on Guys and Girls anyone can post in this topic as long as it is in character, i was kinda hoping that i would have recevied some offers of alliance, some threats from the cult of pleasure and a few severed heads from some failed scouts.
Anyone Want to Play with Me?

Author:  Manwe [ Sun Oct 24, 2004 7:11 pm ]
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To lord Vraneth reagent of Har Ganeth.
I write to thee my lord to inform you of the fact that I and my sons are ready to take on all worshippers of slaanesh in Khaines name. Even now my son Daleon is finishing of the remainders of an army of traitors, not worthy the title Dark Elves. I myself will go to the norhtern wastes to personally help you in your queste for your brother. My sons are dispatched to the city of ghrond, to tidy up the mess made there, I am sure their chariots will clean the streets from the slaanesh filth. I hope to arrive in 3 days from now.

Good Hunting Lord Moniath, Lord Executioner of the executioner legion, kadath.

Author:  Voodoomaster [ Sun Oct 24, 2004 7:33 pm ]
Post subject: 

To Lord Moniath,

Lord Moniath it is good to hear from you again my old friend, it has been many months since i last saw the leigion of Kadath, it is good to see that you are alive but enough of this idle Talk,

I am Relieved that you have sent your sons to Ghrond from what i have heard they are capable enough and should do well in attempting to restore peace to the city, and with the news that you yourself are coming north means that i can do as Hellbronne has asked and dispatch troops east to Ghrond. 3 days is a long time in this war there has been frequent assassination attempts on my life by Slannesh Activists in the last 5 days but so far all of them have failed to get past the sentries.

i Shall expect to seen you soon Lord Moniath

Khael Vraneth, Camped 80 leagues from the watch towers.

Author:  Voodoomaster [ Sun Oct 24, 2004 7:46 pm ]
Post subject: 

Dispatch to Daleon Moniath,
To be Delivered by Duke Galroth, Lieutenant 15th Leigon of Har Ganeth.

Message inclosed;
Daleon Moniath,

Greettings Young Daleron, when you receive these orders you should be in Ghrond, in an attempt to restore peace to the city. Due to Pressure from Hellbronne i have had to dispatch the 15th Leigion of Har Ganeth to Ghrond.

On Receipt of these Orders You Are to Take Command of the 15th Leigion of Har Ganeth, Upon taking Command you are to Clear the City of All Activists of Slannesh, and Prepare the city for Seige.


Khael Vraneth, Reagent of Har Ganeth, 3rd son of Kurl Vraneth, Lord Executioner, Slayer of Asur, etc.

Author:  Manwe [ Sun Oct 24, 2004 7:47 pm ]
Post subject: 

To Lord Vraneth,

I am fully aware that 3 days are alot in these troubled times, however I can not travel any faster and couldn't turn to you before I stopped at har ganeth to stop another rouse of the temple in your absence, while there I have bolstered my ranks with some of you fine shades and have asked the temple for witch elves to join me north, to bolster your armies. I now have a reasonable force to support you and as said before in 3 days I will arrive. I have had word from the Temple located in Karond Kar, that they are under assault by a major army of Elven traitors and their human "allies", I am asking you for council, should I dispatch men there or will I focus all my troops upon your aid?

Good Hunting Lord Moniath, Lord Executioner of the executioner legion, kadath.

Author:  Manwe [ Sun Oct 24, 2004 7:53 pm ]
Post subject: 

In reply of the letter send by Lord Khael Vraneth, in which he bids Daleon take command of the 15th legion of Har Ganeth.

Lord Vraneth,
I have done as you asked me and even now my brother has started cleaning the streets of the slaaneshi manifestation.
I will join him after completion of this letter, I will personally begin the preparations for the siege. I thank you for the honour of leading your fine troops.

Good Hunting, may Khaine be with you,
Daleon, Son of Lord Moniath, present commander of the defense of Ghrond.

Author:  Voodoomaster [ Sun Oct 24, 2004 8:12 pm ]
Post subject: 

To Lord Moniath,

Troops that is something i seem to be getting less and less of currently i have just 5 Leigion's with me at the moment, the 3rd, 7th, 11th, 14th, & 19th Leigions. are all still capable of fighting, the 6th Leigion is all but destroyed, i have sent the 15th Leigion east to Ghrond to be under the command of your son Daleon and the 5th Leigion is currently fighting around the Watchtowers which are now constantly under seige, that leaves me just 8 Leigions in Har Ganeth due to that fact nearly Half of Har Ganeth's Leigions are in Ulthuan Fighting with My Father, Kurl.

I shall, Order the 31st Leigion to Sail east to Karond Kar with a message to the Hag Queens there that, at the moment the 31st Leigion is all that i can spare.

