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Getting to know your army and general (new version) 
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Army Name: The Court of Ulrain Trisanth 'Heartseeker'

General: Dreadlord Ulrain Trisanth
Captain Lieith Fellsweep
Captain Kulath Diestan

Philosophy: We serve out Lord Malekith, the rightful heir to the Phoenix Throne and indeed the entire World.

Ulrain "Let them come, I havn't had sport in awhile"
Ulrain "The Fools think they are geniuses, and the Geniuses know they are fools"
Lieith " Must we go though this again"
Kulath "I already told you, gold, flesh then blood in that order"

Ulrain Hearseeker’s tale is one drenched in blood and gold, a tale of death and glory wrought in pain and death and to Ulrain’s own laughter.
Ulrain was but a young Master of Iceblood keep, living behind its high walls, shielded from Druchii society. Ulrain’s Farther, the Dreadlord of Iceblood keep, a man that even the Witch King watches closely, decided that his youngest son should join his brothers on a great harvest, ordering him to join his brothers on a slaving trip. After much protest Ulrain finally agreed and gathered his own retainers instead of trusting his Father’s retainers. Thus Ulrain set off to the World Old with Lietih Fellsweep and Sheleth Darkmane.
Avoiding the High Elf sea patrols proved easy for Ulrain’s fleet, the black hulled ships slipping easily across the water to the coast of Tiranoc. Landing swiftly Ulrain led his Corsairs’ in several swift assaults on towns near Ulrain’s landing. Quickly slaying those that stood and defended and enslaving those that cowered away.
As the defenders arrived they were greeted with nothing but empty towns and corpses of these defenders with their hearts removed from their chests.

Sailing away from Ulthuan will hold’s full of slaves and food stores, often the same thing, heading for the old world. Ulrain had a rage in his heart and few dared enter his cabin on his ship, The Horrific, save Sheleth and Lietih and even then every rarely visit him. Brooding alone in his cabin Ulrain plotted and plotted, but the one thing that was ever present on his mind was his Farther, Lord of Doom and Master of Evil, Ulrain would forever be in his shadow even if he returned with a successful slave harvest, something would have to be done, Ulrain thought.

His fleet neared the Old World and Ulrain stood upon the prow of his ship and breathed deeply of the air and a dark, sinister smile drew across his lips. He ordered his mages to shroud his fleet in mists and darkness and for the fleet to wait, for what he gave no sign.
Days past and Ulrain said nothing; he merely paced up and down the deck of his ship uttering not a word to anyone. Then one day he suddenly ordered three ships to make for the shore of the empire, The Horrific amongst them.
The ships swiftly made land and ordered his raiders to dismount, dozens of Corsairs, Cold One Knights and Dark Riders, Ulrain intended to make the men of the Empire fear his very shadow. His army rode fast, his Dark Riders moving up into nearby towns sowing fear and menace before the arrival of Ulrain’s army.
The first town to feel Ulrains wraith fell swiftly as did the second, the third town however was under the protection by a Knightly Order. Ulrain attacked at dawn, his corsairs leaping from building to building in feats of skill and daring while Ulrain’s Knights, Lieith amongst them, roared down the streets, mowing down all that stood against them whilst outside the Raven Heralds rode down any that fled. At the center of the town stood the Knights of Ulric’s Hammer and there with them a Templar Grand master. Both Cold One Knights and Empire Knights gave the other chance to think and both burst into a rampant charge clashing in a storm of lance and shield. Ulrain and the Master found each other and quickly took to a fight, the master was quickly outmatched by Ulrains skill and speed and his rune etched blade sliced though the Armour of the master whilst taking no wounds himself, protected by the dark magic’s of his pendant. With one final swing Ulrain decapitated the Knights Master and roared his victory before he fell upon another Knight. As the battle wound down Ulrain and his Knights were all that was left, their Armour dented and bloodied, Lances broken and swords chipped.

After that battle Ulrain always led his raiders against the pathetic defenses of men, leaving a trail of blood trailing the entire length of Empires cost.
As his fleet crossed from Imperial waters to Norsca waters his fleet came under attack, though no ships were lost Ulrain had one final battle in mind.

He landed his entire army, three ships at a time until his warriors were ready to march, warned by their dark gods the hordes of Norscans were ready to meet them. Ulrain had hoped for such events, he led the armies of the dark gods across the land before coming back a valley upon which batteries of Bolt Throwers were hidden.

