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Author:  Khel [ Sat May 26, 2007 6:17 am ]
Post subject:  House of Sarradain

After many adventures, Kaleth Sarradain has had more then a enough. Recently he has just returned to Naggaroth after two centuries of raiding Cathay. Towards the end of his trip, when his forces were escorting the 4000 slaves Kaleth had captured over the two centuries, they encountered a large ambush force of Ogres. They fought off the Ogres but they certainly took their toll. Kaleth only returned with 400 slaves...
At the moment, the house of Sarradain has held a special party for Kaleth's return. Only Kaleth and his advisors know about the short stock of slaves they had returned with.

"Kaleth your back!" squealed Izthual, throwing her arms around her very tired husband. "I missed you so much, i thought something bad might of happened to you."
"I missed you too, my love." Whispered Kaleth, smiling weakly. Holding each others hand, they walked over to the table to talk to the guests. Over there they met Mortaiv.
"Izthual, i would like you to meet Mortaiv, he is my second in command," said Kaleth gesturing towards Mortaiv who was half way through a blood wine.
"Yes, I have met him before....Before you and I were even married," chuckled Izthual smiling nervously. Wiping some blood wine from his lip with his sleeve, Mortaiv greeted them both with a low bow.
"Yes, i can still remember our great day...You wore that beutiful dress. You also wore a red blood lily in your hair. You were truly the most beutiful thing i had everseen..." said Kaleth in a teasing way, purposely directing towards Mortaiv.

A flicker of anger flashed across Mortaiv's face for a moment before he subdued himself. "Yes, I'm sure she was a pretty sight, but to more pressing issues. This is a very lovely party you organised Izthual, but i must have Kaleth's attention alone for a minute," said Mortaiv in a cold raspy voice.
"Whatever is to be said around Kaleth must be fit to be said around me, for i am the Lady of this house," replied Izthual in a cool but dangerous tone.
"Don't worry yourself, my dear. It is rather important," barged in Kaleth, seperating the dangerous tones in the air. Izthual cocked her head and swept away to greet the heads of the opposite house holds.

Immediately Kaleth dropped his calm, social voice and adopted back to his cold voice, which he used outside his House hold, for things such as war and many other things that contained using force.
"What is it Mortaiv? This better be important, for my wife never likes being left out of such things," said Kaleth letting the coldness of his voice to send a chill down Mortaiv's spine.
"Im sorry my lord but it was very important. I have found out that your going to have to do a speech tonight in a couple of minutes. Your going to have talk on how the two centuries of raiding was and how many you really captured. If you are to reveal the real amount of slaves we brought back, it could seriously damage the house of Sarradain. Even throw the other houses into war," whispered Mortaiv, looking around to see if any one was watching or listening.
"Don't worry my foolish partner....it is all covered..." replied Kaleth turning around to walk over to were his wife was opening a new bottle of Blood wine for the guests.
"Err, my lord?"
"What Mortaiv?"
"I've noticed you haven't been treating me well over the last few weeks we returned to Naggaroth? Why is this so?" asked Mortaiv, taking a step backwards.
"I have my reasons...now go.I also want to talk to you after the speech," snapped Kaleth.
"yesss, mmy Lord," stuttered Mortaiv.

Ten Minutes later...

"Greetings fellow members of House Sarradain and all the other Heads of each House which could join us tonight. We are all here to welcome back this one spectacular being. He left our hearts...well he left my heart two centuries ago, and now we have him back. Please welcome....the 2nd to the head of the house...Kaleth Sarradain!" announced Izthual, giving a long sweet kiss to Kaleth as he walked onto the stage. A minute after the clapping had stopped, Kaleth looked towards the audience. all he could see was eyes, scrutinizing him in a stony silence. Kaleth glanced towards Izthual, she looked really happy. Kaleth had never seen her so happy ever in his life. He looked back to the audience and began.

"It is truly great to be back in Naggaroth. Not because it's my home...or because it has better food then Cathay or whatever the cooks on my Black Ark served up," Laughter suddenly erupted from the crowd. Kaleth waited for the crowd to quiet down.
"It's because my wife is here with me finally, and that means we can live here together again. No more adventures...No more Raids...House of Sarradain is rich now because of the slaves we brought back!" said Kaleth, looking nervously at Mortaiv. The familiar sound of cheering arose from the nobles and minors of House Sarradain.
"Now, with my wife, and the House of Sarradains Followers, we will move from our little household here at Har Ganeth. And move to Naggarond!" bellowed Kaleth. Izhtual ran onto the stage and lept at Kaleth. Kaleth caught her and span her around.
"I love you Kaleth..." Whsipered Izthual.
"I love you more," giggled Kaleth.
Izthual looked at kaleth weirdly for a moment, intil they both shrugged and kissed each other. A few seconds later the followers of House Sarradain swarmed Kaleth, making sure they all gave him a pat on the back, or a congratulations.

Kaleth pulled himself free off the crowd and walked off, behind the curtain.
Sitting down in a chair he looked dismayed for a moment intil Mortaiv stepped out of the shadows. "My lord, we must go somewhere else than here," yelled Mortaiv over the cheering of the crowd.
"Why? Is something wrong?" asked Kaleth suddenly standing up.
"No, it is just the next act there bringing on some High Elven Slaves for some torture trials, you know, to keep the audience interested," shouted Mortaiv walking off into the shadows. Kaleth followed closely behind.

The two stepped through a door and out onto the streets of Har Ganeth. Walking down an alley they sat down in the shadows to talk.
"What did you want to talk to me about, my lord?" asked Mortaiv catching his breath.
"it's you Mortaiv...I never thought it could be you, but now i know who it was and how they did it..." snarled Kaleth.
"What are you talking about, my lord?" asked Mortaiv turning to look directly at Kaleth.
"Cut the crap, Mortaiv. One, you can stop calling me my lord. Two, call me Kaleth from now on. And three, you know exactly what im talking about!" spat Kaleth grabbing the collar of Mortaiv and pulling him closer.

"How could such a large force of Ogres so suddenly ambush us without me knowing? Ogres are smart, bu there not that smart to hide a whole army. Why would such a large force of Ogres field so many Man eater Ogres? I lost so many slaves that day Mortaiv!! It was you!! I know it was you!!" Whispered Kaleth loudly. Kaleth could see the fear in Mortaiv's eyes as the truth had started to come out.
"You hired them!! How could you Mortaiv? We use to be the best of friends, and then you went and you tried to kill me and get my profits! Why!?"
"It's because...its because...You had power which i needed, If you had of died and your profits had been lost i would be the new 2nd in line to the head of Hosue Sarradain," replied Mortaiv shaking with fear.

