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The Magic Reality Show (TMRS) – Who is the best recruit ? 

Who should be sent to Morathi as an apprentice?
Poll ended at Thu Dec 22, 2011 9:41 am
Kaladeth (Malus99 => Dhar =Dark) 56%  56%  [ 5 ]
Metarchis Avax (Red... => Khaine’s cult) 33%  33%  [ 3 ]
I don't vote, but I am interested in the result 11%  11%  [ 1 ]
Total votes : 9

The Magic Reality Show (TMRS) – Who is the best recruit ? 
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Kaleth asked the crowd: Who can we trust to be the most loyal to Morathi?

Vote for THE BEST!

The hour of the final challenge was here and Metarchis strode confidently into the doors of the tower. There, he prostrated himself in front of Morathi'effigy and, placing both hands on the floor, uttered the following vow:
Metarchis wrote:
Oh lady of power, I swear not only my own fealty, but also that of Helleryia - former slave girl and now favoured daughter of Khaine. I promise that we will serve you with our living bodies and our undying souls. We will ruthlessly hunt down any who oppose you and cut them down without respite or mercy.
With these words said, Metarchis stood back up on his feet and edged respectfully away from the Lady of Naggaroth. He moved to the edge of the room, awaiting her decision. He knew that it would be a difficult choice, but hoped that Morathi would value the chance to curry the favour of Khaine by employing two of his most devoted servants, above the minimal advantage that she would gain from adding yet another boring and essentially redundant sorceress of darkness to her retinue.


Kaladeth wrote:
Mighty Queen of Dhar, I pledge my fealty to you, undying and unquestioning. I give you my undivided loyalty, I will serve you unto the end of ages with every ounce of my strength, I will hold no love, nor venerate any god but you, for all else would be distraction. The darkness gathers as a storm and I will throw myself into the tempest if you would let me serve you, my life is yours to spend as you see fit, for I serve the will of the black winds, and they know only you as their true master.
As do I.
With her words spoken, head bowed in obeisance, Kaladeth held up a finger and whispered a quiet incantation. Her fingernail lengthened into a talon of obsidian that was shrouded in wisps of smoke and fog. With a hiss of pain she dug the claw into the skin of her left shoulder, leaving molten red trails etched into her skin as she carved out a rune with painstaking precision, shaping the arrowhead crossed with the serpent that symbolised Arha, rune of darkness. Languid trails of blood rolled down her side as she straightened, her face a mask of ecstatic tranquillity as she felt the pain curling up her spine in electric tremors. The exquisite agony bloomed in her mind like the dawning sun, a barbed scourge that carved furrows in her consciousness.
With an effort of extreme will, Kaladeth forced her legs to turn and remove her from the chamber before she collapsed.

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Wed Dec 21, 2011 9:41 am
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C'mon fellow Khainites - vote for the representative of the Bloody Handed God! :D

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Wed Dec 21, 2011 9:22 pm
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Well we must support our glorious kind and Kaladeth seems devoted only to the lady Moraithy.

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