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Your opinion on every single army 
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Here goes...

Beast of Chaos: Great list! Really good balanced rules. Fun to play with and against.

Brettonnia: Not my cup of tea but I always have interesting games against them since so much depends on movement for both sides.

Chaos Dwarfs: Love the models but never had a chance to play against them.

Druchii: OK. Not my favourite army by far but they have some nice fluff.

Dogs of War: Really cool. Have made many lists but never got round to starting one because I'm always busy with something else. One day...

Dwarves: Meh, not that interesting to me.

Empire: Cool models and background but only played them once. Good game though..

High Elves: Really cool. My flatmate plays them so I have games against them a lot. The new rules are really nicely balanced and they have a nice background.

Hordes of Chaos: Great fun because of their diversity. Always enjoy playing with or against them. (Except the dragon special character...)

Lizard Men: Pretty cool in all respects, but they're pretty far down the list of things I want to get.

Ogre Kindoms: Was going to get these guys but the book wasn't very inspiring in my opinion so I gave it a miss.

Orcs and Goblins: Pretty cool. I've got a fairly big army of these guys and they're quite fun to use everyone so often.

Skaven: Awesome! My army of choice since 3rd Ed. Their background is just fantastic but some of the models could do with a bit of a rework. I just dislike people who assume we all max out on Skyre stuff.

Tomb Kings: Another army I love! Started them recently and I think they are great in every way!

Vampire Counts: OK, not as cool as Tomb Kings though...

Wood Elves: Only played them once, didn't like it :(

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Fri Jan 11, 2008 1:42 pm
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Wood Elves: They have some amazing models, I have to say. I'm divided on them for one reason. Trees. It seems like the Wood Elf army does better the less actual wood elves you put in it. That's crap. If I ever played them, I'd use all elves. And... probably lose.
True. Too true. I have sworn to never ever use a Treeman, and I've never used treekin. I do have 2x8 Dryads and a Branchwraith in 2250points though. Trying to keep them low in numbers...

Wood Elves -My first army , interesting playing style .I am not a fan of thier fluff ,I wish they had a bigger impact in the Warhammer World as a whole
I'd wish that too. It's a bit sad that we cannot really participate in any campaigns unless it is situated in Athel Loren. It sucks, but it also gives the wonderful character of Asrai.

Wood Elves: Cheaty bunch of cowards. Come back and fight, tree-hugging wimps...
Most Asrai armies include more combat units than your average Dark Elf army... Stop the stereotypes.

Wood Elves: A great army, I am seriously considering collecting these. Would be light on the trees though, I prefer the elves. Great models and quite nice fluff, the defending role could be worked around I guess
Defending? Asrai are attacking! If you're looking for a defensive force, look at the white-clad Elves. Asrai sees an intruder and jumps on his arse ;)

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Fri Jan 11, 2008 6:24 pm
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Nagathi wrote:
Wood Elves: A great army, I am seriously considering collecting these. Would be light on the trees though, I prefer the elves. Great models and quite nice fluff, the defending role could be worked around I guess
Defending? Asrai are attacking! If you're looking for a defensive force, look at the white-clad Elves. Asrai sees an intruder and jumps on his arse ;)

~ Nag

Ah, you misunderstood me :p I meant, their role in the fluff. As in mostly defending Athel Loren. That is one of the main things putting me off actually. I read about this secret war going on against the beastmen, and I guess I could have an army based on that, being very light on trees (like a unit of dryads or two, maybe a branchwraith) and saying they're, uhm, either brought from Athel loren or some odd tree-spirit raised from the wood they're running around in.

Fri Jan 11, 2008 7:58 pm
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Not all Wood Elves are from Athel Loren. There's the Laurenorim Elves (or however they spell it). The "Lost Kindred" as well as regular non-Asur forest-dwelling Elves all arund the Great Forest.

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Fri Jan 11, 2008 9:03 pm
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That's kind of beside the point but thanks for the history lesson Nag. But their fluff does seem like all they care about are their forests and that's why I choose to play DE instead. Note they are not necessarily a defensive army like Dwarfs, but defensive in a sense that they have no will other than to protect their home. If they don't expand and conquer I don't want to play 'em.

