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Author:  Malus99 [ Mon Nov 29, 2010 8:50 am ]
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It was a quiet day in Vikarh, or as close to quiet as the city usually got, there were the ever present screams of pain, cries for pity and the shriek of steel grinding upon steel as the inhabitants of the city happily went about their business, mugging one another, murdering rivals or planning their next foray into the darkest depths of depravity. One of Naggaroth’s vicious storms had descended upon the city, the wind howled through the narrow streets and the icy hail beat upon the windows and doors of the city residences like a drunkard who had been locked out of his favourite tavern. As such, most of the townsfolk had retreated indoors to practice whatever occupation they had chosen to entertain themselves with.

Inside one such building, a flesh house named the Black Rose, a tall Druchii flipped a silver coin onto the wooden counter and asked the woman standing behind it “Where can I find Vertas?”. The woman picked up the coin and stared at it for a moment, then slowly inclined her head towards a small table set in the corner of the house’s front room. The Druchii stalked across the room, taking a seat at the table he had been directed towards, the elf opposite him was so deep in his cups that he didn’t even notice his guest until the tall elf leaned across the table, at which point Vertas’ eyes glanced away from the lurid painting they had been studying and alighted upon the tall Druchii, Vertas gave a small squeak of fright and tried to scramble from his chair, but he was arrested by the iron hard grip of the tall elf upon his arm.
“Easy there Vertas, I just have a few questions to ask you.” The faint click of a crossbow being readied to fire emanated from behind the tall Druchii, who stiffened as the blunt mouth of the weapon was placed against the back of his head.
“That’s funny, because so have I,” whispered the shade holding the crossbow.
“As have I,” said another Druchii as he stepped out of the shadows to place a dagger across the shade’s neck.
“And I,” smiled another shade as he levelled his own crossbow at the dagger wielding elf’s chest from across the room. A tense moment of silence followed, the other patrons of the flesh house turning to watch the strange scene unfold, evaluating whether they should run for their lives or stick around to loot the dead bodies afterwards.
“Well, it seems we are all here for the same thing,” ventured the dagger wielding Druchii, “perhaps we should take it in turns to ask our questions.”
“And who goes first?” Demanded the shade with the dagger against his neck.
“I got here first, so maybe I should ask my questions first,” suggested the seated Druchii, his comment was met by three smouldering glares.
“I believe we may all be here to gain the answer to the same question,” stated the shade standing on the other side of the room, “Tell me Vertas, where is your old friend Varranaithe?” Vertas, who had slowly been trying to creep out of his chair whilst his pursuers were occupied threatening each other, sank back down into his seat and turned towards the shade who had questioned him.
“I haven’t seen that worm in over a year, when he put his damn sword through my shoulder and took my half of the money we stole from that damned knight,” spat the elf.
“Where?” Asked his interrogators in unison.
“Just outside Vikarh’s gates, why do you think I’m sitting here? A vacation? I crawled back into the city and spent all of the rest of my money on a chirurgeon to keep me alive, now I’m stuck in this miserable dive”. The hunters all grinned, though somewhat uncomfortably due to the amount of weapons being pointed at each of them.
“So, why don’t you put your crossbow down now?” asked the seated Druchii to the shade holding the weapon to his head.
“Why don’t I just shoot you and remove a competitor?” Replied the shade.
“Because I’ll slit your throat,” stated the Druchii with the dagger.
“And then I will shoot you,” said the other shade to the knife wielding elf. Another moment of tense silence passed.
“Why don’t we team up?” Suggested the seated hunter.
“Because that will quarter my profit,” snarled the dagger wielder.
“You won’t have any profit if you are dead,” growled the shade across the room. The Druchii with the knife considered this for a moment, “I suppose,” he sighed as he turned and hurled the knife into a patron seated at one of the tables, the Druchii gasped, then toppled backwards onto the floor. The others around the table glanced at their dead companion, then resumed the card game they had been playing, except one who took a moment to rest his booted feet upon the chest of the corpse and assume a more comfortable position.