"Where did you get the money to hire those Ogres?" growled Kaleth.
"I...I...Through out the two centuries of you plundering, i held secretive raids of my own, i raised enough to hire as many Ogres i thought necessary to take you out. If the Ogres had of just tried to destroy your profits, it would of looked to suspicious...So if it was to kill all of you in one go, it would hold more profits in the long term from being the head of the house after your father dies," confessed Mortaiv, slumping to the ground.

Kaleth stood up...looking down, Kaleth spat at the feet of Mortaiv.
"If you hadn't tried to destroy my profits, we would of actually been able to convert to Naggarond, instead of me making false promises to everyone," said Kaleth coldly.
"Well...what are you waiting for? Put your dagger through my heart, Kaleth," said Mortaiv quietly.
"No...I do want to kill you but not yet...here is my offer. I shall give you 24 hours to pack your stuff, say goodbye to friends, do whatever you always of wanted. Then leave Har Ganeth and flee up north towards the Wastes. After 24 hours, i shall hunt you down...now go," whispered Kaleth angrily.
Mortaiv picked himself up ran out onto the street.
Kaleth fell to the ground and pondered what he would so next...

"Mortaiv! you look worried. Oh well, have you seen Kaleth around?" slurred Izthual. Mortaiv slowly turned at looked at Izthual. Remembering the words of Kaleth, "Do whatever you always wanted..."
Mortaiv thought to himself for a second..."Anything ey?" whispered Mortaiv to himself.
"pardon?" asked Izthual.
"what? I mean, yes i have seen him, follow me," stuttered Mortaiv leading Izthual down the hall. Mortaiv and Izthual walked down the corridor to a small guest bedroom.
"Kaleth is right through there," said Mortaiv ushering Izthual through the door.
"Oh...thats good..." slurred Izthual stumbling through the door, really drunk by now. Mortaiv followed, kicking the door closed behind him and locking it...

An Hour later

Kaleth walked through into the room were the party had been held.
"Have you seen my wife?" asked Kaleth, adressing a guest.
"Yes, i believe she was with Mortaiv an hour or so ago. They went down the corridor looking for you," replied the guest handing a wine glass to Kaleth.
Kaleth froze...dropping the glass and shattering into a thousand pieces.
Kaleth ran to the corridor door. Flinging it open Kaleth sprinted down the hall, arriving at the guest room door. It was unlocked. Kaleth silently crept into the room and drew his dagger. What Kaleth saw make him drop his dagger immediately.

Izthual laid naked under the sheets of the bed, the sheets covered in blood. There was a sign of a shruggle. Mortaiv's dagger laid next to Izthual. Kaleth collasped next to the bed, holding Izthual hand. She was dead...Stroking Izthual's hair, Kaleth weeped over her elegant body. Looking up from his wifes body, he saw the window had been broken. Getting up from the bed, Kaleth ran over to the window and looked out.
"MORTAIV!!!" screamed Kaleth.

Looking back, Mortaiv could hear the sound of Kaleth screaming. Turning around, Mortaiv ran towards the stables. Mounting a fine elegant steed, Mortaiv galloped off towards the gates of Har Ganeth to make his way to the Northern Wastes.
"Luckily Kaleth gave me so much time to escape," thought Mortaiv.
The smile on Mortaiv's face dissapeared as he heard the last two words of Kaleth screaming from the window.

"TIME'S UP!!!"

To be Continued...

Thanks to the inspiring efforts of Fingol Dark Water, i atleast tried to make a sexy story with a spoonful of evil druchii murder.

Author:  Drainial [ Sat May 26, 2007 1:53 pm ]
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I like that, the nice murder seen was well done and the characterisation was also far better here than in any of your prevoius stories. I avidly await the next instalment and hope that it involves lots of blood.

Author:  Khel [ Sun May 27, 2007 3:02 am ]
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Thanks :D

All the houses at the party found out about the murder of Kaleth's wife, at the hands of Mortaiv. Rumour's have spread like Wild fire about the house of Sarradain on the brink of collaspe. Now Kaleth must avenge his wife, and return to Har Ganeth to stop the houses from going to war. It is almost day break...

"What would you like done about this...act?" asked Durza the armourer of House Sarradain. Kaleth stood with a lock of his wifes hair in his hands, with trembling rage he said.
"I want full war gear, I shall crush Mortaiv with my own hands," growled Kaleth still strickened with grief and anger.
"I presume your Gauntlet then?" asked the armourer, with a hint of smugness.
"Just get it! And tell my Beastmaster to stir up my dragon, we got some hunting to do," snapped Kaleth. "Oh and Durza,"
"Yes, my lord?"
"Bring me my Life taker,"

Walking into the stables of his House, he stroked his dragon. Something rang in the back of Kaleth's mind. He had not yet named in his dragon, he had always thought it weak to name such beasts. Kaleth was lucky, he was one of the few Highborns to have a female dragon as a steed. But with great power comes great responsibility. He loved his dragon, it was one of the few things he loved in this cruel world. "Izthual...." thought Kaleth.
From then on, Kaleth's dragon was known as Izthual.

Mortaiv huffed and puffed as he stumbled into the cave, which was going to be his new home for a while. Looking around, he saw nothing of real value to him, apart from his Dark steed and his single weapon he had brought. He saw some wood in the corner of the cave. Picking it up, he attempted to start a fire. A few splinters later he had started a small fire. Grabbing his weapon he sat down next to the fire and drifted off to sleep.

Mortaiv awoke with a sudden jolt as a huge shadow and a mighty roar past over his cave. Scarmbling over to the fire he put it out and ran over to the mouth of the cave. Peepnig out he saw nothing but when he looked up he could see the titanic beast of Kaleth's, flying over head. Mortaiv's blood ran cold with terror as the dragon let out another roar. Mortaiv ran over to his Dark steed, mounting it and getting ready to charge out and run. He waited intil it was all silent, and then he galloped out. Riding up into the hills, Mortaiv didn't look back as he heard another tremendous roar but further away.

Mortaiv looked over his shoulder and saw Kaleth staring right in his direction. He was obviously giving him a head start. Mortaiv kicked his stirrups in and his horse shot off even faster. Looking up, Mortaiv saw something dark in the distance. it stretched high up into the sky. It was one of the Watch towers...

