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Getting to know your army and general (new version) 
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Right, I did a whoops: whilst cleaning the old version of a few random comments, I accidentally deleted the entire thread. Which means, unfortunately, that I hope people had their army background backed up. However, since I had a couple requests for a new version of this thread to supercede the other, this comes at a fortunate time.

Anyway, on to the body of the topic: please post a short blurb about your army and its leader in here. You can choose to follow this form to make things easier:

Army Name:





General opinion of:

High Elves:

Dark Elves:

Wood Elves:


The Empire:


Orcs and Goblins:


Vampire Counts:

Tomb Kings:





(Original idea and form credited to mojo-jojo. I just tweaked it, and brought it up to date.)

Please note that out of interest for people wishing to just post their armies, I've made a separate thread for comments. This doesn't mean that I'll ruthlessly delete any and all comments made in here, but simply that people should head over to the other thread to discuss particular points of fluff.

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Army Name:Legion Noir.
General: Prince Drakkar

Philosophy: Malekith is our Lord and all shall follow him in his wisdom or die for their folly and all their posessions(including their souls)are forfiet!

Quotes: If you can't be good, be good at it!

Background: Myths has it in the Old World and Ulthuan have told strange tales of an army led by a banished Prince of Naggaroth that appears without warning then vanishes in the mist leaving desolation and destruction in its wake.Unlike other Druchii, they take few slaves but leave all slain or tortured beyond compair.In the realms of the Druchii none speak of him as Malekith forbids it,but a few remember him from the distant past.

Legion Noir are Damned and must never return to Naggaroth,for the Prophecy proclaims it.Malekith wills it.

General opinion of:

High Elves:Kill them all if they will not bow to us...slowly and with pain.

Dark Elves:The one true faith.

Wood Elves:Twisted tree dwellers who must kneel under our boots,or stop it with that green clothes thing,yuk!

Dwarfs:These half round people are mutants,even their women have beards!

The Empire:Their knights come tinned...how thortful.

Brettonia:They also come tinned, but I enjoyed breaking their sorceress.

Orcs and Goblins:Useful tools me thinks.

Lizardmen:Over rated by far! they are tough but slow.

Vampire Counts:I have not had the pleasure of meeting them yet...soon I hope.

Tomb Kings:Putting their King in a chariot is a bad move.

Ogres:I like Shrek He's so freeky.

Chaos:Pawns in our hands.

Beastmen: I have met some of their women while in a drunken stupper, not a pretty sight!

Skaven:Usefull allies but they do smell bad!

Please refrain from quoting my entire post and filling in the form that way. If you want to fill the form in, just copy it and paste it to a new post. Thanks.

- A.

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Army Name: The Changeling Host

General’s name: Drainial Shadowheart

Philosophy: Change is inevitable, perfection is a myth. All is impermanent.

Background: Drainial's story begins in the far off days of the Sundering. Then a young lord of a powerful house he fought for his liege Malekith upon a magnificent Dragon leading his troops with reckless skill and precision to cut apart the traitors. Drainial was never a religious elf, though he welcomed the idea of religion of elven gods held no appeal for him. The Sundering cumulated in the drowning of Drainial's estates for they were far inland in Nagrarythe. Drainial and his still numerous vassals were forced to seek passage on the ships and Black arks of others and he greatly felt the indignity of it.

Upon reaching Naggaroth Drainial knew that he would never fit in with the new society that was being built though he absorbed it during his time there out of necessity. Drainial stayed long enough only to construct an ark of his own. A great vessel nearly rivalling the first Black arks of Nagrythe, this he named Har Arha, the citadel of Shadows. Taking all of his followers on board Har Arha sailed away from the land of Chill, never to return.

In the years after the launch of Har Arha, between raiding to gain resources and setting up farms on a few islands deep in the ocean to help feed the great ark Drainial travelled a great deal alone on the back of his great Dragon Drachian. On one such flight Drainial flew deep into the southern Chaos wastes drawn ever onwards by a subtle calling in his mind. Eventually he landed outside a great temple. This temple was formed from the rock itself and was ever changing. Its colours merging and mixing the contours of the rock never quite the same twice.

Drainial entered the temple finding it quite deserted. No adornments clothed the inside of the temple only a great alter of crystal. Inside the alter colours, brilliant in there vibrancy clashed and changed entrancing the eye. As the Druchii lord approached the alter moved, lifting into the air and revealing a stair case. Drainial followed these stairs down and at the bottom found a statue of a great bird, feathers shimmering in the ever changing light cast by the alter above. Instinctively Drainial knew what he must do. Then and there Drainial Athalir pledged his obedience and soul to the changer of ways, Tzeentch as he is known in the tongue of the empire. Furthermore he pledged that while he lived his first task would be to spread the worship of his new lord. He became at that moment the High prophet of Tzeentch.

Upon this the statue shattered, its purpose fulfilled and in the fragments Drainial found a suit of armour and a sword. The armour was like none he had ever seen, the gauntlets were like an eagles talons, the helmet a ravens head and throughout the rest of the ornate armour ran innumerable sigils of the changer. And the sword, it shimmered with un-used energies. Upon trying it Drainial found that its blade did not cut, rather what so ever it should touch changed so quickly and without purpose that it quickly lost all consistency and became but mist upon the breeze.

Drainial left the Temple of change and flew back to Har Arha. There his silver tongue and great charisma swiftly swung the people to his cause and they became the only known large community of Druchii worshipers of Tzeentch. But Drainial did not stop there and even now his first task is always to win more worshipers for his god.

Overtime Drainial changed. His skin, once white as any elf’s, took on an altogether different hue. It had no fixed colour instead changing and swirling just as the rock of the temple. Only the sigil of Tzeentch upon his brow remaining a constant black. Magic to came to Drainial though before his mystical gifts had been negligible. Now his abilities were great and in time he became a mage to rival the lore masters of Saphery. And time was something he had in great abundance for the years did not touch him and even now that he has long passed his 4000th year he remains as strong and unbowed as ever.

General opinions of

High elves: I care nothings for them, they will bow to my lord Tzeentch or they shall die. Given their general lack of good judgment which the call nobility most chose death.

Dark elves: Malekith's lackeys, they differ little from the Asur though they would not hear it.

Woodelves: Too bound to their forest to be of use to me, Tzeentch or anyone else.

Dwarfs: Irritatingly resistant to the inevitability of Tzeentch's blessings. Better to be rid of them entirely.

Empire: Potentially this nation converted to the worship of my lord could do great things. Otherwise we always need slaves.

Bretonia: Humans only strength is their innovation. These beasts do not even have that. They do not deserve to worship Tzeentch.

Orks and goblins: Ugh, disgusting creatures. I will see any that cross my path dead unless there is a very good reason otherwise.

Lizerdmen: A once great civilisation that is crumbling and so paving the way for the domination of Chaos and the time of Change.

Vampire counts: They will not serve chaos and so must be exterminated before they kill all of the potential converts. That said one of my acquaintance is tolerable.

Tomb kings: I have hopes that the kings may yet serve Tzeentch to escape their tattered robes and be reborn as legend said they would be in bodies of gold. I am still working on it.

Ogres: Vulgar beasts but strong slaves. I would not insult my master by bringing them into his temples.

Halflings: Never have I set eyes upon a more pointless race. The old ones must truly have been panicking to have come up with them.

Chaos Daemons: The servants of my lord are to be honoured upon this plain. Though they must still bow before their betters in the worship of the changer.

