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Author:  Calisson [ Sat Dec 17, 2011 3:01 pm ]
Post subject:  The Magic Reality Show 2 (TMRS2) - OOC - Entrance free!

The Magic Reality Show 2.

TMRS is a role playing game of magic.

The magic system is described here below. It allows virtually anything, the only limit is your imagination – but there is a price to pay according to the power you want.

The reality show scenario involves several competitors.
Every day, all the competitors receive a new task to complete individually.
At the end of the day, there is a vote, open to everyone (even not involved in TMRS).
The designated candidates (usually the worst performers) fight each other. One of them is eliminated.
The last remaining candidate is the winner.


In the following posts are found the comprehensive and detailed explanations about how Magic works.
That's some reading, but if you don't want to bother to read it all, that's fine. If you don't post the mechanics of your spells, I'll do it myself based on the raw intentions you posted.
Of course, the winner is highly likely to be found among those who understand the subtelties of the magic system, as explained in the comments.
The only thing you must read is the scenario and the character creation.


Table of content & hyperlinks.
Introduction (present post).
Spell casting: spell effects, casting conditions, side effect & miscast.
Comments on Magic and side effects – Magic Missiles – Healing.
Magic objects.
Introduction to the scenario. - Day competition template.
Character creation: Races, Magic Lores, Characteristics, Generic Character Summary.
Candidate registration.

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Author:  Calisson [ Sat Dec 17, 2011 3:02 pm ]
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Spell casting

Before casting a spell, the spell caster needs to describe what he intends to do.
Casting a spell is made by an Intelligence test (i.e. you need to roll 5 or less if your “I” is 5).
According to the spell description and the conditions of casting, there are bonuses and maluses.
Basically, it’s like TMRS1, except all +1 became -1 and reversely.

A natural “6” on the dice always fails, regardless of the bonus/malus.
If a spell is cast with a natural “1” when “2” would have been enough, its effect are improved in quality.
If a dice roll of “1” is not enough to cast a spell (including bonus/malus), the spell cannot be attempted.

There is also a side effect determined independently, according to the overall difficulty of the spell.
It adds another bonus or malus before you roll the die.

Spell effects:

A. Spell category.
Some effects are just easier to cast. Determine to which category your spell belongs.
A.-1: if the spell is broadly about: knowledge – communication – protection – movement.
A.+0: if the spell is broadly about: influence – aggression – self-transformation – healing.
A.+1: if the spell is broadly about: command – creation – transformation – magic object.

B. Familiarity.
B.-2: well known spell: Any spell akin to the appropriate Lore from Rulebook/Army Book/Storm Of Magic, as long as its casting value is < 10 times the Mage’s skill level. Specify which spell in your post.
B.-1: unusual spell, well documented: Any spell akin to the appropriate Lore from Rulebook/Army Book/SoM, if its casting value is 10 times the Mage’s skill level up to <20. Specify which spell in your post.
B.+0: spell known only in theory: 20 or more times the mage’s skill level; or spell found in a story from any GW writings, novels, fluff, rules, modeling, WH RPG, and related to the appropriate Lore. Specify what you have in mind in your post.
B.+1: spell not related to the appropriate Lore. Found in another GW Lore or in literature legend.
B.+2: totally new. The only source is your imagination.

Example: for a Fire Mage Level 1, Flaming Sword is well known, Burning Head is unusual.
Note: Spell proficiency increases after casting attempts.
+2: well known spell remains well known.
+1: unusual spell, well documented becomes +2 well known after having been cast a bunch of times (5 times at B.+1).
+0: spell known only in theory becomes +1 unusual after having been cast a couple of times (3 times at B.+0) including once successfully.
-1 & -2: new spell becomes +0 known in theory after having been cast once (even not successfully: learn by mistake).

C. Area of effect.
C.-1: affects 1 random person in range, or a handful of something, or a light wound; inaccurate (aims at whole bodies; specifies the category of the target); can be easily resisted, if applicable.
C.+0: affects a dozen persons (3D6), or a room, or multiple deep wounds; accurate (aims at selected body part; specifies the identity of the target); difficult to resist.
C.+0: averaging the -1 and +1 for a tiny masterpiece with exquisite details.
C.+1: affects 1 army, or a building, or one missing limb, or a mortal wound; chirurgical precision; very hard to resist.
C.+2: affects a kingdom, or a city, or death; no resistance.
Note: spell resistance is made with an I test, with -2, +0 or +2 bonus/malus according to how hard it is to resist the spell.

D. Distance.
D.-2: area of effect can be touched with both hands.
D.-1: area of effect at breath’s distance (2m), or at 1 day’s interval if applicable.
D.+0: area of effect at visual distance, or at 1 year’s interval.
D.+1: area of effect in any known place, or in a lifetime’s interval (1 century).
D.+2: area of effect anywhere in the same side of the World, or in History.
Note: the area of effect, for a transportation spell, describes the place/time where to go, not the person who travels.

E. Duration – effect of the margin rolled.
E.-2: lasting as long as a blink held: 30-80 seconds (the spell’s margin x 10 + 20 s)
E.-1: lasting as long as a breath held: 2-7 minutes (the spell’s margin+2 min)
E.+0: lasting until midnight – if cast with a margin of 3 or better, it will last a week.
E.+1: lasting 1 year & 1 day or less – if cast with a margin of 3 or better, it will last a lifetime (of creator).
E.+2: eternal (10 x margin = % chances not to fade off after each millennium).
The spell is an “I” test. When it is cast, the die roll result is often better (i.e. lower) than necessary. The difference is called a margin. A large margin improves the duration of the spell, as written above.
In addition, a natural “1”, rolled with a margin of 1 or more, improves the quality of the desired effect (A.), to be determined by the moderator.