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Fri Jan 11, 2008 9:08 pm
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Beast of Chaos: I have recently started a Nurgle Beastmen army and I'm loving it! They aren't the easiest army to play wit (like Druchii) and I like that. Centigors are awesome.

Brettonnia: I ave always wanted to do a Brettonian army, not for te rules but for the painting. I don't like painting armies as it gets repetitive, but I like painting caracters. IMO, each Knight is an individual character and it would be fun. I also like the fluff.

Chaos Dwarfs: I love these guys, but I have never done anything about it. The Chaos Dwarf crew from the Hellcannon are awesome models, and I think that they could be used by GW as inspiration for a whole army. Tey look a lot darker than te old ones. I suppose I could convert some of the Dwarfs I ave sitting on their sprues in my cupboard...

Druchii: I have played them for almost 6 years now and haven't got bored of them. Can't wait for the new models this year, although I hope that the rules don't get f'd like a lot of other recent releases, and I hope that Gav Thorpe doesn't write them. Awesome fluff and models too.

Dogs of War: Dogs of War are cool, but not as cool as Chaos Dwarfs when it comes to armies without Army books.

Dwarves: Chaos Dwarfs are better than Dwarfs, but Dwarfs have some nice models now. The Warriors are cool.

Empire: Empire can be VERY cool, although most players have a tendancy to make them really boring and lame.

High Elves: Have never liked High Elves, and I don't think I ever will at the moment, unless they get a cool new army book in 8 years time.

Hordes of Chaos: Chaos are great. I like their convertability and their adaptability. Chaos Warriors ave good models but crap rules I think.

Lizardmen: I don't really like Lizardmen at all. Tendancy to be overpowered.

Ogre Kindoms: Ogres are nice models, but I think they would be boring as an army without converting.

Orcs and Goblins: Fun, which is important. Was going to get them, but got Beasts instead.

Skaven: Fun, just like O&G, but Skryre gunlines are hax and piss the screaming f*ck out of me.

Tomb Kings: Can be fun, but can be boring. A bit hit and miss I think.

Vampire Counts: There were a lot of things I liked about the old Vampire Counts. We'll see how the new ones come out, but with Gav Thorpe at the helm, I'm not hopeful.

Wood Elves: Can't say I really like these guys much...


Sun Jan 27, 2008 11:48 am
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Beasts of Chaos: You can paint up crap to look like anything but it is still crap. Only thing the list has going for it is the Shaggoth and the mini ones.

Brettonians: too french, one trick poney as well...this was said though

Dark Elves: ohh so much fun, so violent so hatefilled ohh I love my little hatemongers, sadists and sociopaths.

Dwarves: Boooooooorrrring with a capital BORING.

Empire: I like them. Of course I am one of the few empire players that actually uses a mixed list and might I add it is quite effective. Well actually I should say Infantry List because most of my troops are infantry but only like 20 of them are gunners.

High Elves: Prissy, Annoying and positively the worst army in my opinion. Please note this doesn't include gameplay which they are quite powerful. death to the asur.

Hordes of Chaos: so sweetly violent. I could see modleing a chaos lord to look like Kurgan from Highlander. but I still need to do my slaanesh army.

Lizardmen: Kinda brutal. I always have fun playing against them.

Ogre Kingdoms: Violent big and brutal but as I hae neer lost to them yet I feel that they are an inferior list.

Orcs and Gobbos: No opibnion on the new list as the only person I played with the new list said soemthing about being a good orc player and I killed him in 3 turns with my dark elves.

Skaven: Chessacious...pun intended. I hate facing them good way to ruin my day.

Tomb Kings: tough undead list lots of nasty surprises. Games i play tend to end up being my army in the center of the table fighting my way in all directions through whats left. I always see Chariot King which angers me.

Vampie Counts: I am thinking I gotta start a vamp list they look so badass now. they are quite metal \m/.

Wood Elves: I own an army probly my tiniest army and I do use elves. Generally wild riders and wardancers. Lost of fast cavalry running around pissing people off.

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Fri Feb 01, 2008 4:50 am
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Beasts of Chaos: Pretty good I enjoy the way the army moves and plays, plus its a nice change from the typical Chaos Tzeetch lord on a dragon I have seen alot.

