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Author:  Kinslayer [ Wed Sep 05, 2012 6:45 pm ]
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OOC - Calisson you just gave me an idea :P ...

IC -

The group stopped on the road long enough only for a brief discussion, some members of the group suggesting they head north as planned while others changed their minds, wanting to go east. In the end the majority either wanted to check the breach or didn't mind either direction, so they decided as a whole that they would travel east. Casaythe and Caraoc saw no reason not to follow the mercenaries still, despite seemingly magnets for trouble they were a good bunch to have around in a fight, and no matter where they went they were sure there would be plenty of that. As the group decided on a direction, Caraoc cast his mind to the stars above and tried to decipher what was happening in the north. It didn't take a Mage to see that the sky was darker there, and was still swirling with unnatural storm clouds, occasionally broken by flashes of red and purple lightning. It did take the mind of an Astromancer to see what came to him next however.

Caraoc looked only for some indicator that the battle was going well or not, latching onto Bane as a target for his muttered chanting as he knew she was likely to be where the fighting was the thickest. For a few moments he saw nothing, save the ebb and flow of the unnatural chaos storm, as if seen from above rather than below, blocking his view and churning his thoughts painfully. The storm was so intense that he thought he could not breach it, and was about to stop trying when a moment later something happened. A series of images and short visions flashed through his mind. It came to him in an instant, and left him reeling with a painful throbbing in his head for several seconds, his mind taking a moment to piece together what he had glimpsed in the aether, not knowing if it was fact or fiction, not knowing if it was past or present, or a glimpse of what had yet to come...

A pillar of the blackest stone, lightning wreathed and mighty, toppled by the swing of a great mace. A pair of cold and calculating eyes, behind a visor of black metal under iron horns, watching from the dark. Dark power extinguished, Bane spattered in gore holding high the head of a fallen seer. Bodies littering the streets, foul marauders burning and howling through Vikarh. Ironclad warriors ascending the stone steps of a temple, fighting their way inside. Bane on her knees, the dark horned lord standing over her, axe and mace locked as one. Chaos Warriors leaving the burning temple, roars of victory in their deep throats as they stole away something golden. The horned warrior again, armour splattered with blood, a cruel sneer of triumph upon his lips, as he turned his back on Vikarh. A heap of dead Druchii bodies burning at the gate, all of them headless and bloody. A pile of gleaming white skulls that reached into the night, in a pool of blood that flowed through the streets of Vikarh like a series of red rivers.

By the time Caraoc had pieced the images together and deciphered what he had seen, he realised with a start that the group had already crossed the market and were moving through the streets beyond. The sounds of war were louder now, the ground here trembling with every resounding impact and the air alive with the clash and hum of nearby sword fighting. Casaythe was looking at the Astromancer, as if he had said something or perhaps just noticed that Caraoc was walking in a trance, and the Mage shook his head to clear his thoughts. As before, the other Mage Elysian was walking in front of him, this time beside the bloodthirsty Shade, Phalx. In front was Vryala again, and the Khainite he had come to know as Karonath. The two girls were leading them at a quick jog through the streets, the smell of burning and the clash of blades getting louder with every step, until they were sure there would be enemies just around the corner. Sure enough, they turned the next bend in the road and found exactly that.

The street was in chaos. A hundred yards ahead of them a fire blazed across what remained of a ruined building, now little more than a heap of rubble and burning timbers in the road. This created a makeshift passage to the east, a hole in the street where before had stood the building. There were several Orcs near the gap, the greenskins of the Naggaroth wilds built as thick as they were in intelligence, and wrapped in furs to protect them from the harsh environment. That such creatures could survive in the land was testament to their hardiness, a statement that was not necessary seeing the way they shrugged off the swords of the embattled Druchii. The Orcs struck back with stone headed clubs and stolen weapons, pulverising heads and shattering the rib cages of the unarmoured with every blow. In amidst the valiant citizen defenders were several members of the City Guard, who were faring better and had brought down several of the brutes, but were still being battered for their trouble.

Guttural bellows and savage cries echoed from the street beyond, but there was no clear way through save the gap the Orcs had created and still occupied. There were four of the brutal greenskins, more than a match for the dozen or so citizens they butchered.

Author:  Calisson [ Wed Sep 05, 2012 10:17 pm ]
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Caraoc quivered and became so pale that it became apparent in the night. His skin was nearly glowing under the star's light.
He held his head in his hands and breathed heavily, unable to get his breath back.
"Bane killing a seer... Chaos lord killing Bane...
Chaos warriors profanating our temple, stealing golden artefact, burning, killing, burning, BURNING!...
Battle lost in the North!... AAAaaargh!"

Caraoc stopped as suddenly as he had started and gazed forwards.
In front of the group, four orcs were leaving little hope to the few citizens and guards who dared to confront them.

Caraoc stood there, unable to think about what to do.
Would him take his shortbow? His horn? Chant a comforting rythm to his comrades? Run away?
His mind needed a few more seconds to resume normal functioning.
He couldn't stop thinking about the North Gate.
Were the Skavens and Greenskins only a diversion to help Chaos steal a Druchii artefact?

Telling the others about battle lost in the North.
OOC: Nice to see ideas growing and expanding.

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Author:  Dauricha [ Thu Sep 06, 2012 6:23 am ]
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Orcs. Stinking beasts, vile, stupid and strong like bulls. A antithesis of the Druchii. A perfect enemy for the shade right now. The mage corsair mad elf was rnting about something. Temple sacked, Bane dead. I'll believe it when I see it, Phalx sneered, turning his attention back to the Orcs. The citizens of Virkarh were turned into bloody mush, by the green beasts horrid, crude weapons. Bloody fools, merchants, serving folk and plain idiots, trying to fight such beast up front and close. Even he, a battle hardened Shade, a veteran of campaigns against uncountable foes, would struggle facing one of these brutes head on, toe to toe.