Chaos Mortals: Many are on the right track in their service to Tzeentch. The rest however must be educated. It’s surprisingly easy to turn an undivided tribe to the glories of change.

Beast men: The children of chaos are to be honoured, so long as they remember their place.

Skaven: To be exterminated. I am half surprised they have not done so themselves yet.

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Well it was only a matter of time before one of these armies turned up, wasn't it?

High Elves

Army Name: Guardians of the Mists

General: One of the following: Archmage Bel-Alnuin master of the Tower of Mists;
Valieth, captain of the north-western Cothique shore guards;
Setheln, standard bearer of the warriors of Ar-Selafren;
Liriella, maiden of the light.

Don't you just love intrigue at court? :roll:

Bel-Alnuin: Our light is fading fast, but while we still shine we shall repel the darkness.

Valieth: The Asur who bewail our doom are but contributing to it. Through action we shall survive, and if others do not see this then I shall prove it by my own hand.

Setheln: Ulthuan is all. I have pledged my life in its defence; that is all that matters.

Liriella: I will do as I am requested. That does not mean I have to know those who ask the requests.

Quotes: "We stand like a candle flame against the smothering night, yet even the smallest light gives hope and if we stand firm we may yet live to see dawn" -Bel-Alnuin at the siege of Ar-Selafren during Malekith's great invasion.

"Place your faith in Asuryan, your strength in your spears and your trust in each other; for today, my brothers, we meet our destiny." - Valieth before the battle of Shadow Ridge.

Background: For as long as anyone can remember Ar-Selafren has stood on the northern coast of Cothique. Rising from the centre of the walled port is the Tower of Mists, standing guard against whatever force should attack from either the sea or spill over from Chrace. For well over a millennia the Tower has known but one master: Archmage Bel-Alnuin. Well into his twenty-first century, Bel-Alnuin has spent the majority of his long life and expended much of his prodigious magical talent in the defence of Ulthuan. From scrying the waters to calling up storms to deflect enemy ships to leading the warriors of Cothique into battle the archmage has proven both a competent and wise leader.
It is a sad truth, however, that not even the best of guidance can prevail when fate itself appears to have turned against you. The centuries have not been kind to Ar-Selafren, in fact given the amount of assaults it has endured in more recant times it is amazing that it still stands. During Malekith's great invasion, where the brothers Tyrion and Teclis first won their great renown, Ar-Selafren was almost brought to its knees by the invading druchii. Although it miraculously withstood the siege it was at a terrible cost, and it still has not fully recovered from the devastation, some doubt it ever truly will.

There is one elf, however, who has firmly resisted this line of thought: Valieth, captain of shore guards. An able commander of just under eight hundred summers, his practically inexhaustible drive and refusal to accept his race's decline as inevitable makes him an inspiring leader, although a fair number of elves, Bel-Alnuin among them, consider him to be something of a self-deluding eccentric. Valieth for his part views most of his detractors as defeatist fools, an opinion he is not hesitant about sharing.

Given the friction between his two superiors, Setheln tends to be reluctant about getting involved in any form of tactical discussion, or any discussion at all really, with them; although he will offer whatever military advice he has should they request it, as is his duty. So far this approach has worked for both trust him implicitly.
Setheln has been the official standard bearer of Ar-Selafren for over nine centuries, having first taken it up from the still hands of his predecessor who was slain during an attack by Norse raiders. Although under three hundred years old at the time, with the standard in his hands he led his unit in a powerful counter-charge, breaking the ranks of the raiders; an act of bravery that earned him the position he now holds. Since then he has continued to lead from the front and has become a figure of great respect among the troops.

A rather different impression is given by Liriella, the semi-reclusive second mage of the Tower of Mists. A relative newcomer, she first arrived after Malekith's great invasion, following a request put to the White Tower by Bel-Alnuin for another mage to be stationed there as a replacement for Fenillan, the previous second mage who perished during the siege. Whatever sort of individual Bel-Alnuin had been expecting, Liriella was most certainly not it. A rather introverted, quiet and highly reserved maiden with an affinity for light magic; while she has proved herself a competent spell-caster, her tendency to distance herself from most people leaves her as something of an outsider.

General opinions: Note: only the opinions of Bel-Alnuin and Valieth are shown. Setheln, like the good soldier he is, keeps his opinions to himself while Liriella seldom says anything, and does not appear to have any strong opinions.

The Empire: Humans are supposedly the world's future, but when I look at them I feel nought but worry: they still have much distance to go. Although they have accepted our guidance before and may do so again, whether it will be of any use I cannot help but doubt.
As valuable allies as non-elves can be against the ruinous powers. Their obsession with black-powder is a little disturbing, however.

Brettonians:More or less as The Empire
Sometimes useful allies, although how they can claim to espouse honour while treating their own citizens as little more than beasts of labour is beyond me.

High Elves: The asur, the true children of the light. We were the greatest of races but we are fading now. When our light dies, I fear that the world will, also
The Greatest and most noble race of all; that is what we once were. As of now we seem to have fallen into a defeatist lethargy. Should we break free of it, however, we will rise once again.

Wood Elves: The former kin, who stubbornly refused to follow sense and abandoned their heritage. They are of little concern to us now; better to let them remain in their isolation.
Our distant cousins. They at least are not a kin we need feel ashamed of, although their obsession with their forest is a rather unnerving at times.

Dark Elves: The treacherous kin, they who have turned their backs on the true path and embraced the darkness in their irrational bloodlust. If our last act as a people is to remove their taint from the world then we may fade in peace.
Insane rebels; consumed by their own greed and arrogance. They are little higher than monsters now, and deserve no mercy.

Dwarves: Untrustworthy, greedy thieves. In their vengeful rage they doomed both our race and their own.
Not a species I care for. Still, enemy of my enemy does count for something

Lizardmen: The ancient ones, powerful if rather inscrutable. They are at least also dedicated to holding back the darkness, although should we fall then even they will be most likely be overwhelmed.
A rather enigmatic race to say the least. However, they have proved themselves a valuable ally in the past, and will presumably do so again/

Vampire Counts: A proof of the dire consequences that ensue when the power of our dark kin falls into human hands.
Twisted abominations of darkness. If the humans will not deal with them, then it will most likely be a task left to us.

Tomb Kings: A puzzling anomaly. Perhaps something better left alone.
More undead abominations. These ones at least seem of no threat to us for the time being however, and we have more pressing foes to deal with first.

Orcs and Goblins: A cruel and savage race. Possibly as far from us as it is possible to be for a species.
The lowest of the lesser races. Little more than wild animals; no, lower, for their is no sport in hunting such brutes, just a necessity.

Ogres Kingdoms: Neither near enough, nor organised enough to pose a threat to us. Let the humans use them as they see fit.
What of them? They are more concerning foes to be dealt with.

Chaos: The great destroyer, its mortal servants are truly a force to be wary of. Even with the vortex its power seems to do naught but wax. Should the vortex fall then our world dies.
The true enemy of life. A force that must be struggled against with all our might if we are to survive.

Beastmen: The twisted mutants of the ruinous powers. Worse in some ways than the other servants of chaos.
As Chaos

Skaven: A more unnerving breed of mutants. Their fell power is a dark force indeed and their numbers are many. They are not a threat to be underestimated.
That the humans deny their existence is a worry indeed. If they continue to ignore them then the vermin may well prove the death of them.

Chaos Dwarfs: Yet further evidence of the short ones' untrustworthiness.
Dwarfs allied with the dark; more than enough reason for their extermination.