The Armies Ulrain took up inside the valley, behind its mouth, spears and swords ready, Corsairs hidden on walls of the valley, clinging to the wall with wicked hooks. The Norsemen waited for nothing and charged at Druchii line, volleys from crossbows and Bolt throwers did nothing to deter them but felled hundreds of the warriors of the Dark Gods before they fell upon the Spears of the Dark elves. The Durchii never gave anything, from behind their spear wall they were safe and the valley below was chocked with Norsemen. The Corsairs pulled handbows from their cloaks and added more fire to the battle, felling hundreds of Norsemen but they seemed to care little for the fallen. The fight continued, the Norsemen attacking the steadfast spear wall while crossbow bolts, spear sized projectiles and Corsair Handbows were fired.
Ulrain watched from a distance, having commanded Kulath to take the bulk of his army and hold the Noresmen. His Knights standing alongside him as they watched the Norsemen pile into the mouth, sensing his time Ulrain ordered his Knights into a charge. They slammed into the rear of the Norsemen horde with devastating effect, the battle ended when the last Norsemen fell to his knees, his heart ripped from his body and the tall, slender figure of Ulrain ‘Heartseeker’ standing over him, laughing.

Following his victory over the Norsemen, Ulrain found his ships holds almost overflowing with slaves and treasure from the surrounding Noresmen villages. So much so then many caught slaves were merely killed for food because there was no way to hold any more, it was an utter fortune of gold and flesh, enough to replace his losses and more so. With holds full his fleet set back to Naggaroth amidst the wails and cry’s of thousands of slaves.
The journey back to the land of chill was simple and uneventful, much the exhausted warriors relief. Ulrain was beside himself; he felt the closest thing to joy a Dark Elf could feel.
The journey to Clar Karond was a slow one, the ships so laden with slaves and loot, but their arrival was anything but quite. Arriving at the Slave-master tower for the court of Malekith to take their share of the gold and slaves, Ulrain offered the chance for the crews of ships to take their share and enjoy the pleasures of the Slave city before setting sail again for Naggarond and his Fathers keep. With most of the crew passed out in Flesh houses or wandering the city, Ulrain stayed abroad the docked ship and dreamed of his Father’s bloody demise, but his Father already had a plan for Ulrain.
An Acolyte of the Temple of Khaine, known to the uninitiated as the Assassins of Khaine, had been ordered to kill Ulrain and display his ruined body to all that would defy Ulrain’s Father.
The Assassin made his way past the sentries and slew all on the ship effortlessly. Sensing his quarry to be near the Assassin moved into Ulrain’s cabin and found his quarry sitting, reading something. The Assassin drew he poisoned blade, utterly without sound.
As the Assassin struck Ulrain leapt forward drawing his black blade. The Assassin leapt onto the table and rained a flurry of blows onto Ulrain. With great effort he danced and deflected the blade of the assassin, desperately trying to defend himself, knowing a single cut, scratch or wound would mean almost instant death, he needed to be flawless.
The Assassin’s blade slide across Ulrains, with his free hand Ulrain struck out at the Assassins legs finding purchase and bringing the Assassin tumbling, but he righted himself the instant his hand touched the wood. Ulrain sung his sword in fine arc and twist his body and army to bring his sword back so not to overextend but the Assassin was like water, flowing around Ulrains utter Dark Blade with seeming ease. Desperation was mounting in Ulrains chest as he fought with the temple assassin in the small room. Ulrain swept his sword out in feign attack, attempting to draw the assassins blade, but the assassin knew better and instead attempt a deadly riposte to Ulrains throat. Ulrain had a split-second, a glimmer of hope, Ulrains gauntleted fist slammed into the Assassins unarmoured midriff. The Assassin had been so focused on Ulrains attacks he had forgotten about his free hand. Fazed and winded Ulrain hammered another blow to the Assassins face, sending him a surprising distance across the room. Before the Assassin could recover he felt an icy sliver in his chest, then the ice spread, numbing his entire body. Looking at his chest Ulrain had plunged his utter Dark Blade into his heart; the Assassin saw nothing more than Ulrains alabaster face in a learning smile of fury and hate.

With the Assassin dead and new rage in his heart, he called for his crews and lieutenants back and set off back to the gulf of Naggarond. His fleet cut across the steel-gray waters of the land of chill driving for Naggarond, seat of the Witch King and Ulrains own father.
The fleet landed without incident and Ulrain ordered the army to prepare to assault Iceblood manor the outside walls of Naggarond while he, Lietih and Kulath rode ahead to the manor.
Ulrain and his retainers arrived to see the gates to the fortified manor open to them, spears and crossbows lining the walls but no calls of warning went out. Ulrain and his retainers rode slowly into the mouth of the manor and in the courtyard stood the tall, alabaster figure of Ulrains father. Tall even for an Elf and clad in ornate sliver Armour etched with deep, blood red runes of power and his sword glowing with balefire. Ulrain stepped from his Cold One, his own black blade in his hand shield in the other. Father and son store at each other, Ulrain with the fire of hate and rage, his father regarded Ulrain with nothing more than cold disdain, looking upon him like he would a household slave.

