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Author:  Lonely shade [ Wed Feb 11, 2009 4:14 am ]
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This army makes me very happy. Great basing, decent painting so far (but there is your "finish it" motivation, so I understnad completely) and good scheme.

Small nitpicks like the COs and CoKs - the joining is very awkward so you really need to go at it with greenstuff and brownstuff to make them look "real", scales on dragon - this is a bit too late, but GW scultps scales with harder angles, so brownstuff would have been better for them, but whatever :D, shades arm joining - one has a big gap between it, or at least so it looks from the pre-painted photo, etc. but overall very nice.

I'm going to have to steal your basing and bolt thrower tricks, been wondering about both. Would like to see some more of the masticore (just found this thread and decided to read through it all). I particularly like how you paint blades, speartips etc, it gives them a nice feel. New master definitely, the corsair hair goes the wrong way and the old leaning forward pose made him seem more like an over-eager knight than a battle-hardened master, the upright pose portrays confidence and experience. Just as a slightly OT question, has anyone ever complained about your forward facing lances? I am building my new knights now, and want to do so but don't want to piss off my opponents dealing with the lances.

Summary: I like it so far. Keep at it.

- Lonely

Author:  Sarcon [ Wed Feb 11, 2009 6:01 pm ]
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@ Ampao - thanks for the replies, he's actually a bit brighter in the flesh, but thanks for the reply.

@ JRG - The paint job isn't that hard. Maybe a 2-3 hour paint job spread out over... erm... 2 months :lol:

Sculpting hair is easy and difficult at the same time. How so? Getting the general "hair" feeling right is only half the work,. The harder parts of sculpting hair is getting the direction+dynamics right, while not looking sloppy.

I read through GeOrcs threads and found a few good sculpting tips. One of them was that you can divide greenstuff over three 20 minute stages: 1) Apply the greenstuff, now it's the stickiest; 2) Make general shape, now it's still easy to sculpt, but still too soft to make proper detail; 3) work out all the details to a smooth finish.

This is a flexible scheme giving rough estimated time amounts.

@ Xtickx - The master on cold one will be next (most probably). After that the boltthrower.

@ Lonely Shade - Thanks for the reply. Hapy you like the painting, I definetly need to get this army done, now that I'm so close to the finish line.

About the CoKs, I'm very lazy when it comes down to hiding joint lines, only when they're really ugly on a model I'll do something about them. The cold one knights are a bit "meh", so didn't do much about them :P .

About the scales, I might have done a better job of it if I would do it again. I use water as lubricant for sculpting, and the GS somehow kept sticking to my tools, so I was really happy with the way it eventually turned out. Thanks for the sharp eye, comments like these that give feedback on my flaws will only improve my work.

And yes, that shade does have a small gab in between the arm, I filled it up with superglue, and the wash pretty mush fixed the entire gab (and it looks a bit like shading ATM), but yes, it's lazy, I know :lol:

Feel free to steal any of my ideas (as long as you don't copy everything into one army, might as well sell you my army then :P). Stealing one of my ideas only compliments my work, as it is apparently a good idea!

I haven't really pissed off anyone with the lances yet, but then again I'm a (former (dislike this edition) ) 40k player, I'm used to have models stick over their bases in every possible direction.

I got a busy week at work this week + I just bought a new computer myself, but friday afternoon is the start of my weekend, so I could bump my local GW, and get some painting done!

Author:  Lonely shade [ Sat Feb 14, 2009 5:36 am ]
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Laziness is the enemy!

...Awww, who am I kidding. I'm so lazy I have fun converting for hours, then never paint the models...

And for the stickiness, a golden tip is use saliva. May sound kind of disgusting, but suck it up and spit a couple times into a small container and use that for lubricant instead of water. And make sure you haven't eaten for at least an hour (or brushed your teeth) because that happened to me once and the result was nasty: half-digested food in your spit is a disturbing sight. Look forward to more! :D

- Lonely

Postoplasty: spelling :P

Author:  Lakissov [ Sat Feb 14, 2009 4:29 pm ]
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I must say, I like the base, but the assassin seems to be a bit too plain. I do understand that he is supposed to be unnoticeable (how would he hide othewise), but I still think that some ornament at least on the inner half of the cloak (which stays hidden while the assassin is hiding) would make the model stand out much more...

(still, the work on the model is very neat)

Author:  Kheel [ Fri Mar 06, 2009 4:58 am ]
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Been a while now since we saw something from you Sarcon :(
I usually check your plog once or twice every week for ideas.