Mercenaries/Dogs of War/Contingents: The lesser races are not worth trusting. Especially not to stand beside us when their only motivating force is greed
Allies are all very well, but the lesser races have no place amongst the armies of the Asur.

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Army Name: Dark Elf Immortals

General: Usually Laewon, former Messenger Lord-General. If there are foes that Dranach knows best, then Laewon will leave command to the sorcerer.


Laewon: The rightful ruler of all Elves, Malekith, Son of the Phoenix, shall once sit on the Phoenix Throne. May it be my life or death, I'd follow him to the deepest pits of the Wastes and beyond.

Dranach: It matters me not how many lives has to be sacrificed, if only Malekith reigns supreme over the united Elven race once more. I will, naturally, stand beside him, at the place where Furion once stood. And I will be the one pulling the strings, I will be the true ruler. I will become a god!

Twinblade: For Khaine, and for Malekith, the Witch-King of Naggaroth! As long as Yesthalion lives, I shall fight for our Lord with the fury of the Bloody-Handed god!

Shandris: I will do whatever is in my power to defend our people and reclaim our forefather's lands from those wicked, wretched infidels who call themselves the Asur.

Yesthalion: For my loved one I will do everything.

Carynór: Malekith is the son of Aenarion, and thus the rightful king of Ulthuan. During my long sleep much evil has happened, and I will be the one to end it.

Dranach: "This will hurt me like hell, but I'm glad to know that it will hurt you a thousand times more!"

Dranach: "I don't honestly care if you die. All that matters is that I get my hands into that damned book."

Dranach: "If you flee, better run faster than I can cast spells!"

Twinblade: "If there is something I can't kill in single combat, it must be mightier than Khaine himself."

Shandris to Twinblade before the Battle of the Vault: "I can see that darkness draws close. Let us now join the field of battle and allow our hatred to lend us strenght to fight the Asur!"

Laewon to an Asur General at the Battle of Slayer's Spire: "There is nothing great at you and your people. You call yourself noble, you call yourself the High Elves. How dare you, when your brothers are expelled into a land of freezing wastes, to fight against Chaos, Lizard-things, monsters and even nature itself? When you have destroyed one of the mightiest bastions of light, happiness and beauty? Arrogance like that is beyond me. Now, let us make war, and I shall pray that your soul will find peace before you are slain."


There are 17 pages of fluff written on Word and it isn't even ready yet. All of it is in finnish, so I won't translate it. Here is the background curtly:

Laewon, Lord of the Messengers is a Dark Elf Highborn who joined the Immortals after his own Warband, the Messengers, was destroyed by the Wood Elves of Ather Loren. He was captured by a Von Carstein Vampire who used him at his clever ploy of retrieving a Von Carstein ring, which Dranach had stolen years ago.

Shandris and Yesthalion were two sorceresses who were given a mission to take the Immortals, an army of veterans of the Great Invasion known for their extreme loyalty. Yesthalion's daughter, Mialee, served at the Immortal Guard, as did many others of Yesthalion's former battle-brothers and sisters. Twinblade is Yesthalion's husband, although secretly, because Yesthalion is a Sorceress and Twinblade is an Assassin. The higher ranking officers of the Immortals are the only ones who know this, but they will not tell about it: they believe that while Yesthalion and Twinblade remain, they are better use for Malekith than if they were dead.

Dranach, also known as the Betrayer, is a 1334-years old Dark Elf renegade Sorcerer. He escaped Naggaroth when he was only 124 years old, and has since travelled the Old World, Chaos Wastes and the New World, searching for magical artefacts, knowledge and power. He has faith in Malekith, knowing that one day he will stand over the whole world and gain power so great that he will become a god. Dranach is a proud, arrogant and spiteful Druchii elf, who thinks he is better than anyone else. He is also a known to be insane to the core.

Carynór, the hulking suit of living armour forged by the Smitsh of Vaul in times past once fought alongside with Aenarion. He was an Elven Highborn and ultimately loyal to Aenarion's bloodline. He died when he fought, and defeated, a Bloodthirster in single combat. His soul was bound into a Soulstone by great elven sages and the Smiths of Vaul forged a massive suit of armour, which the stone was socketed afterwards. The armour was then buried in a crypt at the shore of Ulthuan. It was believed that Carynór would awake when the time to unite the Elven races came and the rightful king would step to take his place at the throne of Ulthuan. Dranach, Yesthalion and Shandris were the ones to revive Carynór, and now he fights for Malekith.

General opinion of:

High Elves: Misguided fools. They should be given a chance to regret their ways and join the Witch King and if they refuse, they shall be slain. Our hearts will mourn for every single elven life taken, but it must be done.

Dark Elves: Dark Elves of Naggaroth are the only true elves.

Wood Elves: Wood Elves, the dwellers of Athel Loren have been our allies against the High Elves on more than one occasion. They are strange and unexpectable elves, but they will be a valuable ally.

Dwarfs: Dwarves! They are greedy, but shouldn't be underestimated. We have no grudge against them, but they saddly think all elves are like the Asur. We will only fight if they attack.

The Empire: Humans are foolhardy and arrogant as Caledorians. They are all the same. We have no mercy for them, as they are little better than animals. Raiding humans in easy profit.

Brettonia: You may give humans whatever pretty names you like, but a human is a human. They are all the same.

Orcs and Goblins: Brutes! They are even worse than humans. Should be avoided, as they are not worthy of being slain.

Lizardmen: Never encountered. Ancient tales tell of a savage race of lizard-creatures.

Vampire Counts: Treacherous creatures. Shouldn't be trusted. Avoid whenever possible.

Tomb Kings: They are more reasonable than Vampire Counts. When dealing with the Tomb Kings, one must be very cautious, but at least they will listen.

Ogres: They are only big Orcs. Death is a release to them.

Skaven: All creatures of Chaos must be slain on sight!

Chaos: All creatures of Chaos must be slain on sight!

Beastmen: All creatures of Chaos must be slain on sight!

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Army Name: The black wind of Nefellim

General: Dranach Stareye

Philosophy: Strike swift, strike hard, and may Khaine smile upon the few worthy amongst us


"Let them bring their cannons, they will need them"
"Do not keep dreams, leave hope for the dying"
"Bretonnians you say... send the slaves"

Background: The private army of Dranach Stareye, a former Executioner, this personal guard of his house and his sons have grown into a mighty force to be reckoned with over the years.

General opinion of:

High Elves: The weakling asur who would show weakness were they forced to choose between life of themselves or their famaly, they will all die because of it.

Dark Elves: I trust noone but myself, and sometimes, I put the knife to my own throat and threaten myself to make sure I am not betrayed.

Wood Elves: Hiding in woods are they? They are sub elves, they will not bother me at all, they can't do anything.

Dwarfs: What good is there with these foul creatures except raiding them?

The Empire: Excelent slaves and not all too shabby women sometimes, but other than that, kill them.

Brettonia: More slaves, some excelent warhorses and some very fine women, but that's it.

Orcs and Goblins: Greenskins, filthy greenskins, they are not pale, they are not beautiful, they only deserve to die.

Lizardmen: What good are they except for raiding and eating?

Vampire Counts: A worthy foe, and I always enjoy talking with a count before I kill him.

Tomb Kings: Dusty and old

Ogres: Big fat and stupid, but they have their uses

Skaven: I say burn them out of their holes

Chaos: Slaanesh is a traitor, Khaine will have their heads!

Beastmen: Filthy gor and ungor, non elves, non humans, they are lower than goblins in my eyes.