Casting conditions:

F. Mage’s Level.
F.+2: skill proficiency level 1.
F.+0: skill proficiency level 2.
F.-2: skill proficiency level 3.

G. Location & timing.
G.+2: unstable floor, or transport; OR inauspicious time.
G.+1: hard ground AND normal time; OR a mix of +1 and -1 conditions.
G.+0: consecrated place (pentacle...); OR dedicated time; OR BOTH.
G.-1: consecrated building; AND dedicated ceremony attended by at least twelve followers.

H. Casting duration.
H.+2: 3 seconds preparing the mind; 1 second dedicated to casting (as quickly as snapping fingers).
H.+1: 1 minute preparing the mind; 10 second dedicated to casting (as quickly as counting to ten).
H.+0: 15 minutes preparing the mind (must not do any demanding activity such as combat during the preparation); 1 minute dedicated to casting.
H.-1: 5 hours preparing the mind (light activity allowed, interruption for a couple of minutes allowed – casting another spell is NOT a light activity); one hour dedicated to casting (no interruption otherwise you have to resume from the start).
Note: the same preparation allows multiple casting of the same spell – useful if the first try failed.

I. Components.
I.+2: none.
I.+1: a mundane component destroyed, or a magic component held (magic wand…).
I.+0: a precious component destroyed, or a unique artifact or relic held.
I.-1: an unnatural component destroyed (unicorn's horn...), or a divine object held.

J. Body components.
J.+2: none.
J.+1: whispers; 1 hand move; light sporadic concentration till end of effects.
J.+0: loud speak; 2 arms move; strong concentration till end of effects (allows to walk and chat, not fight or cast).
J.+0: averaging +/-1 for a loud, elaborate casting, but only very light concentration afterwards.
J.-1: shouting; whole body involved; intense concentration till end of effects (scrutiny, no move, no talk).

Side effect:

There is always some kind of side effect, no matter whether the spell will be cast or failed.
The side effect is not chosen, it is determined automatically:
- Add all bonuses & maluses from 1. To J., before determining the side effect.
- Divide by 2.
- Round down.
- Change the sign.
This gives the side effect.

K. Side effect.
K.+2: pleasant.
K.+1: mild.
K.+0: detrimental.
K.-1: terrible.
K.-2: miscast (automatically).

Pleasant side effects:
They last as long as the caster achieves nothing else (he can even sleep).
1. aura. 2. incense perfume. 3. handsome charisma. 4. heavenly chime. 5. bright inspiration. 6. luck.
In addition, pleasant side effects make that casting impervious to miscast.

Mild side effects:
They last 1/10th of the intended duration of the spell.
1. colored smoke, 2. strange smell, 3. sweat, 4. funny rustle/squeak, 5. drunkenness, 6. dizziness.

Detrimental side effects:
They have the same duration as the spell was intended.
1. hallucination, 2. pestilence, 3. vomit or diarrhea, 4. loud noise, 5. aggressiveness, 6 tiredness.

Terrible side effects:
They last 7 times as long as the spell was intended.
1. near blindness, 2. spasms, 3. severe aging (can affect brain or body), 4. near deafness, 5. dread vision, 6. Infantilism (cancels aging and vice versa).

Note that all RP side effects are not meant to prevent you to do anything else. You can act normally most of the time, just RP the side effect once in a while (i.e. in a small portion of your posts).

They are definitive. To heal one miscast result, you would need a healing spell with permanent duration.

A miscast creates a small vortex blasting pure magic energy around the Mage.
Miscast fluff is adapted to the power of the spell.
The result is often the permanent loss of some Character Statistics:
1. WS (burnt limb), 2. S (severed lungs), 3. T (frail bones), 4. D (severed ear bones), 5. I (madness) or 6. magic power level forgotten (or magic component/artifact/place destroyed, if the spell caster used one).

Range: d6 meters, centered on the Mage. The vortex affects the area and people in the same way as the caster.
If you rolled 6, reroll for d6 x 10m.
If you rolled 6 again, the caster is absorbed by the vortex and sent to Chaos Lands.

Miscasts happen also with a double 1:
1 die for casting, 1 die for side effect, if both results are 1, miscast.
There is an exception: if the side effect was pleasant, there is no miscast for double one.

Author:  Calisson [ Sat Dec 17, 2011 3:04 pm ]
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Comments on Magic and side effects.

Characteristics of the Magic system

The question with Magic is not “if” you can do the impossible (of course, you can!);
The question is not even “how” you can do the impossible (just follow the guidelines!).
The only question is “what risk” you face by doing the impossible (you wish you knew before).

The driving idea is to let magic-users do anything… at the appropriate price.
Impressive spells can be achieved under this system… but they require severe prerequisites.
Also, nothing made by this system's magic is eternal, even “magic death”;
however, someone as dead as SnowWhite swallowing her apple, will die by starvation within weeks, unless magically sustained.

All legendary magic effects (and religious miracles, technological realizations…) can be covered with this Magic system. If ever you wondered, Caledor’s vortex saving the World against the Chaos invasion (circa -4450 in GW’s WHFB chronology) would correspond mostly to +2 effects, -2 conditions (extrapolate the wordings).

Magic seems easy and unlimited.
There is no use of mana, or of limited powerdice, you can cast as many spells as you wish.
In addition, it is not difficult to get high chances to cast your spells successfully.
Furthermore, if you failed to cast, you can try again immediately until it succeeds.
Yeah, Magic is easy.

