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Author:  Sarcon [ Mon Nov 24, 2008 7:27 am ]
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The dragon is on top of my list to be finished right now. I have been quite busy lately, and missed the opertunity to work on my Dark Elves for a week or so now. I have done two more hero conversion this weekend though.

But, first to reply to the replies! :D

@ Lord_Azoth - Yea, the rider should be magnitized soon. I still have to buy a few magnets, so I can magnitize my sorc on Peg aswel (incase I want a master).

@ Layne - The dragon is pretty high, actually. Here's a size comparison picture:

@ Mathegrub - Thanks for the nice reply. It's highly apprecdiated. I remember that the managar from my local GW whispered me in my ear, when he handed me over the BPA award "You can do better.... but congratulations anyways"... :lol:

@ Ampao, Yea, crimson death for the win, eh?

@ Seralkith - those scales were an absolute pain in the ass to sculpt, and I do feel I'm improving in sculpting, but if I would try to make them look more square-ish I would probably ruin the model.

@ RipperMcGuirl - I would love to see a few pics from your dragon rider. I always liked woodelves too (was stuck deciding between woodies or darkies, picked darkies in the end, and maybe I'm glad I did too :p).

@ Farodin & Mennorach - I know the legs are a bit elfish, but I could always claim that my dark elf army is in the early days of the sundering ;). I don't have any more legs of cold one knights right now. I already used 2 boxes to make 5 DR, 4 knights, and the manticore hero. I will paint the scales metallic though. Thanks for the kind replies! And yes, Farodin, as Zekk said a lighter is an "Aansteker" in Dutch.

@ Zekk - I decided to replace the head anyways. Pictures will be posted at the bottom of the post ^^.

@ Starscream - Thank you very much. I'll try to have the dragon done by the end of next week. Of course I will keep you guys updated.

Alright, I won't keep you guys waiting anymore.... Picture time!

Master on Cold One with new head - conversion is about 90% done.



Sorceress on Pegasus, still pretty much WIP. Scavanged an old base from my bret peg knights (another unfinished army :lol:)



And last, but not least, a few more views from my dragon!


And as usual, I love replies, so feel free to post one (or more, hehe)!

Author:  Mnesthius [ Mon Nov 24, 2008 8:30 am ]
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These are very nice! Especially the dragon and the master on steed.
Can't wait to see you take a brush to these minis :P no rush though!

What made you greenstuff over the right hand side of the master on coldone's legs?

Author:  Lord_azoth [ Mon Nov 24, 2008 1:19 pm ]
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Sarcon you always surprise me, the heroes look all amazing...

the sorc in pegasus rocks

Author:  Farodin [ Mon Nov 24, 2008 4:25 pm ]
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Nice models again Sarcon, they look great. So for the Master on the Cold One you used onoly corsair and CoK bits, that's cheap and cool, and for the head, I think it is ok, he is bowing a bit much over his cold one though (in an overall vieuw). Nothing to comlain about the sorceress, she looks ice too and just as Mnesthius said: I can't wait to see some of these beauties painted.

Author:  Faulkynn grom [ Mon Nov 24, 2008 5:21 pm ]
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Could you possibly post a few more pics of you Peggy Sorc. I like what you did with the HE mage pony, similiar to my BSB on DS, and I'm stumped on what to do for my Peggy mounted characters. I've got the wings, I just need to settle on a suitable horse. I think you may have made up my mind for me. Also, everything looks fantastic.



Author:  El hombre [ Mon Nov 24, 2008 5:50 pm ]
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all those are really awesome! I don't have near half your skills, but you did get me back to painting/converting my own army! So thanx anyway :-)

Author:  Sarcon [ Mon Nov 24, 2008 5:52 pm ]
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Thanks for all the kind replies. I'll try to get the first few layers done on my dragon tonight. The underbelly will be brownish-khaki, with a brown-purple shade. Scales will be black, since it's a black dragon after all. I will put a bit more time in this model that I have put in any other model in this army so far.

@ Mnesthius - Thanks for the compliment. I'm really pleased with how this army is turning out so far. Since this model is actually the cold one from the Sorceress on Cold One blister, the right side of the cloak was flat, to provide a larger glue area for the sorceress, whose cloak will be covering that spot. This is the first time ever I sculpted cloth from scratch, and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I will aply a thin layer of PVA glue over the greenstuffed cloak, since tht will dry up nice and smooth (no bobbly greenstuff anymore ;) ).

@ Lord Azoth - Thanks for the kind reply again. The sorceress is still a WIP. And I still have to build a master to go on the pegasus aswel.

@ Farodin - I use the bits I have as much as I can. This, I must say was another "cheap" conversion. I simply mailordered a high elf mage kit, a pair of dark pegasus wings (those are in the Bitz section on the GW website, pricetag A), and a sorceress on cold one blister. Half the sorceress goes on a peg, the mount turns into a master on cold one. Almost maximum results for what I ordered!
And the master is looking down, but not too much IMO. He looks along his lance. Always fun to see who you're about to stab to death, eh? ^^

@ Faulklin Grom - The pegasus is still WIP. I need to sculpt some small armour plates over the spots where the wings are attatched to the horse, and neaten up the reigns a bit. When I'm done with sculpting I'll take a few more pics, ofcourse.

