Magnetizing Dark Riders and Warlocks?
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Author:  Daeron [ Thu Jan 29, 2015 1:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Magnetizing Dark Riders and Warlocks?

A moment of doubt!

If I were to magnetize Dark Riders, so that they are usable as Warlocks and back, how would I best manage that? I have 3mmx2mm magnets in rich supply. They should have enough strength, but perhaps 2mm height isn't required? Would it be easier to use 1mm magnets as they require less drilling?
This might delay my construction time, but I'd rather work with the right materials.

Another concern is the "torso twist". If I use a single magnet contact point, say a magnet on the horse and one on the torso of the rider, wouldn't the models risk to be twisting and spinning around that spot?
As the surface is kind of flat, they aren't exactly locked into place.

This could easily be solved by adding a pin or a contact on two points, but that increases the work and finesse required on a small surface. In particular, this makes me doubt if the 3mm magnets are small enough in diameter.

Does anyone have experience with this?

Author:  Thraundil [ Thu Jan 29, 2015 5:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Magnetizing Dark Riders and Warlocks?

While I do not have direct experience with this particular magnetising endeavour, I do have some general magnetising experience. The torso twist is a valid concern, but I actually dont think you should worry so much about it. All the pieces in which I have used magnets to interchange a rider (lvl 4 or lord on steed or cold one, for example) the model just clicks in place. Of course you can twist it if you actually put your fingers on the model and turn it - but generally, the magnet is sufficiently strong that the model will not turn in place. Simply because the magnets attractive force far surpasses the friction it would have to overcome to turn 'on the spot'. So I would honestly not bother with double magnets. And there is certainly not room for double magnets. In fact I think 3 mm diameter is even a bit much. I work with 2 mm diameter magnets, and they are a charm. But - if they fit, go for it. I would aim for the 1 mm thick ones because as you say, drilling too much into the (relatively small) body pieces might end up ruining them.

In either case. Assemble one DR/warlock pair before any other. And see if they in fact come together smoothly with the magnets ;)

Author:  Malys the younger [ Thu Jan 29, 2015 6:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Magnetizing Dark Riders and Warlocks?

I covered it before with a few pics: http://druchii.net/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=75748

Let me know if this helps or if you have any other questions.

Author:  MangoPunch [ Thu Jan 29, 2015 7:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Magnetizing Dark Riders and Warlocks?

I did it. Torso twist isn't really an issue (I wouldn't bother with a pin or contact point). With a few of the models my magnets aren't quite flush so the riders look a little tilty, so just be careful about that. TBH, the most time consuming part was drilling the holes. I started off making large holes and filling in with greenstuff, but ultimately found a drill bit of the right diameter and could just drill and glue the magnets in. I am at work right now, but either tonight or this weekend will post more details on magnet size etc. If you go to my plog, the pictures of the one warlock painted up is magnetized with a swappable torso; you can't even tell.

Author:  Daeron [ Thu Jan 29, 2015 10:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Magnetizing Dark Riders and Warlocks?

Well I was encouraged to give it a shot and....

It works quite well. The one lock torso is a tester, and to double check the polarity. I used 2mmx1mm magnets which prove sufficient but I lack a 2 mm drill. So it took some effort, but it seems worth it. In retrospect it seems like a good way to make command options without using up a whole model.

Thanks all!

Ohh... And they don't twist so easily. We'll see if they keep it up when there are arms attached.
It doesn't stop me from twisting some spines though:

Now I get to be twice as evil with them!

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