But there is one reason to limit yourself.
The practical limit is that each spell generates side effects, which are usually annoying; furthermore, each spell comes at a risk of miscast, which creates a permanent hamper and is sometimes fatal.

Magic is dangerous. To be used with moderation, or else…

Usefulness and mitigation of side effects.

The side effects are here to incite to use magic moderately. Balance and randomness.
They are a great source of roleplay as well!

The main reason why Mages don't spend all day casting spells is not only the risk of miscasts. It is because there is always some annoying side effect, unless the spell was really easy to cast (therefore not very powerful).

In order to mitigate these annoyances, spell casters have several strategies:
- Cast only when necessary, you’ll suffer less often.
- Cast for the smallest effects, the side effect will be less powerful.
- Cast with the most powerful conditions, it decreases the side effect.
- Cast for the shortest duration, the side effect will be shortened accordingly.
- Cast the same spell several times for a quick duration, rather than once for a long duration.
This is why most spells only last one day, or one year, and must be reiterated every day/year during some kind of ceremony.

Wise Mages try to use the spells they know best in priority.
Wise Mages try to cast spells only for the minimal amount they need, because they will receive the minimal side effect.
- hard spell, harsh side effect - soft spell, negligible side effect.
- the fancier the spell, the harsher the side effect
- Cast in priority GW spells - it hurts less.
Try an easy spell with lots of precautions, concentration and magic stuff, you'll get no miscast.
Try a hard spell with just a snap in your finger, the miscast is guaranteed.

An interesting point is that side effects last longer for long duration spells.
Wise mages are particularly vigilant at the duration of the spell, because if the spell last minutes not years, the side effect will last minutes not years.
Mild side effects: last 1/10th of the duration of the spell.
Detrimental side effects: same duration as the spell.
Terrible side effects: last 7 times as long as the spell.
- the longer lasting the spell, the longer lasting the side effect
- Cast spells lasting the minimum you need. Better cast again every day than suffer from a long lasting side effect.

Now you know why Magic-users are often bizarre, to tell the least…

How to determine side effects.

If you can do some simple maths:
Sum up the bonus/malus before the side effects.
Divide by two, round down if necessary, change the sign.

Said otherwise:
If the total without side effect is -4 (or less), the side effect will be +2=pleasant, for a new total casting bonus of -2 (or better).
If the total without side effect is -3, the side effect will be +1=mild for a new total casting bonus of -2
If the total without side effect is -2, the side effect will be +1=mild for a new total casting bonus of -1
If the total without side effect is -1, the side effect will be +0=detrimental for a new total casting bonus of -1
If the total without side effect is +0, the side effect will be +0=detrimental for a new total casting bonus of +0
If the total without side effect is +1, the side effect will be +0=detrimental for a new total casting malus of +1
If the total without side effect is +2, the side effect will be -1=terrible for a new total casting malus of +1
If the total without side effect is +3, the side effect will be -1=terrible for a new total casting malus of +2
If the total without side effect is +4 (or more), the side effect will be -2=miscast for a new total casting malus of +2 (or worse).

Summary: you divide the total by two, round down. That's how far you get closer to +0.
Therefore, side effects have always the consequence to move the total closer to +0.

Examples of side effect determination.

Example 1:
total A trough J is +3 (you're trying something a little bit too difficult, such as summoning a dragon with a snap in the finger).
Divided by two = +1.5
Rounded down = +1
Chance sign = -1
The side effect will be -1 terrible.
The final bonus will be +3 (former total) -1 (K.) = +2.

Example 2:
total A trough J is -5 (you're trying something very easy with a lot of power, such as asking Morathi to sacrifice a CoB in order to cast doombolt).
Divided by two = -2.5
Rounded down = -2
Chance sign = +2
The side effect will be +2 pleasant.
The final bonus will be -5 (former total) +2 (K.) = -3.

Magic missiles.

Most Lores have access to a Magic Missile.
The Range (D.) is breath (-1), or visual (+0), or known place (+1).
If the distance of the target is more than indicated in GW RB, then the spell is likely to be more difficult to cast (B.+0 rather than B.-1).

Accuracy (C.) is whole body (-1), or accurate (+0, specify which part of the body).
If roll is 1, epic fail, a random target is hit (including friends) – and allowed a resistance test (I test).
If the distance was more than 24 yards, 1 or 2 is epic fail unless it was a success.
More than 48 yards, 1, 2 or 3 is epic fail unless it was a success.

The magic missile hurts. It can wound one person (C.-1) or many (C.+0, affects 3D6 persons).
It wounds and “kills” (i.e. mortally wounds and brings to coma), but only for the duration of the spell (E.).
When the spell ends, the wounds auto-heal. However, the hard indirect consequences of the missile remain (i.e. if because of the missile, your clothes take fire or you drown, that consequence remains).


Let's suppose you had a limb missing. You can restore it with magic!
Of course, this task is easier for Life Lore. But any Lore can be used to heal, with some imagination (and a hard malus).

A healing spell effectiveness depends on C. Area of effect.
-1: light wound => transforms the mortal wound into a deep wound – the victim is still impaired but his situation does not degrade anymore.
+0: deep wounds => transforms the mortal wound into a light wound – the victim acts normally except for strenuous work.
+1: mortal wound => heals the mortal wound. It can also restore a missing limb or do any chirurgical healing.
+2: when death has actually occurred. It restores life – for the duration of the spell – but does not heal the wounds.
There is also an option to cast three times a cure light wound spell. The first time, the mortal wound will become deep, the second time the deep wound will become light, the third time the light wound will heal.