The two paced around waiting for the other, it was many long moments before the battle began. Ulrain struck, flashing his blade in a feigned assault which was checked at the last second, but his father moved with an unnatural grace, effortlessly sidestepping the blade strike and swiping his sword in a wide arc. Ulrain was almost to slow to stop the sword stroke and managed his shield in time to save the blow. The shield shattered under the impact, breaking the bones of Ulrains army all the way up to the shoulder. Ulrain staggered back, fighting the rising white-hot pain from his arm. He unleashed a hail of blows on his father, their swords clashed in a flurry of multi-coloured sparks but Ulrain couldn’t make any blows land and his father was ready to riposte, Ulrain struggled for his life, fearing his death he fled for his mount but his father was like deathly spectre, rushing to his fore and launching an attack again sending Ulrain on the defence. His strength waning he called to his cold one to aid him, at the order the Cold one leapt to its masters aid. The beast moved quickly but Ulrains father turned and sliced at the cold one witch leapt nimbly back and presented Ulrain with his chance. Ulrain rushed at his father, barely ducking the swipe of his father and stabbed his black blade into the joint of the plates in Ulrains father’s armour.
His father’s eyes went wide, his mouth opened to speak but Ulrain silenced him with a headbutt. Ripping his sword from his father’s chest Ulrain cut his father head from his shoulders, It bounced wetly away as a roar of outrage and terror went though the soldiers of the manor.

General opinion of:

High Elves: The hated kin, misguided as they are they deserve no mercy for their treachery and bloated arrogance over their betters, No mercy.

Dark Elves: Those that follow the Witch king, by fear or faith, are the true rulers of the World

Wood Elves: Strange Elves, they may yet be brought back into the true fold, otherwise they must be burnt away

Dwarfs: Short, proud fools, they make excellent slaves and built our fortified cities and they will do so again

The Empire: A Nation of fools, they may one day learn to serve us

Brettonia: Worse than the Empire, they deserve nothing to be destroyed

Orcs and Goblins: Brutish, stubborn, powerful, once used as slaves but proved to much trouble, better to wipe them out

Lizardmen: the descendants of greater sires, better they die quickly

Vampire Counts: Vile undead that break the very laws of the world, wipe them out

Tomb Kings: Vile undead that break the very laws of the world, wipe them out

Ogres: Larger Orcs with a more ravenous hunger, let them starve

Skaven: A race to close to our own, perhaps the most dangerous, wipe them out

Chaos: Pawns to easily used

Beastmen: Vile creations of the warping power of chaos, wipe them out

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Army Name: Host of the Crimson Basilisk, “Baahl’s Brigade”

General: Lord Angrith Baahl

Philosophy: If you can take it, it’s yours.

Quotes: “The world is ours to conquer! For the Witch King and the Druchii!”

Background: Lord Angriith Baahl is the reigning noble of the Baahl House, an influential family with its roots in Hag Graef. Angriith, however, resides in Naggarond and is one of the many nobles loyal to the Witch King. Years of faithful service have ensured a rise in his own status as well as greater privileges. He commands an army utterly loyal to him, formed by a host of his own knights from Hag Graef and warriors of Naggarond. Each spearman bears a shield with the Baahl coat of arms - a furious basilisk the color of blood. To complement this army, Baahl has the support of his sister, a Death Hag of Angriith's district and a hydra raised for war from birth by his Beastmasters. With this army, Lord Angriith carries out the will of King Malekith and conquers for the glory of the Druchii.

General opinion of:

High Elves: Traitorous and ignorant, they must be broken and replaced by the Druchii - the true kin!

Dark Elves: The Witch King is the rightful heir to the throne and the Dark Elves are his children. One day, they will carve a path through the lands of the High Elves and Malekith shall sit at his rightful place over the whole world.

Wood Elves: Neither Druchii nor their hated brethren, these curious elves are no threat, but should they display a hint of aggression, they will be dealt with swiftly.

Dwarfs: Good, hardy slaves, but stubborn and thick-headed. Breaking them is half the fun.

The Empire: The Empire of men is a petty collection of insignificant mortals. When the Druchii claim the world, they will all toil under our boots.