Bretonnians: I enjoy this army alot, I am proxy playing a list with some friends, and contrary to "popular" lists I have am not RAF or all knights, I have a good mix and found it works quite well, and my opponents (HE/Empire/O&G/Dwarves) enjoy playing against it as it is not a RAF or all knights list, plus I have enjoyed Bret's since 4th edition.

Dark Elves: Love the army (obviously) cant wait for their new book. Just annoyed at the lack of abililty to fight gun lines with a all comers list.

Dwarves: Prolly my least favorite race in terms of playing, just dont like the play style, though I love the fluff

Empire: Pretty cool, I like the way you can customize your list to pretty much anything you want. Makes it a lot more interesting to play then the typical Gunline or Stank/Alter list

Highelves: Great fluff, book is great, enjoy playing and playing against, still dont like the archer models though

Hordes of Chaos: I think a fun straight mortals list is very hard to do because the warriors are so expensive, so I always use Mortals and Beasts in tandum with each other.

Lizardmen: Fun until you fight the 2nd Gen Slann with 2 priests and all skinks, then its just time to pac up your list and move to a different table.

Ogre Kingdoms: Fun to play against, I enjoy the challenge of fighting them as they are fast moving as well, many great battles.

O&G: Love em, great army, with lots of character, plus its always fun when things go wrong.

Skaven: Very similar to Orcs, though the models are not as good imo. If a more balanced list is made then Skaven can be fun to fight as or against, but like alot of the PG armies, the gunline or super bell lists are pretty boring.

Tomb Kings: Never played against, but look nice and I like the fluff

Vampire Counts: Love to play and play against, and with a new book comming, they are only going to get better.

Woodelves: This and Bretonnians are the two lists that I am thinking of starting until DE come out in Sept or whenever it is, they are fun to play (again) if made in a balanced list.

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Sun Feb 03, 2008 7:39 pm
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Beast of Chaos: I have never seen them in action but I think I would like to play them.

Brettonnia: Not a big fan, however I have no reason to hate them either.

Chaos Dwarfs: I think they should be brought back, they just feel like a fun army.

Druchii: Well they are my main army, so I love them, I just fear what changes may happen to them.

Dogs of War: My second fantasy army. So much fun, so many choices.

Dwarves: Do they make nongunline armies?

Empire: Great amount of flexibility means a great army if only people would use it.

High Elves: I don't like this army(maybe because I am druchii?) or it could just be the feel of the army. They are kind of like your perfect little brother. Why can't you strike first? Your brother can.

Hordes of Chaos: I love the models, well most of them. Whenever my friend actually builds the army I will play them.

Lizardmen: They feel a little over powered, but with great models and fun playing style I can forgive them.

Ogre Kindoms: Boring, I am sorry to all Ogre fans but if I can't paint it I won't play it. I have yet to meet someone with this army.

Orcs and Goblins: A great army with great fluff and fun rules. In what other army can your models squabble, have their god step on their units or strangle themselves?

Skaven: As long as no SAD armies it is a fun army, SAD to me is just boring.

Tomb Kings: An ok army. Just so mant skeletons to paint. They can feel a bit overpowered in the magic stage but no major camplaints.

Vampire Counts: Well I will be saying they are good but I withhold the ability to change that when the new book comes out. I like the models, the flexability and the style of play. I almost chose them as my army instead of druchii.

Wood Elves: I like the models and they have some fun rules. Again I am waiting for a friend to finish the army so we can play.


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Sun Feb 03, 2008 8:42 pm
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Beast of Chaos: The army seems like alot of fun to play (never actualy seen em), but those miniatures look terrible (except the Gorrs).

Brettonnia: Could be 1 of my next projects :D .

Chaos Dwarfs: Damn stupid.... MHO!

Druchii: My favs.... offcourse, just hope GW fixes them abit!

Dogs of War: Think GW is cancelling updates for this army, looks ike fun though very versatile (just everything in metal... ouch).

Dwarves: Kinda like 'em and there even fun to play, as a offensive army (but almost nobody does this :( )

Empire: New releases look great, just does nothing for me.

High Elves: .... just not for me those ..... argh... no... just no!!!!

Hordes of Chaos: Looks great plays nasty, to easy to win with!

Lizardmen: Never seen them being played, looks like they can rock, I'll play 'em.

Ogre Kindoms: Nope, looks like pumped up dwarfs with a orc attitude!?

