[PLOG] Harvesters for the Pale Queen
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Author:  gamerlocke [ Fri Jan 09, 2015 12:30 am ]
Post subject:  [PLOG] Harvesters for the Pale Queen

Hey guys,

I'm preparing this plog to start show-casing some of my Dark Elf army which will inevitably be themed as worshippers and gathers of souls of the Pale Queen. I like her character and gives me something to work towards. Not sure I like army name yet but who knows, I may change it.

Anyways...I'm also doing this as a placeholder since I'm entering myself in the D.Net Invasion 2015 to help motivate myself into getting some work done on my Army. Not that I don't want to paint them, I just need a little kick to get me moving sometimes. Without much more, I'm looking at this list as a potential 1500 point list to begin with. Points are only registered for stuff I'm adding/paint (includes shields/banners/bsb if painted and added).

Estimated Schedule
January - Death Hag w/Cauldron of Blood - 275 pt (275) <== Current
Febuary - 20 x Witch Elves w/Banner (Hag won't look too different) - 230 pt (505)
March - 20 x Darkshard w/Banner - 270 pt (775)
April - 20 x Executioners w/Banner - 250 pt (1025)
May - 5 x Doomfire Warlocks & 5 x Dark Riders - 235 pt (1260)
June - Supreme Sorceress on Pegasus - 270 pt (1530)

I hope to be able to get this stuff done as well as explain my thoughts and it's relation to the theme. More updates to come.

Author:  gamerlocke [ Tue Jan 20, 2015 12:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [PLOG] Harvesters for the Pale Queen

Plog Entry:

I've gone ahead and started working on my first models for my army. Although I'm starting with the Cauldron of Blood, I wanted to do some special basing for the unit and in order to get things to line up, I did some work on my Witch Elves as well. Due to their excessive pointiness and "elaborate" poses, I've decided to have designated spots within the unit for each model to make sure they actually rank up. Didn't seem to actually take a picture of the right side of the cauldron but this mainly designed for a 10-wide horde of 30 witches and a cauldron. Also note the cork on the bases for modeling.

Photo: Witch Elves next to Cauldron

These are all going to be swamp like bases so I wanted to outline where the water would be. Since I'm giving each one a defined place in the unit, I wanted to make the water line so it wouldn't look as weird when it's such a big unit. Only partial drawing in photo. Also, credit where credit is due, a link to the video that inspired me to put this army on swamp bases at the bottom of the thread.

Photo: Diagram of Base Layout (Red = Model; Green Hatching = Water

I cut away the cork to form the canals where the swamp water would go and chunked up some of the land masses to make them more realistic. Please note that I'm working on a unit filler piece to fill the middle. It'll make the whole unit look a little more custom as well as allow me to add elements of the theme into the unit.

Photo: Cork bases cut for water

I added some cool pieces that I had lying around to give some more elements to the bases. This is before I put sand on the bases so they look slightly out of place.

Photo: Base with tree trunk and rock [left], random skull [center], and wood elf sword buried in the swamp water [right]

I made another large base for the Cauldron to be on and finished the right side bases as well (still no real pictures. Sorry). I added more bits to the cauldron's base even though most will never be seen. But I still think they're very cool, including the half-buried Chaos Marauder whose head has been slightly separated from the body by one of the cauldron's wheels. Also, you can see that the sand makes the buried sword so much nicer.

Photo: Cauldron of Blood swamp base primed [left] and Witch Elf bases primed [right]

I had already started painting the cauldron which is why I'm starting with that piece. I'll make my next update soon, showing what the cauldron looks like now and give some progress steps and I'm pretty sure I've decided what I'm doing with it. Until next time.

Awakened Realms - Swamp Base tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0G0VrDAlz34

Author:  direweasel [ Tue Jan 20, 2015 1:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [PLOG] Harvesters for the Pale Queen

Very promising start. I love what you're doing with the bases, and to have a plan for them in advance is a great way to ensure continuity when you're finished.

Looking forward to following this at it goes forward.

Author:  Amboadine [ Tue Jan 20, 2015 9:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [PLOG] Harvesters for the Pale Queen

Looking good so far. Nicely planned basing.

Author:  Rowena [ Tue Jan 20, 2015 9:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [PLOG] Harvesters for the Pale Queen

Looks awesome already, I love how well you have planned it and can't wait to see the bases finished and next to each other. And the unit filler, they always add so much character to the units. :)

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