Note that the healing only lasts as long as the spell.
- If you heal until midnight, all effect is lost afterwards, and the victim will resume dying in 4-6 hours, diminished by the time already spent.
You would have to heal again just after midnight (this is a legitimate option, if you wish).
- If the healing lasts several weeks, that is long enough for the wounds to heal naturally, and the healing is definitive.
It takes 1 week of rest to heal a light wound, 1 more week to heal from a deep wound to a light wound, and 1 more week to transform a mortal wound that was stabilized somehow, into a deep wound.
- If you cast three "cure light wounds" rather than one "cure mortal wound", the duration of the three "cure light" does not have to be the same.
I suggest to make the ultimate one to last longer, taking advantage of the improved knowledge of healing wounds.
As a result, you'll not need to recast everything after midnight. At sunrise will suffice.

If your Magic Lore does not specialize in healing, never mind. Use your imagination and find a way.

Author:  Calisson [ Sat Dec 17, 2011 3:20 pm ]
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Magic objects.

TMRS2 scenario is about the creation of Magic items. And their bloody use, too!

Magic object creation.

In order to make a magic object, a mage (or engineer, priest…) needs to cast two spells:

- First step: to cast “magic object” (A: +1) on a mundane object.
In the process, the object will be physically transformed, i.e. a metal bar and a stone becomes a ring with the stone inserted.

- Second step: to cast the spell you wish the magic object to release.
Instead of actually casting the spell, the new “virgin” magic object will “absorb” the spell. The object will be thereafter able to release its magic at will, once a day, with always the same result and the same side effect. It is triggered by the will of the bearer (often with a word of command).

What if a magic object creation spell doesn't succeed?

Each step is liable to fail.
- If the "magic object" spell was unsuccessful, cast it again till it works.
- If the first spell you cast with the new "virgin" magic object in your hand failed, then the magic object will only cast autofail spells. A cursed item. Not the result you wished, unless you’re running a joke and novelty shop.
If this happened, you'd have to resume from the start: cast again "magic object" on the same object, in that case the former magic effect will be erased; then you just need to cast the desired spell, this time successfully.

Comments on magic object creation spell.

- To create a magic object is considered to be an unusual spell (B.+0) throughout the competition.
- The casting duration (H.) encompasses both parts of the spell.
- During the second step, the spell is not actually cast (nor the side effect), because it is absorbed in the item. Only when the item will be triggered, will the spell (and side effect) be released. However, the caster knows the result beforehand.

Permanent magic objects.

Once an object is embedded with a magic property, there is no requirement for another spell afterwards. This is the reason why non-mages can use them (including the embedded spell). They will “release” that spell once a day, at will of any bearer, usually with a word of command. With always the same side effect.
Often, the duration of the effect is until midnight, and the object has to be triggered again immediately after midnight, as a kind of daily maintenance. This is the case for a +1 sword, for example.
Magic objects usually last for one year, sometimes longer, but for the challenge, one day is enough.
Examples are magic weapon, magic armor, enchanted items (like rings), talismans, battle standards...

Magic objects with multiple properties.

Magic objects can have several magical properties.
For that purpose, cast as many times as required the “magic object” spell in a row.
Next, cast all the spells that you wish embedded.
If any casting attempt fails, redo the whole process from the start.

Single use objects.

If the magic object is designed to be destroyed by its single use (potion, scroll), then consider that the spell you cast involves the destruction of an unnatural component (I: -1), that you need not to provide otherwise (it is made by the first part of the spell: “magic object”).
Note that scrolls, like potions, are not restricted to mages, everybody can use them. However, scrolls are often written in an arcane language that only a few mages know.

Arcane objects.

Magic objects belong to two categories: arcane and non- arcane.
Arcane objects don’t cast any spell by themselves. They are only used as a magic component catalyst, which will be held to help future magic spells (I: +1). They have no permanent effect besides that.

Only spell casters are able to use them, because they only serve to enhance magic casting.
The most common are magic rod, ward or staff. A tome of scrolls would belong to that category, too.

For the creation of these arcane magic objects, there is only the first step to complete.

Consecrated place (pentacle, building...)

When casting a spell, a mage can benefit from a consecrated place (G.-1).
A mage can consecrate himself a place: after all, it is just an arcane object as large as a building (C.+1, and either D.-1 or D.+0).
Once consecrated, the place can be used either as a consecrated place (G.-1) or as a magic object (I.+1), but not both.

Author:  Calisson [ Sat Dec 17, 2011 3:21 pm ]
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The Magic Reality Show 2 – At the World Magic Fair.

Hi, this is Calissimo. Welcome to Miragliano’s World Magic Fair!
Every 20 years, all professionals and amateurs of magic items gather in the city of Miragliano, in Tilea.
The Fair welcomes all origins, all races, abiding to every possible magic, religious and scientific system.
This event is the largest international exhibition of magic objects in the world!
Before I let you discover the Fair, I would like to thank again our main sponsor, Roll-Hex, “with Roll-Hex, it’s so easy to hex”.
All around the Fair, countless stalls display all kind of magic objects, arcane artifacts, fancy creations, esoteric relics, supernatural masterpieces, ancient codexes, various scrolls and tomes, rune calligraphy, ensorcelled equipment, enchanted accessories, marvels and wonders, prodigies, mysteries and miracles, every possible and impossible natural or unnatural phenomenon, charms, amulets, talismans, luckstones, rods, staffs, wands, shards, potions, brews, concoctions, mixtures and the likes, as well as the rarest ingredients used to make them.