The storm settled over Vikarh like a fat, grumpy-looking black hen. It lashed at the city with wind, ice and hale like a slave-master whipping his slaves into line. By now almost all of the city’s denizens had retreated inside to take refuge from the storm’s wrathful assault, as such, the small band of 4 Druchii hurrying towards the North Gate and the outside world stood out like a chameleon draped in Christmas lights, not that they resembled such an unfortunate and overworked creature, they bore a motley assortment of arms and armour, and had the air of cold killers about them, which is a far more accurate analogy considering the storm raging around them. Taking refuge in a stable not far from the gate, the Druchii shrugged off their cloaks and stood against the walls of the pens, eyeing each other carefully.

Right then, you need to introduce yourselves and decide upon your next course of action, you know that Varranaithe was heading away from Vikarh little over a year ago, do you set out and try and track him, in which case where do you go next? Or do you stay in Vikarh to try and gather further information? Deadline is Wednesday night and I will post on Thursday morning, though obviously the sooner you post the better and if we have reached a decision before Wednesday I will make my post once you all have finished and made up your minds, debate amongst yourselves what your next move will be.

OOC: welcome, one and all! Introduce yourselves and say hi to your allies, just a few things to say. Firstly, make sure you have a copy of your character which isn’t in the character creation thread, once everyone has made their first post I will delete your characters from that thread to show that you are no longer looking for a group, so please copy your characters somewhere first and have a record of them. Secondly, if you want your character to make a ‘secret’ action not known to the other players, message me with it, and be prepared to answer some very awkward questions from your fellows when they ask why you didn’t tell them, or, if your lucky, you will have got away and run for your life by that time ;) I reckon I will run things so that for each post which contains an action, say what your character is going to attempt to do, and then once everyone has made a post I will make a mod post resolving all of the actions the players have made as to their results, say what you've all got to decide on next, then you make your posts in reply... So that in most cases there will be a post per player between each mod post, though there will be exceptions, and when I make mod posts is either at the deadline, or earlier if everyone has posted. This system should hopefully keep everyone at the same stages in the story, if one person can't get on to post as often as another person who then makes lots of consecutive posts saying they've done this that and the other, it might leave the person slower posting behind which will make keeping track of everything and posting difficult for everyone, so keeping it all in the same place should hopefully avoid complications. How well your character does depends upon the quality of your posts, the equipment and stats for your character also plays a part, generally, the better you write, the better your character does and the RP is more enjoyable for everyone, your characters are not invincible so you will have to use some of that famous Druchii cunning to survive and prosper. I hope you will all enjoy this RP, so without further ado, let’s begin.

Author:  Highborn on black dragon [ Mon Nov 29, 2010 10:46 am ]
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Dinil looked at the three elves and didn't quite like any of them. And what was there to like in a warrior, shade and a woman. Ok, in the woman maybe there were few things, that were likeable, but that was it. The warrior was reminding Dinil of the biggest (and quite often most stupid) guards in Ghrond, and for the young elf that was just above "high elf" in his mistrust chart. Shades in Ghrond were rare sight, but it was well known, that your chances of beign stabbed in the back raise critically when one or more of them are near you. As for the she-elf, in the North tower some of the guardsmen were women and from personal experience he knew that as weak as they appeared, one well aimed kick would put them in the strong position. So, seeing that the odds are not on his side, Dinil decided to do the only sensible thing - try not to be on their bad side.

"As it happens, we'll be together for at least one storm time so, I guess, introductions are in order. My name is Dinil and I hate rain."