Kaleth looked at the dust coming up from Mortaiv's steed. He watched him gallop right up to the watch tower and go inside. Kaleth just grinned and started to fly over to the watch tower. Within a few minutes Kaleth was flying around the watch tower where Mortaiv was hiding.
"Come out Mortaiv!" screamed Kaleth as the winds of the North swept through the gates making a very loud noise. "I don't want to come in after you,"
Kaleth could here Mortaiv's laughter from there. He had obviously gone crazy.
The anger of Kaleth reached boiling point as Mortaiv suddenly yelled out Izthual name, following a long hard laugh.

The anger exploded from Kaleth with the fury of a thousand daemons. Kaleth flew his dragon right up to one of the many firing galleries on the watch tower, and signalled to his dragon he let loose. A huge plume of green flame erupted from the mouth of the dragon, moving through the the window and envelloping a few unlucky souls. The screams of the dieing reminded Kaleth of his wife, only making him more furious. Letting out more plumes of flame, Kaleth moved around the whole watch tower, letting his dragon fire randomly into the watch tower.

Knowing that Mortaiv wouldn't be here Kaleth flew up the side of the tower.
Looking down he could see the burning elves throwing themselves from the tower.
The whole bottom half of the Tower was now fully in flame. Laughter sounded in Kaleths mind and he turned his dragon around to blow fire all over a group of Dark elves who were raising their cross bows in retaliation. A explosion came from the side of a tower as the noxious flame made contact with a magical explosive.
The tower itself wasn't going to collaspe but everyone inside would certainly die.
The flames were now half way up the tower and Kaleth could still here Mortaiv.
Suddenly he realised that he must be on top of the tower.

Flying up more, Izthual suddenly let out a painful roar, she had been struck in the side by a massive Bolt. Kaleth lept from his dragon and landed on the platform were the Reaper Bolt Thrower was. With a sweep of his Gauntlet the bolt thrower was crumbled into a metal mess. Kaleth ran to the very top of the tower.
There stood Mortaiv, standing with his back to Kaleth.
"I have you know, Mortaiv. There is no where to run anymore," yelled Kaleth
"You brought it upon your self Kaleth!" shouted Mortaiv above the roar of the flames.
Mortaiv put his hand into his pocket. Kaleth bent back to dodge anything that would come his way. But Mortaiv didn't pull out a weapon. He pulled out a ring...Izthual's ring.

With this Mortaiv grinned and hurled himself from the top of the tower.
"NOOO!" screamed Kaleth also jumping after him.
Mortaiv held the ring in his hand, smiling widely while falling through flames, roasting his back while doing so.
Kaleth flew down next to Mortaiv, grabbing his hand with his gauntlet.
Kaleth squeezed and Mortaiv's hand broke. Prying the ring from his fingers, while putting his gauntlet around Mortaiv's head.
"Im sorry!" shouted Kaleth, squuezing tightly. Mortaiv's head collasped in on itself as blood exploded from his skull. Mortaiv fell lifelessly now.

Kaleth snapped back to normal and realised that he was falling. Praying to himself that he would join Izthual in the after life, he was interupted by a large black shadow...It was his dragon, Izthual! His dragon swept under neath kaleth and caught him flying him back towards the Blackspine Mountains. Looking back over his shoulder Kaleth saw the Tower engulfed in flames and the screaming coming from the tower. Looking at himself, Kaleth saw that he had been incinerated, though his armour had kept him alive. Looking at the ring of his wifes he murmured a thank you to Khaine before passing out...

To be continued???

I put a quote in from a movie, a cookie to anyone who can find it and guess it right.

Author:  Drainial [ Sun May 27, 2007 2:01 pm ]
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Well I have no idea about the film but I do think that it was a cracking story, you could have expanded the part where Khelmore is actuly searching for Mortaiv. Also I would have thought that a watchtower garisoned to withstand Daemonic incursions would have been able to put up a better fight.

Author:  Gooner [ Sun May 27, 2007 3:26 pm ]
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With great power comes great responsiblity

Spiderman (both the comic and the film I believe). You can post me the cookie!

Author:  Fingol darkwater [ Sun May 27, 2007 5:01 pm ]
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Very nice Khelmor. Minor spelling mistakes, but very nice.

What I like most about it is that you could take this in any direction you want at this point. Kaleth doesn't really have anything tying him down anymore so there's no telling what sort of adventures he'll have. There will definately be some angry highborns coming after him, that's for sure! A two century slave expedition failed plus a broken promise to relocate to Naggarond will definately have cost one of the more powerful houses who were helping him.

Author:  Khel [ Mon May 28, 2007 5:44 am ]
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Correctomundo, gooner. Here is your cookie as promised *Puts cookie on table and waits for unexpecting bystander to take it*

thanks again Drainial, i thought that when they saw the lord on dragon, they thought that he was just coming up to make an usual check up on the place. But they were surprised that he started to attack the tower and were unprepared.

Thanks to you to Fingol, if only i could make less spelling mistakes in my normal posts ;)

In the next part of the story he will return to Har ganeth where he tries to make peace with the other houses, for the houses have now found out about the slave expedition. He will have to reunite the Houses, for the attack on the watch tower left only a small part unguarded, but that was enough for Chaos.
Kaleth must try to reunite the houses before the large host of chaos Nurgle followers can cause enough havoc on Har Ganeth, so in the next story there will be politics, and when i say politics i mean druchii wise, with lots of murder and blood. Plus Kaleth must face down the other houses while he must soon after msut attend the court of the witch king over the watch tower inciddent. So Kaleth has alot of his day planner ;)

Author:  Draknir [ Mon May 28, 2007 1:50 pm ]
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Khelmor wrote:
will be politics, and when i say politics i mean druchii wise, with lots of murder and blood.

And blood.
And more blood.

Truely nice work, Khelmor, interesting plots you have in your story!
Hey, what is that?
*Grabs the cookie and runs*

Author:  Khel [ Wed Jun 13, 2007 8:07 am ]
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After the bloody affair with Mortaiv, Kaleth returns to Har Ganeth. Shortly after his arrival he has a mental breakdown, he collapses on the floor of his wife's bedroom. He now lays bed ridden, in a deep sleep. House Sarradain are being attacked from every angle. They have lost quite allot of political power and many of his followers lay dead from assassinations and attacks from rival houses. The rival houses have declared a secret war, an unknown war...a war on House Sarradain. The few but strong remaining followers of House Sarradain now stand at the side of their master, Kaleth Sarradain.