Brettonia: Their fate will be the same as the Empire. Their differences will not matter one they are defeated.

Orcs and Goblins: Strong and lacking in brains, they would make effective workers if they could be subjugated easier. However, they are troublesome and rebellious.

Lizardmen: Ancient and powerful, they may be better off destroyed then allowed to oppose the Druchii.

Vampire Counts: Vampires are dark perversions of nature and their immortality is an insult to the Lord of Murder. Yet they can command the winds of magic to great extent. Such power would serve the Druchii well.

Tomb Kings: Like the Vampires, they should never have risen from their graves. The Druchii will send them back to the underworld for good.

Ogres: These hungry brutes would make powerful warriors in the employ of the Druchii. They can be negotiated with easily enough, or better yet, enslaved.

Skaven: The filthy hordes of the underground will become a blight on the Druchii's hold on the Old World. Better to eradicate them sooner rather than later.

Chaos: Unpredictable men of the north, raiders and pirates both. They threaten Naggaroth's northern border and our fleets at sea. If they can be manipulated, they can be turned into hounds to let loose on our other enemies. If not, then they will be no better off.

Beastmen: Abominations of Chaos, they infest the darker reaches of the Old World. They will be destroyed if they foolishly attack our lands, but like the human servants of the Dark Gods, they can easily be pitted against the other races.

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Location: Karond Kar
Army Name:The ravens of the dark mist.

General:Linthira Darkheart

Philosophy:We come and go as the fog.

Quotes:"Kill those insane orc-beasts!"

Background:Linthira is a Dread lady from Karond kar and is most of the time absent from her home because of raiding the old world and ulthuan for slaves.

General opinion of:

High Elves:That traitors!
Bretonians:Good slaves.
Lizardmen:Many gold....
Warriors of Chaos:Nurgle is disgusting.
Chaos Dwarfs:Totaly insane dwarfs.
Ogre Kingdoms:So ugly...

The Omnissiah knows all, comprehends all.
10000 pts Dark Elves of Karond Kar
3500 pts Skaven clan Mors
2000 pts Nippon Shinzei clan

2500 pts Mechanicum

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Army: Ronan's Recklooses
Home Base: City of Rabidus (its 50 miles south of Karond Kar, and slightly warmer).

General: Ronan Ascendo Tuum (or if your his enemy, Weakblood, but that there are fighting words)

Philosophy: Justice and Vengeance are the two sides of the same coin. Who are you to say they are not?

Quotes: Aneth Rhamma gets another set of hands today!; This is going to hurt; Give the lady the proper respect she deserves [breaks someone's wrist with his hand].

Background: Once a captured high elf youth, he had some fighting potential so was adopted into the Dark elf culture. He learned under different warlords under the Witch King's command, until his hawkseer cruise, where he lead his first battles against dwarves and eventualy traitorous dark elves.

In the last three hundred years, he has earned a reputation of getting a the job done, and taking even the most rowdy of soldiers and make them a fighting force to beware of. The first to enter battle, the last to flee, and the most willing to do the unwanted duties soldiers have, he has earned the grudging respect of his rowdy troops (he can hardly get any other kind without making some favors).

Currently he has command of a small city in the southern part of the continent of Naggaroth, where he sends a steady supply of orc and beastmen slaves and leather goods made from their hides tot he other cities. He even has a small buisness where bord nobles can take his armies out and "hunt down" worthy trophies (all of which tend to be Beastlords or Warbossess that give Ronan the most trouble).

Yet despite a sizable family, a good army, and new friends he has command over, he longs for the opportunity to put the high elf Prince that abandoned him and his home city to the dark elves in chains. Hopefully this next engagement will bring him one step closer to that.

How he views other armies.

Dwarves: I cannot honestly bring myself to hate this race, or it's people. Just their organ guns; and the grudge thrower; and the flame cannons; and the regular cannons; and anything that just happens to have a rune that gives it flaming attacks.

Dark Elves: Once you add equal amounts discipline and reward, even a rowdy recruit can lead an army of worth.

Wood Elves: The second girl I ever loved was a wood elf, and her life was stolen by a rival. I cannot bring my self to wage war with these people, but I see no harm with defending my troops with extreme prejudice.

Warriors of Chaos: Khorn is not the only one that drinks the blood of his enemies. Blood for the Bloody Handed.

Beastmen: There meat goes well with curry, and Minotour hide makes the best tent material.

Daemons of Chaos: They say Daemons are fearless. I can fix that.