Author:  The buoyancy of water [ Mon Nov 29, 2010 5:39 pm ]
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Lenya followed the others out of the foul weather and into the shelter of a stables near one of the gates of Vikarh. It seemed the hunt was finally starting to go somewhere: she was beginning to discover more about her target's whereabouts, and combining this news with what she already knew gave her a fair idea of where Varranaithe could be headed. But it would be foolish to let the others know, so for now she kept her ideas to herself. Before she told them anything she had to determine their strengths and, more importantly, their weaknesses.

So thinking, she found a spot far from the door and pushed back the hood of her cloak. Out of the rain, she untied her black hair and ran her hands through it quickly, while she pondered how to proceed from here. Wary of the others and the thin bond of allegiance that had sprung up, she waited for one of the men to start proceedings. As she did so Lenya adjusted her crossbow and fidgeted with the various buckles and clasps on her top and belt. At last an elf named Dinil stepped forward and introduced himself. He appeared to be a common soldier, someone Lenya would never have been associated with in her past life but a character she had become accostumed to over the last few months.

His introduction was short, and Lenya felt the time was right for her to say her piece. The three men all stood a lot taller then she did and she had to look up more then slightly to look them all in the eyes. She hugged her arms across her chest, cradling her elbows, and spoke up. "My name is Lenya, Lenya Talos, and it seems we all have something in common. The desire to track down one Varranaithe. As far as I can see there is one important question that must be answered quickly: do we work as a team or not? Following that, if we do, do we stay in the city? And if we don't, only one of us can leave this building, for I won't just let my rivals go, and I suspect you are all the same."

Author:  Varaken [ Mon Nov 29, 2010 7:53 pm ]
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Malthang looked around with a disinterested, impassive air. His new erstwhile allies providing little in the form of entertainment or interest. Just as the silence in the barn began to take on an awkward, oppressive feel the slighter of the warriors introduced himself as Dinil. Shortly after the female followed suit, informing the group of her name, Lenya.

As the silence began do descend again and the sound of the rain drumming on the roof and falling heavily in the street became louder Malthang pulled back the hood of his robe, the meagre light only serving to make the scar on his face and the darkness of his eyes even more pronounced.

"My name is Malthang Ravensbane. Judging by the events that transpired in the Black Rose I would say that it would not be impossible for us to be of assistance to each other, even if it is in the short term. I see no reason to bloody our weapons here. But, perhaps that is merely my take on the current situation?"

Malthang remained standing, leaning against one of the walls and now looked at the members of this apparent party with renewed interest. Perhaps here was a way he could reap his ultimate revenge.

Author:  Naggarothian hunger [ Tue Nov 30, 2010 1:35 am ]
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Loathren walked into the stables and placed his back to the wall furthest from the stable doors. Loathren studied the Druchii that stood before him, listening to their introductions repeating their names in his head, he saw the potential for payback but feeling the tension in the room grow thick, Loathren took it upon himself to ease that tension.

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and it seems our Varranaithe has many enemies, though far from stating we should be friends, it wouldn't hurt if we kept this buiness with Varranaithe mutual...by the way my name is Loathren."

Author:  Malus99 [ Tue Nov 30, 2010 10:00 am ]
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Hi everybody! Nice to see quick replies, what is your next course of action then? Just to let you know that I am removing your characters from the character creation pool now.

Author:  Highborn on black dragon [ Wed Dec 01, 2010 9:49 am ]
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Doing the math, Dinil decided that his chances of getting alive out of the stable if he went for the violent way were quite small. Also his guess about Varranaithe's whereabouts suggested that it would be best to have someone who could help him with the execution... of the task. The three elves looked quite untrustworthy, yet capable of doing dirty work. For now there was no better option and maybe the fact, that they had met here was no coincidence. After solving this personal dilemma, the druchii put on his best diplomatic smile and said:

" What you said is true, my good fellow. I have a guess where... our target... might be. If everyone here agrees that we should work together on this task, I can explain what I have found out and know about Varranaithe."