Please do note, these does not reflect (in any way) how I feel for other people in real life

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Army Name: the grand army of har ganeth

General: hiborn hash'arr, ruler of har ganeth

Philosophy: rain a black hail of death upon them and let them recover only for them to find thier heads on the floor

Quotes: "skulls, skulls, skulls!!!!" battle chant

Background: the grand army of har ganeth, as its name implies is drawn from the city and therefore has many exicutioners in its ranks.

General opinion of:

High Elves: the most despicble nusiance the world has ever seen

"they sell thier lives for nought, for we will always be alive."

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Army Name: The 3rd Army of Karond Kar

General: Tiamat Baneblade, 3rd Lord of the Noble houses of Karond Kar

Philosophy: Magic, Cults, Religion - all are just tools in the hands of an able general.

"So our Dark Riders not only failed in destroying that cannon, they were beat up by the crew?"
"I charged this Bretonnian Lance in the back with my Cold One Knights - and still they refuse to break?"
"I know Cold Ones are stupid from time to time - but everytime?"

Tiamat Baneblade ursurped his throne from his predecessor, Lord Nightstalker, by feeding him false information about the campaign he as engaged in. He even went so far as to betray him to a von Carstein Vampire Mistress.

He was duly appointed the new 3rd Lord of Karond Kar, but was pledged to relieve the stain of defeat that clung to his house. So he had to travel to the old world and seek out the enemies that had crushed his predecessor.

He still is on this quest and has only returned shortly only to be implicated in dealing with the Cult of Slaanesh. Now he has returned to the Old World, this time accompanied by devotees of Khaine to look after his loyalties.

To make matters worse, the former lover of Lord Nightstalker, Lady D'solace of the Convent, is also part of his retinue.

Baneblade is actually happy on the field of battle, where he knows at last from which directions the daggers are coming...

General opinion of:

High Elves: Everyne hates them - that takes a lot of pressure from his back. Their misconceptions about what Silver Helms can do is also quite astonishing.

Dark Elves: It's good to be part of the Master Race.

Wood Elves: If they would only come out of these damned woods once! And if only those woods would propery burn when set to the torch...

Dwarfs: Thank the gods that most dwarf generals are as stubborn as their troops and never embrace any new tactics. It may be boring, but at least the battle is won from the beginning.

The Empire: If not for that accursed contraption called the "Steam Tank", they would make for interesting opponents.

Brettonia: "It is simply incredible that by simply adopting a completely useless formation and having women in their midst, the knights become near invulnerable!"

Orcs and Goblins: "Just pray that their shamen explode themselves before their gods take notice. Everything else is just rabble"

Lizardmen: "Those skinks must be the most pesky vermin on the planet."

Vampire Counts: "Some of them are quite the conversationalists and have at least a comparable perspective to a Druchii"

Tomb Kings: "Incredible how fast these dead things can become..."

Ogres: "Ah well, an army made of lumbering pincushions that even my infantry can run circles around. They really should have stayed in the east."

Skaven: "There are just too many of these things."

Chaos: "There can be no simple answer to this - it is too many faced. Slaaneshi do know how to throw parties, and Khornate warriors are not to be trifled with. Tzeentch Cultists are too close to the convent practices, while I'll never understand the appeal of Nurgle. "

Beastmen: "A testament to the implacable will of the dark gods - the most primitive of brutes have mastered the perfect way of fighting. If only I could get my warriors to train as raiders instead of this tedious rank and file system. "

I waste him with my boltthrower!

Mon Jul 17, 2006 2:06 pm
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Army name : K´mhaels flayers

General : Tyrannus K´mhael

Philosophy : Sate your battlelust, and get rich while doing it.

Quotes : REAP THE WEAK!!!

Backgroung : Highborn Tyrannus K´mhael of Har Ganeth is the captain of the black ark drakefang and one the most succesfull raiders that hail from the great city of executioners. When he was a child the sea showed him her awesome power, sinking his familys vessel and slaying many of them, and Tyrannus fell violently in love. That love hasn´t faded even after hundreds of years.

Tyrannus knows everyone aboard his vessel and treats them very well (for a DE highborn, that is). His crew also respects him.

On the coasts of the old world and Ulthuan K´hmaels flayers are feared and hated.

High elves : I will not even utter that thrice-accursed name. Put them to the sword. Every last one of them.

Dark elves : I don´t have much dealings with our people, save for the ones that are my crew. My crew I love as if they were my own children.

Wood elves : Why in Khaine´s name would I even have an opinion, let alone any dealings, with these.. beasts?

Dwarfs : A foe you never should underestimate. I respect them and have no quarrel with them.

The empire : Good, strong slaves. Their spirit and faith in white Sigmar is easily broken.

Bretonnia : HONOR! What do these children about honor? even the word is unfit in an ugly human mouth..

Orcs and goblins : Too filthy, too ugly and too stupid to make even half -decent slaves.

Lizardmen : I know nothing of them. I´ve heard from fellow-captains they are an opponent to be feared. I fear not.

Vampire counts : Creatures of darkness. Tolerate them not.

Tomb kings : Have never encountered them. Compared to us they still must be foolish children.

Ogres : Ugly and filthy beasts. If you tolerate the smell, you can have strong slaves. I personally don´t tolerate the smell, and slay them on sight.

Skaven : Numerous but so very weak. Useless creatures.

Chaos : The ancient enemy.. You would have to be a bloody fool to underestimate the power of chaos. I fear the day when great armies gather in the north, like in olden times. We must stand united and strong against them.

Beastmen : Animals like the "elves" of Athel Loren. Nothing more

Aquila non capit muscas.

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Army Name: The Sentinels of Avelorn

General: Prince Gialdis of Tor Colithis

Philosophy: End justifies the means

Quotes: "I am not arrogant just confident."

Background: A young Avelornian prince in search of ancient family heirlooms, finds them and goes of to do some campaigning in Nagarythe following Druchii defeat at the Evercourt. Retruns and takes over his duty of patroling the foothills of the Anulii on the Avelornian side. Dreams of becoming the next Phoenix King and is about to put a plan into motion how to become one.

High Elves: A bunch of sisies that need to be slaped back into discipline.

Dark Elves: Misguided fools with good methods.

Wood Elves: Fallen.

Dwarfs: Barbarians.

The Empire: Animals.

Brettonia: Animals.

Orcs and Goblins: Plague.

Lizardmen: Fallen guardians of treasures just waiting to be reaped.

Vampire Counts: Dead animals.

Tomb Kings: Even longer dead animals.

Ogres: Who are they?

Skaven: Vermin.

Chaos: Mutated snimals.

Beastmen: Beasts.


Thu Aug 24, 2006 10:27 am
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Army Name: Arachi Raiders

General: Captain Sarklath Karkenskiss

Philosophy: Fight to the death or die trying

Quotes: “bloody weather”

Background: Captain Sarklath was the first and last son of Drueth Bloodventer a dark rider herald and brother of Lord Aramac Bloodventer of the northern garrison Daggermouth. Sarklath used to be named Arachi Bloodventer in honour of his grandfather the first Bloodventer to have more than one son. Both Drueth and Aramac regained the curse of only one male heir to their multiple daughters. Sarklath changed his name to Sarklath due to his family hopes of him having his grandfather gift of more than one male heir. Sarklath ran away from home and joined the corsairs. He gained a ship, a small one when his grandfather knew what Sarklath was up to. In honour of his grandfather Sarklath used his real name Arachi for his crew and ships name Arachi’s Tongue. His second ship bought by himself, his father and grandfather has been used for raids wherever slaves can be found. His sisters, nieces, nephews, cousins all crew his ships on top of those who are feed up with raids by chaos on the north and those from his original boat. Sarklath has a small fleet four of darishic (sword of the sea) frigates and his flag ship Arachi’s Tongue a mishank (knife of the waves) cruiser. His fleet has been bought through his families’ honour and has been in the eye of the witch king since Sarklath prefers using the army instead of his corsairs when it comes to battle.