Orcs and Goblins: You gotta love 'em, I like 'em, lets put it at that!

Skaven: Could be fun just not that appealing to me!

Tomb Kings: My second army.... and I gotta say I love 'em (not more so than my Druchii, still prefer them), there great fun to play with and o so nasty :twisted: .

Vampire Counts: Was thinking about these guys... just seems so overpowering those vamps.... not sure, never played with or against them.

Wood Elves: Great miniatures, fun rules, just so so boring hit and run hit and run........ bloody tree huggers :lol:


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Sun Feb 03, 2008 10:53 pm
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Beasts of Chaos: I like them simply because I like Chaos in general, but the models do not appeal. Especially not the ugly minotaurs and dragon ogres.

Bretonnia: They seem powerful, but I've never played against them.

Dark Elves: Beautiful models and interesting background. I am thinking about starting a DE army.

Dogs of War: I don't consider this an army.

Dwarves: Boring.

Empire: Slightly less boring.

High Elves: Too happy and frolicky for me.

Chaos: My first and favorite army. Some great models (daemonettes, chaos warriors, knights) and some horrible models (Flesh hounds!). Desperately in need of a rules update.

Lizardmen: The models don't appeal to me, but surely a strong army.

Ogres: Pretty cool. I like gory.

Orcs: I would never play them, but great fun to watch or play against! Animosity would drive me nuts.

Skaven: I have a 2k skaven army. Problem is they don't interest me any more. Partly because I have over 200 models and only 40 or so are painted. The rest are just primed! Assembling and painting slaves feels like an exercise in futilety. And why do clan rats have bugling biceps? That is so weird!

Tomb Kings: The boring undead army.

Vampire Counts: Totally Awesome! A close second choice for my first army. The new models really make me want to start a VC army and push hordes of zombies across the table!

Wood Elves: Overpowered and annoying to play against. Would never play these myself. I like my elves dark and violent.

Mon Mar 03, 2008 8:20 am
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I mainly collect and paint WH armies. Playing is secondary, but sure fun. <Points owned of said army>

Beasts of Chaos: Some nice models (gors, shaggoth), some extraordinarily ugly models (chaos ogres, dragon ogres) <300 pts>

Bretonnia: Lovely concept. I will collect them in earnest just for the thrill of painting the knights individually as old RPG characters. <600 pts>

Dark Elves: Gorgeous models apart from Malekith and perhaps the Cold Ones (too cutish). <5,000+>

Dogs of War: Nice concept and interesting to collect and paint; still feels a little abandoned by GW. <~100>

Dwarves: Cute models. I hate the gyrocopter model sincerely though, but the dwarves themselves are irresistable. A heavy HtH Infantry-army barring shooting and most warmachines, can be interesting to play/meet. <500>

Empire: Men in tights somehow feels odd; they have ugly Otto von Bismarck-moustaches and reek of the Imperial Guard and Battle Sisters, but still I can't help but like these models. <1000+>

High Elves: Second to Druchii, I find them excellent mostly. I like being an haughty arrogant elf, it's like being a druchii except you play along pretending to be "nice". <5,000+>

Chaos: An interesting army model-wise. I find mortal chaos most tempting to paint, but doesn't like them on the field that much. <2,000+>

Lizardmen: A silly muppet-kermitish army in my opinion. Still, it can look good, even if stupid I guess. <0>

Ogres: Gnoblars rock. Ogres feels a little, well I don't know, strange.

Orcs: Love them for the goofyness and pure madness. And sometimes it can be very relaxing just painting green. <3,700>

Skaven: Reminds me of some french comic I read when I was a child, long ago. I can't help but dislike them. <0>

Tomb Kings: I think VCs are enough. This one feels a little squeezed into the line. <0>

Vampire Counts: With the new models coming up, I will collect them. Brains! <~100>

Wood Elves: Simply gorgeous. I love all the elf armies. This one I've just starting to collect and paint. Wonderful. <~1,000+>

Mon Mar 03, 2008 9:54 am
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Beasts of Chaos: to me just seems like a cheaper version of lizards or ogres but they do have some nice minis

Brettonia: Absolutely love them and planning to do them after my druchii and VC. Something about the knights just draws me to them like the helms and the lance formations and other cool stuff

Dark Elves: have the best elite infantry models in the game which are Exec's and Black Guard and also the army is good at everything. I also enjoy seeing hundred's of bolts making a mess of HE dragons and spearmen

Dogs of War: like empire with maybe a little more variety

Dwarves: the most boring race in the game. Don't like the models or rules or background.