Author:  Varaken [ Wed Dec 01, 2010 10:39 pm ]
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Malthang mulled this over for a half second and came to the conclusion that he did not like the false smile Dinil flashed at the group. In his mind any druchii that wore a smile was not to be trusted, at least if they came at you with a blade you knew the intention. However, what he said did make sense. Together they did have a better chance of finding the scum and dealing with him and after all, trustworthy druchii are not entirely absent from current society, even in such an uncivilised place as Vikarh. Then again, even within the Shades there were those who would soon as put a knife in your gut as hunt with you.

"Very well, a group may be the best option, however it would require the acceptance of all of us. What say you two? Four blades are better than two, and from what we've heard already this piece of dragon's piss isn't entirely without his own wiles and tricks. Perhaps an...agreement might be of mutual benefit, after all, I am sure that we each have at least some abilities which could be advantageous."

Malthang leant back against the wall and scanned the faces of the druchii assembled before him, waiting for some form of response. And readying himself for whatever form that might take.

Author:  The buoyancy of water [ Wed Dec 01, 2010 11:18 pm ]
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OOC: Forgot to say earlier, but hello all!!

IC: Lenya listened to the other elves introductions with interest, but kept a hand near the hilt of her short sword. It seemed she wasn't the only one with a possible lead on Varranaithe's position, though she had no intention of letting the others know that just yet. Instead she nodded in agreement as the possibility of an alliance was put forward. They would surely be useful in keeping her alive, and if things got too bad she could at least disappear since none of them knew where she was from. She gave each of them a more scrutinising appraisal to try to better judge they're uses.

After several moments of silence while she weighed up the pro's and con's Lenya spoke up once more. "I too agree that this hunt will be a lot easier if we band together, at least for the time being. And if we already have a lead," she nodded towards Dinil, "we should follow it as soon as possible. There is no knowing what we may encounter and an extra pair of hands almost always proves useful. So, do we have an agreement..?" Lenya waited for their answers, arms still folded across her chest.

Author:  Naggarothian hunger [ Thu Dec 02, 2010 11:30 pm ]
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Satisfied with the turn of events, Loathren could now focus his attention on his target for...now atleast.

"Working together is the most advantageous path...at least for now...I happen to know that Varranaithe worked as a guard for Ghrond for a short while, I think we could find someone there that might know his whereabouts if we're lucky."

Author:  Malus99 [ Fri Dec 03, 2010 11:49 am ]
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I'll make a mod-post on monday morning so deadline is sunday night, you all need to have decided where you are going by then

Author:  Highborn on black dragon [ Sat Dec 04, 2010 1:29 pm ]
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"As it happens I have a friend or two in the North Tower and I think I can find where exactly our "friend" is hiding. Unfortunatelly i have enemies there too, so it'll be good idea not to stay in public too much. If we can get there, stay low-profile, kill Varranaithe and leave as soon as that is done, I think we can finish this job for 3 or 4 days total in Ghrond."

Author:  Varaken [ Mon Dec 06, 2010 1:36 am ]
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"Ghrond is one option, perhaps there are some other forms of assistance closer hand that could be utilised. I have a connection here in Vikarh that may be of use. Though his services may come at a price. I could arrange a meeting if it would be of use?"

Author:  Malus99 [ Mon Dec 06, 2010 11:00 am ]
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The tension in the room slowly dissipated as each hunter agreed to the partnership. As the elves discussed their position, the storm outside slowly abated until it was nothing more than a sharp wind. The four Druchii stepped out from their shelter into the icy streets, still arguing over their next course of action. As they passed down a narrow alley, Lenya paused, having heard a faint sound above the keening of the wind, it had come from a balcony on one of the buildings overhead. It was the unmistakable sound of a crossbow string snapping taut.

