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Participant's Suggestion 
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Spartan wrote:
hey Nag, seeing as you're the only one i know that is an admin for F&B, i thought i'd propose this to you. i've already sent it to Shannar, Sealord and TimmyMWD; Shannar likes my idea but Timmy has yet to respond to it.

i've noticed that recently interest for F&B has gone down, most likely because of the recent D.net crash and being caught up in the Sundering. so, to boost Asur.org participation, i propose to lessen the drudgery of a one-battlesite-stalemate could be lessened by adding a naval aspect to the F&B campaign. i realize this would further take the focus off the Druchii Civil War, but it would also provide an interesting change for the Asur participants and their Druchii counterparts. to kick off this naval thing, i think the Asur fleet could attack a small Druchii port north of Arnhelm, and perhaps blockade the port. this would work well, i think, because i've already fought an Infiltrate scenario where i sabotaged a few patrol ships at the dock, which then allowed the Asur fleet to attack the port by surprise (i also fought a battle at sea using the Generals Compendium ship rules to see if i could get past the remaining patrol ships, and i succeeded). if we could use those battles as a precursor, then i think we could perhaps open up a battle site to begin this blockade. the outcome of the naval mini-campaign would have little effect on the campaign as a whole, but i think it would help define naval dominance in the seas north of Ulthuan.
and like i said, it would also provide a nice change-up to the monotonous one battle site that we're fighting at now.

so hopefully you agree with this idea, as i think it would help out F&B a lot. but whether you approve or reject this plan, i'd appreciate a response. thanks a lot :D .


I'm just redirecting the suggestion...

- Nag


Thu Jan 13, 2005 4:42 pm
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Appreciate you bringing it up, but no - we specifically went to one site because we were shifting too much to the Asur and not sufficiently focused on the Druchii.


Thu Jan 13, 2005 5:56 pm
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I think the idea is very good. Unfortunately the people running the campaign as well as the people on Asur were concerning it was too asur-druchii centric.

As to the campaign interest, there is no doubt that the site crash hurt the campaign. However it has been steaming up again and should be fine soon enough.

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Thu Jan 13, 2005 9:10 pm
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