How is my lord?" asked Znarel, in a solemn voice. Kaleth lay in his bed, he had been left flowers at the foot of his bed and most of them were now rugged after a brief search, just to make sure nothing dangerous came in or out.
"He is not well. He has only woken up briefly to address his maids for food and water," replied Koren, looking down at Kaleth and sighing.
"Excuse me, but we need you to leave please," asked one of the maids.
"Why in the hell would we have to leave, we are his damn War advisers for Khaine's sake!" spat Znarel, glaring hard into the face of the maid.
"He we must change him," whispered the maid to Znarel.
"Oh...Very well then," replied Znarel feeling pushed back by the reply.
As Koren and Znarel left the room they turned to one of the guards.
"Keep an eye on them, ok?" said Koren patting the heavily armed guard on the shoulders.
"yes, sire," replied the stern faced Guard turning towards the maid.

Znarel and Koren walked out into the corridor, there footsteps echoing off the stone walls. "What do you think Znarel?" asked Koren.
"What do you mean? Like what are our futures look like?" replied Znarel giving a concerned frown towards Koren.
"Well, with all these assassinations, and beng attacked and all. What do you think we should do?" hushed Koren as they walked past a couple of guards.
"I think we should brace the storm, keep Kaleth close to us, and make sure he doesn't do anything stupid again," replied Koren.
"Hmm, I guess. Hey, don't you think the maid has been in there a little long?" asked Koren turning back.
"No, No, No, its all fine. We must attend that conference anyway with the other houses," replied Znarel in a hurry.

Stopping Koren turned and looked at Znarel. Znarel stopped and looked back plainly. Koren stared harder into the eyes of Znarel, trying to penetrate his inner thoughts somehow. "What are you looking at?" asked Znarel laughing nervously. As Znarel said this the smallest bead of sweat rolled down his face, while Znarel turned away trying to cover this. Koren noticing and simply scowled at him.
"You sonofa...," trembled Koren turning around and running. "You three, with me!" yelled Koren passing a group of mingling guards. Running up the corridor, he reached the door, finding it to be locked. Stepping back, Koren applied a swift but hard kick to the door, the door naturally collapsing.

Rushing in, Koren saw the maid over the side of the bed, with a dagger drawn. The maid turned her head and with a surprised look turned back to give a finishing blow to Kaleth. The three guards bursting in next to Koren, with crossbows drawn, they fired a burst of missiles towards the maid. Getting thrown back, the maid flew up against the wall as the several bolts pierced her skull. Rushing up to kaleth's side, Koren studied his face. Luckily they had came just in time, before the maid could of done any real damage.
The guard Koren has assigned was nowhere to be seen. "Where is that damn guard," thought Koren looking around the room. A small dripping noise sounded next to his ear. Turning, nothing was there. Another dripping sound. Koren could not figure out where that dripping noise was coming from. Finally something wet but warm landed upon Koren cheek. It was Blood! Looking up, Koren could see the guard had been strapped to the ceiling barbed wire suspending him.

"I want a full unit of guards in this room, I don't want anything leaving or entering this room," yelled Koren storming off. Rushing into the corridor, Koren could see nothing. "Figures," thought Koren as he noticed Znarel was gone.
"What in the name of Khaine is going on here," asked Nartrobi, head of the Guards of House Sarradain. "That bastard Znarel, just tried to assassinate Kaleth. You see where he went?" coughed Koren regaining his breathe after such a scare.
"No, but i will search the whole Estate for him, starting now," said Nartrobi, flexing his muscles.
"You idiot, why the hell would he still be here. Go look down at the docks and at the stables, he must be looked for a way out," hissed Koren giving a swift slap to the forehead of Nartrobi.

*Later that day*

"Kaleth, we must get you from our estate. It is no longer is safe. Znarel is on the run, there is a mob of minors from the rival houses outside our estate ready to give you hell. We must take you somewhere safer," said Koren, in a demanding tone.
"It seems...I can't trust...anyone that much....anymore," whispered Kaleth, breathing deeply. "You must know Koren...Nowhere is safe. I know where i must go...And so do you...," heaved Kaleth, following a fit of coughing.
"Yes, my lord," replied Koren.
"You there, I want a coach in ten minutes ready to arrive out front of the estate. Also give me a full contingent of heavily armed and armoured guards to await my orders at the gates of the House," demanded Koren, pointing at the nearest messenger. Koren turned back to Kaleth, and had something whispered into his ear. Turning back to the messenger, he said, "Better make that two coaches,"

*Ten Minutes Later*

"Ok men you know the plan. You are to escort Kaleth down the front steps and make sure he is safe intill he reaches the coach. Ah, here he is now," stated Nartrobi, pointing towards a cloaked figure, apparently being Kaleth.
"He is feeling very ill at the moment, so keep your shields high and don't let anybody more then 10 steps to him," yelled Nartrobi over the yelling outside. Two guards walked over the cloaked figure and put their arms around him, while the rest of the guard formed a circle around him and a few crossbowmen up the front to push back any trouble makers.
"Ok soldiers! Brace yourselves!" roared Nartrobi flinging the giant grand oak doors open. Light shot in through the open door, pouring over the dark room they stood in.
"lets go!" screamed Nartrobi. The burst down the front steps, keeping their shields high, the unit of guards rushed towards the awaiting coach. Immediately as they stepped out the front doors they were met by a hail of rotten tomatoes and other assorted rotten fruit.
"Keep moving," yelled Nartrobi, not even blinking as a rotten pumpkin soared into his face, exploding all over the already soaked guards. A swarm of minors of rival houses poured up the steps towards the soaked group. The front rank of guards pushed their shields into position while pushing their spears out, jabbing at anyone who got to close, while behind the front guard were a line of crossbowmen, who were already firing at the ground to keep the swarm away from them.
"Do not come any closer scum!" screamed Nartrobi, bleeding from the eye after a apple core had hit him right in his eyeball.

The guard unit was now half way down the steps as the minors didn't dare come any closer for the wall of spears blocked their way. Suddenly a knife from the crowd flew into on of spear guards eyes. the guard dropped lifelessly to the cold stone steps. Rolling down the steps he landed in a big pile of rotten fruit. The guards and the crowd went silent for a moment..."Kill them! Kill them all!" bellowed Nartrobi drawing his axe and running down to join the spear guard. the swarm of minors looked horrified at the dead guard at the bottom of the steps, not moving a muscle, simply tranced by such a sudden attack. Not one of the minors moved intill the first of the bolts came whizzing into the crowd. Snapping out of their trance they realised what was going on, and decided that they would fight back.