No, this foe had to be faced in a different fashion. The few surviving Virkarhians would provide a perfect distraction, and if a few died in his attack so what. Serve the idiots right for getting in the way. A few city guard were with them as well, faring a bit better, but would be dead without intervention. So let them play the band of heroes, let them swoop down as vengeful death. Phalx raised Deathspitter, trusting the rest of the group to follow his lead.

Phalx will open fire with Deathspitter, aiming for hands, heads and knees of the Orcs. He will try not to hit the City Guard, but is not concerned about hitting the citizens.

Author:  Layne [ Thu Sep 06, 2012 6:52 am ]
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They marched on, K jogging along just beside V, both of them knowing where each and the other was going, keeping identical pace. K's head still felt both heavy and light, and if she felt too much of either she slowed, and V followed her pace, and the rest of the merry band followed V's.

The sounds and smells steadily increased until K was sure she must run face first into the enemy, and turning a corner, nearly did just that. There were perhaps half a dozen great greenskins, battering citizens and guards alike. She charged forward, eager to put another slight dent in the plans of whoever was making all this mess. She saw crossbow bolts whistle over her shoulder at a pace she knew could only have come from one bow.

K will go give the Orcs some headshots.

Author:  Nightcall [ Thu Sep 06, 2012 7:33 am ]
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'Are you alright, mate?' Casaythe asked Caraoc as they trotted through the city. The odd fellow had a glazed look across his eyes as he gazed to the heavens. The stormsinger burst into song, and Casaythe realised that he had seen one of his visions... a harrowing one at that.

'Don't you think we ought to go help then?' he remarked, thinking the fight in the north may be taking a severe turn for the worse. Would their efforts serve the city more effectively there?

It was too late now, he realised, as they ran into a mob of orcs, merrily smashing things up and murdering civilians. The stinking green beasts were only good for one thing; wanton destruction. That was good if they were serving Druchii designs, but in this instance their efforts were against them.

Phalx primed his crossbow whilst Karonath charged forward. 'Best get on with the business then...' Casaythe remarked to nobody in particular. He marched forwards with purpose, his glaive held across his body, the sharp head near his right shoulder. Raising it up, he began to swoop it about himself. "Let's see how tough these brutes are without their limbs..."

Attempting to hack off legs and arms, will stab at any fallen with the tip of his glaive to finish them off. If he is attacked back, he will parry with the head or steel shaft of his glaive.

Author:  Drainial [ Thu Sep 06, 2012 4:08 pm ]
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It seemed the group was hell bent on going where ever he did not want to go, when he wished to head east they were for the north, when he set his sights northward the east was their goal. It irked him but in truth made little difference and so he said nothing. He was more concerned by the strange actions of the air mage; strange flickering in the winds near his head drew Elysian's searching gaze but whatever magic he was performing was foreign to Elysian. From the elf's muttered ramblings though perhaps he was far seeing or scrying or employing some other art to gain some knowledge of the flow of battle. Such skills were not for Elysian, he preferred more tangible benefits though he could see their use.

Bane dead? Well he couldn't say he was sorry to hear it but personal grievances aside it didn't speak well for the fate of the city. Amidst a city wide assault however Elysian could not help but reflect that it really wasn't his job to save the city single handed, all of Vikrah was mobilised and frankly they were losing, the fate of the city was too big for their little group to manage. For now they had orks in front of them, Elysian had never seen an ork before but he had heard descriptions which seemed entirely accurate. They were much smaller and less fearsome than the daemon they had just fought but never the less he knew he would be foolish to try to take them on toe to toe, the warriors of the group could take that role. Instead he would do what he did best, play with peoples’ minds. The orks didn't have much in the way of metal on them so Elysian reached for Ulgu, this was a simple situation and called for a simple spell. Whatever small skill the orks had would be hampered by a swift dose of blindness.

Old reliable, blind them with shadows and let the girls and Casathyle have a nicer time of it.

Author:  Raneth [ Thu Sep 06, 2012 7:58 pm ]
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V's footfalls sounded heavy on the blood-slicked street, ill omen still oozing out of the City's every pore; yet the sound of her companions' relentless march alongside her brought a smile to her face. Vikarh might fall, but they would fight yet before the end and inflict suffering upon the enemy to please Khaine's endless greed. And if this were to be their final battle, why not against the rare Naggaroth Greenskins, certainly unmatched in ferocity by any of their distant kin? The clamor of battle growing stronger, Vryala drew her blade in anticipation of the epic bout to come. And not a moment too soon.

The air wizard screamed in distress, but it was lost on V; foul ochre skin had caught her sight. Four of the brutes, covered in furs, excrement and Druchii entrails. They wielded heavy weapons of stone, inflicting horrendous casualties on the citizens of Vikarh. Of course Phalx had already opened fire; V well remembered the last Orc he had downed to claim a trophy - while Elysian was probably hanging back doing his mojo. She herself was on Karonath's flank as she charged, the new Corsair fighter covering the Khainite's other side like Fiat always had. Such thoughts, however, did not keep her from the well-practised routine K and she had developed over the years. For Blackthorn! For Vikarh! For Khaine!

As usual, Vryala will try to create some openings for K to plant her blade; severing tendons, parrying and shield-charging those who would disrupt her friend's holy rampage.

Author:  Kinslayer [ Thu Sep 06, 2012 8:14 pm ]
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As the group rounded the corner and saw the Orcs ahead of them, Caraoc tried to tell his companions about the troubling images he had seen. The Mage was cut short by a mad howl from Phalx, the Shade letting fly with Deathspitter as Karonath burst from their ranks and nimbly charged across the gap between them and the greenskins. Casaythe followed her into the fray, but Vryala hesitated only a moment as she listened to what Caraoc tried to say. Once she realised her friends had done what she knew they would, ignored the Mage and got stuck into combat, she decided the rambling spell caster could wait. Elysian watched the others go but remained beside Caraoc, deciding toe to toe in combat with an Orc was no place for a Mage. He had another way to fight the brutes, and was interested in what Caraoc tried to say. The Shadow Mage knew of scrying, and he was still willing to go north if they would be more help that way.