Empire: a 'good' version of a horde army with lots of ridiculous stuff to go with them. Don't like them

High Elves: have a few cool models like the lion chariot, dragon princes and their heros but the rest doesn't cut it for me.

Hordes of Chaos: thought of collecting them but didn't want to buy lots of warrior boxes to have units of 20...

Lizardmen: too overpowered for their points cost and don't like mini's too much

Ogres: Fantastic i love the fact most shooting just bounces off them and they hit like a tank on steroids but i hate versing them for obvious reasons...

Orcs and Goblins: Fun army to play against but i wouldn't collect them just not interesting enough

Skaven: hate them period.

Tomb Kings: love the egyptian theme and like the look of them except skellies but not as attractive as Bretts, Dark Elves, VC or Wood Elves

Vampire Counts: YES!!! finally some good looking vampires and also some very nice rules with some very nice models... A GW staff member i know has over 250 zombies and just thinking about it makes me drool...

Wood Elves: another army i love just for their elvish stuff. I'm a fan of shooting and these guys are one of the kings of it and i also like manoueverability and these guys come first in that category.

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Mon Mar 03, 2008 11:03 am
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Beast of Chaos: Some nice minis and some pretty nice rules. Fit very nicely against Wood Elves so I've considered getting some for a while...

Brettonnia: My first army, I love the whole "knight in shining armour" thing. I also like the dirty, downtrodden and grotty peasants :D

Chaos Dwarfs: Bit of a shame they've been left on the sidelines for so long, but hopefully GW will make a decent go of them when they arrive

Druchii: Lovely. Can't wait for the new release. Although they're my second favourite elves after Woodies...(don't hurt me!)

Dogs of War: A cool army, shame about most of the models though...

Dwarves: Some nice models, but a bit boring

Empire: Some Empire armies are really cool, but most are deadly boring.

High Elves: They wear skirts. 'Nuff said.

Hordes of Chaos: I love Chaos, they've some great models and as much variety as any one cold wish for.

Lizardmen: A bit boring, but some nice models scattered amongst them.

Ogre Kindoms: I like the models, but the army as a whole is pretty boring in terms of background and fluff.

Orcs and Goblins: The comedy army. People who take them seriously should find an army that gives them an excuse to actually try and win instead of killing their own troops :D

Skaven: Good, but not quite as much as fun as O&G are (or should be)

Tomb Kings: Some great models, but can tend to be a bit one-dimensional and therefore sometimes boring

Vampire Counts: Haven't seent the new VC book properly yet, but I loved the old book. Vampires are great.

Wood Elves: My favourite ever army and the only army I've collected consistently since I started gaming. Love 'em. Even though other people don't :D

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Mon Mar 03, 2008 12:06 pm
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I add my useless opinion to the lot:

Beast of Chaos: I'm building a Nurgle army, but I've never actually played them. I love the fluff and the models.

Brettonnia: Classic medieval fantasy. France inspired, but also England.
I don't like the only viable strategy.

Chaos Dwarfs: I don't miss them. Warhammer has already many evil counterparts of good armies.

Druchii: Great fluff. My favourite army. Wonderful models and many sneaky interesting (mostly losing) strategies.

Dogs of War: Love this one. Maybe it's because of my tilean origins?

Dwarves: Great miniatures. The rest is crap. The most unbalanced army since 1st ed.

Empire: My second army. I loved it from the beginning. Very flexible. Challenging but not overpowered (I would never ever use a Stank; never).

High Elves: I dont like the colour scheme of this army. White is the most difficult colour to apply. It's also a bit too easy and powerful to play.

Hordes of Chaos: I'm building a Nurgle army alongside BoC. Grat fun converting models. Chaos has the most brilliant background of WHFB.

Lizardmen: I don't like sentient lizard and frogs. Stop.

Ogre Kindoms: As someone else said: boring.

Orcs and Goblins: Fun to play with. Not so fun to play against.