"Get them!" yelled one from the minors, stepping out from the crowd to make his voice heard. Immediately after he was silenced with a bolt to the neck. Looking up at the guards, the swarm of minors let out a roar and charged up at the guards, not caring that would be impaled on the guards spears. The wall of minors fell back as the spears were jabbed out with full thrust. Minor's rolled down the steps lifelessly in their dozens. Suddenly a breakthrough, the minors broke through the wall of guards, pushing past the crossbowmen and charged up at the guard for Kaleth. Coming to the rescue thought, Nartrobi dropped into their way.
"Bring it on," laughed Nartrobi, swinging out with is axe, beheading one of the crowd.

"The guards pushed forth once more as they headed down the steps and they finally reached the the coach. Pushing minors aside, they shoved Kaleth into the coach.
"Quick, Go Go Go! get him out of here," yelled Nartrobi after the coach. Smiling he looked at the coach being pelted with fruit and thanked khaine that he had delivered the package safely. Suddenly a blue ball of light shot from a shop, hitting the side of the coach. A sudden bright light shone as the coach burst into a light blue flame. Nartrobi fell to his knee's, weeping deeply. Cradling his head he wept tears for Kaleth.
"Is everything all right, Commander?" asked one of the guards picking up Nartrobi.

Wiping away the tears Nartrobi put his helmet back on and turned towards the crowd of attacks, glaring at them menacingly. Walking up to the crowd he simply frowned before punching one of the minors in the face, before dispatching them with a kick to the neck, breaking the elf's neck easily. Drawing his blade again, he let out a roar before screaming, "Leave none living!"

Koren stood at the top of the steps watching the carnage unfold with Nartrobi and his guards slaughtering the attacking crowd. "Did the plan go well?" asked Kaleth, walking wearily up beside Koren.
"yes, my lord. Your coach is waiting around the back," replied Koren laughing to himself.

*To be Continued*

Author:  Morvai [ Wed Jun 13, 2007 11:13 am ]
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Very nice story. Might just get you somewhere someday. ;)
Although a little to much Druchii die in your stories, to my taste.

Author:  Drainial [ Wed Jun 13, 2007 3:08 pm ]
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Hmmmm, so where is the real Kaleth? Nice story, the only slight implusability is that such a mob would (A) Not be armed, all Druchii are trained warriors and probobly keep there weapons some where in their homes and (B) Why are the citys gaurd not doing anything about it and (C) How have they goten into the grounds, I would presume that a Druchii nobles town house would have fairly sturdy walls. Despite this its a good story and I look forward to reading more.

Author:  Draknir [ Wed Jun 13, 2007 4:09 pm ]
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Truely wonderful story! I think I'll join the Group of Fluff Commenting you have here (Morvai, Khelmor, Drainial)... I have obsession of my post count... ;)

I can't wait to read more... But as Morvai said, there's as much Druchii dying as if there was a civil war going.

Author:  Khel [ Thu Jun 14, 2007 5:41 am ]
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thanks for your comments everyone. Ok to start out, the gates have been opened for the coach to get through but a mob of about 50-100 druchii (Which are minors) pushed there way past into the courtyard. They are waiting for Kaleth for there highers have been sent to humiliate him by throwing assorted rotten fruits at him. While a few of the other houses may of sent some hired cut throats for a easy assassination. I should of explained more in my stories, so about around 20-40 people died overall including the guards. The city guards didn't do anything for the two centuries of plundering, it was ment to help everyone out. But after being lied to about relocating to naggarond, and how everyone wouldn't get there profits from the two century raid. Everyone would be a little pissed and wouldn't bother helping out such a house. Though you are right they should of helped when people started dieing.

Kaleth was still in his house and the clokaed figure they escorted down the stairs wasn't really Kaleth.

Next story shall be Kaleth and Koren get taken down to the docks and are to sail to Har Graef. On the boat ride they'll encounter assassinations, they will meet up with new friends, and they construct a well laid plan on how to get everything back to normal. So if you have seent he godfather, it is like how Al Pacino was the head behind all the hits on the mafia dons. So Kaleth and friends work out a plan to win back the things they lost. First they take on two strong families who control a fair share of the wine profits on Clar Karond the other family, own a fair amount of slaves working at Har Graef. So they take out the families, take over land and buisness. And steal slaves and allot of other crazy stuff. More to come!

Author:  Drainial [ Thu Jun 14, 2007 10:22 am ]
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Minors as in children or as in people who mine stuff out of the ground, if its the former I wouldn't have thought there would be that many most of the work being done by slaves, and I do like the idea of a mob of children being responsible for killing gaurds especialy through the eye with a throwing knife.

Author:  Khel [ Thu Jun 14, 2007 10:36 am ]
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meer servants of the house holds, soldiers, but they do not work directly for the house...if that helps...

Author:  Khel [ Sun Jun 24, 2007 11:17 am ]
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A Pitch black coach arrives around the back of Sarradain Manor. Kaleth and Koren move towards the coach and get in. Firstly the coach waits for Koren and Kaleth to talk, after the driver gets a signal he will leave towards the last safe place. The moment now is in the carriage

"Are you feeling ok?" asked Koren, checking the face of Kaleth.
"Yes, Koren. Though I am truly shocked about what happened in the courtyard. That person in the coach could of been me," replied Kaleth shuddering briefly.
"Well, that's what paid slaves are for, i guess. Better him then you," chuckled Koren patting Kaleth on the back.
"Haha, you always know how to cheer me up Koren. Though what did you pay the slave with?" questioned Kaleth, looking concerned for a minute.
"I promised him that he would get an extra portion of raw meat with 3 more lima beans for breakfast tomorrow," giggled Koren. The coach erupted with laughter, thankfully the coach being very compact, the noise didn't escape the coach to alert near by people.
"Err, Kaleth. I have forgotten since our last visit, but where is the last safe place?" sniffed Koren wiping a tear of laughter from his eye. Snapping from his laughing face, his forehead curled up, showing how old Kaleth really was.
"Koren...You really should remember. It's were you met Greniela," hinted Kaleth, letting out a crude smile. A strike of Embarrassment flashed across Koren's face at the saying of that word, before an angry look bore down upon Kaleth.
"You don't hear me talking about Izthual like that," snapped Koren.
"How Dare you! You Do Not speak my Wife's name like that ever," growled Kaleth attempting to stand up to show how tall he was (which he did, when he tried to demoralise a victim of his penetrating tone. Only realising that he was in a coach so he bumped his head when he tried to stand up.
"Im sorry Kaleth," mumbled Koren sitting back looking out the window.
Kaleth sat down grumpily and looked out his window, seeing the few raindrops starting to hit the window of his coach.
"This is going to be a long ride..." thought Kaleth.

