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This was one of the coolest games of my 40k carrear(first one). I had 2 units of 10 IG with a flamer and a sarg. in each, 3 weapons teams (autocannons) and 1 leman russ. We made some necron scenery to make it cooler. His list was 20 necrons.

The scenario was this, he had a necron base, with 5 models on it and if I shot or had veichles the alarm would be raised and 20 necrons (2units of 10)would spill out of the base. I held the tank in reserve.

TURN 1 I positioned the weapons teams on the table to begin to open fire, but I waited until the 2 units of guards were in position first.

TURN 2 Then I opened fire with the guardsmen on 1 necron. I killed it with 4 wounds. And it surprisingly dodnt get up his turn, but as I thought, all hell broke loose, But I killed 2 of them

TURN 3 He charged my units and surprisingly did minimal damage, and I inflicted more wounds and they fell back to the top of the base. My other guards got charged and I got wasted, with 6 men I fled, and they didnt follow to get me.

TURN 4 I moved away to a considerable distance, and my tank came out of reserve. I killed 3 necrons with my autocannons. The flamer did massive damage to the necoron unit, doing 3 kills (He was rolling bad, and I was rolling good Very Happy !)

TURN 5 His necrons charge me doing ok damage I do I do 1 more and he falls back to near to his base with the other guys.

TURN 6 He Grouped his necrons to do and allout attack on my tank, They shoot the guns and with necrons you autokill on a 6 and he did kill my tank, and pretty easily I might add, if you can avoid the missle fire the tanks do o.k. My 2 flamers shoot and kill 2 necrons (with the come-back to life roll) All 11 or so other IG'smen fire, and kill all of 2( my guns suck!!!)

And then A rule I didnt know exixted happened he just left, if you kill 75% or more the have to leave the playing field and I won.


- Nag


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This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.   [ 1 post ] 

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