Karonath was nearly at the first Orc when a black fletched bolt caught it in the bicep, which blocked the line to it's head as it raised it's club high to smash in the head of an elf. If the greenskin noticed the bolt that split it's skin and lodged itself in it's muscle it gave no sign, a deafening bellow already being issued forth from it's black lips. The Orc cleft in the head of the barely armed Druchii, a blacksmith by appearance. Another bolt sailed past the Orc, thudding into the back of the skull of the one behind. This one definitely registered the hit, spinning around and issuing a loud roar as it levelled it's club at the oncoming mercenaries, alerting the other three Orcs to their presence. A moment later, it dashed in the chest of the Druchii it had been fighting with it's club and threw the weapon at another, before finally collapsing on the ground with a deflated grunt.

The Orc Phalx had hit in the arm span around just as Karonath reached it in mid leap, the Khainite delivering an overhead diagonal swing that would tear the Orcs head from it's shoulders. The brute leaned away from the blow and lashed out with a fist, too slow to avoid the hit just as Karonath was too fast to be caught on the chin as intended. The Orc took the Draich in the shoulder, as the Khainite span around it's wild thump and tore her blade free from the meat of it's muscular collar. The greenskin snarled and turned after her, more black bolts flashing past the two combatants as K ducked under a heavy swing of the Orcs club and then came back up to take the Orcs' head again. This time some instinct let the greenskin see the blow coming, and it caught her arm in it's massive grip, drawing her in and shaking her like a rag doll for a moment before casting her away, club coming overhead to smash her to the ground.

Casaythe darted in, glaive sweeping across both the Orcs' arms even as K righted herself in time to avoid the hit and counter. The brutal greenskin looked dumbfounded as it's arms and club fell to the floor, and snapped at Casaythe with it's dirty tusks and a roar of aggression, before Karonath did what she had intended and lopped it's head from it's shoulders with one mighty stroke. Even headless and without it's arms, the Orc took several seconds to collapse to the ground, it's body still shuddering as it spurted black blood from all three wounds. Casaythe stepped back from the felled greenskin, turning to Karonath to offer the Khainite a smile, but the Khainite had already danced away further into the combat, three more black bolts sailing through the gap she had created in the direction of the next Orc.

One of Phalxs' bolts caught one of the embattled citizens in the back as the young Druchii threw himself in front of the Orc the bolt was intended for, plunging a fire prodder into the Orcs' gut as if the makeshift weapon would slay the mighty creature. In reality it didn't even make it into the Orcs' gut, and the bolt that pierced the fools' spine only saved him from the pain that would follow next, the Orc smashing him aside like a plaything. Karonath was heading towards the Orc as the other stomped over to it's side, sizing up the Khainite as the best chance for a good fight in the vicinity. Casaythe was right behind her, and Vryala joined the combat behind them both, as two more bolts struck the lead Orc, one in the knee and another in the arm. This only caused the brute to roar again, but it's bellow was cut short as darkness suddenly descended across it's eyes, and those of the one that joined combat at it's side.

Two members of the City Guard and a handful of citizens still survived, almost forgotten by the Orcs as they sensed the chance for a decent fight and turned their attention on the group. Those warriors were now behind the greenskins, and the City Guard led them into a rear charge just as K, Vryala and Casaythe stepped forth, the blinded Orcs' flailing about with wild abandon. Karonath ducked a swipe and went for another decapitation, but the raging Orc was stomping and swinging about with such randomness that it completely evaded her attack. Beside them, Casaythe drove his glaive through the leg of the bolt riddled Orc, and it dropped low as Vryala entered combat and lunged forwards, driving her sword through it's chest before ripping it free and stabbing again. Even so wounded, the Orc lashed out twice more, catching Casaythe a glancing blow that numbed his arm and battering Vryalas' shield for good measure, before the Warrior clove in it's skull with an overhead chop.

The last Orc went down blinded by Elysian, as the two City Guard ran it through from behind simultaneously with their steel blades, causing it to go rigid and reach backwards with one meaty fist, grasping one of the Druchii by the face and dragging him around in front where it could see him, shaking it's head to try and remove the shadowy blindness. It's vision never returned, Karonath lopping off it's head with a savage upwards cut that sent it spinning six feet up from it's body on a trail of splattering gore. Even in death, the Orc retained enough instinct to dash the head of the strangled City Guard to pulp between it's palm and it's fist. It only fell to the ground when Vryala stepped up and kicked the brute in the chest, wiping her sword clean on the edge of her cloak as she looked left and right to make sure the street was clear, nodding her thanks to Elysian as she looked back.

The first four Orcs' had been dealt with swiftly and efficiently, but that was only four. They could hear the crude bellowing of hundreds more in the streets beyond, amidst the strangled cries of the dying.

Author:  Calisson [ Thu Sep 06, 2012 10:25 pm ]
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Quick and efficient.
Battle was an art, and the group performed like a choir of well trained artists.
Four orcs were no match for his five brothers (and sisters) in arms. No sweat. Quite a change after the major daemon.
Caraoc took the time to admire the style, thinking about where he would fit himself best next time.

When the combat finished, he waited a second for the warrior's exitement to relax a little.
He first debriefed with Casaythe:
"Excellent job to integrate within a well coordinated group."

Then he went to talk to Vryala and Elysian, his face showing concern.
"I just had a vision of Bane killing a seer. Was there a powerful mage facing her in the North?
Anyway, in my vision, she was overwhelmed by the invasion of Chaos Northmen.
Unless our efforts are desperately needed here in the East, it might be useful that our group scouted in the North and reported back to city authorities involved here.
Could it be that Skavens and Greenskins were a diversion to help Chaos steal a Druchii artefact from a temple?"