The next moment Loathren hissed in pain as a crossbow bolt smashed against his armour, the wind having fouled the unseen marksman’s shot so that instead of taking the warrior in the eye, it glanced off the side of his helmet a mere two inches from its target.
“Ambush!” Cried Malthang as a second shot ricocheted off the cobblestones by his feet, someone else cried out in the darkness as a bolt finally found its mark, Dinil cursed as he saw the small spur of dark steel embedded in his left vambrace, digging into the flesh of his forearm beneath. Suddenly, calm fell, no more blinding flash of sparks as bolts glanced off metal and stone, no more curses or cries of pain, even the wind paused for a brief instant. A single sound pierced the momentary silence, echoing from the gloom above, the sound of crossbow strings being pulled back into position, and steel bolts falling into their firing tracks. Then the world exploded into action once more…

You are in a narrow alley in a district of houses for the lowborn, the houses on either side are tall but scalable, though it won’t be an easy climb, with most having at least one balcony overlooking the street. The alley winds along for quite some way with side-streets coming off it at irregular intervals, the closest being to the left some twenty paces down which leads deeper into the city back towards the flesh houses, the one after is on the right a further thirty paces down which leads towards the slaver’s district. Fight or flight? Deadline is Wednesday night for a mod post on Thursday morning.

Author:  Varaken [ Mon Dec 06, 2010 11:24 am ]
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"Ambush!" Malthang cried, seeing the bolt deflect off of Loathren's helm, snapping his head around brutally with the force of the blow. He heard the sound of a bolt finding its mark and turned to see Dinil with the back end of the bolt protruding from his forearm. He glanced around quickly, searching for a way out. There was no way any of them could climb up without being shot down, not from here anyway. Malthang spotted a side alley around 20 paces down. He sprang forward and ran for it, darting between the buildings. He looked at the walls, on the building he had just ran past there were some loose bricks, beams that jutted out and other possible handholds. Malthang took a moment to sneer with contempt at these pathetic attempts at building, seeing it as yet more proof that Druchii belonged out in the wilds of the world rather than living in this squalor. Noting this, he leapt towards the wall opposite the one he wished to climb, springing off it as he used to do with the trees while in chase of some quarry or if he wanted to climb to get a good vantage point for a longer ranged shot. Pushing off of the wall he twisted in the air and thrust his hands out, grasping for a beam that he could use as a starting point for his climb.

Author:  Malus99 [ Tue Dec 07, 2010 12:28 am ]
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OOC: Hey all, forgot to put down how actions are to be stated in posts and how they are resolved.

I reckon I will run things so that for each post which contains an action, say what your character is going to attempt to do, and then once everyone has made a post I will make a mod post resolving all of the actions the players have made as to their results, say what you've all got to decide on next, then you make your posts in reply... So that in most cases there will be a post per player between each mod post, though there will be exceptions, and when I make mod posts is either at the deadline, or earlier if everyone has posted. This system should hopefully keep everyone at the same stages in the story, if one person can't get on to post as often as another person who then makes lots of consecutive posts saying they've done this that and the other, it might leave the person slower posting behind which will make keeping track of everything and posting difficult for everyone, so keeping it all in the same place should hopefully avoid complications.

That having been said, I have never run an RP before so this is all hypothetical, so if there is a problem in this system then feel free to point it out and make suggestions to improve it, its all a learning curve for me, if a problem comes up in this system during play then we will work around it as we get to it. Any suggestions and advice on anything to improve my running of the group and posting is much appreciated, I am a humble novice in the areas of RP and always looking to improve.

So basically, a post like varaken's above is perfect, once all the players have posted I will make a mod post resolving all of the actions, then tasking you with what decisions and such you will have to make in your next post. Sorry for not having put that down before, will edit the first post to include these and any other guidelines which are drawn up as the RP progresses.

