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Shadow Arena - Read This First 
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- An Introduction & The Basics -

Shadow Arena is a forum based arena RPG. The Shadow Arena itself is a large attraction in Naggarond, capital of Naggaroth and home to the Witch King of the Dark Elves. Nobles from all across the city gather there to watch bloody and cruel events staged by willing and unwilling participants alike. One such event in the Shadow Arena is the Deathmatch, in which a group of warriors are set upon one another with hope of survival only for one. Various other events may also be staged as RPGs based in the Shadow Arena, but for the most part the Deathmatch will be played. Whilst playing in the arena, the selected players control their characters, which they will have created using the Shadow Arena Character Creation thread. Each player will therefore have a profile of his or her character, detailing their name, race, stats, weapons, armour and abilities. But how do they use this profile in the arena?

Things are started off with a mod-post (typed in coloured font for easy recognition). This is a post by me, detailing where everybody is in the arena and what they are doing. Each player can then post once, in any order, giving their characters speech, thoughts and intended action. By intended actions, I mean they can say what they want their character to do, but I control the results of such actions. There is also a strict way to post speech, thoughts and actions. Speech is to be typed in bold, Thoughts in italic and Actions are to be underlined. Anything else is to be typed in normal font. This is called a - Speech, Thought, Action - method. In addition to this, any underlined action should be summed up at the bottom of the post and not spread throughout it. This makes it easier for me to see exactly what your character wants to do. Each player should start each post with their profile. Here is an example post:

Name: Agrin Ironfist (m), Chaos Dwarf
Stats: M3, WS6, BS4, S6, T6, A5
Weapons & Armour: Mace, Warhammer, Heavy Armour, Helmet
Abilities: Hammer Blow, Armoured Form, Masterful Strength

Agrin was trying to keep focused. With enemies all around him and the nobles in the stands above screaming for violence, it was hard to keep a level head. He saw a female elf coming closer to his right and turned to face the warrior. Damn elves, they think they’re so good…
”Hey you, pointy ears! Have some of this!”

Agrin will charge at the elf with his Warhammer drawn, swinging it around as he reaches the elf, intending to knock her legs from under her and finish her with a Hammer Blow.

Now that you know how to post in the game, you can Create a Character and begin playing in the Shadow Arena. Should you wish to know more about the game and how it works, including how special rules apply, please check out the Game Mechanics thread.

Mon Apr 06, 2009 8:54 pm
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