Expressing concerns, as no immediate threat remains.

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Author:  Nightcall [ Fri Sep 07, 2012 6:20 pm ]
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Casaythe rested the end of his glaive on the street, before giving Caraoc a mock salute. 'They're not as tough without their arms.' The pilot was right, and Casaythe was pleased at how well he had fought with the glaive wielding Khainite, Karonath. He had no idea where she had learned to wield the weapon, at the Temple maybe? But she swung it about with skill, and whilst she recovered or focussed on a different enemy, Casaythe was able to complement her attacks with his own. Not bad, considering before today they had never clapped eyes on each other, let alone fought together. "What a feisty wench." he thought, admirably. A shame she ignored his smile...

Phalx as ever had filled his foes with deadly bolts, and Vrayla had tirelessly put down the monsters. It seemed too that the shadowmage had woven a spell of his own, carefully though. To be seen flinging bolts from ones hands this close to the authorities was probably more dangerous than the Orcs themselves.

Whilst Caraoc explained his vision to Vryala and Elysian, Casaythe looked at the gore around him. Druchii lay with pulped heads, brain and blood spewing onto the cobbles. The ravens would have a feast later. Screams and Orc bellows could be heard from further ahead, and he kept a careful watch for any signs of danger approaching.

Waiting for people to make their minds up. He thinks it would be better to go north, considering Caraoc's vision, but will fight here if needed.

Author:  Raneth [ Sat Sep 08, 2012 4:23 pm ]
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Vryala wiped the blood off her sword, though so much curse-rain had seeped into the fabric she doubted it'd actually clean the steel. Nonetheless, it had performed admirably against these brutish foes; everything had went according to plan for once. The Corsairs definitely seemed to be pulling their weight, and the threatening bellows further down the road only served to rekindle V's battle-lust. The wind-wizard spoke of the ill tidings he had foreseen, presumably by arcane vision - or did he know of this through other, more nefarious means? It had been too short a while to trust him.

After the long march to the East, V wasn't too keen on already abandoning their position and head back up North as originally intended. They had come here to fight Orcs, and as far as she was concerned, they were just getting warmed up. Moreover she was truly convinced that, whatever might have befallen Bane, they'd either be too late or too inconsequential to do anything about it. A grave vision, then, she spoke to Caraoc, though none of our concern. Let us stay here, and our blades drink deep! Or would you abandon these citizens to their fate?

Wishes to shed more Orc blood

Author:  Drainial [ Sat Sep 08, 2012 8:04 pm ]
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So Caroc had had a vision, a dire one at that. Vryala did not seem to care though and Elysian suspected that Phalx and Karonath would follow her lead, they were both warriors first and foremost eager simply to spill as much blood as possible and what difference if it were a generals or some ork brute.

"Our concern is to keep the city secure and safe. We shall not live otherwise as you should know better than most," Elysian said to the sword wench
"Killing a few orks here and there will make little difference, most of the cities forces are deployed here and our strength will little affect the tide of battle here. As for the citizens, they are Druchii, they will endure if they are strong, if not then death will take them as fate decrees. It may be that we can do little in the north but maybe we can do something, we know we can't do anything of substance here. I say we head north. We have nothing to lose and perhaps a lot to gain."

Elysian is for a northward swing on the grounds that we might be able to do something up there.

Author:  Calisson [ Sat Sep 08, 2012 9:56 pm ]
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East or North? North or East? The opinions were diverse.

When the Gods granted a vision, that was necessarily for a purpose.
To understand the purpose was always a difficult challenge.
But no matter how difficult to understand, one could not just pretend that the vision had not happened.
Worse, all examples of leaders trying to ignore or to counter a prophecy resulted into epic disasters.
So, the vision had to result in action. But which action?

How the vision linked with reality had to be better understood.
Caraoc had the vision but did not know who was fighting in the North.
Vryala's group had escaped the fighting in the North but did not have the vision.
The two understandings had to be matched together.

Caraoc provided to the group more details about his vision:
"This is what I've perceived:
Marauders and Chaos Warriors invading the North of Vikrah.
Bane holding the head of a fallen seer; then a dark horned lord killing Bane with his axe.
A pillar of the blackest stone; a temple with stone steps; something golden stolen away by the Army of Chaos from the burning temple.
Many Druchii skulls, corpses and blood, no more resistance.
But despite being totally victorious, the Chaos army going away."

If this vision made any sense, that would mean that the main goal of Chaos was not to invade Vikrah, not even to destroy it or kill its inhabitants, but to steal something from a temple.
It meant also that no survivor would remain to tell that.
But how could that vision correlate with the situation in the North, that the longstanding members of the group knew?

"I don't know who are these foes, I don't know this temple.
You have been there recently. Can you understand what message the Gods send?"

Trying to match vision with situation.
Caraoc the scald pilot - WS3 S4 T2 D5 I5 - A saga or it didn't happen!
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Skills: Power of Azyr (2), Evasion
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Author:  Raneth [ Sat Sep 08, 2012 11:50 pm ]
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Elysian voiced his reservations, but Vryala waved them away; I think you underestimate the threat these Greenskins represent, even though the carnage about us should be ample demonstration. Then the Corsair spoke again, going into more detail regarding his vision, and she was strengthened in her belief that there was nothing that could be done up North.

Leave if you wish, shadowmancer, but I will stay here and fight.

Vryala moves up the streets, looking for the next skirmish.

Author:  Drainial [ Sun Sep 09, 2012 12:07 am ]
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"You may kill a dosen of these greenskins Vryalla you may kill more but it will do nothing. I am heading north to do something worthwhile. I leave you to your hopeless fight, I hope others will try to make a difference."

if V wants to stay in the east then fair enough but Eysian is going north with as much of the group as he can muster.

Author:  Nightcall [ Sun Sep 09, 2012 6:05 am ]
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Casaythe listened to the argument. The battle was fierce here, but they had that big dragon to help out. It would only be a short while before the orcs were scorched to cinders, and the threat under control.

