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Outcomes for our characters 
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Well, I sense our impending doom. Ghrond lies surrounded by the enemy, and our Lustrian reinforcements were destroyed or cut off. To the north the spire of malice is retaken (right?) So we are running out of places to hole up in.

That said, what do you think the probable outcome for our characters? I haven't heard much of the Daemonwhisperer of late. What do you think will happen to him?

Lonicera stills has a large retinue. When she finds the spire taken, will she turn back or continue on towards the northern wastes?

I figured we could write our hopes or thoughts on how our characters, those who have written on them, might be affected in the end. I thought there were some really neat storylines, and hope there is conclusion at the end.

As for my characters, those that were following: Democles and Xaniphera. Democles was an Annointed war hero in the Southern Campaign. He served Xaniphera loyally and is somewhat obsessed with her. During this civil war, he spent most of the time in the southern reaches, eventually abandoning his outpost and heading north to find Xaniphera. He finally met his first defeat near the 6th gate. I think he might decide to claim some lands in the more desolate southern area, and rebuild his forces, continueing to hunt for his lost lady. Either that, or might might fight guerilla warfare until getting pinned down by some of the blackguard armies.

Xaniphera spent her time trying to find allies. After attempting to seduce General Kala (both physicvally and mentally), she fled and tried for a while at the court in Nagaroth. While she did harvest some tentative alliances, she decided to head to Ghrond, where she heard of the street fighting and intrigue between the two factions. There she has been, sometimes workign with her brethren, and sometimes alone, striking at Khaine positions. She is an expert summoner and illusionist, disguising daemonettes with magic and sending them into the hearts of enemy strongholds to reap chaos. I HOPE that she survives the coming finale, though if she is caught, I'm not sure how she will. Perhaps her mistress Morathi will protect her to some extent, or she will be shielded should Lonicera come back. If the insurgency completely dies out, I don't see her living too long, as she likes expensive tastes and could probably be tracked by assassins fairly easily. She is powerful, but not omnipotent. However, should she find a noble wiling to shelter her, she might survive to stir more intrigue. She might even make it down south to the protective arms of Democles, ready to plot the next uprising.

Anyways, I'd be interested in seeing what other people see for thier characters, whether death looms on the horizon or there is a safe haven for them to flee to, or whether they are spies put in to sabatage the CoS.

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We are not beaten yet. Lonicera may have departed Ghrond and gone back to her fortress to rebuild her forces, but a large Slaaneshi army is still in and around Ghrond, so this is not over yet :twisted:

The Great Temple is in ruins and much of the city is burned. They may win the battles but we will ultimately win the war....

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