General opinion of:

High Elves: evil fools who destroyed the motherland

Dark Elves: kick ass

Wood Elves: tree huggin hippies

Dwarfs: fun but not when u try and out shot em, never underestimate the stunted folk

The Empire: hmmmm cannon goes bang, kills crew, fun fun fun, makes some fine leather for armour

Brettonia: take away the lady and ur set. Mmm kebabs for the cold ones

Orcs and Goblins: good saddle material.

Lizardmen: make good rain coats

Vampire Counts: nasty but good friends when in need. Keep one eye ope at night tho

Tomb Kings: nasty and not good friends, suns got to their empty heads

Ogres: shoot damn it! on your side oh yeah but against run like the devil and shoot some more

Skaven: make nice whips and their coats are good for cleaning up wine spills

Chaos: uh good friends in need annoying when against you

Beastmen: funny evil little tree huggin hippie haters

Thu Aug 31, 2006 11:11 am
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Arhaelthrai [Shadowdoom]

Army Name: Arhaelthrai [Shadowdoom]

General: Do'riili Bariiliia

Philosophy: Fast Strikes and pincer movements. the centre holds while Dark riders attack flanks.

Quotes: "Khaine is pleased with my service brother, I care little for your opinion. The Old world is my playground. Our family lands in Naggaroth are yours."

Background: Do'riili is the lord in charge of Bariiliia forces in the old world. it was Do'riili's idea to create a permanent outpost for the Bariiliia to lessen the need of the Black Arks to supply raids. this lessen the need for Corsairs to be hired for such raids. shipments could be made directly and raids could be planed with scouting from Shades during the early spring. Castle Bariiliia in the Old World. The Castle lays on a defendable hilltop near a cove from the Sea of Claws. Once a bandit hold Do'riili enslave it former inhabitants after a lightning raid seven years ago. A palisade has been erected around the bottom of the hill and further fortification have been built largely of timber because of the amount of time that the force is either raiding or otherwise occupied. It is within Do'riili's plans to make this a permanent hold for the Durchii as he does not wish to return to Naggaroth. As of yet his father doesn't support this plan thus has prevented Do'riili using any slaves to do the work. Currently Do'riili awaits the coming of his elder brother with this years supplies and reinforcements. During the winter much of the Hired army and Bariiliia return to Naggaroth. Do'riili awaits there return before he can go off to battle like a true warrior of the Durchii. There is a Temple to Khaine in the grounds where about 50 Witch elves serve Khaine. Do'riili is very supportive of Khaine and wanted to make sure that he watches over Bariiliia's forces.
General opinions of:

The Empire: "Fools who cannot protect themselves. While their handguns are a threat, they are often not position very well. Further they politics of the realm allows use to raid with little resistance."

Brettonia: "Idealistic fool, how many the Priestess of Khaine have claimed because of their unwillingness to kill women I cannot count. Their weakness amuses me greatly."

High Elves: "Traitors and fools, they shall be slain and their useless bodies left for the crows and wolves."

Dark Elves: "I cannot speak ill of my people, unless you want to talk about my foolish brother."

Wood Elves: "Tree hugging bratlings, barely worth my sword. they should thank their gods that they live so far inland."

Dwarves: "Tough but short warriors, they rather try kill you with their bare hands than submit to slavery. They have a group of red haired warriors that fight like demons. Worth respecting."

Lizardmen: "Too much like my brother, they are cold and unfeeling, also they are not fond of the cold and make poor slaves."

Vampire Counts: "The undead are weak, crush them and all you have to fight is the Vampires, who often value their unlives too much to stay and fight."

Chaos: "On the whole weakminded fools lead by forces beyond knowledge, still they die as easy as any one. They know not fear, just kill them and be done with it. They are not worth making slaves of anyway.

Orcs and Goblins: "Fodder and distractions, it pretty easy to get them to do what you want. If you have to fight them, they are their own worse enemy. Pick out their leaders and they shall fall apart."

Tome Kings: "More undead, I have heard of these being but they don't seem like they are any hard to beat then the undead up here."

Beastmen: "More Chaos spawn, worth nothing as slaves, ugly and misshapen. Kill them all and burn the bodies."

Skaven: "Kill them, burn the bodies and Pray to Khaine"

Giants: "Bigger they are they harder they fall! Try to not be on the wrong side when they fall."

Orges: "Big and dumb, sometimes worth enslaving but they are very tough fight. They can shrug off Crossbow bolts and hit like a ton of stone. Aim the your bolt throwers and they die well."

Cult of Pleasure: "Politics of the weak let my brother deal with them."

"Khaine is pleased with my service brother, I care little for your opinion. The Old world is my playground. Our family lands in Naggaroth are yours."

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Army Name: The Lost Legion

General: Sorceress Leigh

Philosophy: “Survival, revenge, and honor. These are our priorities, respectively…”

Quotes: Cheiftain Klemnt: “My lady, tell us again of the world beyond these jungles?”
Sorceress Leigh: “The world is of little concern to you if you wish to survive, though Nagaroth is in all our hearts.”

Background: In years past, their were repeated incursions made by the dark elves into Lustria in order to steal artifacts of power. The last of their raids was made in response to Lord Mazdumundi raiding Nagaroth and stealing back an item of great importance to his temple-city. When the Druchii retaliated, they were pushed back, then trapped as the ancient Slaan created a mountain in their path. They were believed to be destroyed.

This happened several thousand years ago.

Not all of those Dark Elves were destroyed in that final attack. Some of them found safety in the newly disturbed earth, hiding in a cavern which revealed itself to be a massive system of tunnels underneath the continent. They found evidence a the vile skaven, as well as strange tunnels apperantly made by some sort of massive snake, or something similar. In general they found safety underneat the jungle, only occasionally have to defend their newly made settlements from the beasts from above.

Over time they began to adapt to their new environment; their eyes became accustomed to the lack of light, and their skin became pitch black in order to blend in with their surroundings. Additionally, many of the fine metals available to them in their homeland were no longer available, so they began crafting armor out of the chitin and scales from the jungle beasts they defeated, as well as weapons made from teeth, claws, and obsidian.

After centuries of struggle, they succeeded at developing a colony of their own. When they finally emerged once more to the surface, they were confident and more dealy than ever, having learned the tactics of their much hated foe, the lizardmen, through observation. They began conducting raids on nearby temple-cities, using small but quickand deadly attacks to steal supplies and treasure.

Reports came in to Nagaroth from scouting ships that the lizardmen were purplexed by their new, invisible enemy, and so they approached these strangers with weapons raised. They learned that these people were elves, and in fact were their cousins from many many centuries ago. They asked their newly found brethren what they were called. When they answered "Druchii", the elves of Nagaroth laughed. "You are not Druchii," they said, "though you are our cousins. You will be a great weapon for our great king, Malekith, and in exchange for the treasures and secrets from these lands, we will give you supplies, including our great steeds and repeater crossbows." They then asked again, "What are you called?"

They answered…

General opinion of:

High Elves: “These, my sons, are our accursed brethren. Long ago, before any of you were a mere thought, they betrayed our people. For that they must pay…”

Dark Elves: “Most of you don’t remember our homelands, but your cousins are a proud and noble people, and it is within their hearts and souls we survive.”