'Whilst we stand around here, arguing, we're not aiding any cause. If we're going north, I say we go now. It'll still take us hours to get there so we had best get a bloody move on.'

After hearing more of what Caraoc has said, as well as Elysian's point of view, he's more convinced now that north is where they need to be. Will follow Elysian.

Author:  Dauricha [ Sun Sep 09, 2012 8:07 am ]
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His bolts flew, punching and biting into both the horrid green monsters and the weak Virkarians. The four brutes fell, sliced open by the wild warriors of their band. His bolts had helped. Though he highly doubted the beasts felt the pain from the black fletched steel tips things, a good few of those in anything would at least slow them down.

Now, as the group was of habit to do, they broke out into an argument. For once thought Phalx wasn't snapping and snarling at anyone. The few orcs were dead, they'd even saved a few of the pitiful Druchii guard and citizens. some wanted to stay, where the blood was warm and the battle raged. The new finger waggler, was ranting about the temple, doomed artifacts and other nonsense.

it was one of those rare occasions where Phalx agreed with Vryala. Stay where the death was, his inner fury was hot again, wishing to bath in more blood. He'd be damn if he heade off with these new bloods, on some fools quest. Phalx gave a wild howl. Joy, the mad joy of battle was upon him again. The rat demon was forgotten, his fear loss on this iwld surge. He gave another howl, speaking ot ht group. Run North little children, or stay and dance in the blood.Another mad cackle, and he was off following Vryala. His cloak flapped behind him, the empty clip of Deathspitter falling to the ground to be replenished by a fresh one. To battle!

To Battle! Phalx will follow Vryala.

Author:  Kinslayer [ Mon Sep 10, 2012 8:20 pm ]
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OOC - Sorry for the late modpost I had a busy weekend. It is not clear exactly who wants to go where so correct me if I am wrong...

IC -

In the aftermath of the brief skirmish with the Orcs, the group disagreed over where to head next. Caraoc was adamant that his vision suggested the group must head north, but had no control over the direction in which the strangers would go. Casaythe agreed with him though, and perhaps thanks to his better understanding of visions, scrying and the arcane Elysian too wanted to follow the vision north. Vryala was staunch in her belief that the group should lend their blades to the fighting ahead in the east however, and Phalx, probably the most distrustful of the arcane of those amongst the group, wanted nothing to do with magic or visions. The Shade had got a taste for Orc blood now, and he desired nothing more than to hurl himself into the midst of the savage attack and visit destruction upon the greenskins. Karonath said little on the matter, but as ever her loyalty lied first and foremost with Vryala and the Shade, and the call of Khainite war horns to the east beckoned her not to turn back.

This divide in the groups' intentions was more than just a minor disagreement, and Elysian threw up his hood and made it clear he thought the rest of the group were wasting their time, before turning away and going back towards the main road, eager to follow it north. Caraoc went with him, hoping the Mage knew where the temple was he had seen in his vision and knowing that the spell casters did not want to get too close to the Drach for fear of reprisal. Casaythe of course went with his comrade, sure that if the two Mages' would forge their own path through this City wide battle they would need a strong arm and a sharp blade at their side, for they were sure to run into enemies at almost every turn. Vryala watched them go, her lip curled in annoyance as six became three, but quickly turned back and followed Phalx as the Shade howled like a hunting wolf and darted away down the street. Karonath waited for V to make her move, and followed closely at her side.


Elysian led the Corsairs' back across the near deserted Commoners Market, most of the stands empty and abandoned, whole rows of them smashed by large rocks the Orcs had hurled inaccurately over the wall. Here and there a stall was still watched over by it's keeper, selling food and essential wears, most of the weapons already bought and plundered by the citizens of Vikarh. They ignored the sorry state of the district and soon reached the long road, turning north towards the Tower of the Drach. It was a long trek across the City, one the group had already made several times back and forth since the fighting began in the early hours of the morning. Now it was growing ever darker, the moons high in the sky when they were glimpsed from behind the dark storm clouds the trio were heading towards. Fatigue threatened to take over the mercenaries, who scoffed some of their plundered rations as they advanced along the road, ever wary of danger from the streets to either side of them. Their limbs ached from the constant walking and fighting, but they were sure the hardest struggles were yet to come before the night was out.

As the moons climbed higher, Elysian led Casaythe and Caraoc onto the vast plaza that covered the centre of Vikarh, surrounding the Tower of the Drach. The iron maw that was the entrance into that dreaded place loomed over them straight ahead, and a small contingent of Midnight Guardians protected the gate. They watched the three mercenaries with obvious disdain as they circled around to the west, crossing the plaza a comfortable distance from both the Midnight Guardians and the potentially dangerous side streets and nearby buildings. Bodies still littered the plaza, some of them Druchii, most of them Skaven. Other small mercenary groups and bands of citizen militia moved around the plaza in numbers from pairs all the way to small makeshift regiments of several dozen Druchii. Most were looting the fallen for more weapons and armour, not even half of their members properly armed for combat. Most were heading south-east, eager to join the fighting at the breach. Small contingents of City Guard were trying to usher those on the other side of the plaza to stay in the north, for clearly the threat there was far from over.

As they neared the half way point across the plaza, the wide road to the west came into view ahead of them on their left, and Elysian broke the silence, looking back over his shoulder to address Caraoc and Casaythe.

"The Temple of Khaine lies to the west, I don't know of any other such places within the City, but the Palace of Murder is well defended, and the Northmen do not appear to have reached this far into the City yet."