One of the most popular attractions is the Magic Reality Show, where craftsmen selected from the whole world compete in public.
The competition is fairly simple:
Each competitor brings to the Show one tool (magic wand, anvil…), four precious components and three unnatural components. Everything else will be provided to them, guinea pigs included.
Every day, they enchant one object provided to them. It can be enchanted for as long as they wish, either one day for demonstration purpose, or one year for selling it later.
Once done, they show their creation to the assistance.
The crowd votes to determine who will try his experiment in a real magic combat. If only two competitors are present, there's no vote.
Next thing, the two designated competitors remain in the arena, with all the magic objects they have made so far. They can use their objects, they can also cast spells. The loser is booed out of the Fair (his close family will be allowed to make a visit once a day till recovery – or to claim the body, whichever is applicable).

At the end of the week, the last competitor earns the “Roll-Hex” Cup, offered by the sponsor.
Complementary earnings are made with half of the money recovered by selling all the magic objects made during the week.
In addition, the winner will be granted the level (3) of his magic and, much more important, a world reputation.

Day competition template.

This is a model that you are welcome to adapt to your own situation.

At the beginning of the day, Puck the Oracle saw Calissimo coming at him with his Azir loudspeaker. Calissimo cheered the crowd before starting to interview Puck, who was uneasy in front of that many people.
- Hi! Could you remind us who you are and where you come from?
- Hi, Calissimo. I’m Puck, the Oracle. I’m from Albion, an island North of Bretonnia, where fog never dissipates.
- Wow, that’s far! I’m sure you enjoy the sunny climate here. So, Puck, could you explain us what you intend to do for today’s contest?
- Well, today’s goal is to enchant a staff. I intend to allow the wielder to transform himself like the late Kadon was able to do. He was a great model for us Oracles!
- Er, you intend to transform the wielder into what exactly?
- Well, I could select a Mountain Chimera or a Great Fire Dragon, but for today, I feel that a Feral Manticore should be enough to win the day.
- Wow, that sounds impressive! Good luck!

Puck took most of the day to prepare his spell.
Exited with the idea of witnessing the creation of a Manticore, the crowd never ceased to stare at the Oracle, jabbering and looking over his shoulder despite the guards who were driving them back all the time.

First, the staff was to be readied to absorb the magic. Puck took his beloved triskell and used it to channel the winds of Ghur into the wood. This was a lengthy process.
[OOC: Magic object. A.+1 B.+0 C.-1 D.-2 E.+1 (he intended to use it during the whole week) F.+0 G.+0 H.-1 I.+1 J.+0 K.+0 Total -1. ]

Next, the spell itself had to be cast. When Puck took a deep breath and started intoning loudly his incantations, the crowd instinctively took a wide distance and watched anxiously.
[OOC: Transformation of Kadon, Lore of Beast #6. A.+0 B.-1 C.-1 D.-2 E.+0 (till midnight) F.+0 G.+0 H.-1 I.+1 J.+0 K.+2 (pleasant) Total -2.]

A whirlwind of reddish energy gathered and penetrated the wood.
Puck smiled. He knew that the spell was a success!
<OOC: In case of failing to cast, Puck will cast again, even after a miscast.
What follows supposes the results of the spells are successful, pending miscasts and side effects>

In the evening, the competitors gathered in the arena.
When came Puck’s turn to show his work, Calissimo arrived next to him.
- Hi again, Puck. How did your day go?
- Well, Calissimo, I’m not used to see that many people around, but I was able to concentrate anyway and I’m quite happy with the result. Do you wish to see it?
- Sure! Let’s see if there is a volunteer.
- Er, Calissimo, for a spell like transforming into a Manticore, you better wish me to do it on myself, so I can control the beast.
- Ow, you’re right. I’ll ask a volunteer for you to give a ride, would that be convenient?
- Fine, Manticores can be mounted.

- <to the crowd> Hey, everybody, who wants to get a merry-go-round ride on a Manticore?
- <crowd>Me! Me! Me!
- <selecting one young lad in the first row> Hey you! Come here! What’s your name?
- <lad> Hi, I’m Corto, from Gorgone Sola. <proudly cheering to his friends>
- So, Corto, let’s see if Puck can ride you for a test flight.

Puck took his staff, uttered a hoarse shout and suddenly, his size increased, he was growing wings and became a fearful Manticore. Corto fainted on the spot. Puck took off, flew around the arena and landed back where he departed. Corto woke up, jumped on his feet and rushed into the crowd, calling Mamma!

- Compliments, Puck that beast, er, I mean, you are magnificent. Do you intend to remain in that shape for long?

- <growling an approximate hoarse language> I remain Manticore in case I fight in arena.
- Sure, no problem. Please remain quiet, uh? We will now go and see the next competitor. Thank you again, Puck!
<leaving hastily>

Author:  Calisson [ Sat Dec 17, 2011 3:22 pm ]
Post subject: 

Character creation.

If you want to give a try to TMRS, register your character by posting his description below, just like a RPG character. You can join even if you are already playing or moderating in one or several RPG.


For the time of the Fair, interracial violence is rather contained, in a similar way as for Blood Bowl events. Any mortal being is welcome to the Fair, even those undead for who the fatal issue was proven a long time ago. Only non-mortal beings are banished – literally.
Every intelligent (even remotely) mortal race shows up during the Fair, Slaans being the only known exception. Even non-player races are allowed, such as Fimir or Zoat (GW’s Storm of Magic).