Your Current Orders are to Send a 3rd of Your Forces Back To Har Ganeth, With Orders that they are to Remain there and Defend the City from attack.


Khael Vraneth, Reagent of Har Ganeth, 3rd son of Kurl Vraneth, Lord Executioner, Slayer of Asur, etc.

Author:  Manwe [ Sun Oct 24, 2004 8:32 pm ]
Post subject: 

Message for Lord Vraneth,
Friend of old,
I have recieved your message and have done as you bid, 1 3d of my troops are currently stationed in Har Ganeth under command of your replacement there. I still have your shades with me though, they are a great help and thanks to them I am able to arrive half a day faster. I will reward their captain in the end. I have ordered my fastest rider to my bastion at the lakes of the abbys with a message to send all that can be spared to join your 31st legion in the support of Karond Kar. It will not be much, but these aren't the days of our splendour.
I am glad to hear that my sons have arrived in ghrond to help our beloved lady Hellebron. And am joyed to hear that my son has taken command of the defense. A great honour indeed.

I hope to see you soon and fight at your side once more.

Good Hunting, Lord Moniath, Lord Executioner of the executioner legion kadath.

Author:  Deathraider [ Mon Oct 25, 2004 5:40 am ]
Post subject: 

Message for Lord Vraneth,
Hope this message finds you well,
I have heard that you are trying to help defend Ghrond so me and the Riders of Destruction pledge their alliegance to you. We are at the moment trying to lessen the ammount of traitors besieging Ghrond by attacking their camps on the perimeter, we have been very succesful, We have just today massacered another camp when they weren't alert. My men are letting their coldones feast upon the remains of the traitors and once I have finished writing my letter I am going to execute one of their leaders while the prisioners watch helplessly as coldones rampage forward looking scravenging for the remains of that traitor. Hmm now what to do with the prisioners, I know, I'll let them waste here until or if any more traitors happen to come across them. Must go now my scouts have just spotted another camp south-east of here.

Galeth Sieth, Son of Gael Sieth, Commander of the Riders of Destruction

Author:  Manwe [ Tue Oct 26, 2004 2:08 pm ]
Post subject: 

Lord Vraneth,
I hereby report to you that I am within half a day travel of your current location. We will see eachother at dusk tonight. My plan of action is to retake the lost watch tower and use it as our fortress, to better stop the numberless hordes that will attack us. I've heard news from my son Dalain that he has spotted an army around Ghrond, that had effectively taken out 3 enemy encampments in 1 night... He has send a Dark Rider to meet him and found out it was our longtime ally Lord Sieth, his son as the matter of fact. I was not sure if you knew this. We will discuss further tonight, enjoying some fine whine from cathay, that I am bringing with me for our reunion.

Good Hunting, Lord Moniath, Lord Executioner of the executioner legion kadath.

Author:  Voodoomaster [ Tue Oct 26, 2004 6:09 pm ]
Post subject: 

20th day of the Civil War,

ah Pain, i should rearly learn to sit still, i live, still. i have foiled another assassination attempt by my brother, he must be worried now that i have survived another assassination attempt, although the tratiorous assassin wounded me i killed him my self by strangling him.

on other news my scouts have reported a Slannesh warband destoying bridges the span a river that i shall have to cross i have sent my best riders north to deal with them before it is to late. i am expecting Lord Moniath here soon with a case of fine wine i could do with some after this morning.

i am tired of writting now i shall send a letter to Galeth Sieth before i go and prepare myself for Lord Moniath's Arrival.

Khael Vraneth, camped 80 leagues from the watchtowers.

Author:  Voodoomaster [ Tue Oct 26, 2004 6:17 pm ]
Post subject: 

dispatch to Galeth Sieth,

Orders inclosed,

Galeth, it has been many years since i last saw you it is good to hear from you after 50 years, you orders are quite simple.

You Are to Remain Outside the city of Ghrond attacking Enemy encampments, should you however encounter a force larger than your own make a hit and run raid and fall back to the city, from there seek advice and orders from Daleron Moniath who is currently commissioned with the defence of the city.

Khael Vraneth.

Author:  Deathraider [ Tue Oct 26, 2004 6:55 pm ]
Post subject: 

To Khael Vraneth,

It is good to see you on our side and I will continue to protect Ghrond as long as you need or until I die which I hope is a far away from here.

I hope you are doing well against your brother.

Regards Galeth Sieth

Author:  Voodoomaster [ Tue Oct 26, 2004 8:18 pm ]
Post subject: 

21st Day of The Civil War.

The Wound is better alot better today i can move more freely, ah such wine that i tasted last night was the best i have had in decades myself and Lord Moniath, both woke this morning feelling groggy but the wine has had a great affect on my wound.