Author:  Highborn on black dragon [ Wed Dec 08, 2010 11:38 am ]
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The bolt in his left arm not only was hurting like hell, but also made Dinil unable to use his sword and shield at the same time. On top of that it was possible that the bolt is covered with poison and the young druchii didn't want to think what his newfound allies will do to him if he was to become a slowing factor. But now there were more pressing problems to attend to. Seeing the nimble shade climbing the walls. The idea of following him was quickly thrown aside - he wasn't as agile as Mathang, he was wounded and was far more armored than him. Dinil decided to do what he was best at - hide from the elves, who wanted to kill him. In the North Tower he practiced this talent of his for decades.
"Take cover!" he shouted, drew his sword and ran towards the alley, where Mathang was climbing the wall, hoping that no further harm will come to him and that Khaine will help him.

Author:  Naggarothian hunger [ Wed Dec 08, 2010 10:58 pm ]
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"Ambush!" "Take cover!" were muffled cries to Loathren's ears, regaining his composer from the strike to his head, Loathren held up his shield in the direction of where the blow came. Malthang and then Dinil run into an alley Loathren followed closely backing into the alley with his shield held up. Seeing that Dinil was hold his forearm and then seeing the bolt Loathren said, " I hope you can still hold a sword"

Author:  The buoyancy of water [ Wed Dec 08, 2010 11:12 pm ]
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OOC: Sorry for the disappearance! As I sort of expected Uni and work kept me away from druchii.net...

IC: Lenya was still thinking about the idea of banding up with the three strangers when she heard the telling click of a crossbow bolt being drawn into position. Now was at least a perfect time to test out her allies abilities. Acting on pure instinct, she ducked and unslung her own crossbow while reaching for a new clip, loading it quickly. As bolts flew at those nearby she glanced around the alley, spotting two likely sources of cover up a head in the form of smaller passageways. Her first course of action was going to have to be reaching that cover as soon as possible.

The first volley finished, and Malthang started down the alley, obviously seeking to scale it. Lenya followed, dodging from side-to-side at random to try to put off anyone trying to shoot her as she sprinted. She became aware that the more heavily armed Dinil and Loathren were also running towards the same spot and would undoubtedly head for the closest alleyway. As such Lenya ran for the further alley, hoping the larger elves would not obstruct her if she was further away. Her plan on reaching the alley to turn and cover Malthang as he scales the walls, keeping a close lookout for any of their ambushers.

Author:  Malus99 [ Thu Dec 09, 2010 11:23 am ]
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The band of hunters turned and sprinted down the street as crossbows were loaded and aimed at their backs, a round of midnight-black bolts flashed across the distance, Malthang had already reached the alley and started to climb, the walls forming the mouth of the side street covering him from enemy fire, seeing this, the enemy marksman concentrated their fire on the warriors whose armour had slowed them down enough for them to still be in the open. The crossbow bolts were fired just as the foremost of the two warriors, the wounded one, reached the alley, the shots flashed across the intervening distance like hawks falling upon their prey, heading directly for Dinil’s back. Two were intercepted by Loathren’s swiftly raised shield, sending the bolts skittering off into the gloom, the third struck his right shoulder at the joint between his breastplate and the upper arm guard, the steel managed to rob the blow of its force, preventing it from piercing flesh, but the bolt stuck firm, locking the two plates together. Loathren cursed as he realised that the bolt had pinned his arm in place, making it impossible to move. To make matters worse, two more Druchii, each bearing long and slim, single-edged fencing blades, came charging from the other end of the side street Loathren and Dinil had ducked into. The trap had been sprung and now the two warriors were cornered, swords to their front and crossbows at their backs if they retreat back into the street they had just left.

Meanwhile, Malthang twisted in the air, grasping for a handhold on the wall he was fast approaching, his questing fingers caught hold of a wooden beam jutting from the side of the building, the rest of his body swung forward, Malthang struck the wall with the soles of his feet, absorbing the shock of impact through his legs with all the skill of an expert climber. He smiled to himself, covered from the firing line of the marksmen down the street, he could make his way through or over the buildings to sneak up on them from behind, and deal with these pathetic ambushers, or he could just as easily escape the attack, leave the others to deal with it by themselves, it would probably eliminate some competition. He sneered with contempt at these pathetic city dwellers, he would wager they couldn’t hit a nauglir at ten paces they were such terrible marksmen, and their ‘trap’ was laughable, all grouped at one end of the street, letting their prey escape so easily, not covering the escape route, truly the Druchii of the cities were a blind and stupid breed.

