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Syneri Gaunt background 
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Here we go, I finally got the most basic section of background done in order to flesh out my general, comments welcome...

Syneri Gaunt, firstborn of House Gaunt of Ghrond and the owner of the black ark Litany of Anguish. Many view him as the manifestation of his family name, being unusually thin and wiry even for an elf, in addition to rarely talking to anyone outside of his personally bodyguard, although this is of little consequence when seated upon his favorite mount; the pegasus Shrike. This ‘birds eye’ view of the world has allowed him to hone his skills into an exceptional tactician, somewhat offsetting his martial frailty.

While not being numbered amongst the most powerful of Druchii nobles on a personal level, over the years he has more than compensated for this with his connections to the High Sorceresses of the Convent within the city (a fact that provides considerable leverage, but comes with risks). It is for this reason that some view this an unhealthy relationship, but for so long as it serves the purposes of both sides you would be unlikely to see him without a hand-picked cadre of the Convent’s trainees, thus making him a far less desirable opponent, both in politics and upon the field. The position of his sister Illiya Gaunt, a powerful sorceress in her own right, as one of his most trusted commanders serves to cement this link between the two parties, although friction still occurs from time to time.

Following his limited success during the so-called ‘Storm of Chaos’ he has set sail for the old world once again, plotting to repay those who foils his schemes and deal a crippling blow to any Asur forces he encounters in his quest. This time his quest takes him far inland, into the great forest of the Empire and past the blockades of the elven commander Giladis, in search of a great treasure hidden for centuries from the eyes of mortals. This ‘Nemesis Crown’, as said by his prisoners, would allow the wearer to control destiny, and what better way to raise the standing of House Gaunt within the court of the Witch King than to retrieve it in his name? However an item of this importance, could only be properly harnessed by the mind of a schemer such as Syneri, surely …..

…. To this end he intends to use every possible advantage he can bring to bear against others who will inevitably seek the crown for their own reasons, be it the forging of alliances between his own people, shady dealings with those in need of his masterful tactics or merely remaining in the shadows and then relieving the Crown’s finder of both it and his life. To this end he has agreed to aid the cause of Rackieth and his council in their efforts at Tor Thana, altough there are those among his forces who questiont he loyalty of those who would consort with vampires and the servants of the ruinous powers on equal terms.

edit - fixed a major typo

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