Empire: Interesting people, but they have poor taste, and worse mead.

Brettonia: It is always fun to break the haughty, and they have they provide me with so much fun!

Orcs and Goblins: We're out of cages for the captives again? Skin the orcs, and tan their hides; feed the rest to the beasts.

Lizardmen: Remember, do not kill all of them: we must learn the secret of 'coffee,' then you can kill them all!

Tomb Kings: They're not dead yet?

Vampire Counts: Please remind the bolt thrower crews to rub garlic on the bolts first.

Ogres: They can be useful to break the enemy back. Just make sure they are well fed, and that that they hear that the enemy commander has insulted their cooking.

High Elves: I will have my revenge!

Chaos Dwarves: Dwarven slaves and regular slaves...One stop shop for conquerors!

Kisvil: Did I mention I'm not a cold weather elf...Yes I know their Vodka is second to none but...Yes Dreadlord, I will sack a city for you.

Amazons: No honey, I am not trying to get another mistress...yes I know someone that can kick my ass is my MO in relationships but I swear it's...Ok, maybe just a little.

Ind: I like Tigers and I like curry. Lets get both!

Araby: Nothing feels as good as enslaving other slavers

Cathay: You know, I've always wanted to see the Great Bastion.

Nippon: An extra order of Suchi, and how much is it to hire a whole village of kinoychii? (wife smacks him in the back of the head). What? We can always use more spies.

Who needs sanity? I have a Hydra

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Location: Queensland - Australia
Army Name: The Death Ravens
General: SS Lord Rinia Sarles
Philosophy: We keep what we don't kill
Quotes: Only the lucky ones die on the battlefields
Background: The noble house of the Death Ravens is located in a vally within the Guardian Peaks. With the location so close to the borders of Lustria, many raiding parties have been sent to there not only to aquire slave to work in the pastures but also for the lustriuos steeds. These steeds are then bred with there own darker steeds and feed on the blood soaked pastures from over worked slaves.
The house not only breeds/captures Dark Steeds but also Dark Pegasi and Cold Ones. Rinia then sells these beast of war or trades for slaves throughout all of Naggaroth.
Army Composition:Lvl4 peg, Master BSB peg, 30 DR, 30 CoK, 10 Warlocks

General opinion of:
High Elves: Fertilizer
Dark Elves: If you are not giving me slaves for my wonderful beast then you could end up working in the pastures yourself
Wood Elves: good source of slaves, and steeds
Dwarfs: good to kill and melt down there metal for armor and weapons
The Empire: slaves and sacrifices
Brettonia: never managed to come across them yet
Orcs and Goblins: Fertilizer
Lizardmen: not so good as fertilizer cause of their scaly skin but make excellent slaves before being sacrificed. Also good supply of Cold Ones for breeding purposes
Vampire Counts: all good fertilizer needs bone marrow
Tomb Kings: all good fertilizer needs bone marrow
Ogres: very good for slaves if they survive the raiding parties
Skaven: Useless little things arn't even good enough to become slaves
Chaos: the house of the Death Raven does not fair well against these guys so they try to avoid raiding parties to the north
Beastmen: excellent fertaliser, slaves and sacrifices

Mon Oct 07, 2013 12:30 am
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Location: Tower Blight, Hag Graef, Naggaroth
Army Name: Malek's Host

General: Malek Blighteye

Philosophy: Do the bidding of Dreadlord Malek.

Quotes: "Look me in the eye when you fight me."

Background: Malek was the first son of a minor highborn house of Hag Graef, which while being prosperous enough due to retaining several mines in the city and in the Blackspire mountains, was suffering in prestige and reputation under the weak leadership of Malek's father, Malok the Chin. When Malok's ship struck an iceberg in the Sea of Chill and sank with all hands, Malek gladly took the reins of his house and began to take a more efficient route.

A businessman at heart, he applied his skill with money to execute a silent takeover of many of the minor mines, foundries and smithies of the city, and his profits were invested into military matters and used to procure lucrative gifts and donations to the Temple of Khaine and the Dark Convent. Before they knew it, the weak house of Malok the Chin - butt of their jokes and a subject of derision, had metamorphosed into the quiet strength of House Malek the Slave Owner through purely economic means. Malek even applied his business sense to warfare, applying principles of risk and gain to his strategies and tactics - his raiding activities were successful in swelling his industries with Bretonnian, Tilean and even Dwarven slaves. To be politically dominant in Hag Graef he would have to become Drachau, and to become militarily dominant he would have to become Vaulkhar. Both these posts would involve being the Witch King's direct vassal and taking on responsibilities that would, in his eyes, compromise his freedom to expand and solidify his house and so he decided to set his eyes for third best, and aim to become the most economically dominant noble in the city.