Then, Malthang heard two sounds which made his blood run cold, the first was a pair of war cries from further down the alley, two more attackers were sprinting towards the warriors standing in the mouth of the street below Malthang, but the second noise he heard was truly terrifying. The click of a loaded crossbow, not from where the initial shooters were hiding, but from behind him, further down the main street, with a clear shot at his unprotected back. It seems the ambushers were not as witless as he had thought, he was stuck, he could not move anywhere before he was shot, hanging as he was in this precarious position, unless he dropped, in which case he was probably looking at a few broken bones at best, leaving him easy prey for whoever won the fight. Malthang was under no illusions about what his erstwhile allies would do to him if they did manage to win, he would be a liability, compassion was not a word well known to the Druchii. Even if he did land well, the marksmen would still shoot him where he landed, no matter what, he would not be able to move fast enough to escape. So this was it, shot off a wall, laid low by this gutter trash, what an ignominious end. Malthang closed his eyes, and waited for the shard of darkness to tear his soul from his body, shred his mind and discard the ashes into the depths of the Abyss. “Damnation.”
A crossbow fired with a dull thunk.
A scream of mortal agony echoed down the narrow, twisting streets.
A body fell lifelessly from the walls, striking the paving stones below with a wet crunch.
A final, bubbling gasp rattled out from the corpse, the last glimmers of life deserting the heap of broken flesh, fleeing into the eternal darkness of the void.

Malthang slowly opened his eyes, he turned to stare at the body lying in the street, then at the woman who casually kicked it aside as she turned to glare coldly at him. “You owe me a death,” Lenya hissed.

Well done everyone for getting in before the deadline, nice one Lenya and Loathren, you’re protective actions saved your companion’s arses. So, the situation as it stands now: we have a definitive number of ambushers, 4 with crossbows looking down the main street (three shot at the warriors whilst the fourth shot at lenya, but her evasive actions prevented the shot from hitting), they can no longer draw a bead on anyone because you are each in the side alley’s where they can’t see, which means they are likely to be on the move to get some shots in. The other two ambushers are charging down the first alley towards Loathren and Dinil, the seventh was waiting further down the street, lenya has shot and killed him.

Dinil: fight or flight? The two foes against you are lightly armoured with only lightweight kheitans which provide little protection from a strong sword stroke, but there are two of them, can you count on Loathren’s help (such as it is at this moment)? You are in the first alley, you could retreat back into the main street, but the marksmen (some or all) may be waiting for you, or you could try and get past these two attackers and continue down this alley, or you could fight, remember that bolt in your left arm, it will make using that arm painful, awkward and abit clumsy, but you can still use it, the fact that you are not dead means that it is probably not poisoned, but the more you use that arm, the more you twist the bolt in the wound and the more damage you do to your arm, at the moment, the wound is not serious, more of an inconvenience.

Loathren: You are in abit of a pickle, the same situation as Dinil, but you cannot move your right arm until you pull the steel bolt out of your armour plates, which you will need someone to help you with as your left arm alone is at the wrong angle and can’t apply enough force to get the bolt out, you will need someone’s help. Until then, you can only move your left arm, although you can move your right arm at the elbow and below, it is only your shoulder that is locked, so you will find it difficult to hold a shield and impossible to swing a sword with that arm whilst it is pinned.

Lenya: You are standing in the mouth of the second alley, the walls are scalable, there might be a street linking this alley and the alley your companions are in a little further down, then again, there may not, do you spend time looking for one?