I have a request, if possible could you post a picture of your entire finished druchii army?
Would be nice to see what you have done up till now. All out there ready to fight :)

Hope to see this plog revived soon!

Author:  Sword of the hag [ Fri Mar 06, 2009 10:37 am ]
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Nice assa Sarcon! Looks a little bit like mine..... :P Ooooh it is the same GW model! COme on dude finish the army than we can go to the battle of the clubs.

Author:  Sarcon [ Sun Mar 08, 2009 12:33 pm ]
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I should keep my promises! I'll prime my cold one hero today, and do the first few pre-wash steps. I bet you guys would like a few WIP shots? :D

Author:  Izirath [ Sun Mar 08, 2009 6:59 pm ]
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We very much do and you know it.

Author:  Xizor [ Mon Apr 06, 2009 3:43 pm ]
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At the risk of this being necromancy, I was wondering if you had any updates for us?!

Author:  Farodin [ Mon Apr 06, 2009 6:58 pm ]
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Long time no hear Sarcon, great to see that you haven't been assassinated :P .
About the assassin, I like it, although IMHO you could blend the colours maybe a bit better on the cloak.
And Í love to see some WIP's....


PS: Battle of the clubs? When is it, where, and what is needed if you'd like t tell me.

Author:  Sarcon [ Wed Sep 16, 2009 9:53 pm ]
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Oh yes, it's been a while. I decided to update my thread. My mates signed me up for a tournament so I HAD to paint something. Deadlines are great for results :roll:

I've taken a *small* break from warhammer, hence my inactivity.

So, here's what I have done the past month actually:



Shades; the skin of some turned out a bit too pink-ish, due to painting at 2 am the day before the tourney :P

Shades with my plastic assassin conversion:

And a few shots of the assassin on his own. I'm still bad at freehands, and my camera doesn't seem to like me (Somehow can't get the hang of it).



Once again, sorry for my inactivity. I am a very lazy hobbyist, and admit I sometimes need a bit of a kick into the right direction :P. I'll be updating some more things soon, now that my army is coming a bit more together to it's eventual 2,250 pts form.

As usual, C&C is appreciated. Thanks for watching.

Author:  Ampao [ Wed Sep 16, 2009 9:56 pm ]
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Woot woot! Welcome back Sarcon!

Great stuff!!! YOu surely didnt disappoint!

Love your assassin!! O.O

Author:  Lord_azoth [ Thu Sep 17, 2009 7:44 am ]
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welcome back mate!!..and back with a beatiful bunch of minis...

the photos look a bit blurry, would you mind taking some more?..
nice work, and hope we won´t wait for another update the same time ;)

Author:  Xizor [ Thu Sep 17, 2009 11:54 am ]
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Welcome back. Great to see some activity in this thread again. You've got some really nice stuff there. I do have my reservations on the plastic Shades and Assassin, but the Hydra is very good. A seemingly basic colour scheme that actually works very well. The rock helps loads with that model, I did exactly the same for mine.

Good work.

Author:  Shadow_cleric [ Thu Sep 17, 2009 3:29 pm ]
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nice to see you back with some nice models!

like the plastic assassin a lot. you can not see the conversions on it.... that is good i think ;)

some deadlines are always good for the lazy ones among us (me included)

2250 points.... are you going further or is this it for the druchii?

cheers ... (see you around in the local GW)

Author:  Syn'dar [ Thu Sep 17, 2009 4:06 pm ]
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Looks great so far ! Have you converted the assassin's cloak or is it a bit from somewhere ?

Now we want a family shot of all the army ! :P

Author:  Sarcon [ Thu Sep 17, 2009 5:01 pm ]
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@ Ampao - I'm glad you like it, I was a bit skeptic about the way the painting turned out at first, but now that it's varnished and seen them a few times, they're quite alright. Thanks for the comment :)

@ Lord_Azoth - I'll try to make a few new photos later today. My hydra suffered some damage, sadly. One of it's necks broke off, even though it was pinned in place very thoroughly. It has been repaired, but you'll still see the cracks in the greenstuff. Shame, really. Hence why I try to build as much from plastics as I possibly can :P

@ Xizor - The hydra did turn out great indeed. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. The hydra climbing over something is about to become a classic "conversion". It somehow restores balance in the model. What is it you dislike about the shady guys?

@ Emil - Thanks for the compliment :P Haven't seen you in a while. 2250 pts won't be the end of my Druchii, I am seriously considering expanding it with some khainite units (cauldron, execs, witch elves, etc), and a block of spearmen, corsairs...