Magic Lores:

The Fair gathers all magic lovers from the whole world. Although the Competitors will likely use the most classic Lores, there is a remote possibility for a very exotic practitioner of a hardly ever seen Lore.
Note: the same Lore is available simultaneously for several competitors if they wish so.

- Every classic Magic Lore is available:
Lores of Light, Metal, Death, Life, Heaven, Shadow, Fire, Beasts;
Lores of High Magic (High Elves), Dark Magic (Dark Elves), Athel Loren (Wood Elves);
Lore of the Little WAAAGH (Goblins), Big WAAAGH (Orcs);
Skaven Spells of Ruin (Skaven), of Plague (Skaven);
Lore of the Wild (Beastmen); Lore of the Great Maw (Ogre Kingdoms);
Lore of Nurgle (Warriors of Chaos), Slaanesh (Warriors of Chaos), Tzeentch (Warriors of Chaos);
The Black Art of the Vampire (Vampire Counts); Lore of Nehekhara (Tomb Kings).
Note: Deamon Lores and Slaan Lore are not available.

In addition, exotic Lores can be considered too: Ice (Kislev), Arabian, Voodoo (Guinean, Pirates), Ind, Cathay, Nippon…
- Non magic “Lores” are also available, be them Religious, Chemical or Mechanical “Lores”; of course for the appropriate classes:
Sigmar’s cult (Empire), Grail’s quest (Bretonnians), Treelore (Wood Elves), Khaine’s cult (Dark Elves);
The Art of Poisoning (Tileans, Dark Elves, Skaven, Goblins, Skinks…), the Art of Cooking (Halfling), Alchemy (Humans);
Runesmithing (Dwarves), Powder/Steam Engineering (Empire, Dwarves), Technomage (Skaven), Music (any culture).

Note: exotic Lores are to be used only by very enthusiastic roleplayers, not competing to win.


Each Competitor starts with a normal RPG character, with the following modifications:
He can be of any mortal races played in WH (this is your chance to RP a member of your other army!).
If Dark Elves are many to register, so be it, but this is not a requirement.

Stats are the usual ones, capped at 5, the total makes 18. Try to remain consistent with your race.
Select the appropriate Lore at level (2), and no other skill.
Equipment/inventory: one magic wand (or equivalent, such as an anvil for the engineers…); 5 precious components of his choice; 2 unnatural components of his choice – these components will be used and destroyed during some spell casting.
No other equipment at all: it will be provided by the organization.
In addition, each player specifies which day of the week is inauspicious for his Lore and which one is dedicated. His choice. The challenge starts on a Monday (RPG time) and ends on a Sunday.


• Name: self explanatory.
• Race: any WH race except Daemon or Slaan. • Sex • Age • Height • Weight: self explanatory.
• Appearance: What does your character look like? Keep it short.
• Character Class: any class compatible with the selected Lore or equivalent. Mage is highly likely.
• Character Statistics: WS n - S n - T n - D n - I n. Total 18. Your starting Intelligence has to be 4 or 5.
• Starting Equipment: You must select one magic wand (or equivalent, such as anvil for the engineers…); 5 precious components; two unnatural components.
• Starting Skills: You must take one single skill: power of magic XX (2).
• Inauspicious Day: NNday (+1 to cast on inauspicious day).
• Dedicated Day: YYday. (-1 to cast on dedicated day).
• Character Background: as you like. Keep it short. From which city does the Character come? For RPG purpose, you can specify what phobia has your character.
• Character Ambitions: as you like. Keep it short. What will the character do with the prize?

Candidate registration.

Please register here below.
In order to do so, just post your character’s description.
WARNING: The game will not start before early January, possibly later according to my RL work load.

Author:  Smiler666 [ Sun Dec 18, 2011 9:44 pm ]
Post subject: 

Name: Kha'Rak Stoneheart
Race: Beastman Sex: male Age: 29 post Height: 10'9" Weight: 20st

Appearance: Kha'Rak is monstrously large even among minotaurs, standing almost twice the height of a man and three times as wide, with thick skin and scattered tufts of clotted and matted fur. Beyond the minotaur norm though, Kha'Rak consantly wears an ornamental mask made of the upper skull of a massive beast whose huge twisted and ridged horns curl around and in front of his own, under which his skull warps and twists as though something is trying to push it's way out and the watery black eyes that stare out swirl and morph from burning, animalistic rage to intelligence and cunning and back again.

Class: Doombull
Stats: WS-2 S-5 T-4 D-3 I-4
Equipment: Skullhhorn Mask (wand equivalent), 5 shrunken heads of different old world races, 2 razgor pelts
Skills: lore of wild (2)
Inauspicious/Dedicated days: Tuesday/Saturday respectively, Tuesday is the day Ghurkar was trapped in Kha'Rak's mind; and Saturday is coincidentally both the day of Kha'Rak's first blooding and the day the chaos gods first spoke to Ghurkar

Background: Basic idea is stolen from the beastman army book - a bray-shaman (Ghurkar) attempts to control the doombull Kah'Rak Stoneheart, who discovers almost immediately and proceeds to turn the bray-shaman into paste before the bray-shaman could leave his mind, ending up with the the bray-shaman trapped in his mind and one doozy of a case of DID - a proper, fluffy background will go up later.
Ambitions: The standard burning desire of all beastmen to wipe man and all his achievements from the face of the land, and on a personal level find a way to have rid of Ghurkar from his mind and rejoin his tribe in the old world.