Wood Elves: “Long lost cousins of your brothers in the north, they forsook the elven way of life long ago…”

Dwarfs: “Stubborn, ugly little beasts… pray you never see one.”

The Empire: “These humans rely on technology they do not fully understand; their defeat in inevitable.”

Brettonia: “Rediculous, showy humans, they rely on steal and honor alone. Their lack of cunning betrays them.”

Orcs and Goblins: “Green skins, annoying at best.”

Lizardmen: “Our most hated foe, they threaten our lives daily. We honor King Malekith with every life of theirs we take.”

Vampire Counts: “Atrocities to life; they lower themselves by allowing humans to control them.”

Tomb Kings: “An ancient evil, but not as powerful as the Chaos our brothers in the north control.”

Ogres: “These creatures make wonderful slave beasts, and are easily defeated with just an ounce of cunning.”

Skaven: “Obviously weak, for we live in the ruins of their civilization.”

Chaos: “Fools who give themselves up for power, instead of simply taking it.”

Beastmen: “Simply instill fear into the lot of them, and your battle is won.”


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Army Name: 2nd Cavalry Division of Karond Kar

General: Lord Niccoli Machiavellious
Philosophy: Strike Quickly, Decisively, and Precisely.

Quotes: “Would you brand a slave with an axe or cut a tree with a brand? Always use the correct tool for the job.”

Background: The original components of the 2nd Cavalry were composed primarily of the house guard of the Machiavellious House with the then rising Niccoli at its head. At its forming the 2nd was nothing more than a recconsiance force destined for the northern watch. With the tactically adept Niccoli at its head it soon began to attract attention as more than a recconsiance group.
At the battle of Black Pass, Niccoli lead his small force of Dark Riders in a pivotal rear harassment action, eventually riding down a fleeing group of chaos warriors. After this action Niccoli was sent a pair of chariots from his family as a reward for the influence he brought them.

As Niccoli continued to rise in power his family continued to supply him with many beasts and trained warriors and handlers. After his band returned from a patrol in which they had scouted and harassed a large chaos raiding party, his family sent him a wing of Cold Ones and the accompanying riders. Also to arrive with these was Tavast Machiavellious, cousin and long time friend to Niccoli.
With Tavast at his side Niccoli lead his now sizeable Cavalary Wing into battle against the coming Chaos incursion. Thanks to Niccoli’s tactical cunning and the crushing charge of Tavast’s Knights the tide of the battle was turned and the incursion driven back.
This is the point at which Niccoli and Tavast now reside. Niccoli, having just been granted a Manticore in a ceremony to commemorate his rise to cavalry commander, now seeks to strengthen his family’s holding in the north, perhaps starting a new strong hold. Tavast is rising in prominence, seeking to expand his power and move to the slaving expeditions. Also, his cousins Emra and Mischka have joined Niccoli granting him a measure of magical power to wield in his upcoming battles. His latest acquisition from his family has been a new type of Knights called Harbingers. These are heavy cavalry but unlike the Cold One Knights these druchii ride great elfin steeds, fast but heavy and warlike.

General opinion of:

High Elves: Abhorrent and weak willed mockeries of the true elfin kind.

Dark Elves: True and proud, the pinnacle of civilization and strength.

Wood Elves: Rarely encountered but disregarded as deluded primitives.

Dwarfs: Only encountered in small bands – tough bastards, greedy, but good spoils and often worth the effort to kill.

The Empire: Never encountered – Niccoli hates humans by dint of his time spent in the Northern Wastes.

Brettonia: Never encountered – Again Niccoli despises all humans as they seem to be no different from the chaos marauder bands he’s beat back at every turn.

Orcs and Goblins: Encountered Rarely – make wonderful slave gladiators – unskilled but ferocious fighters, rarely worth actively hunting.

Lizardmen: Never encountered – Niccoli has no knowledge outside myths of the southlands.

Vampire Counts: The only necromancy Niccoli has encountered has been at the hands of the Chaos he fights on a daily basis, as such he hates it for the danger it presents – he has no idea that an entire nation exists that is devoted to the damned practices.

Tomb Kings: Never Encountered – hated on principal of being undead.

Ogres: Only encountered as slaves – ignorant brutes but good slave labor once broken. Overall low opinion.

Skaven: Encountered Rarely – pitiful creatures, very little worldly wealth, cannot be ignored due to infestation.

Chaos: Niccoli’s most hated enemy. These are the brutes that he has fought for the majority of his career. Every encounter has been a fight. More often than not it has proven to be fortuitous for Niccoli but he still despises the devil men of the north.

Beastmen: Beastmen are in the same category as chaos as whole - Damned creatures that have nothing but the death of the Druchii in mind. Poorer opponents with poorer gain than their human counterparts.

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Army Name: The Blood Debt

General: Lord Kezef of Har Ganeth

Philosophy: Strike hard, strike quickly and bring the debt back to Har Ganeth.

Quotes: "I do not care how you do it, bring them to me alive for they are of no use to me dead."


Lord Kezef is the current ruler of the Crimson Blade clan of Har Ganeth. They are not the most powerful family in the city, but they are one of the most useful. The family first rose to prominence when the foolish High Elves tried to attack Har Ganeth, the warriors of the Crimson Blade fought valiantly and slaughtered their foes.

During the resulting celebrations, when countless High Elves where sacrificed to Khaine, the warriors of the Crimson Blade where note for their ability to time their executions to perfection. They would end the lives of the pitiful captives just as their fear, pain and hopelessness had reached it's peak. The death-masks of the Crimson Blade's earliest victims are still on show within the Clan hall and are a dark joy to behold.

To this day, the Crimson Blade provide many skilled executioners for the srvice of the Lords of Har Ganeth. However the Clan's power does not reside upon their skills with the blade. Long ago the Lors of Har Ganeth grew jealous of Karond Kar's wealth in slaves and so they commissioned several families to scour the Old World and bring back slaves for the city. Rather than pay the captains of the Black Arks, the Lords preferred to have their own raiders and privateers bring back slaves.

While the majority of slaves in har Ganeth are brought to their fate in the holds of the Black Arks, the families of the Blood Debt bring a large proportion that are tithed to the Lords of the city.

The Crimson Blade is just one such family and Kezef Deathstrike is their Lord. His small raiding fleet travels the Old World in search of slaves to bring back to the city and pay the Blood Debt to his masters. Like any good
Druchii Highborn he has no qualms about raiding the ships of his own people for slaves. For if a Captain can not defend his ship and cargo, is he worthy to be a Captain? Removing such failures is doing the Druchii a service.

However he prefers to raid the lesser races for captives to pay his family's debt of service. All of the Blood Debt families are granted a bodyguard of Executioners in addition to whatever troops the families can raise or pay and they reap a bloody harvest in the name of Har Ganeth.

General opinion of:

High Elves: "Weak, cowardly fools! They had their chance to accept our great Lord but they chose the way of pain. as slaves they wither quickly, but there is no greater joy than to hear the screams of the Asur"

Dark Elves: "Druchii who are weak enough to be enslaved are not Druchii"

Wood Elves: "Even more cowardly than the Asur, if that is at all possible, and just as weak. They hide in their forest but if you can lure them out, they make amusing sport."

Dwarfs: "They are tough creatures and make excellent slaves in the mines and foundries. However it takes a craftsman of pain to break them, but truly they are worth the effort."

The Empire: "Children playing at dreams of adulthood, they breed well and make useful slaves. It is a most amusing site to witness what they call 'mages' trying to ape the pathetic skills the Asur, so unwisely, taught them."