Malthang: In the words of Admiral Ackbar, “it’s a trap!” Or it was at any rate. You are still on the wall, you can continue climbing, either onto the roof or onto a balcony just above you from where you can probably force your way into the house whose wall you are perched upon, the marksmen (some or all) may be repositioning, if they are then they will probably either be moving along the rooftops or through the houses as well, keep an eye out. (I placed in all the 'witless city dweller' comments to try and replicate your character's (and shades as a whole) general disdain for those from the city, was this too much?)

Deadline is Sunday night for Monday morning mod post, nice work guys!

Author:  Varaken [ Fri Dec 10, 2010 12:34 pm ]
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Malthang opened his eyes and saw the cold gaze of Lenya staring back at him. "You owe me a death." she hissed at him. Malthang felt a kernel of respect form within him for the woman before it twisted violently into a burning point of annoyance. He hated owing people for anything, least of all his life. All this passed through his mind in the space of a second, none of it showing in his face. He offered a thin lipped smile and a nod by way of gratitude. Perhaps there was at least one city dweller in this rabble who knew who to fight. With more proof he might even change his opinion of them. He snorted quietly under his breath. He doubted it.

Returning his attention to the climb he spotted a balcony slightly above him, if he could reach it perhaps he could use it to both cover himself from above and shoot down into the alley without TOO much risk of hitting his new found companions. Deciding on the course of action he began to climb, swiftly but dexterously towards the balcony, preparing to ready his crossbow, smash down the door and perform a quick sweep to ensure he wouldn't be disturbed taking his hate out on his would be assailants.

OOC-Malus: No wasn't too much, added a nice bit of depth and helps keep the narrative! Good work :D

Author:  The buoyancy of water [ Fri Dec 10, 2010 3:44 pm ]
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Lenya noted Malthang's nod of thanks with a smile of her own before she ducked back into the alley she was hidden in. Leaning out cautiously she tried to spot the snipers on the roof, but couldn't see any; they were probably repositioning to get another shot at the elves down below. Dodging back into cover she considered her options while she looked down the alley and up at the buildings above her. While flight was a tempting choice, she was loath the leave just yet. Dinil had mentioned a strong lead on Varranaithe's whereabouts and Lenya wanted to follow them up. Her choice made, she decided to stay for the moment.

With no immediate threat obvious, Lenya re-shouldered her crossbow and prepared to scale the walls. The snipers would be moving to fire down into the alleys, putting those at street level at a huge disadvantage. She wanted to reach the rooftops before they could take such an advantage. With her hands now free, she spotted the lowest protrusion she would be able to pull herself onto and, in a similar manner to Malthang, kicked off the opposite wall to gain some extra height on her opening jump. Her plan, to climb the wall of the building some of the snipers had appeared on as quickly as possible, hoping to get to the roof before they could take up new positions.

Author:  Naggarothian hunger [ Fri Dec 10, 2010 9:12 pm ]
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Hearing the battle roar of two of the attackers head towards them, Loathren had to think fast, his right arm was pinned and he needed help removing it before the attackers reached him and Dinil. "Dinil help me remove this bolt I can better protect us if this damned thing wasn't in my armor."

Author:  Highborn on black dragon [ Sun Dec 12, 2010 8:30 pm ]
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OOC: Sry, these days I have a lot of stuff to do, so my comment will be brief (more than usual :P). I promise that this is the last time I'll do this (:

Dinil had only a few seconds to analyze the situation and make his decision. Considering how close the attackers were, he turned to Loathren:
"There is no time for this. Lets deal with these guys first, then we'll take care of you."
After that he let out a battle cry and charged at the ambushers, hoping that the other warrior will follow him.

Author:  Naggarothian hunger [ Sun Dec 12, 2010 10:44 pm ]
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As Dinil charged off to face the Loathren switched his sword to his left hand, cursing as he did so, and ran off after Dinil joining him in his charge towards the enemy.

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