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creating a Vampire army out of other armies 
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Like it says on the tin, i've bought the vampire counts book. And together with my mate we are taking bits from all our other armies to represent the Vampire counts.
We got:
Dark elf, Dwarfs , bret, empire ,Skaven, Ogres, tomb kings orcs and goblins, some woodies and a few chaos thingies.
the storie behind it is a vampire traveling and ravaging the old world, taking the toughest of his enemies with him as a new part of his army. Most of it is stuff we dont really use any more and in this way giving them a new life:)

So what we got so far:
Dire wolfs; Old chaos hounds, and if need be (o&G)wolfs.
Ghouls; I got my hands on some mantic ghouls, awesome models.
skeletons; Easy answer would be skeletons from tomb kings
zombies: this just going to be mix of night goblins, empire, skaven and bretonian infantry. If i can get them cheap, maybe some mantic models.

Grave guards; I was thinking empire greatswords, the old metal ones.
black knights; bret and empire knights obviously
Crypt horrors; Zombie OGRES
Hexwraiths: Centigors
Vargheist: not sure yet but i was thinking bret. pegknights
Varghulf: Spawns (old metal ones)
Blood knights: chaos knights (metal)
Terror gheist: old Chaosdragon (metal)
spirit hosts: i'm getting the GW models, these are great!!!

Wight King: Crom the conquerer
Necromancer; Shamans from night goblins and beastmen
Vampire; not sure if i should get some actual vampires or kitbash some dark elves or dwarfs;
banshee:Witch elves?
wraiths: old executioners maybe?
ghoul king: Dwarven Slayer?

Corpse cart
black coach: Cold one chariot ?
Coven throne/mortis engine: Im not using my new Cauldron for this , casket of souls seems like an easy solution!! but if somebody has another great idea? hell cannon seems a bit off

So the things in orange, i was hoping you guys could help us out with? Id love to add some dwarfs and maybe some more dark elfs? These are our 2 main armies. I've got an mostly untouched hell cannon i would LOVE to be able to use. Same thing with a wingless Be'lakor and Morghur. ANY suggestions are welcome. The other thing i listed above are not written in stone, just stuff we got laying and seemed lke a logical replacement. But if you have a good idea! Let me know.

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