The black coach rode along the dark, wet streets of Har Ganeth, splashing already soaked slaves which slept in the gutter. So far no one seemed to have noticed a Sarradain coach scooting down the city streets. Probably because it was raining and everyone would like to get out of the cold. As Kaleth looked out his window, he could see the radiant glow from the windows of houses and buildings that flanked the elegant red streets. Occasionally the random slave would be thrown out a door of a building to either make way for Druchii guests or just for sheer entertainment. Down the street a dark shadow waited in a open window waiting to strike.
"Be ready to strike," said a mysterious voice in the shadowy figure's head.
The coach was almost up to the open window when the the shadowy figure raised a smooth metal crossbow to his shoulder aiming it at the open window of the coach. As the coach came parallel to the window, the Dark figure pulled the trigger tight on the crossbow. The bolt went soaring towards Kaleths head, who was totally oblivious to the incoming, metal death. A rune suddenly glowed beneath the window of the coach, pulsing a deep red colour. The bolt was about to make contact with the bare forehead of Kaleth has the rune let out a quick, dark glow. The bolt was intercepted with some type of magical force, making the bolt collapse in mid air, falling to the ground with a small clank. Kaleth looked behind the coach, puzzled.
"Did you hear that?" asked Kaleth, gesturing towards Koren. Looking at Kaleth and then outside the window, only seeing nothing but more rain.
"No, it was probably a slave or a harpy. Whatever is less harmless," replied Koren, turning back to look out his window.

Cursing, the shadowy figure threw the crossbow at the wall, taking out a chunk of its surface. Turning around, the figure marched towards the door. Suddenly the mysterious voice came to him.
"Has the package been taken care of?' asked the voice, sounding deep within the figures head.
"well, there was a problem...I would of hit him and easily taken care of the package, but something stopped the projectile in it's tracks," replied the figure, talking out loud.
"So what are you telling me," growled the voice.
"I missed the package," replied the figure, gulping down his last bit of confidence.
A sudden silence followed before a booming voice ripped through the the mind of the figure.
"THERE IS NO ROOM FOR MISTAKES!" screamed the voice, sending the figure to the ground. The figure turned onto his back before he started to jostle about on the ground in pain. Blood poured from his eye's and he coughed up blood. Getting to his knee's, the figure crawled towards the table, looking into the mirror. He saw the blood start to stream from his ears. Letting out a spine chilling scream, he grabbed out for the knife on the bench, against his own will. He held the knife up and started to move it towards his neck. As the figure tried to resist the voice only pushed harder, forcing him to move the knife closer to himself. As the figures last bit of strength faded, the knife closed in with speed, stabbing through the skin of his eye socket and ripping through the muscle. The figure collapsed onto the ground lifeless, the voice started to release his bindings over the figure before jumping from the body and back to the voice's own body.
"Hey, Open up. Im hear to ask about pay," shouted the Inn Keeper, banging on the door from outside. Getting a key the Inn Keeper opened the door and looked down upon the dead body with the knife in it's eye. Looking around the room he saw the mess and the blood seeping through the cracks in the floor. The Inn Keeper sighed and said, "Aw, dammit. We get these every week...Loretlu! Fetch a mop and a large bag," shouted the Inn Keeper down the stairs.

More to come, i write this lat at night. So Sorry for not keepng my word about the plan of the story but im getting around to it. also sorry for being so late with delivering this part of the story. More assassinations and druchii humour and of course...blood! to come!

Author:  Soupman [ Sun Jun 24, 2007 8:57 pm ]
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I like this a lot! Nice plot and very well written
Only thing i dislike is some of the dialouge and the way the characters behave, I personally find giggling and laughing(a cold laugh when someone gets sacrificed is accepted though) to be very un-druchii ;)

Author:  Khel [ Mon Jun 25, 2007 5:34 am ]
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Oh come now. all druchii aren't the cold, heartless non humourable characters they believe to be. Just imagine a bunch of drunken Dark elves in a bar with a attractive waiter ;). Anyhoo, next part coming soon.

Author:  Drainial [ Mon Jun 25, 2007 9:40 am ]
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I just rememberd something. Didn't Kaleth lose a hand in another of your stories and have the gauntlet of power fused to the stump? Just wondering. Good instalment by the way.

Author:  Draknir [ Mon Jun 25, 2007 10:43 am ]
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Nicely done, Khelmor. About laughing Druchii, my character has even a sense of humour and has a sarcastic attitude against everything. And he laughs occasionally.

Khelmor wrote:
Just imagine a bunch of drunken Dark elves in a bar with a attractive waiter ;).

If we take the picture of elves in the LoTR movies, Legolas drinks a couple dozen pints and only effect is that his fingers start to tingle. Elves are no good drinkers, you know. That is a good idea though, I can imagine them corsairs staggering around a bar and singing songs.

Author:  Khel [ Mon Jun 25, 2007 12:14 pm ]
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The coach is still going down the dark streets of Har Ganeth. The rain hasn't stopped and still oblivious to the attempted assassinations, Kaleth has almost reached his destination...The last safe place. Though not being there yet, there is still time for the mysterious voice to attempt another assassination.

"Oh look out there! More rain," said Koren grimly.
"Your not taking this trip very well are you Koren? do not worry yourself so much. Once we arrive you can settle down and have a sleep," replied Kaleth, giving Koren an evil eye.
"I hope so," mumbled Koren, under his breath to himself.
The coach turned at a corner, narrowly missing a slave who had been looking at a soggy piece of bread, trying to figure out if it was still edible. Up the street, down a dark alley way another cloaked figure waited. Watching the coach come closer, he drew his curved dagger.
"Are you sure you want to do this your way?" sounded the mysterious voice inside the head of the cloaked figure.
"I am sure," replied the assassin, bending his knee's a little.
"Very well then. Don't stuff this up though. we wouldn't want you to experience what the last hired cut throat went through," chuckled the mysterious voice.