Skaven: pure crap. I can't find a single valid reason to play this army apart from: I want to win easily every game with the same strategy (gunline).

Tomb Kings: Interesting, with nice models.

Vampire Counts: I like them. Powerful but balanced, and I'm a zombie movies fan.

Wood Elves: My favourite miniatures. I've collected all the characters.
But I don't like trees.

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Mon Mar 03, 2008 1:04 pm
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I have evaluated the armies on a scale from 4 - 10

Beasts of Chaos: I love their fluff and models. I think that they are a bit underpowered compared to other new lists, but they have still some really interesting stuff available: raiders, ambush, big monsters etc. On a scale from 1 - 10, I'd say they are 8,5

Bretonnia: A fluffy list which cries cheese! I like their models, but some things just make them too powerful: royal air force, some nifty über-magic items, praying... Well, I'd say they are 7,5

Druchii: My favorite army! I love their models and their fluff. They are weak now, but that has taught me much about tactics and stuff. A strong 9+. They would be 10 if they had better rules.

Dogs of War: Well, never used them, although their cannon would be nice against chariot hordes. Well, some cool ulits but not enough for me to start playing with them. I'd say they are 7+.

Dwarves: Boring. Just utterly boring. Ugly models with super-rules. I really hate them now. I'd give them 5,5.

Empire: Way cooler than bretonnia. I like them because they are so versatile. They have it all: cheap infantry, hard heavy-hitters, some magic and good shooting. If I had the money, I'd start with them. 9- for them.

High Elves: I've always liked high elves. New rules seem to be too strong, but on the other hand, they have just released the new book, so we'll have to wait for the other books to get their upgrades. 8+.

Hordes of Chaos: A diverse list, their armies are still a little bit boring. We'll have to see what happens to them when the demons and mortals are split, but the current list deserves (much thanks to their models!) 8.

Lizardmen: A list with a lot cheese-potential and ugly models. I've never liked them really, don't know why: 7.

Ogre Kingdoms: Really, really ugly models and horrible fluff. I was so dissapointed to them when they came out: 6.

Orcs and Goblins: A balanced and fun to play list. I like their models and fluff. They were the army that lead me to play warhammer: 8,5.

Skaven: I kinda like them, but still, maybe because of their rules and ugly colour schemes, they haven't drawn that much attention from me: 7,5.

Tomb Kings: I just don't have enough experiences about them. They, however look and sound stupid (egyptian theme: how boring..): 7.

Vampire Counts: The "better" undead army. Their necromancer-hordes were horrible, we'll see what we will face from now on. Vampires are cool, some great minis and what a paradise-army for people who like conversions! I just like them: 9-.

Wood Elves: My second favorite army after the druchii. I like their older models more though. Some of their units are too expensive in points (glade riders, warhawk riders, waywatchers etc.), but I like their fluff and rules: 9.

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Mon Mar 03, 2008 1:43 pm
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After this weekend I have one thing to say: I hate Ogres. Goddamnit, I hate them so much.

faerthurir wrote:
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Mon Mar 03, 2008 4:17 pm
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Beasts of Chaos: Fantastic models, very good rules (juuuust not overpowered) to boot. A joy to play against.

Bretonnia: I detest the whole chivalric imagery. Nor is playing against them particularly interesting. Unbalanced overall.

Druchii: Elves gone bad. Nuff said. :twisted:

Dogs of War: I never even considered picking up these guys. I like units not looking too much alike but a bit of coherency would be nice.

Dwarves: Dwarves are cool, I like their attitude. However, the translation to wargaming rules expectedly made it a boring army to play with and against. Too bad, but unavoidable. I've learned to like the Dwarves playing Mordheim, but not everyone has had this experience.

Empire: There's a lot going on with these guys. Too much, even. Of course they're the obvious choice for the quintessential 'personal army' but somehow the army as a whole lacks character, or lustre, or whatever... they never quite did it for me.

High Elves: Easy to hate. Their plastics just... suck, while they have awesome metals. Their new rules make them a lot more one-dimensional than they used to be. Like the Brets, unbalanced overall.

Hordes of Chaos: Chaos is everything, including awesome. Not awesome enough to expand my Slaanesh detachment right away, but I might very well in the future.

Lizardmen: Awesome when compared to their previous iteration. My Dad plays them, that's the reason I don't myself.