Author:  Calisson [ Tue Dec 20, 2011 4:05 pm ]
Post subject: 

Kinslayer wrote:
• Starting Equipment:
- Weapon: Enchanted Club (long rectangular spiked gold club which is also a conduit for the power of the heavens)
The only equipment to take is a magic wand or equivalent.
A club will work.
However, its use is to be considered mostly as an arcane item, not as a weapon.
If ever it is used as a weapon, it has a chance to break.
If it is broken, it will lose both its arcane and weapon properties.

Author:  Kinslayer [ Tue Dec 20, 2011 7:23 pm ]
Post subject: 

Calisson wrote:
Kinslayer wrote:
• Starting Equipment:
- Weapon: Enchanted Club (long rectangular spiked gold club which is also a conduit for the power of the heavens)
The only equipment to take is a magic wand or equivalent.
A club will work.
However, its use is to be considered mostly as an arcane item, not as a weapon.
If ever it is used as a weapon, it has a chance to break.
If it is broken, it will lose both its arcane and weapon properties.

I'll keep that in mind then thanks (and hit people with my fists instead) :lol:

Author:  Red... [ Wed Dec 21, 2011 2:56 am ]
Post subject: 

Can I put in a placeholder for Snibbly, the goblin mage, with lore of the little Waagh please :) Will type up full character when I'm back in London (Dec 26th or so).

Author:  Calisson [ Wed Dec 21, 2011 8:34 am ]
Post subject: 

Welcome Snibbly to D.net! :)
Unless Metarchis makes it and you wish to compete again with him (after spending 1 year at Morathi's service)?
The winner of TMRS1 will be granted level 2. He will keep his other starting skill, contrary to all other participants.

Otherwise, please let me know if your gobbo can count up to 6, else I need a die which can roll 1, 2, several, many, bunch, lots. :lol: - not that his I is to be considered to be capped (consider it as a measure of cunning rather than pure I).

Author:  Meteor [ Sat Dec 24, 2011 4:05 am ]
Post subject: 

Is it too late to join as a typical DE Sorc using Dark Magic?

Author:  Calisson [ Sat Dec 24, 2011 7:33 am ]
Post subject: 

Please come in, Meteor.
With you, there will be 4 spots taken out of 8.

Author:  Drainial [ Sun Dec 25, 2011 12:28 am ]
Post subject: 

I wish I could sign up but what with mounting work, revision and several RPGs already I really don't have the time, sorry Calisson.

Author:  Red... [ Wed Feb 22, 2012 8:58 pm ]
Post subject: 


Sorry, that wasn't actually the sound of me reviving this thread, but merely Snibbly clumsily stumbling into a tree and bumping his head.

While he's recovering though, I'll take the time to ask - any updates on this front? I enjoyed TMRS1 and am itching to help Snibbly get a fixin' against some of his more upper class, snobbly foes...

If this is a go at some stage, I'll provide full character stats for Snibbly asap :)

Author:  Calisson [ Thu Feb 23, 2012 7:25 pm ]
Post subject: 

I intend to proceed with TMRS2 sometime.
It's just that with a presently changing professional life, I cannot tell how available I will be next weeks.

I wish to be able to tell when TMRS2 will start.
The only information I can tell is... not yet.
Hopefully, I'll have a clearer view in a couple of weeks.

Keep tuned!

Author:  Calisson [ Thu Mar 01, 2012 7:50 pm ]
Post subject: 

Good news, all TMRS fans:
the show will soon open.

Let's open my registration log. To date, we have:
- Kha'Rak Stoneheart, an awkward Minotaur who pretends to be eligible because he has a bray-shaman brain. Reservation confirmed by smiler666.
- An anonymous investigation by a certain Kinslayer.
- Snibbly, the goblin mage, has promised to register. Red... is ready to mail the details.
- A Dark Elf mage, whose identity has not been revealed by Meteor.

That makes one solid reservation and three investigations.
There is room for eight.
Four more candidates can register.

Please post below your Character description, as explained in cyan above in the "Character Creation" post.

Author:  Red... [ Fri Mar 02, 2012 12:58 am ]
Post subject: 


Snibbly da mighty Shaman of zapping stuff and conjuring big scary dragguns and wot not.

• Name: Snibbly
• Race: Common Goblin
• Sex: Male
• Age: 19 (this was a guess made by the competition's entry assessor after Snibbly's answer of "many, but not as many as da older goblins" was considered insufficient)
• Height: 4'0
• Weight: 100 lbs

• Appearance: Snibbly is short, green and rather boney (even by goblin standards). He wears an odd assortment of rags, sown together with a material that looks kind of like thread, but no one is entirely sure. His left eye has a slight twitch. He has a mischevious grin, which is usually seen just before something peculiar happens (like a latrine exploding beneath an unsuspecting fellow goblin or a tasty hunk of meat transforming into a slab of rock, just milliseconds before an oblivious orc bites down and shatters all of his teeth on it) and is followed just after by a high pitched titter. His body and face are stained with permanent bruises, the long term impact of getting kicked repeatedly by his suspicious comrades, who want to blame him for said accidents but have yet to find any concrete proof beyond his manic post-event giggling.

• Character Class: Shaman (Mage)
• Character Statistics: WS 2 - S 3 - T 3 - D 5 - I 5.
• Starting Equipment: A slightly wonky stick that Snibbly swears is a magic wand, but seems to everyone else to be just a twig. 5 tufts of Savage Orc hair (precious components) and two scales from a Wyvern (unnatural components)
• Starting Skills: Power of the Little Waagh (2).
• Inauspicious Day: Neither Gork or Mork have officially disliked days of the week, but Snibbly doesn't much like Wednesday because it has too many syllables and is hard to spell.
• Dedicated Day: Neither Gork or Mork have officially sacred days, but Snibbly likes Friday because its easy to pronounce.