As the coach drove past the alley way, the assassin lunged out from the darkness. He flew with the speed of a wild cat. He flew through the window of the carriage and landed next to Kaleth with a thud. Koren immediately taking the initiate, he dived at the assassin, grabbing at his neck. Kaleth spinning quickly around, saw Koren wrestling with the assassin. Kaleth drew his own dagger and jabbed at the assassin torso, only the assassin dodged with a quick movement of his ribs.
The assassin plunged his knife through the arm of Koren, before kicking him off.
"Koren!" yelled Kaleth, looking at the horrific wound now showing on Koren arm.
Looking back at the assassin he lunged at him, trying to hit him with his elbow. The assassin caught Kaleths elbow and easily disarmed him of his blade. Falling back, Kaleth moved towards the door on his side and opened it letting the cold air rush in, chilling the group. Drawing another blade from his cloak the assassin threw the blade at Kaleth, only narrowly missing his eye. The blade soared out and wedged itself into the open door. The assassin jumped upon Kaleth, curling his arms around his neck and tightly squeezing. Feeling the air start to escape him, Kaleth wrapped his fingers around the assassin's neck.

Now becoming a match of who would last the longest, Kaleth knew he would surely lose this game. With a swift knee, he had his knee contact with the assassin's chest, knocking the wind out of the assailant. Rolling over onto his stomach, he reached out to the open door and grabbed out for the dagger, narrowly missing it. The assassin seeing what Kaleth was getting at jumped onto the back of Kaleth and put his arms around the head and neck of Kaleth, ready to snap his neck. Resisting to give in to the assassin, Kaleth tensed his neck, trying to stop the assassin from breaking it in half. Kaleth's face started to turn red, noticing the driver of the coach had not noticed the fight which had been going on, Kaleth tried calling out to him, only to be silenced by a quick punch to the mouth. Looking back at Koren, he saw that he had past out on the chair. Feeling his strength give away, Kaleth resorted to the dirtiest trick in the book. Using his last ounce of strength, he flipping the assassin over his shoulders, catapulting the assassin into the spinning metal wheels of the coach. A sudden bolt of lightning muffled out the scream and the down pour of rain masked the giant spray of blood, that flecked up onto Kaleth's face. Looking back up the road he looked at what was left of the dead assassin's body. Getting back into the coach, Kaleth closed the door after him and looked at Koren. Luckily he had not seen that dirty trick thought Kaleth to himself.
"Driver, Step on it!" yelled Kaleth to the driver who gave a quick nod and whipped the harness, sending the dark steeds faster.
"Don't worry Koren. We are almost there," said Kaleth stroking the hair out of Koren's eyes.

The coach arrived outside a small little pub which had a tower constructed onto the top of it. Getting out of the coach, Kaleth carried Koren to the doorsteps and gave the door three kicks. A small slit opened in the door revealing an evil looking eye.
"Password?" sounded a voice from behind the door.
"Just open up," coughed Kaleth.
"Im sorry, that is not correct," replied the voice.
"Open up now! It's raining, my friend has been hurt and i just been through hell back there," replied Kaleth angrily.
"Im sorry, that is not the..." the voice was suddenly interrupted when Kaleth shoved a knife through the eye slot, stabbing the figure in the eye.
A woman suddenly threw open the door and looked them up and down and then said, "Why you have to do that? That guy was new," said the woman in a elegant and strong tone.
"Pleasure to see you to, Luritly," smirked Kaleth, entering the room.
"Enough chat though. my friend has been hurt can you take care of him for a while? It was an assassin's blade too, so just watch out for anything ok," said Kaleth laying Koren down on a stretcher, before two strong looking elves carried him away.

"What brings you here?" asked Luritly, taking a sip of ale.
"I thought you got off the dwarven stuff years ago," replied Kaleth smirking.
"Me too, though apparently i can't live without the stuff," chuckled Lurtily, taking a giant gulp of ale this time. Luritly was a very strange druchii lady. She had dark red hair and always wore mascara under her eyes. she had Fish hooks in her lip and she had a curled blade looking piercing in her tongue. Making her look nothing more then a hired cut throat from afar, but when you got close you could see she was a elegant, attractive female, yet very dangerous.
"So...you still haven't answered my question," said Luritly, leaning closer and smiling widely.
"Ah yes, i was hear for you have certainly heard about my family by now. Well i need transport to Har Graef and then i need another pass to Clar Karond," replied Kaleth, sitting up straight.
"So, just business then?" said Luritly looking somewhat sad.
"Follow me to the tower then," beckoned Luritly, finishing her ale in one long scull.

The trip up the tower was a very short one. For outside the tower stretching from the top of the building makes it look incredibly tall. While it is actually quite small on the inside. Opening a large brass door, Lurtily and Kaleth walked into a candle lit room. There was an elegant bed in the corner and lots of silk everywhere. This was obviously Luritly's sleeping and working quarters.
"So Kaleth...What did you want to talk about again?" asked Luritly spinning on her foot slowly to face Kaleth. To be honest, Kaleth was feeling a little uncomfortable about the candle lit room and the rack in the corner.
"Well...Um, I wanted to...talk about," stammered Kaleth as Luritly edged closer towards. Luritly smiled as she watched Kaleth's eyes wander down from her face and upon her chest. She smiled even wider as she reached down and unhooked her armoured thigh pads. As the metal plates slid from her leg, they revealed the smooth, elegant legs of Luritly, which was rumoured in almost every bar in Har Ganeth that they could charm anyone whose eyes fell upon them.

She moved closer towards Kaleth, stopping about an inch from his face. Unluckily for Kaleth he could not use hit height for Lurtily was part of the lucky people who where as tall as himself. "C'mon Kaleth. How about a little bit of fun? We haven't done what we use to in so long," whispered Luritly in Kaleth's ear, in an inviting tone.
"I can't...You know that Lurtily. You heard what happened to Izthual. Plus your drunk, you mean none of what you are saying," replied Kaleth gulping down his pride.
"Don't give me that crap, Kaleth. You know we haven't done what we use to in so long," slurred Lurtily, able to drop into her slurred tone now that Kaleth had noticed her drunkenness. "You met me before Izthual anyway. You always treated me right Kaleth, only you knew how to," said Lurtily, now in a angrier tone.
"I can't..." Kaleth was interrupted by a firm slap to the face by Lurtily. Falling back to her desk Luritly snapped out of her tone and immediately adopted a new one.
"Im sorry Kaleth...Go down stairs and and wait for your friend. I'll have the passes by tonight so you can leave with them tomorrow with your friend.
"Thank you Luritly," said Kaleth, looking embarrassed. Walking to the door, Lurtitly called to him.
"You know Kaleth...If you ever come back alive and have nothing to do, maybe you or your friend could come around and we could catch up...you know," said Luritly in her last chance. Kaleth turned around and simply glared, before leaving and slamming the door behind him. Looking down at the floor, Luritly fell to the ground. Putting her head between her knee's she started to cry. Only the small dragon on her window ceil could hear her soft but long sobs. Crystal blue tears fell to the ground, not making a sound once they hit the floor of the office. Making Luritly feel ever so lonely once again...and again...and again...