However, as his power grew, so did his peers' attention turn to him as a target to be neutralized, a position to be taken or as a tool to be used. It was a tool that a Unimia Nighteye saw in Malek, and the senior Sorceress saw a powerful young Dreadlord on the rise and decided he would be a strong candidate to father heirs for her house. As a Sorceress of the Dark Convent, she was ritually the bride of the Witch-King, and could not bear his children herself and so she outmanouvered him until he had little choice but to court her eldest Sister, Urialia. Urialia soon bore Malek two sons, named Cynik and Hothgar, which he raised as proud scions of his house. But the fact remained that he felt used by the two sisters, and that they had outwitted him to meet her ends. On the twins' first birthday, their mother went missing. Her body was never found, and Unimia Nighteye never found sufficient proof or justification to move openly against Malek, who claims ignorance of the matter to this day.

However, these seeds of discontent between Malek and the Convent would soon grow into full-blown animosity. After the birth of his sons, Malek had experienced enough of sailing the coast of the Old World for slaves and relegated the overall command of his slaving fleet to Namor, his Fleet Captain. Malek's gaze turned North, and his natural avarice and greed for money turned him towards raiding the Chaos Wastes for magical artifacts and weaponry, which he often kept for himself, like his defensive pendant and his dark armour. He often recruited hired help for these expeditions, including mercenaries to defend deal with physical threats and Sorceresses to deal with mystical hazards. On his fifth expedition, the Convent assigned the Sorceresses twins, Tanial and Tarial to Malek's side, both of whom were students of Unimia Nighteye. Malek kept his suspicions only within his closest retainers, but he feared that this was no coincidence. His suspicions were confirmed when Tanial tried collapse a basement roof on Malek during a raid on a Chaos keep. However Malek had taken his measures to defend himself, and had recruited a Dark Elf Sorcerer by the name of Invus the Damned, who specialized in the Shadow Lore and in transportation magic. He used the shadows to switch Malek and Tanial's positions, thus burying Tanial alive in the bowels of the keep.

When Tarial discovered what had happened to her sister, her reaction was unsubtle and reckless. In a rage she attacked Malek in his own pavilion while surrounded by his retainers. Her bolt of dark energy vaporized two bodyguards who leaped in its path, before striking Malek in his left eye. Malek's magic pendant took the brunt of the direct damage, but the bolt's power destroyed it in the process. Tarial was slain almost immediately by the remaining retainers, but the damage had been done. Malek remained in a coma for the rest of the hurried journey back to Hag Graef. When he finally opened his eyes, the left one was now a sulphurous yellow orb. Due to freak chance or a cruel trick of the Chaos Gods, from that day onward his left eye would be a direct portal to the realm of Chaos, visions of impossible scenes and events flooded his mind, closing his eye would not stop him seeing them, and sleep was a relief that never came. He locked himself in his chambers, refusing all but the most necessary food and drink, and his howling could be heard throughout the tower. For six months, his house waned in power, rumours were abound that it would only be a matter of time before his mind broke; Cynik and Hothgar were still too young to lead the house or to defend or usurp their father. The dubbed him Malek Blighteye and laughed at the moth who had flown too close to the flame.

On the 185th day, when Lord Tyrkon the Slavemaster stormed Malek's premises with the intent of seizing his assets and taking his place, Malek descended from his tower. Clad in dark armour with a high, golden crest and wielding a greatsword newly plucked from the armoury, he waited for Tyrkon in the antechamber. His left eye was completely shut until he and Tyrkon engaged in battle, when he said: "Look me in the eye when you fight me," and opened his left eye. Tyrkon saw directly into the realm of the Chaos Gods. To the onlookers only one second had passed before Tyrkon soiled himself and collapsed to the floor as a raving madman, but Tyrkon had experienced a lifetime of the realm of Chaos blasted directly into his head in a split-second. Malek, who merely had to withstand a diluted hour of the realm of Chaos for every real hour, survived his brush with madness through the sheer power and simplicity of the Druchii’s strongest weapon: hatred.

