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... And Hell Followed
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Nathra quickly retreived her shurikens from the second set of sentries just in time for an illusionary army to be heard, the two Khainites wasted no time upon hearing the signal, it seemed, for both of them were quickly into the fight. The shade soon joined them.

She jumped from the sentries elevated position into the surrounding scenery and landed in a crouch. Nathra took the dagger from her belt and held the blade in her teeth, she got several of her throwing stars at the ready then covered herself in the camoflage of her cloak once one. Quickly and shadily the scantily clad shade approached the enemy at a silent run, using cover and cloak to conceal her postion at all times.

Nathra found a suitable place to outflank the marauders and hid herself behind a cloister of large rocks. A quick peek gave her the positions of the closest marauders, still milling around in confusion. Readying four shurikens, two in each hand, she popped up momentarily and let loose the missile barrage at the two nearest marauders.

Readying her next salvo the nimble shade crouched behind the rocks once more. The norsemen were still in a state of confusion.

Nathra will use stealth to creep around behind the marauders, letting loose her stars if the chance occurs (four stars equals four possible targets). Only when they have noticed the two Khainites in their midst will Nathra engage them in combat, coming up from behind to take them down easily.

Nathra Severain - Shade (Group 38)
WS:5 S:4 T:2 D:6 I: 3
Skills; Acrobatics; Basic Stealth; Free Running
Equipment: Longsword; Shurikens (6/10); Shade Cloak; Asur Arm & Leg Armour Plates; Misericorde; Gutting Knife
Inventory; Ornate Tiara; Sword Belt; Asuri Orb; 106 gold

Thu Mar 15, 2012 10:48 am
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Roleplaying Deity
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No post here in 3 months... I'll lock this thread as I assume it is dead.

~ Kinslayer, RPG Mod.

Mon Jun 18, 2012 7:35 pm
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