In the east, Phalx led the way towards the burning building that had fallen onto the road, the trio realising what had once been a three storey house had been smashed to ruins by a boulder hurled over the wall. The huge stone had created a trench through the stone road and into the bottom of the building opposite, which had not collapsed but looked rather unstable. The fallen masonry and blazing wood completely blocked the way south along the road, so the group stepped into what had only recently been the ground level of the house, crossing the waist high remains of the interior walls with agility and speed where the Orcs had clearly just clambered across. As they hopped over the last broken wall, the three mercenaries were faced with a scene that was totally at odds with how they remembered the district. Entire streets of houses had been razed to the ground, dozens of huge monsters having entered Vikarh through the breach at the head of the Beastmen advance. Hundreds of buildings still stood in the City between the trio and the wall, but most were now isolated in islands of rubble where others had stood. The mercenaries had a clear view to the wall, and of the Chaos all around them.

A huge portion of the wall had been felled, creating a breach some fifty feet across. Through this had come the monsters, which had either by dark guidance or chance spread out and destroyed all that lay before them. Many of the creatures had been killed, clearly being the initial focus of the defending forces, but as the Beastmen and Orcs had swarmed through they had become ever more numerous and harder to ignore. By now the attention of the City Guard and other defenders lay almost completely on the horde, for the monstrosities that were levelling the City seemed to pale in comparison. Way off to their left, further north than the breach, a trio of wild Manticores tore their way through group after group of citizen militia who came out of the roads beyond and into the levelled battlefield, roaring with hatred and anger as they smashed and tore the Druchii asunder. Not far to the groups right, a massive Mountain Chimaera leaned on a house and sent it toppling to the ground, it's three heads each issuing a victorious cry. Elsewhere they could see several Cockatrice, flapping around isolated combats and turning Druchii to stone, as well as several other monsters and dozens of flocks of Harpies, preying on the living as carrion would prey on the dead.

The most numerous foe by far however was the horde that lay dead ahead, having poured through the breach and driven their way several hundred yards into the City across the now levelled battlefield. Horned, goat headed Beastmen almost without number let out guttural cries as they smashed clubs and axes into the outnumbered defenders. Their numbers had driven the Beastmen into a wide arc, and a tight line of City Guard stood before them four ranks deep, fighting with sword and shield as those behind thrust with spears. The Beastmen were lapping around the flanks of the Druchii wall, but large groups of citizen militia had been directed to the sides to help stem the flow and stop the City Guard being surrounded. They were buying the defenders time with their lives, but it was obvious which side would soon gain the upper hand, and it didn't bode well for Vikarh. One sight gave them hope however, a glittering contingent of gold armoured warriors driving a wedge into the flank of the Beastmen horde from the north, the silver flash of the rise and fall of a Draich accompanying each Khainite with every step.

Even as they watched, more boulders came hurtling over the wall almost as if in slow motion, creating round shadows on the ground that loomed ominously over the defenders before the rocks came smashing down with terrible force. Whatever Orc or Beastmen warmachines fired the rocks did so from outside the City wall, no doubt having caused the breach before using their ammunition on the defenders instead. They seemed not to care if they hit friend or foe, several boulders smashing into the ranks of the Beastmen even as others seemed to be concentrated on the Executioners. The group decided this may simply be due to bad aim on their opponents' behalf, as one boulder flew way over the battle and over their heads in the direction of the Commoners' Market behind them. They realised there was no sign of the Drach or his Dragon, but a moment after they realised the Reaper Bolt Throwers on the wall were aiming into the Beastmen horde rather than countering the warmachines outside the wall, they heard the same great roar as before come echoing over the City wall. The Drach had flown out to deal with the rock throwers, and whatever else lay out of sight outside Vikarh.

Phalx, Vryala and Karonath were snapped out of their awestruck reverie by a deafeningly loud bellow to their right, and they span around instinctively as another small Orc mob threw themselves from cover.

There were five of the brutes, three carrying a stone club and two wielding a pair of rusted axes. They waved their heavy weapons about as they came at the three mercenaries almost without any warning.

Phalx, -1 crossbow clip (last modpost)

Author:  Calisson [ Mon Sep 10, 2012 9:47 pm ]
Post subject: 


Apparently, the description of the Temple of Khaine made by Caraoc was close enough to the real thing, despite the corsair not even knowing where it was located.
However, the Heavens mage had been only partially successful at convincing about what to do with the vision sent by the Gods.
Only half of the group agreed to go and investigate in the North, while the most fighty part stayed in the East where the fun was.


The trio had been running again across the city.
Progressively, it had become obvious that the battle in the North was still going on. Contrary to the vision, it was not lost yet.
Furthermore, in the direction of the Temple, there was no sign of battle, the Temple was not burning.
Elysian remarked: "the Palace of Murder is well defended, and the Northmen do not appear to have reached this far into the City yet."
Caraoc replied:
"Could it be that my vision was about the future?
In that case, it may be still possible to change it?"


After a day already full of battles and running across the whole city, legs were calling for a stop.
How could the trio get quickly to the North? And collect intelligence about the fate of Bane and her opponents, unnoticed? And come back swiftly?

Caraoc regretted life at sea.
The good thing about ships, it does the walking for you.
A horse would have been convenient as well, but the group had seen no more horses than ships.
Better than a horse would have been a Dragon or a Pegasus, flying effortless above obstacles.

This gave Caraoc an idea.
Maybe the wind could lift them a little and ease the burden from their legs?

"I'm exhausted. Let's pause and plan.
I wish we had sails thrusting us forwards, that I could pilot to our destination.
Let's try with this sheet here, making some kind of kite with the ropes there."

Caraoc knew what he wished to do. He did not know whether his trusted Heavens would be thrusty enough, but that had to be tried.
He arranged some kind of large rough kite. It could be tied to the trio's belts.
Obviously, the natural wind would never suffice to lift one of them, let alone the three of them.
But Caraoc was not counting on natural wind for that task, as it become obvious with the song which crossed his lips.