Reports have Arrived that the slannesh warband was defeated quickly and that most of the bridges are intact. we crossed them early this afternoon and made camp just 30 leagues from the watchtowers. we can just see one off in the distance now.

i am in haste Lord Moniath has just arrived to discuss the current situation here on the boarder.

Khael Vraneth, Camped 30 leagues from the watchtowers.

Author:  Manwe [ Tue Oct 26, 2004 8:24 pm ]
Post subject: 

Letter from Lord Karal Moniath to his sons, Daleon and Dalain, in ghrond.

I report to you my sons that I have joined forces with Lord Vraneth. We are marching towards the watchtowers right now, the first one visible on the horizon. It will be no more than a days march, yet it is dangerous out here, Lord Vraneth has been wounded by an assassin last night.

May Khaine be with you,
Good Hunting, Lord Moniath, Lord Executioner of the executioner legion kadath.

Author:  Voodoomaster [ Tue Oct 26, 2004 8:36 pm ]
Post subject: 

22nd Day of the Civil War.

Early this morning the distant watchtower fired off a warning beam that rose at least 10 leagues into the sky and was visible for miles around. Lord Moniath, Broke the Camp immediatly and Came to Wake me, within an hour we were ready for war.

A Slannesh Horde had taken the Watchtower but we broke through their lines with me personally slaying their Brutish General, Lord Moniath has lost none of his fighting skills i saw him personally defeat a champion of Slannesh with his Draich, we broke through the Horde easily and retook the Watchtower, i give thanks to Khaine for this Glorious victory.

I am in Haste as i have called a Council of War and i must perpare myself.

Khael Vraneth, Camped beneth the Watchtower, Spire of Darkness.

Author:  Voodoomaster [ Tue Oct 26, 2004 9:21 pm ]
Post subject: 

23rd Day of the Civil War.

My Shades have reported that my brother has headed back south just 30 leagues from the Spire of Darkness, at the head of a huge army marching south to Ghrond, it took some persuation by Lord Moniath to stop me marching South immediatly, he managed to persuade me to leave some troops under his command to hold the watch tower we captured. i am now marching south after leaving Lord Moniath behind with his troops and the 14th Leigion to guard the watchtower.

I am now Marching south at full speed to try and reach Ghrond before my brother. i shall kill him when i find him regardless of how powerfull he has become.

i am vexed i shall have to practice my Draich skills before i retire for the night.

Khael Vraneth, camped 60 leagues from Ghrond.

Author:  Manwe [ Tue Oct 26, 2004 9:34 pm ]
Post subject: 

Khael Vraneth, friend of old, Lord of Har Ganeth.
This may very well be the last letter I will ever send. And it is for sure that it is the last letter I will send you in a while. While hastily composing this letter a huge army of barbarians is marching towards the very watchtower I am on. The beacons have been lit, and messengers send to all other towers. I do not hope for reinforcements though. The horde stretches so far that it will possibly engulf several towers.
I will stand here as long as possible, killing as many slaanesh bastards as I can, and giving you time to reach Ghrond. Do not fail me old friend, for then Ghrond is lost!

May Khaine be with you,
Good Hunting, Lord Moniath, Lord Executioner of the executioner legion kadath.

Author:  Voodoomaster [ Tue Oct 26, 2004 9:37 pm ]
Post subject: 

24th Day of the Civil War,

Ghrond is within Site looming huge in the distance with smoke rising from the the outskirts of the city walls, before me blocking my route to Ghrond is My Brother's Army at least 4 legions strong plus hordes of deamons, they are taunting us but i shall await for him to make the first move.

I can see him before me still wearing the liverly of the lord Executioner sitting on his Cold One waiting.

Clouds are gathering over head there is a storm coming should i die i shall leave command of the legions of Har Ganeth to my Herald Lord Khalek regardless of What Tullaris Says.

I Shall see you on the other side.

Khael Vraneth, Reagent of Har Ganeth, 3rd son of Kurl Vraneth, Lord Executioner, Slayer of Asur, etc.

Author:  Voodoomaster [ Wed Oct 27, 2004 6:19 pm ]
Post subject: 

25th Day of the Civil War.

Ahh, Pain, my Entire body is wracked with pain, from the gash on my forehead to the deep cut on my leg. I live. Barely.

My Brother is Finally Dead his Host Destroyed and his Mistresses dead. Save one, Sharya Kurin. Was not Accounted for after the battle it seems that her deamonic patron has once again saved her from the blades of my Executioners. My Vendetta has been fufilled. My Shattered Leigions are now Marching to Ghrond so that i may receive some proper medicene, for my wounds.

Now please i am Tired.

Khael Vraneth.

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