@ Syn'Dar - The assassin's cloak consists of 2 bits and some greenstuff. The main cloak part is from the HE mage kit, I think from a mage on foot. Snapped off the "armoured" top, and pinned it in place about 1/4" from the hood (so there was a gap to fill over the paperclip armature). The hood is simply a gladeguard hood, extended a little bit with greenstuff, and sculpted together with the cloak. Used a bit of PVA glue over the greenstuff to hide anything that wouldn't make it look flat, and ditto!

Now, I got a few more models to paint, so this will be the end of my post!

Author:  Kheel [ Thu Sep 17, 2009 10:35 pm ]
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As requested :)

Nice to see that you're back in the druchii again.

You say it's too pinkish, but I like it - just like they've been running a lot in the cold :D

Author:  Darknightshade [ Fri Sep 18, 2009 6:04 am ]
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nice minis,
I love the assassin!! to bad your camera did not want
to cooperate :/ i would like to se clearer pics on the mini,
the shades also looks great :) and I look forward to see more pics :)

Author:  Farodin [ Fri Sep 18, 2009 3:26 pm ]
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Welcome back Sarcon! That Hydra is truly amazing, love it! The assassin is also really nice! What dod you actually use for the ruiny thing on your Hydra's base? Looks very well!


Author:  Sarcon [ Mon Oct 05, 2009 7:58 am ]
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Been a bit inactive again, hehe. Just to show you guys what I have been working on lately:

Cellphone pics, yes the attic is a mess (my dad uses it as "office", I discarded 3 boxes of old paper, just so I could add an aditional floortom...)

And a proper picture of the kit in the outside light, so you can see the finish a bit better

Soon I will get some painting done. I got a tourney planned for 28&29 November, so atleast I have a deadline again :D

Author:  Ampao [ Mon Oct 05, 2009 2:18 pm ]
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Looks nice... how do they sound? (I always wondered why there are pillows in the bass drum.)

I love the finish. Hehehe and oh yeah, deadlines are awesome! I painted more in one day (before the tournament) than since that tournament ended! hehehe *guilty*

p.s. whats in your list?

Author:  Sarcon [ Mon Oct 05, 2009 4:50 pm ]
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ampao wrote:
Looks nice... how do they sound? (I always wondered why there are pillows in the bass drum.)

I love the finish. Hehehe and oh yeah, deadlines are awesome! I painted more in one day (before the tournament) than since that tournament ended! hehehe *guilty*

p.s. whats in your list?

The drums sound great. Nice round tones from the toms, bright and deep. The shells are very thin for drums (5.1mm), which gives a beautiful resonance from the wood.

The bassdrum is a huge drum (22x18"), which is slightly muffled. If you don't muffle it, it will give a big timpani-like sound (As in *BOOOOOOIIIIIIINNGGGG*), rather than the dry *THUD* you are used to

Back to warhammer,
The tourney will work according to A lists, B lists and C lists (with A lists fielding 2K, B lists 2.25k and C lists 2.5k, and several nerved magic items). Dark Elves are an A list so I can only field 2k... I was thinking:

Lord on dragon

hero on cold one

2x 10 rxb

5 dark riders

5 coks with fc, hotek and asf

10 shades with rendingstar assassin


2 rbt

Author:  Shadow_cleric [ Mon Oct 05, 2009 7:58 pm ]
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AHAAAA! ... so it was you this morning .... banging on the drums and waking up the neighbourhood ...... should have known ;)

nice stuff by the way .....

first time i see that armies get nerved like this ..... bit sad about this development ......
it's like soccer teams can put less people in the field because the are just better players ... imagen 5 players real madrid against 20 players soccerclub fc nobody :roll:

not all dark elf players ..and daemon???? are evil cheese people or can manage to play with cheese lists ;)

good luck with de tournament

Author:  D.e. warrior [ Tue Oct 06, 2009 3:02 pm ]
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1st: I really Love your shades and the assassin, actually I love your enire army! did you made the cape of the assassin out of greenstuff?

2nd: I have the same problem as you have ;-) my room is totally filled with my ADAMS 8000 show model drum kit: 3 toms, a floor tom and a field drum + a snare with wooden rims, a 10" splash(Sabian Hand Hammered), 2 16" crashes (zildjian K dark crash thin and Sabian HHx power crash) and a 22" yes indeed: 22"!!! Zildjian Ride And my Sabian AA fusion hats Hi-hat of course :D
anyway,, nice drum kit ^^ how long do you play already?
as it is a black showcare model with golden sound nails I use to play on the basrum of course is a bit larger then others to :D
But I don't put any pillows in it, I just use a EVANS emad on it ;-) might be a good advice for you 2!

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