Ride the wild wind - Push the envelope don't sit on the fence (Hey hey hey)...
Gonna leave it all behind - Check out of this rat race
Ride the wild wind (hey hey hey) - Ride the wild wind (hey hey hey)
Gonna ride the wild wind - It ain't dangerous - enough for me
Tie your hair back maybe - We're gonna ride tonight (yeah)...
Let me take your hand - Let me be your guide
Ooh ride the wild wind... Ride the wild wind... The wild wind - The wild wind...

He did not care much about the risk of being seen flying above the city.
If ever they would manage to fly indeed, they would not be that visible in the night.

Assembling a huge kite. Calling for Heavens' wind to pick them up for a lift.

OOC: Queen - Ride The Wild Wind
Lyrics: http://www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/ ... 940006D3C0
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00i-WpE5O0o

OOC: Splitting the group? I hoped not, alas. :?
Let's make it quick and be back soon. :twisted:

Caraoc the scald pilot - WS3 S4 T2 D5 I5 - A saga or it didn't happen!
Equipment: staff, repeater handbow (11/20), Sea Dragon Cloak,
Inventory: "Beastbane" Horn - Mount: - Gold: 100
Skills: Power of Azyr (2), Evasion
Class: Mage (Astromancer)

Author:  Dauricha [ Tue Sep 11, 2012 9:07 pm ]
Post subject: 

Finally, it was like the old days. Away from that singing fool, the new young blooded corsair, and the somewhat useful Elysian. They were few in number, and despite all the bickering Phalx trusted Vryala and Karonath in the battle they would soon face. They moved quickly as only a small group of dark elves could. They leapt over torn bodies of elves and foe. Slid under fallen beams and rubble of collapsed houses, as more boulders soared over the attacked city. He howled as he ran, the other two keeping up behind him. To battle blood and war. He was alive once again. Gone were the fears of death, the sorrow, replaced by a bloody haze.

Soon Phalx paused though. The wild Shade had ran and jumped up a three story house, strewn across the road. Before him lay the battle. The Druchii lines were thick with the City Guard, Executioners, Witches, and all manner of warriors an citizens. They fought against huge mobs of Beastmen, an enemy most hated to Phalx. Great beasts could be made out in the distance, tearing into the lines on both sides. Boulders flew and bolts hissed through the air, bring death to all unfortunate enough to be in their path. This was battle, nothing like they had ever seen. Even the zombie horde of that horrid vampiress was nothing compared to this.

Where to begin, what were they to do, mere drops of blood in the heart that was this madness. I'll move up high, keep an eye out over you two. Press where you think you can aid, and... Before Phalx could continue, he heard an o to familiar roar. Five of the great Orc brutes, stone clubs an rusty axes make from old chest plates, were charging up the rubble behind them. Even as Phalx turned to see them, his cloak twirling around him, he was moving back, where he would be of greater use against this foe.

Phalx will move further away from the rubble, firing into the mass of orcs, who will hopefully be going for the closer targets of Vryala and Karonath. He will fire from Deathspitter, and see if he can move unseen to the flank or rear of the engaged orcs, getting some sneaky horn dagger and short sword hits.

Author:  Drainial [ Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:41 pm ]
Post subject: 

The north apparently was still fighting, though it seemed eerily quiet as they moved through the streets. Clearly what fighting there was concentrated. For all his talk of doing something useful it was beginning to look as though they would be able to do even less good here than pushing on the ocean in the east. Then Caroc spoke up, despite his ambivalence for the very idea of being with another hunted Vauvalka Elysian had to admit (if only to himself) that it was good to have someone around who understood magical ways.

"A vision of the future, perhaps. It is said the sorceresses of Ghrond look to the great northern lights to see the future in the chaos that dances there. Perhaps with all the dark energy these creatures have brought with them you have been granted a glimpse of it. Then again if you are no practiced seer it may be that the winds are tricking you, for they are not to be trusted." Ulgu least of all Elysian reflected, the wind of deceit, his wind.

"If there is still a chance to get ahead of this attack then we must get near the temple, though I do not think we should try to get into it without good cause. As I said it will be defended, but if the hag has sent her troops into battle it may be vulnerable. Still Khainites are almost as fond of killing Vauvalka as the convents or black guard, we must watch our step."

Then the sea dog came up with a plan that was really mad, truly, truly insane. None of Phalx's schemes had anything on it, in fact it was so mad it just might work. For the first time in a very long while Elysian barked a laugh.
"You want to fly to the temple with wings fashioned from a bed sheet? Corsair I can only assume you are drunk. Do you think you can do it? If so then I shall help as much as I can, it is worth a try, so long as you do not plan to start by jumping off a tall building."

100% behind this bonkers plan (though not quite sure where we found a bed sheet). If we go ahead with it he will work to channel his own magical energy into Caroc, acting like a manna battery after the style of 6th ed caddy scrolls.

Author:  Calisson [ Wed Sep 12, 2012 4:43 am ]
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Caraoc does not consider himself a decision maker.
He provides information and acts as the group decides - providing pilot's expertise and more.
He identified Vryala as being the closest to the group's leader. He will follow without dispute Casaythe the ship's captain.
He apreciates the knowledge of Elysian both in Vikarh lore and arcane expertise.
That was just to tell that Caraoc does not mind to go and investigate what's going on North or in the Temple. He offers support for travelling there.

EDIT: With Nightcall input below taken into account, and if the spell works :?: , Caraoc would guide the trio to the temple, where nothing is going on, then to the North.

Author:  Nightcall [ Wed Sep 12, 2012 6:31 am ]
Post subject: 


Casaythe looked at Caraoc as he made his mad suggestion. 'You mean... hang on, oh no! I'll not be flying like a Cathayan kite, forget that!' He had his two feet firmly on the ground, and that was how he liked it.

The long walk had tired them all out, and by the dark seas, they could be running out of time. He had been surprised that the shadowmage had left his comrades... perhaps the authorities in the east had persuaded him that to remain there would not be the best of ideas for a vauvalka. Or perhaps he was interested in seeing what Caraoc could do. In the time that Casaythe had known his spellsinging friend, he had never hinted of formal training, and the corsair just suspected it was a gift. Or curse. No wonder he'd gone to sea.