I'll keep you guys updated, ofcourse. Here's a list of things I will paint as soon as possible:

-The dragon + lord
-two more RXB elves
-A reaper bolt thrower (mail order has been placed)
-5 shades (mail order has been placed)
-an Assassin
-the Master on Cold One

Author:  Druchii_jesse [ Mon Nov 24, 2008 8:21 pm ]
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As always your work is beautifull and goes into my 'steal this when your better' folder. But your master on cold one if he is running forward shouldn't his hair be back not to the side?

Author:  Sarcon [ Wed Nov 26, 2008 7:36 pm ]
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Another quick update, been working on the pegasus. He doesn't have a spot yet in the army, but since I've been building every Druchii mount possible so far, I really wanted to build a peg. Anyhow, here's the progress:


You can see the small armourplates on top of the wings pretty well here:


Closeup on the "wing holes" I made in the clothing:


And without the character:

Any suggestions on how to improve it?

@ Druchii_Jesse - I know it may seem wrong, but I'm sure sitting on a cold one can be quite bumpy, so his hair may not be dynamic according to wind directions, but maybe it's dynamic with the movement of the cold one!

Author:  Sathnir tempestmaster [ Wed Nov 26, 2008 7:51 pm ]
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I'm majorly lieking that, perhaps though some rubble fallign back from the Pegasus' foot fall and tumbling behind it?

Thats the only suggestion I can make to a dynamic and really cool looking minature.

Author:  Lord_azoth [ Thu Nov 27, 2008 8:46 am ]
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Like it a lot, the idea of putting it over the stone column loos really nice..
gratz man

Author:  Kelthahir [ Thu Nov 27, 2008 3:22 pm ]
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Wow, really cool conversions :)
You've inspired me, Sir *bows*
Now I'm finally motivated again, to finish the painting of my army

Author:  Notts [ Thu Nov 27, 2008 4:21 pm ]
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I love your army Sarcon.

I struggle to use GS to mold a bit of extra arm for my pegasus (which is just balthasar gelt...) where as you do all sorts of kick assery.

Your base is sweet too.

Now hurry up and paint your masticore! :p

Author:  Invinciblebug [ Thu Nov 27, 2008 9:17 pm ]
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There is some amazing stuff in this blog. The pegesus is shaping up to be really nice and you dragon conversion is just jaw dropping. I love what you did for dark riders to, the stock ones are just aweful.

I wonder what parts did you use for the dragon lord and cold one lord? CoK parts?

Author:  Sarcon [ Fri Nov 28, 2008 11:25 am ]
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@ Shathnir Tempestmaster - That's a nice idea, though fragile when transporting. I'll consider it though.

@ Lord Azoth - Thank you very much. I'll try to post something painted very soon, since I am working on the Black Dragon right now.

@ Kelthahir - Wow, this makes it really worth for me to keep my thread updated. Thanks for keeping me motivated too!

@ Notts - There's always room for improvement. Your modeling skills aren't that bad, for as far as I've seen. I really like your army so far. Dragon gets painted first!

@ Invinciblebug - The dragon lord has the HE dragon lord legs, CoK champion body, BG halberd, CoK shield + shield arm, and a corsair head + SDC.

And a small update, Dragon WIP shot:

It's a nice effort/result quality. Underbelly was based with Khemri brown, washed once with devlan mud + leviathan purple, then once with badab black, then highlighted with graveyard earth, graveyard earth + khaki, and then pure khaki. Then washed at the edges with badab black/devlan mud to blend it over a bit to the blacks.

Now, for the scales. Shall I do a blue-ish grey, or a regular grey?

Thanks for all the replies!

Author:  Mennorach [ Fri Nov 28, 2008 12:02 pm ]
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Do a blue grey, helps tie the army together.

Are the dragons wings going be removable for transportation, or are you going to glue them in place once the dragon is painted?

And I must say, I had no idea something like that could be done with the foundation paints, I got to get me some of those..

When will you paint the manticore :)

Author:  Invinciblebug [ Fri Nov 28, 2008 8:18 pm ]
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That amazing dragon is looking even more amazing with just a little bit of paint, i cant imagine how good it will look when it is finished, as we have seen your painting is truly incredible too.

I've been tossing between wanting to start Azur or Druchii for some time now, but this log might just tip the balance, FOR MALEKIETH AND DEATH TO THE FALSE PHOENIX KING!