Ogre Kingdoms: Very few viable options exist in this list, allowing for little variation. On the other hand, the 'obvious choices' are very good indeed and allow for fun, unorthodox games.

I have a Skrag army myself. Yes, that's powergaming. But in an awesome way. :twisted:

Orcs and Goblins: I like them, just never enough. Never looked forward to painting 80+ Gobbos anyway. 40K is a different matter though.

Skaven: Cool models, AB allows for offbeat yet very viable lists. The fun aspect largely depends on their main clan focus.

Tomb Kings: Maybe I'm a bit Asperger on this one, but I never could understand how one would connect on a somewhat personal level to a mummy. A Vamp, okay, but a rag-bound, decomposing corpse? Apart from that, they have a distinct set of rules without being too powerful. I'm all for that. I'd grade them as high as Beasts of Chaos if it weren't for their largely uninteresting model range.

Vampire Counts: I haven't played them enough yet in their new iteration (once.) to comment on how they rate, though they were cool and powerful with their previous AB. New models look much tastier than their old ones.

Wood Elves: VERY cool playstyle, requires a lot of thinking to counteract. The reward (close combat) is satisfyingly juicy, so I think they're fun to play against. The quality of their models is an entirely different matter. Take the Glade Riders, or the Noble with gw... then compare them to Warhawk Riders. That's just wrong.

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Beast of Chaos:
Models are great and the list is dynamic enough and tough enough to be one of my favorite armies.

Kind of a point and click army IMO.

Rather weak army but my favorite after Wood Elves. Models are the best also after Wood Elves.

Always a challenge to defeat although most games look very similar. After you know your gonna attack them on a hill everytime and perfect that, and your opponent defends a hill everytime and perfects that, Dwarves are just plain tough, as they should be. Personally I don't like Stunties.

One of my favorite armies to play against due to the dynamics of the army build. Some of the models are lame but the army is diverse and very entertaining.

High Elves:
Still think the ASF is lame, especially since it doesn't help them much overall while breaking the basic mechanics of the game. The models are generally poop with some exceptions. Now double dragon lists are neat.

Hordes of Chaos:
Lots of possibilities here which is very cool with good looking models. Can't see much use in Warriors which is sad but I still enjoy playing with the army.

Oh how I wish I had collected them first. My next army if I ever collect another. Good magic which is always a challenge to face makes lizzies top notch.

Ogre Kingdoms:
Another army I've collected and found to be rather weak overall but with fantastic fluff and sweet models. With a few rules changed here and there, these guys have some amazing potential. Very fun to slaughter also.

Orcs & Goblins:
Best army for the raw uncertainty and lack of control one might desire as a general. Not my style at all but a fantastic army to battle.

Played against them once with Wood Elves and haven't formed a conclusion. I'm not impressed with the models but their shooting is just brutal.

Tomb Kings: Very cool fluff, army concept, and models. Also challenging and fun to play against but seem like a glass hammer in the end.

Vampire Counts: Don't know yet.

Wood Elves:
My personal favorite army game-wise and model-wise. Wood Elves are fierce in CC, Movement, and Shooting, and their magic is quite frustrating to the enemy. To me they are an army that gets into your head and exploits the weakness in their enemies deployment and army composition. Tough as hell. Down side is they have severe cheeze potential and are despised my many due to this.

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Mon Mar 03, 2008 9:50 pm
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Beasts of Chaos: Don't have much experience with them, but they always seemed like a fun army, especially since reading the articles about building an army with them by Paul Sawyer in WD.

Bretonnia: A little too bright and noble until the new fluff kicked in. Unfortunately, because the peasants are now ground under the heels of the knights, they pay for it by making their infantry very ineffective. The lance formation now rocks due to the new rank bonus rules and with the effectiveness of cavalry in Warhammer, they are a strong army. I like to try to run outside of their charge arcs to bug the crap out of them.

Druchii: My first Warhammer army of all time. I took a liking to them and haven't looked back since. I love 95% of the druchii models. (I could do with new Cold Ones and a mounted sorc that isn't ugly as sin).

Dogs of War: I like the feel of some of the historical factions that were overlooked in all the warhammer armies. Many of them have the feel of Rome and Greece. Which are two totally cool ancient civilizations!