Doesn't like flying. But has a suspicion now Caraoc has sung his spell it may be too late to argue.

((Oh my... :lol:))

Author:  Kinslayer [ Wed Sep 12, 2012 9:07 pm ]
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OOC - Just to warn you guys I managed to snap the "T" key off my laptop last night, and it's hard to touch type on the pin beneath quickly, so I'll either post slowly or "ype like his" :?

IC -

At the plaza surrounding the Tower of the Drach, the three mercenaries stopped only long enough to decide to go west in the direction of the Temple of Khaine. If Caraocs' vision spoke true the temple could be in dire trouble, though Elysian assured him that it was likely well defended. With no sign of the Chaos Warriors or Marauders this far into Vikarh, they got the impression Caraoc had either glimpsed the future, or his vision spoke of another place. Still, they sought to check on the Temple of Khaine, but their legs ached and the time was short, the temple found an hour to the south west. Caraoc had a suggestion, as he glanced through the broken window of a deserted building, seeing that looters had taken almost everything save the furniture. The Astromancer disappeared inside and returned with another song on his lips, carrying a wide black linen sheet. Elysian laughed and shook his head in dismay, as Casaythe gave his friend a grim look. Did he really expect them to fly to the Temple of Khaine?

As Caraoc channelled the wind of Azyr and stirred the air around them, Elysian put his own mind into action, summoning up the subtle energies of Ulgu to help speed their advance across the City. Casaythe watched on almost in horror as Caraoc clutched the four corners of the sheet and made it fill with howling air, before he started to bob up and down in the air a few feet off the ground. The Astromancer almost laughed with glee, grinning at his friend and extending a hand to pick him up. The Warrior wanted nothing more than to keep his feet firmly on the floor, but a sudden rush of wind below him pushed him up and he grasped his comrades' forearm out of instinct. Elysian followed him into the air, a mass of swirling shadow under him half forming the shape of a winged horse as the tendrils of darkness swirled and writhed around his legs, carrying him up alongside the Corsairs. The steed of shadows followed the wind-driven sail of Caraoc as they sped through the howling gale that followed them down the street, in the direction of the Temple of Khaine.

Elysian skidded to the ground as his shadowy mount dispersed beneath his feet, slowing his momentum and then turning back to see the Corsairs make a slightly less agile return to the ground. Caraoc dropped Casaythe as he neared the ground, the Corsair landing in a low crouch to absorb the impact, before Caraoc himself released the sheet as the arcane wind left his grasp and he stumbled to a stop between his comrades, a mad smile still spread across his face. His voice ached from the constant muttered song that had kept him afloat, and he knew it would be a little while before he could sing a powerful song again. Elysian too was weary, his legs saved the trip across the City and recovering for the rest, but his mind stretched even further than it had been already. There was no need to risk magic now however anyway, for as they rounded the next corner they came upon the high iron fence that circled the temple grounds, not far from the black gate that was clearly still defended. More than just defended in fact, there was an army amassing just inside the gate. The three Druchii were awestruck, and found themselves transfixed as they watched on.

The Executioners had already gone to war, now the Hag of Vikarh was assembling her Maibds for battle. Several hundred of the lithe warrior women standing before their Khainite mistress.


In the east, the Orcs struck the group with such sudden ferocity that the other three mercenaries were taken completely by surprise. Phalx was quick witted enough to hop back from his comrades and raise Deathspitter, blasting one of the five greenskins point blank with nearly a whole clip of regular bolts as he called out his warning. It wasn't fast enough, and K and V had barely turned around to the sound when one of the brutes charged straight into each of them, barrelling into them like bowling pins. Despite her skill with a blade, Karonath was a lightweight stood next to the muscle ridden Orc, and it smashed her to the ground under it's bulk, the Khainite agile enough to roll away as it tried to smash her with it's club a moment later. Vryala was more bulked up and wedged herself against a fallen slab behind her shield, the Orc knocking into her with enough force to drive her back, the huge lump of stone grinding a yard back across the ground as V roared with determination, refusing to let her arms budge. Only when the third Orc hit her in the side with it's cleaver did she relent, and spring back away from the attackers as Phalx continued to fire past her shoulder.

The Shade had been quick enough to knock one of the brutes out with his bolts, but now it was four against three and the Orcs came forth relentlessly, stomping in two against V and two against K.

Author:  Layne [ Thu Sep 13, 2012 8:03 am ]
Post subject: 

Having dispatched the greenskins, there was a bit of an argument, with the result that the Elysian and the two weirdos went north, while K stuck with what she knew best - V, and hitting things - in the east. Ahead of them there was a smashed house, and in the middle of the house a giant stone. There was a trench cut in the road in front of them about as wide a giant house-smashing stone. The trench was rather too deep to cross.

Phalx began to climb through the broken house, and the ladies followed. ON the other side, they found the quarter they had known much changed. Few houses stood. There were rather a lot of those giant stones. There were more flying in all the time, so big they seemed slow, even as they came at a terrifying pace. There were also monsters running wild. Manticores, there were, and K saw the difference between a Manticore under whip and the real thing.

There were other stranger beasts, looking to K's mind also rather Khainite beasts, not like the tormented things of Chaos. She had seen enough of those for her peace. And there were yet thousands of Orcs and Beastmen, but also Guardsmen to fight them, and what looked to K for sure like all the Executioners gone to battle. She started to run toward them but checked herself. She knew a fight too big for her.

She was about to say, what can we do here? when there was a shout nearby to the right. She turned and saw five great orcs already upon her. K put her blade between herself and the thing as quick as lightning but it bashed her aside with sheer strength. She ducked and rolled as the thing's great club came down on the pavement where she had stood, breaking it. She rocked forward on her feet to spring and take the things head, but there was already another alongside.

K will fight carefully, and try to cut their arms or legs first.

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