Author:  Notts [ Fri Nov 28, 2008 8:48 pm ]
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I just notice: your cold one master is the sorceress on cold one with the sorceresses legs

and your pegasus sorceress is the other half of her.

brilliant use of the models. I am really struggling with what to use for a Cold one master and BSB. I was going to use the old CoK as they look suitably different, but they dont fit on the new cold ones

Author:  Seralkith [ Fri Nov 28, 2008 9:24 pm ]
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Nice job on the belly of the dragon and the gs on the peggie. Only thing you may want to alter is the little gap in the armor on the peggie between the gs plates, the original plates and the saddle. But may be that's what you were referring to with your reply to Faulkynn Grom? I am glad you took off the high elf iconography to fit the wings- the musculature is convincing. Out of curiosity, what do you use as a sculpting tool?

For scales, have you thought of maybe using a brown used on the under belly to highlight? Leave the graveyard earth khaki out though as you'd still want a "black" dragon. I have yet to use the new paints, but you've had success with them, and I think using the low lights on the underbelly as scale highlights may tie it together nicely- but that's just my theory. Of the two you listed, I'd say the blue/gray for the same reasons as Mennorach.

Author:  Sarcon [ Fri Nov 28, 2008 11:06 pm ]
Post subject: 

@ Mennorach - After talking a bit with the former manager from my local GW, I decided to go for the regular grey for the dragon scales for this simple reason: If you're going to buy a pet dog, you won't buy a purple dog because it looks better with your purple sweater. I felt the natural grey would look better with the rest of the dragon, and decided to put the army colours back into the Dreadlord. The wings will remain loose for transportation.

And yes, foundation paints are worth it. The foundation paints dry up a bit more matte, but it has more structure than the old GW paints. Because of this " gritty" layer, the washes have more effect, because the foundation paints hold the washes so much better.

The manticore will have to wait a bit longer though. I was fielding him at 1,000 points, which was a bit cheesy, and too big a blow for my army when it died. I might have him at 1,500 points though.

@ Invinciblebug - You flatter(sp?) me. Thanks for the kind reply. It really keeps me motivated (which is a good thing!). I'll try to have most of the main dragon body done tomorrow, if I can spare the time, that is.

@ Notts - You should read my thread a bit better :p . Yes, that's what I have done, I always try to use as much as possible from the bits that I have.

@ Seralkith - I use the regular GW sculpting tool. I think I have an older model though, but it works just fine for me. What has been a great help for me is reading GeOrc's sculpting tips. He has this rough scheme of greenstuffing - first 20 mins is applying the greenstuff, 2cnd 20 mins is shaping it to the right form, last 20 mins is smoothing out. I usualy check up on the GS an hour after that to smooth it out one last time. I do this either with wet fingers, or with the round end of my sculpting tool.

Apart from that, no new pictures today, sorry guys! I did make a start on the scales, and played a few games. Scored one major win against empire, and a massacre against those trecherous High Elves. It was a fun day.

Thanks for all the replies so far!


Author:  Sarcon [ Sun Dec 07, 2008 3:22 pm ]
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Update, last non-painty update for a while now. Now I have everything for my 1,000 point army assembled, and half of it painted aswel. Now, just so I have something to play a game with, I can get the rest of it painted.

First of all, the RBT. I had some thoughts about making the RBT crew removable, while being on the same base as the RBT is on. Here is my solution:




I used pieces of sprue, to form 20×20mm squares on the base, and to keep the RBT on the same level as the crew, I pinned it on pieces of sprue aswel, and glued it onto the base, shaving down the sprues a bit at the edges of the base.

After filling the base a bit up with cork and clay, and glueing modelling sand over it, the base looked like this:




I think it worked out pretty well!

Now, on to the shades with great weapons... These were built after I raided my bitbox. They're built from gladeguard heads and legs, dark elf warrior weapons, arms and torso, and a high elf cloak. Do you guys think they look good enough, as shades?


And some individual closeups:




I took this picture to show the greenstuffed area, to blend in the cloak to the hood a bit

And again, C&C is appreciated. Top priority now is finishing my 1,000 point army. What shall I paint now?

-Master on Cold ONe

Manticore will be put on hold, just a little longer. The dragon turned me crazy, annoying scales... So boring to paint! :lol:

Author:  Jrg [ Sun Dec 07, 2008 3:42 pm ]
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Sarcon you never do cease to amaze.

And i would love to see your master on cold one and assassin painted, perferably in that order but i imagine your not in the mood to paint C.O scales. :)

Author:  Ampao [ Sun Dec 07, 2008 4:02 pm ]
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i like your RBT! and absolutely I love your shades! Awesome!!

Author:  Seralkith [ Sun Dec 07, 2008 6:36 pm ]
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Nice idea with the RBT. Are you going to have the side's of the crew's bases black again too, or blend them in with the surrounding rock?

Of your shades, the first one looks unbalanced, he seems like he's about to fall over. I think that pose is pretty sweet, reminiscent of the wood elf w/ GW; I'd just swap which side of the boulder he's standing on, putting the extended leg at the bottom, and the bent one in a higher position. The third one's neck is really long, it is otherwise a really cool pose leaping like that, as is #2's.

And I vote for the assassin

Author:  Notts [ Sun Dec 07, 2008 7:28 pm ]
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i like the se of HE cloak.

cant wait to see it all painted!

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