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Blood Bowl RPG (OOC Discussion) 
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Name: Shadow
Age: 366
Sex: male
Position: lineman

Background: He never quite had much prospects in life, or a chance for one since his father had wanted to make him into an Executioner for the temple. He'd settle for an Assassin, but his hateful father was adamant, it was the sacred Temples or into the Nauglir Pit. Being the stubborn child that he was, he was thrown into the Nauglir Pit fast, his father condemning him without a moment's thought nor hesitation.

However, it was there that his life became one of well renown, using his wits and agility, he had managed to survive the Pit for centuries on end. Very few would survive for a month, but Shadow lived to continue hating his father through and through, against all sorts of beasts and men. It became his sport, he soon became infamous within there. There was potential within him, but he had wasted his life in the pit and had no experience on the battlefield, much to the dismay of many generals watching him fight in the Pit.

His skills however, was finally going to be put to good use upon the Blood Bowl field as recruits were required. His timeless suffering, in the Pit was finally over, as he was sent to enlist into Viktus's team and a chance of true stardom.

Description: Shoulder length cool blue hair, well built but more slim than bulky due to his genes (ie I'm an elf!) Rough voice, tall and tanned from exposure to the sun all the time in The Pit.

Takes time to know people since he was recently thrown into pretty much another Nauglir Pit with elves he doesn't know. Oh, stubborn is his trait :D

What's mine is mine, What's yours is mine.
Now that we understand each other, lets get down to business.

Jacks -Shade
- WS 5 - - S 3 - - T 2 - - D 6 - - I 5 -

Short Sword, MC Long Sword*, Dagger, RxB & RHB [20/10] MC Shade Cloak, 4 Throwing Daggers, 3x Healing Vials, 451C, [3]Dark Venom, [4]Unseen Chains, Food, Dark Steed- Spike

Basic Stealth, Awareness, TWF, Suithenlu Khythan, Ride

Magic Item
Eye of the Jabberwock

*Magical properties possibly imbued

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Sat Nov 26, 2011 5:27 am
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Roleplaying Deity
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This is now the OOC Discussion thread (sign up is closed unless I get a very quick last minute entry from someone... which must be a Lineman. Deroth I will hold a place open for you for 48hrs as you showed an interest in playing already).

This is intended to be a new style of RPG as well as a new theme and system. The idea is that you guys do most of the roleplaying and it obviously involves a lot of interaction. I will just monitor the game, narrate the route of the ball and opposing players, and give the results of any dice rolls. I'll still modpost frequently but they shouldn't need to be big chunks of text. Since 6 players have signed up and that is (just) enough to begin, I will continue it now. If you're not ready just catch up when you can.


There are two teams in your first game. The first is you guys, the second is made up of NPCs. Here is their statlines:

M4 - A4 - S3 - T3 - D4

M4 - A4 - S3 - T3 - D4

M4 - A4 - S3 - T3 - D4

M4 - A5 - S2 - T2 - D5

M4 - A3 - S4 - T5 - D2

M4 - A3 - S4 - T5 - D2

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Tue Nov 29, 2011 9:12 pm
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Hey, sorry Kinslayer - I know I haven't given this any attention of late. I think it's looking for me as though until TMRS is done I won't be able to really post in this game - it's not so much an issue of time (although that's part of it) but more because juggling two sets of engaging RPGs is apparently beyond me. So I guess I'll either come in as a late contributor once TMRS is done (or my character dies a horrible death) or have to sit this out altogether. Very sorry about this :(

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Thu Dec 08, 2011 12:08 am
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