• Character Background: Snibbly was born into a tribe of orcs and goblins somewhere in the Old World. He does have a map of where this was, passed onto him by his parents before their unfortunate death in a local tribal dispute (something about apples...) but unfortunately this appears to be nothing more than a rather crude drawing of a round mound that is probably a hill and some trees (which could just be a smudged grass stain). Snibbly has seventeen brothers and sisters in his tribe, but as the youngest he has always been something of the runt of the family. This perception has only been reinforced by the fact that Snibbly has never grown very tall and is skinny even by goblin standards.

Snibbly first began to realise that he had tricksy powers during his late pre-teen and early teenage years. He discovered that he could get revenge on his meaner elder brothers and sisters by thinking very hard about bad things that he wanted to happen to them, and then watching while it did. Unfortunately for Snibbly, he has never proved able to avoid giggling hysterically after one of his tricks, an outcome which has led to many a kicking from his relatives. They were never entirely sure how he transformed the soup in their bowls into a pile of disgusting worms or dropped a banana just in front of their feet, so that they slipped and fell, but his irritating hyena like tittering always made it very clear that he had somehow been involved.

After a few years of carrying out this kind of behaviour mostly unnoticed, Snibbly was eventually identified by the tribe's resident shaman as possessing the rudiments of magical power. This eccentric old goblin took Snibbly under his wing and began to formalise his teaching into the arts of the Little Waagh. Snibbly took to this education mostly well and learned volumes from the sage old goblin, but unfortunately he was never quite able to lose his penchant for practical jokes. One day he took things too far: causing a small stormcloud to appear over the head of the Orcish leader of the tribe which rained on him and zapped him sporadically with lightning bolts. Snibbly was never formally identified as the perpetrator, but orcs have never really been ones to hold a fair trial and Snibbly didn't exactly help his case by collapsing into a ball, shrieking with laughter. Once the Boss had decided Snibbly was somehow behind the mishap, the little goblin apprentice had two choices: be beaten to death or run away. Ever smarter than his colleagues, Snibbly wisely chose the latter.

After some unguided wandering through the Old World, Snibbly heard from a wily looking Dark Elf named Metarchis about a mighty magic contest being run at Miragliano’s World Magic Fair. Identifying that this might be an opportunity for him to progress from being a minor shaman into a great shaman - possibly one who could go and teach all those stupid orcs and goblins back in his home tribe a lesson - he made his way to the event to sign up, using a mixture of petty magic, con artistery and theft to aid his journey there.

Snibbly's biggest phobia is being eaten by a tree. Say it's unlikely to happen all you want, Snibbly has his reasons for being suspicious... they all seem just a little too quiet for Snibbly's liking: no one is that quiet without having something to hide! That's one very good reason to keep holding onto his magic wand (funky shaped stick) - a hostage to ensure their good will. He can tell that this is working, because none of the trees he's passed have tried to eat him yet.

• Character Ambitions: Snibbly would like to learn enough new magical powers to become a Great Shaman, enabling him to go back home and put that stupid big old Orcish Boss and his ugly retainers in their place.

Author:  Calisson [ Fri Mar 16, 2012 7:22 pm ]
Post subject: 

Thanks, Red... , but you cannot save the show alone.
After your first victory, it seems that you're the winner again, if only by default. 8)

Unless... :idea:

Let's make it differently.
As soon as two players are registered, I can make a "day" of competition. There would be no poll to decide who goes in the arena, just both players would compete in the evening.
The winner survives.
The loser can create another character.
If ever more characters show up, then I can organize a competition over several "days", as initially planned.

What d'you think?

Author:  Smiler666 [ Sun Mar 18, 2012 11:31 pm ]
Post subject: 

What's all this about a snotty little goblin being handed victory? Kha'Rak disagrees with this foolishness *headbutts random bystander*

Author:  Kinslayer [ Mon Mar 19, 2012 1:30 am ]
Post subject: 

I took my character out prior to you announcing the game will soon begin, aplogies for that but I'm swamped at the moment will RL stuff, even my RPG Group is on hold. If you're starting now I'm afraid I won't be able to join in after all. If it's still a little while, we shall see...

Author:  Calisson [ Thu Mar 22, 2012 1:42 pm ]
Post subject: 

I've sent a PM to Meteor, but no reply.
Never mind, we have smiler666 and Red..., that's enough to start a day.

If ever anyone wants to join after the show has started, no problem, come in.

So that's...
TMRS2 - Day 1.

Author:  Red... [ Thu Mar 22, 2012 3:42 pm ]
Post subject: 

Curses, Snibbly was more than happy with a default victory - it's his favourite kind (involves no work and guaranteed spoils). Oh well. Will try to write up my first post for the main game this evening :D

Author:  Red... [ Sun Apr 01, 2012 10:48 pm ]
Post subject: 

Smiler666 wrote:
Spell 3 - crush-a-gobbo (lore of minotaurs sig spell, casting 0)

LOL. Well played :D

Author:  Calisson [ Mon Apr 02, 2012 3:34 pm ]
Post subject: 

About the first duel.

Be aware that if the range is visual, what you don't see is out of reach.
Example: casting Itchy Nuisance at a cloud will reach the cloud (and whoever is inside) but not beyond.

Also, be reminded that magic cannot kill by itself. Only it's side consequences can
(example: magic fire can wound and set clothes in fire, but it will not kill. Breathing the suffocating smoke from burning clothes can kill).

With that in mind, I'll try to sort the mess out of the arena.

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