Dwarves: Seem like a good ruleset, but I never really liked GW's dwarf miniatures. They always seemed short by a foot or two (3 ft tall instead of 4-5 feet tall) and as wide as they are tall. Too cartoony for my tastes.

Empire: Ah, the "normal human" army. Lots of background is created for them and have a very detailed history. The infantry are average, but are not pushovers because of the detachment rules. As mentioned before, a large variety of army styles can be used to good effect and that says a lot for the lists versatility. I'd say it's one of the better balanced lists.

High Elves: Pathetic weaklings who need a barely fluffed special rule to be effective. My main beef is that GW's suggested counters for the ASF are: be tougher, outnumber them, or have good armor saves. Thanks a lot. Why couldn't the special rule be "opponents gain do not automatically strike first when charging. Models instead strike in the order they would if the combat were ongoing." I want my witch elves to be effective again.

Hordes of Chaos: A list infamous for the generals who want to have the uber unit of killyness that costs 500+ points. :roll: Overall, I would say the list isn't terribly overpower and there are ways to deal with the damage they can dish out. Playing a Daemon only army was quite difficult until the SoC campaign released the optional army for them.

Lizardmen: A very strong list. One of the best infantry types out there in Saurus warriors and some of the best light infantry in skinks. The south american (incas, mayan and aztec) influences are a very nice touch for the army.

Ogre Kingdoms: Haven't played with them or against them.

Orcs and Goblins: A fun army, but I would probably go insane with the infighting. As well as the painting hundreds of models. I'd probably have fun if someone handed me a fully painted army :P

Skaven: Same as O&G for the army size. They also have a lot of fun little toys that would be difficult to choose from!

Tomb Kings: Haven't played against them, but I like the Egyptian theme. All their units fit into the theme very well too. Easy to paint troops are a bonus!

Vampire Counts: Holy cow, their new lists looks powerful. Blood Knights look like a horror to deal with, but at least they are frenzied so I can bait them. Their magic phase will be quite difficult to deal with. As with the TK, easy to paint troops are nice!

Wood Elves: I used to think of them as the ultimate army of annoyance and avoidance until their new list came out. Their new forest spirits should be in most of their armies and give them a solid backbone! Very nice models, I am jealous of their all plastic glade riders and want dark riders of the same quality (and new Dark Steeds!).


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Tue Mar 04, 2008 4:25 am

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Can't hur to give my opnion can it?

Beast of Chaos: Nearly picked instead of Druchii.... decided no to because it was a pain to serve three gods......

Brettonnia: I hate them. I wish I knew why but these Arthur clones make me sick.......... took my hours to convince my friend no to play them(now he plays high Elves*insert irony here*)

Chaos Dwarfs: I think it's a neat idea and might play but not without a proper revamp.....

Druchii: Fifth Army(I think), the fact that I'm here should speak for itself......

Dogs of War: Not much either way..... Okay but need a revamp(see Chaos Dwarves)

Dwarves: I have never seen a gunline out ehre my friend plays warriors and has no thundereers only a unit of crossbow totting rangers....... only owns 500 points but he's working on it.......

Empire: Gunline fanatic overher... or at least Engineer freak.
He dies real easy though due to his obession with black powder and engineers....

High Elves: I played agasinst them once and would do so again. Was easy enough and made a good game. Nearly played them instead of Druchii, but against the power of Malekith who can stand?

Hordes of Chaos: Meh, I like Slaanesh. Not my type thoug I do love the 40K version....

Lizardmen: Play a Southlands list..... I love skinks to much it's a problem I'm trying to work through.........

Ogre Kindoms: Ogre player out here is a drug addict...... not much fun to play against so I tend tto discriminate... still not a bad list over all.

Orcs and Goblins: Amusing, one of these players got me starte on Fantasy after owining and winning a lot in 40K(I played every army). Would collect a goblin army.

Skaven: Love these things just to many things to paint to get a decent amount of points......

Tomb Kings: 2cnd Army, desperatley in love with them. I just love the eygption theme.

Vampire Counts: I played necromancers.... I think I'm going to shelf them but I might try to use just necros in the new one just for kicks......

Wood Elves: Adore them as well, I love the idea of hitting without getting hit. First army ever and I own about 3000 point of them..........

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