Brettonia: "Even more hidebound than the fools of the Empire, however they make good sport and it is so easy to use their foolish concpet of honour to trap them."

Orcs and Goblins: "Less than barbarians, these creatures are nerely animals. However, properly broken, they make useful slaves."

Lizardmen: "Reptiles using power that is ours by birthright, kill them and confiscate their treasures."

Vampire Counts: "The dead should know when to stay dead, they play at darkness but are no match for the subtle and wonderous cruelty of a true Druchii. Send them back to their graves."

Tomb Kings: "Old kings who do not realise their time has passed. Destroy them and take their treasures for the glory of Har Ganeth."

Ogres: "Dangerous and resilient animals, extremely dificult to catch and even harder to break. Properly broken they are useful slaves, but eat too much to be in any way economical."

Skaven: "Pathetic vermin and useless slaves, wipe them out where you meet them. They even try to copy the skills of our Disciples of Khaine, pathetic."

Chaos: "At times useful allies, at other times useful slaves. Use them as you need them and bring them back in chains when their use has come to an end."

Beastmen: "More beasts, treat them as you would any other beast. Hunt them for sport."

"An execution is measured by the timing of the strike to match the peak of your victim's terror. Too soon and the death is wasted, too late and the victim is allowed the sweet taste of hope. Timing is everything."

Kezef, of Har Ganeth

Sat Oct 14, 2006 10:18 pm
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Location: Searching Ulthuan for my wife's murderer (New Zealand actually)
Army Name: Ruerl's Vanguard

General: Lord Ruerl

Philosophy: King Malekith is our Lord and Ruler. (the high elf who killed my wife must be found and killed)

Quotes: "Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife, I will have my vengeage"
Background: Lord Ruerl Chillheart is seen as a Hero and great general in Har Ganeth as well as a devoted Khainte. At birth He was chosen to be trained as one of Malekith's Black Gaurd. After serving Malekith faithfully for over 2,000 years Ruerl was given a place in Malekith's court after he killed his own father for plotting against the Witch King. Ruerl then took control of his father's interests, postion and wealth, moving to his birthplace of Har Ganeth. He made many contributions to the temple of Khaine and in return the temple of Khaine gave him blessings of Khaine and allowed him to ask for military support from the temple and Ruerl has even fought alongside the dreaded Tulrais, and it is said the Executioner master even has some respect for the Dreadlord.

When Ruerl was just starting his postion as one of the High Lords of Har Ganeth he made an oath with Khaine that if Khaine gave him constant victories, Ruerl would serve him for eternity. To prove his loyalty, to both Khaine and his King, Ruerl sacrificed his firstborn child, a son named Melkor, to Khaine. Khaine accepted the sacrifice but chose to spare the child, who was given to the temple of Khaine to be trained as an Assassin. Ruerl then had two daughters, Alrisa and Arika, he discovered Arika had unatural powers. Fearing the shame of having a Sorcerous daughter, or worse a follower of the cult of Pleasure, Ruerl went to sacrifice the child to Khaine. But his sister, Charin, a Sorceress herself, spirited the child away to be trained in Ghrond. Ruerl used to travel on routine slave raid sto the remnants of Nagathye, accompanied as always by his wife, Alrinis, a famed chariot driver. During one skrimish, his wife was killed by a High elf lord from the Shadow lands, an Elf Known as the Shadow rider. Blameing himself for his wife's death, when Ruerl returned home, he was a changed man. He now looked apon the world with an icy coldness, earnign him the name Chill heart. He was no less fearsome to his enemies or his followers, in fact he became more feared, espcially by the High elves as Ruerl would volunteer for any missions to the elf land, desperate for the chance to avenge his wife and slay the Shadow rider.
Ruerl had, at one point, travelled to the Old world on orders from Malekith to recover some powerful artifacts, his sister Charin and his children Melkor, Alrisa, now a death Hag, Arkia, now an accomplished Sorceress, and Tilanis, his youngest and out on his first ever campaign. Ruerl's Black Ark was blown off course and they ended up in the city of Marienburg. Ruerl managed to claim one of the Artifacts for Malekith, but at the cost of his youngest son, who was killed by an unknown Vampire.

Ruerl still swears feality to his King, but his true goal in life is to destory those who have murdered his wife and son, not because he has any feeling of sorrow at their loss, which is a sign of weakness, but so he can prove he is still a force to be feared, and, in the case of the Shadow rider, killing him will break the morale of the remaining Nagthyre.

Ruerl is seen as a cold, calculating and malevolent elf, but will still kill those who hinder him in his efforts for vengeance.

Lord Ruerl's opinion of:

High Elves: They are weak and misguided fools. Their generals are cowards who kill women and children.

Dark Elves: We Dark Elves deserve to control the world. Those who go against our King must be punished, even if they are our own kin.

Wood Elves: I have not met them but if they still swear alliegence to Ulthuan then they must die.

Dwarfs: They are weak becuase they failed to destroy the Asur when they had the chance.

The Empire: Only good for slaves.

Brettonia: they have some honour. Maybe the high elves could learn from them.

Orcs and Goblins: Stupid, ugly creatures. They breed like rabbits and should be eradicated like rabbits.

Lizardmen: An old race who don't need to keep on living. Their alliance with the high elves means they must be destroyed.

Vampire Counts: I hate it when people mistake me for one of those "blood dragons". Just cuase my armour is red and looks like it has dragon wings on it.

Tomb Kings: their land is far too hot for my liking.

Ogres: Big smelly and ugly. good for carrying stuff and being expendable.

Skaven: horrible filthy creatures that should be destroyed. their chittering "die, die man-thing" is very irritating for my ears.

Chaos: If it wasn't for the fact they are misguided they'd make good allies.

Beastmen: Stupid smelly creatures and i am sick of fighting them in our forests.

"Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife, I will have my Venegance"

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Location: Making sure my enemies are dealt with.
Army Name: Defiler Legion of Ghrond

General: Marik Dark-Snake of Ghrond

Philosophy: It seems to me that every-one bows to Malekith. It's just wether they bow to recognize his authorty, or they bow down to be beheaded!

Quotes: "To me, the only rule in war is 'kill or be killed'"
, "Glory be to Malekith, Glory be to Khaine!", " actually, I find it rather amusing that they mistook us for the asur... it just made the bearded ones easier to kill."

Background: Marik Kalenth (a.k.a. Marik Dark-Snake for under handed tactics often employed by Marik) is the son of the most powerful high born in Ghrond and is completly dedicated to satisfying Khaine, his temple and Malekith. Killed several of his family members to gain positions of power in Ghrond and Malekiths court.

General opinion of:

High Elves: A dieing assortment of blond haired-biddies and weakling politicians who only elect suicidal morons to lead them deeper to their doom.

Dark Elves: Strong, proud and determined. Unstoppable and more powerful than any other race in existance.

Wood Elves: Cowards who hide in the trees and are too scared to face a true warrior in close-combat.

Dwarfs: Ugly, bearded buffoons who actually can't tell the difference between us and the asur! Ha! I laugh at their meeger and diminished existence!

The Empire: A strange form of dhione(humans) who are content with blowing themselves up with black powder weapons and an inferior knowledge of magic to make themselves look intelligent! They do how ever seem to please Khaine rather sustantially when offered up to the bloody-handed one.

Brettonia: A more honourable, proud and intellegent breed of men. However can sometimes be far too confident with themselves and tend to get themselves killed unessacerily.