The businessman Malek had little use for hatred before this point, making all his decisions with cold logic, empirical reasoning and a scrutiny of the gain/loss situation. The Dreadlord Malek Blighteye had to rely his cold, smouldering hatred of the Dark Convent of Sorceresses to maintain his sanity, though this would soon prove to be insufficient and Malek’s intense hatred expanded to Chaos and the other races of the Old World, which he had previously merely considered commodities and factors in his economic game. The Convent in Hag Graef had already cut all ties with him after learning of Tanial and Tarial’s fates, but Malek’s hatred for them, and for Unimia Nighteye, burns stronger than the rest. To oppose the Convent directly would be to oppose the Witch-King himself, but his personal feud with Unimia Nighteye has become public knowledge and a long-standing cold war between his house and her faction of the Convent endures to this day. With his bridges to the Dark Convent burned behind him, he secretly enlists and sponsors a few male practitioners of the dark arts; Invus the Damned and his mentor Livizuar the Pale foremost among them.

Now, with his sons having come to age, and with their own exploits adding reputation and revenue streams to Malek’s own repertoire, the House of Malek Blighteye is stronger than ever before. With a veteran core of sworn warriors, seasoned by decades of campaigning and raiding, as well as the treasury needed to recruit additional units and reinforcements, Malek’s Host is ready to go forth against the Old World in for the glory of the House, or under the directive of the Witch King. It matters not which, for Malek hates everything enough to kill them a thousand times over.

General opinion of:

High Elves: Not Dark Elves. Inferior. Kill/enslave.

Dark Elves: Peers. Diplomacy and making a deal is possible, but quiet annihilation of rivals is preferable if deemed a viable option.

Wood Elves: Not Dark Elves. Inferior. Kill/enslave.

Dwarfs: Not Dark Elves. Inferior. Kill/enslave.

The Empire: Not Dark Elves. Inferior. Kill/enslave.

Bretonnia: Not Dark Elves. Inferior. Kill/enslave.

Orcs and Goblins: Not Dark Elves. Inferior. Kill/enslave.

Lizardmen: Not Dark Elves. Inferior. Kill/enslave.

Vampire Counts: Not Dark Elves. Inferior. Kill/enslave.

Tomb Kings: Not Dark Elves. Inferior. Kill/enslave.

Ogres: Not Dark Elves. Inferior. Kill/enslave.

Skaven: Not Dark Elves. Inferior. Kill/enslave.

Chaos: Not Dark Elves. Inferior. Kill/enslave.

Beastmen: Not Dark Elves. Inferior. Kill/enslave.

Wed Oct 09, 2013 9:36 pm
Killed by Khorne
Killed by Khorne
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Gold Snake wrote:
Not Dark Elves. Inferior. Kill/enslave.

I approve of this message!

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Wed Oct 09, 2013 10:55 pm
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Hi All,

This is my first attempt at anything like this so please excuse the noobishness of it.

Army Name: Lost Souls

General: Jak’ar the Sorcerer and Lord Thralk’t

Philosophy: Revenge for being hunted by Malekith for being a Sorceror. Hate everyone and everything.

Quotes: Malekith will pay!!!!!

Background: Since male sorcerers were made illegal and sentenced to death Jak’ar has been in hiding in the Iron Mountains. Slowly building up his forces. He has even managed to get a dreadlord with a Black Dragon as his general.

Lord Thralk’t who dreams of ruling over the druchii joined Jak’ar just for this purpose. At the moment No one knows that he is in league with Jak’ar so can travel freely around Naggaroth.
Jak’ar has managed to keep his army a secret so far but as his army grows the harder it is to remain a secret. Soon the agents of Malekith will know of his presence and the threat that he causes. Is Jak’ar the sorcerer from the prophecy? Only time will tell.

If Jak’ar and Thralk’t succeed will they remain loyal to each other or will they double cross each other?

General Opinion:
High Elves: Must all die slowly and painfully.
Dark Elves: If not with us then your against us and will die slowly and painfully (when the time is right)
Wood Elves: Hippies.
Dwarfs: ha ha ha look how small and stupid they are! *prods with stick*
The Empire: It’s a pitiful Empire, but when the timing is right it will be our pitiful empire
Bretonnia: Have they ever even gone to battle which they didn’t put up a white flag?
Orcs and Goblins: When used correctly can be useful
Lizardmen: Lets go hunting
Vampire Counts: Can come in handy as a distraction
Tomb Kings: They need some meat on those bones. There to be destroyed.
Ogres: Hated completely. Freak of natures to be destroyed.
Skaven: Dirty rats!!! But can be used to meet our needs. Then kill them.
Chaos: Pitiful... They call themselves gods....hahahahaha
Beastmen: There to be sacrificed. Stupid goatmen.

Sat Dec 28, 2013 12:13 pm
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Army Name: Jorkar's Warhost

General: "Warboy" Phox Jorkarzul Fifth of his name, youngest son of Keria Jorkar, matriarch of Family Jorkar.

