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my Druchii warband 
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Cold One Knight
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OKay, I haven't been at these forums for awhile, since I quit playing WH and all other games-workshop games, and was lured to warmachine mercs for awhile..

However, recently I found some 4th edition darkelves and bits and models from the 5th and 6th edition from my bits box and decided to scratch build an warband for morheim from those..

I'm using beta rules for them.
I tried to create a warband that's not like every other darkelf warband, and with lots of character on models and their equipment.

Here's the list, as I remember it(withoit the points included, I'm at school as I write this)








2 coldone hounds(slave hounds, but I have those cool 4th edition coldones which I use as slavehounds)

2 shades
daggers, RXB's

that's it. I know it's not the best list, and the coldone is not wice buy at the beginning, but I wanted to include it right away. besides, the fear and +2 armour IS handy with noble.

as I gain experience and gold, I'm planing to add ranged weapons to most of my heroes(longbows propably) and more henchmen a soon as I can: one more shade and corsairs with spears and bucklers.

what do you think? It's not supposed to be yber munchskin list, style comes first to me...

oh, as most of my friends I play with live at different cities as I do, we play random games and add hte income and expereince... every game affects the next one, but it's not really an campaign...

Tue Apr 08, 2008 10:26 am
Warband Noble
Warband Noble
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Well, it is interesting idea. The mounted noble can actually cooperate quite well with the hounds, as they will have the same charge range. I would just advise you to make your group houserule that shooting on mounted models does not get the +1 to hit bonus (see the recommendation in Nemesis Crown). This +1 is quite a killer and while +2AS is not bad, even crossbow will reduce it to 6+ (which will often not work anyway because of criticals) and the wounds will be resolved against T3 of your noble.

The stupidity might be a problem, of course. Too bad that Druchii can not hire a bard ;-)

Wed Apr 09, 2008 5:43 am
Cold One Knight
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Joined: Thu Sep 04, 2003 10:15 am
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Thanks for your reply.

I'm sure house rules are okay, thanks for the tip.

My plan was exactly that, running hounds with the noble. so beastmaster, hounds and noble forms one team, and shades and the lordling forms support team. the sorceress will be where she's needed.

I will propapbly take inflirtrate for my lordling and use him as a ranged support/pain in the opponent's a**.

The stupidity is always an issue, but I'm the kind of player who misses the good old times, when games-workshops games had fun and unpredictable special rules, so that might just bring more funny situations to the game.
Though it's not nice to lose an Noble.

anyway, thanks for your feedback, I'll tell you my opinions of the rules when I get to test them :)

Sat Apr 12, 2008 8:46 am
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