Author:  Drainial [ Tue Jun 26, 2007 12:28 pm ]
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How big was that coach? It must have been fairly huge if an assasin could (A) jump through the window and (B) not land on any body. Good as allways though.

Author:  Khel [ Wed Jun 27, 2007 6:20 am ]
Post subject: 

Its a four seater. four seats on each side as a normal coach is (Though normally a coach isn't four seat more two). I should of explained more how he jumped through. He jumped through twisting his body and then catching himself on the edge of the door, then swinging himself into position. Someone has obviously been training for a moment like this ;)

Koren has been treated and has met Kaleth down stairs and they are waiting at the bar. They are discussing what there plan shall be. Koren explains that it could of been Znarel, House of Sarradain's former slave advisor who could be ordering the assassinations.

So what you are telling me is that my trusted friend Znarel were behind those assassinations," said Kaleth looking bewildered.
"Well...im not saying that he was. But there is a strong possibility that it could be him," replied Koren looking pale after the the excruciating pain he had went through after the assassin had wounded him.
"It seems like i can't trust anyone anymore," said Kaleth quietly.
"Can you trust....Lurtily?" asked Koren taking a sip of wine.
"Of course!" spat Kaleth glaring at Koren.
"Ok, Ok. What's the plan then?" replied Koren almost falling off his chair.
"We set sail for Har Graef, on the way there we meet up with Okiel, Carleshmei and Vecturi. They are all part of House Sarradain and they are loyal to the death. They own some of the trade down at Har Graef so we will be able to get some good info from them on our rival houses," stated Kaleth, while pondering quietly to himself.
"Are you sure we can trust them," asked Koren, leaning closer.
"Yes, im sure we can trust them," replied Kaleth, rolling his eye's.

Luritly entered the room and strode across to them while grabbing a drunken corsair by the ear and dragging him across to them.
"Here are your Passes. May they serve you better than there former owners. Remember a corsair would kill for those passes so watch your self and don't tell anybody about them, ok?" said Luritly not even looking at Kaleth.
"Thanks allot Luritly. I owe you one," replied Kaleth, which was a rare thing for Kaleth never owed anyone.
With that Luritly hurled the corsair through the air crashing through the pane of glass, landing unconscious in the gutter.
"Have a good one you two," said Luritly with a smile then leaving the room.
As Kaleth and Koren left the Inn and hopped into their coach, Koren tapped Kaleth on the shoulder.
"Was that Luritly?" asked Koren gesturing back towards the Inn.
"Yeah, why you ask?" replied Kaleth, making himself comfortable.
"She is...really...beutiful," said Koren with a blank expression.

Smiling at Koren, Kaleth replied, "Again falling in love with someone he met at the Last safe place," chuckled kaleth. "If you ever want to come here again to see her, just drop in, she'll be happy to attend to you....I mean," blurted out Kaleth, noticing what he just said.
"What did you just say!?" snapped Koren, spinning his head around.
"Nothing," said Kaleth almost cracking up with laughter.
"What did she say to you Kaleth? What did she say about me? What are you keeping from me?" choked Koren, letting out a big smile and letting the embarrassment flow to his face.
"Whoa there. To many questions Koren. Firstly, she said things...about...," replied Kaleth gulping down his laughter.
"What's that ment to mean....," said Koren, suddenly realising what Kaleth ment.
Kaleth looked Koren in the eye's and slowly nodded his head, smiling widely while nodding. Koren's mouth dropped open and he immediately went for the door of the coach. Kaleth grabbed after him grabbing his cloak and knocking Koren into the gutter.
"No Koren! We have to get to the docks. When we get back, you can visit her," said Kaleth dragging Koren into the coach.
"You never let me have any fun...," said Koren, crossing his arms crossly.
"Bah, you are such a kid sometimes, Koren," chuckled Kaleth.
"Driver, to the docks!" said Koren thumping on the side of the coach.

As the coach arrived at the side of the docks, they saw the great looming fortress of the Vigourous Torment, Kaleth's 3rd Black Ark. As Kaleth and Koren stepped aboard the giant construct a shadow slipped on board. it was Znarel. Walking up to the head Corsair on the ship he whispered something in the Corsairs ear before slipping from sight. The Corsair captain looked immediately towards the robes of Kaleth's. Seeing the passes he shuddered to himself he ran off towards the quarters of the other Corsairs to inform them off the sudden chance of fortune. This was going to be a very long trip for Kaleth and Koren indeed

Sorry, but i don't think i put as much work into this certain part as i would of liked to. I'll make up for it by writing a ripper of a next part in this story.

Author:  Drainial [ Wed Jun 27, 2007 9:41 am ]
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Third black ark? Just how powerful is this guy ment to be one black ark would make you a preety damn powerful lord and I realy doubt that very many elves own more than one. If he has three black arks it doesn't matter how badly the slaving expidition went he should still be strong enough to keep his suport.

Author:  Khel [ Wed Jun 27, 2007 10:04 am ]
Post subject: 

Dammit, i really should explain more in my stories then just saying it after. this will be the last time (I hope) that this will happen. His first Black Ark was sunk when his father was in control of the House Of sarradain. His father is Nowhere to be found at the moment. After a couple of Centuries, they were able to board a black Ark and capture it during a small but powerful secret Druchii civil war against The 6th convent, Cult of Slaanesh and the Temple of Khaine. Kaleth was and still is a worshipper of Slaanesh, and took the oppotunity to sieize a new Black Ark for the family by boarding it with a large band of elite warriors, when it was docked. Killing everyone aboard he destroyed all evidence of this Black Ark ever being under the control of anyone else. During the last years of the civil war his construct was sunk to large force of belonging to the 6th Convent, believeing them to be to be followers of Cult of Slaanesh. And they were right. Kaleth and his company sailed back to Naggaroth on a sleak small reaver ship, leaving the rest of the crew to drown in the cold waters. Once he returned to naggaroth he ordered that he used a fair portion of his wealth to construct another Black Ark. After the finishing of his third Black Ark, he set sail on his raiding expedition which failed and which was ment to raise enough funds to repay what he lsot on the construction of his Black Ark plus bring more fortune to his Family. Now that his Family is going under he is slowly loosing his possessions. It will not be long soon before the Black Ark is taken from his control.

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