Philosophy: Heavy Cavalry, Strike hard and fast, rally then strike again. Always live to fight another day. Followers of the Goddess Queen of the Black Lands, Serylia Rathis of Rakrn Ruzt.

"When you stare the murder go down, don't blink, strike him own instead for he is not our God, The Queen Goddess will always protect you." Keria Jorkar
"Our lines are broken, Lord. What should we do?" "Rally and strike back, live none alive" Phox Jorkarzul, Battle of Witchgate


The Family Jorkar are the Dark Elves from the Broken Lands, City of Rakrn Ruzt. Driven West but the Witch King, after a failed coup. They are one of 10 Nobel families in service of Serylia Rathis. Then Princess Serylia establish her throne on the Isle of Kold under its Black Mountain. It was here the Dark Elves found the Spring of Souls in a cave massive cave under the mountain. It was after drinking from the Spring of Souls that Princess died, only to come back to life 3 days later. Her skin had darken to a purple black and her eyes became red orbs. She then forced her most loyal Commanders to drink as well, of the 33 that did only 9 re-awoke. This Nine would became the first Noble houses of Rakrn Ruzt and Serylia Rathis would become their Goddess. the rest of her warhost was given her blood to drink, forever changing their bodies. After 2 years of hiding and running from the Witch King the Queen Goddess swore her revenge, and began training a new army deep in the Black Mountain. The also took the name Blood Elves.
The Jorkar Family is in charge of the 5th Ring of Rakrn Rutz. Here is where this great forges lay, creating the armor and plates for all the warhosts. It also where the Blood Academy sits the ancient school of war. It is here where all Blood Elves study and train.
As the youngest Phox's WarHost in not the smallest until her proves him self in battle. This test he must raid two years without coming back to the Black Mountain, if he returns he will begiven a full WarHost and made a Full Warlord.

General opinion of:

High Elves: While hated they are not as hated ass the Dark Elves. Used as slaves and future Breeding stock.

Dark Elves: The Blood Elves hate the Witch King and his ilk. All Dark Elves are killed, not are turned to slaves.

Wood Elves: The Female Wood Elves often captured and use as breeding stock after drinking the blood of a General, males are killed do to their free nature.

Dwarfs: These half beast are slaved and used expand Rakrn Ruzt. Over a 1,000 years it has become an underground city that rivals any Dwarf city.

The Empire: Humans make the best slaves, so all from the realms of men are enslaved.

Brettonia: Humans make the best slaves, so all from the realms of men are enslaved.

Orcs and Goblins: Orcs and Goblins are killed as pit fighters for the entertainment of the Blood Elves.

Lizardmen: Are the only race that has a "treaty" with the Blood Elves. Both parties trade for cold ones and other goods.

Vampire Counts: There is no love for these Undead Lords. Often made Allies of Need, neither group trust the other.

Tomb Kings: Tomb King lands are raided for their goals. Often slaves are used as fodder, while the Blood Elves rob the tomb.

Ogres: Like Orcs and Goblins Ogres are used in the fighting pits.

Skaven: Skaven are hunted an killed because of their closeness with the Dark Elves.

Chaos: The Blood Elves hold true to their ancient roots here and seek to destroy all of Chaos. It is even rumors that Ambassadors have been sent to the High Elves to help with this.

Beastmen: Beastman are best of burden, while dwarves may design an build the great city of Rakrn Rutz, it is the beastman carrying the rocks. And like true beast of burden sometimes they need to be put down.

Phox Jorkarzul

Fri Sep 11, 2015 4:39 am
Malekith's Best Friend
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Army Name: Sorceress coven

General: Nightwish

Philosophy: When your opposition is dead, only your alleys are left.

Quotes: "I value Peace above all else, that is why I will eradicate all my future enemy's.

General opinion of:

High Elves: Kill upon sight

Dark Elves: If feeling threatened kill upon sight

Wood Elves: Kill upon sight

Dwarfs: Kill upon sight

The Empire: Kill upon sight eventually enslave some

Brettonia:Kill upon sight eventually enslave some

Orcs and Goblins: Kill upon sight

Lizardmen: Kill upon sight

Vampire Counts: Make sure they stay dead

Tomb Kings: See previous

Ogres: Kill upon sight

Skaven: Kill upon sight, or even sooner

Chaos: Kill upon sight

Beastmen: Kill upon sight

Keeping it real, keeping it simple :D

Also known as Kanadian

Fri Feb 19, 2016 8:42 am
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