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My first battle in the NC campaign(Battle log) 
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I felt that it might be a good idea if i posted this. This is the log of my first battle, a 2500 pts battle against my friends wood elves which i scored a solid victory against.

Overall information:
• The Druchii have beached their Black Arks in the Cursed Marches and around the coast. They send smaller ships up the Reik and from
there on the Tabalec, all the way to the Howling Heights.

• Bands of Shades has been dispatched to locate interesting targets and the find the positions of their cursed kin, the High Elves.

The Battle:
• The main force of the Raiding Party sent by House Doomblade consists of the Highborn Archon Doomblade, two of his pegasus mounted officers backed up by, dark elf warriors, reaper bolt throwers, harpies, chariots and knights, drawn by and mounted on foul cold ones. The woods was scouted by scouts on foot and mounted.

• The Raiding Force met the Kindsband of Lathus Autumnleaf led by his brother Mathion. The Druchii host dispatched of the Asrai and wiped most of them off the field.
Notable persona killed by the dark elves were Mathions chief spellsinger, his senior tracker and the leader of his Eternal Guardsmen the later was struck down by Kargen Doomblade, Lord Archons second in command.
A notable loss on the Druchii side was the captain Ithal, an expert marksman who shoot dead the Asrai mage before he disappeared in the woods while fighting a band of Asrai Wardancers, he was presumed dead.

• When Mathion and his Wildrider bodyguard was sighted, Lord Archon took to the skies on his Black Dragon to take the Asrais head, but the wood elf turned tail when the vicious dragon schorched parts of his bodyguard, he managed to escape in the dense forest.

• Archon is on the lookout for the Asrai so he can end their threat to his force permenantly.


Wed Jun 27, 2007 10:33 pm
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