Orcs and Goblins: Ugly, foul smelling and bad tempered. However they are filled with an admirable (and maybe suicidal) courage.

Lizardmen: Over-sized geckos who are too old to remember how to wage a decent war.

Vampire Counts: The blood dragon knights and Von Carstein aristocrats are rather honourable warriors and leaders, but those who lead slavering cannibals, still rotting carcasses and usless spirits to fight for them are rather repulsive.

Tomb Kings: Why don't they just go to sleep and let us take the damn gold. They're dead they don't need it!

Ogres: All I can say on these beasts is... they're fat and stupid.

Skaven: They are mice that try to kill you with sticks for Khaines sake!

Chaos: Idiotic mad-men and traitors to their religion. Why they would give up a mediocre existence in the empire and brettonia to be horribly mutated and driven insane, ill never know

Beastmen: Am I the only one that realises that they're goats with spears and swords?

Basically, there is a flaw to everyone who isn't druchii.

Glory be to Malekith, Glory be to Khaine!

Khaela Furdiekh Mensha Farmiekh Khaine!

-Marik Dark-Snake of Ghrond

Tue Dec 05, 2006 9:45 pm
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Joined: Wed Dec 01, 2004 6:00 am
Posts: 57
Location: Right behind you... MRAHHHH
Army Name: The UnKnown Army

General: Skayth TwillBlade

Philosophy: Smile now, Cry later

Quotes: "I've killed my fare share of that pittyfull Asur, *pfft* what kin are they to us? i would not even use them to clean the lace on my boot.... i spit on them."

During a quick raid on a Bret village, confronted by the towns 'Hero'.
"Why yes i will have this dance of death...."

"Stupid humans and there 'MORTAL' lives."

"SQIGHERDERSAYWHAT?" "what?" "Excellent...."

"Damn i got blood on my boot......AHHHHHHHH!!!!"

Background: An Army none know about. Locked away in the shadows. they show themselves when they only see fit. Many a times they have came to the aid of watch tower during an attack from the mutated Chaos.
Skayth sees Chaos a foe due to the slaughter of his younger brother on one of the many watchtowers... he will gain his revenge.

General opinion of:

High Elves: pittyful Asur.

Dark Elves: one true brethren

Wood Elves: they would rather hide in there trees then fight me head on. NO honor in that.

Dwarfs: Overgrown halflings with axes. There women are uglier then the dropings my cold one excrets.

The Empire: Slaves.... nothing more.

Brettonia: Honorable slaves wraped in aluminum foil.

Orcs and Goblins: Greenskins.... they sick? nevertheless, they don't deserve my hatred.

Lizardmen: "Here lizard, lizard, lizard."

Vampire Counts: at night they seem to love to give strange hickeys to the women...

Tomb Kings: damn i got sand in my boot. my Cold one love to play fetch.

Ogres: a meat wagon.

Skaven: Rats on steriods.

Chaos: Kill them all, none be left alive.

Beastmen: MOOOOOOO.

Aaaaachhhhhhuu!!!! *sniff*

Wed Jan 31, 2007 10:27 pm
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Joined: Thu Dec 14, 2006 1:20 pm
Posts: 347
Location: The land of Chill (Norway)
Army Name: Aranels Elite Force

General: Aranel the Merciless. Also known as Slayer and Deathbringer

Philosophy: We are Malekiths chosen, and we will enslave the weak ones in the Old World

Quotes: "I'm not arrogant, just confident"
"We are the most civilised race in the world. We have more exquisite ways to kill than any other"
"Let the the tree-huggers hide in their beloved forests. Then, lets send them down to hell burning"
Flaggelants: "Oh yes! Spank me! I've been a very naughty boy"

Background: Personally hand-picked by Lord Malekith himself, Aranel the Merciless leads an invasion force into the Old World. Aranel himself is a pure Dark elf, never showing mercy nor respect for any living enemy. He was born and raised by an assassin and a witch elf. Since this relationship was illegal, he was hidden and lived his childhood in the mountains nearby Naggarond. None the less, his formidable leadership and fighting skills gave him the title of "Aranel the merciless, leader of the invasion force of the old world." However, his mother died while taking a bath in a cauldron of blood, as she had betrayed her sworn husband: Khaine.

Aranel has few personal relationships left, but he is the leader of the very successfull invasion, and he has formed an alliance with the leaders of chaos, granting him powerful fighters.

General opinion of:

High Elves: A pitiful excuse for an elf. Ulthuan shall burn!

Dark Elves: The true elves! We shall rule the world alongside chaos!

Wood Elves: Cowardly elves firing toothpicks while hiding in their beloved forests...

Dwarfs: Stubborn? No, I'd rather say too small brains to understand that they are being slaughtered.

The Empire: They're gonna blow themselves to pieces, so why bother attacking them.

Brettonia: Same story, but with more colours!

Orcs and Goblins: Not worth anything on the slavemarket, but they do make the killing count sky-high

Lizardmen: Could've done some damage if they hadn't been lead by those fat, "I think I can magic" fatties. Their skin is worth pretty much though...

Vampire Counts: They fetch high prices at the slavemarket!

Tomb Kings: Are we supposed to be afraid of withering bones staggering towards us at 2 km/h? Bring forth the bolt throwers!

Ogres: Powerful, but stupid. Must be sold at the markets before the stench spreads...

Skaven: Bigger than rats, but just as stupid...

Chaos: Good fighters in close-combat. Send them in to do their thing, then let the hydras and bolt throwers do the rest...[/i]

Pierce him with a thousand bolts! Slice him into a million bits! Smash his head into a bloody pulp! I don't care! Just bring me the damn cake!

Sat Feb 17, 2007 7:02 pm

Joined: Thu Feb 22, 2007 6:31 pm
Posts: 51
Location: Right behind you with an army of Corsairs
Army Name: Dark Elf Blood Thirsters

General: G'Rud

Philosophy: You kill 1 man, your a murderer, 10 your a monster, 100 a hero, 1000 you're a conqueror, 10000 you are Khaine

Quotes: "The weak die so that evil can prevail. No one can stop us"

Background: G'Rud formed this army after he returned from Sakeths raid in 1403. This army uses many of Tullaris' executioners and some assassins. They go and plunder cities and take slaves, to make the witch king more and more powerfull.

General opinion of:

High Elves: Kill them all, dont even accept slaves they are just a weaker version of elf

Dark Elves: Unstoppable forces of destruction

Wood Elves: Cowards, hiding in trees

Dwarfs: Short stubby people with a lot of gold, Steal it!

The Empire: Slaves

Brettonia: slaves

Orcs and Goblins: Competition for gold

Lizardmen: Source of cold ones

Vampire Counts: Undead? Kill them again

Tomb Kings: Fight magic with magic

Ogres: Mercanaries for hire

Skaven: Swarms and swarms of cowards

Chaos: The almighty gods of death

Beastmen: If they kill the wood elves they're my friends

Thu Feb 22, 2007 8:07 pm
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Joined: Sun Dec 17, 2006 12:08 pm
Posts: 455
Army Name: The Crimson Raiders

General: The Noble, Lady Khara

Philosophy: Nothing can stop Chaos, nothing can master it. It only makes sense to serve it.

Quotes: "We all have hobbies. Mine is converting Witch Elves."

Background: Her father was a corsair. During a raid on a Norse out post he lost his arm. though he gutted the marauder responsible, and survived, he took no slaves. His was a family of slave traders, and this was a serious blow financially.

He desperately needed mony to keep his wife and what children he could alive, so he thought of a desperate measure. He sold his only daughter to a brothel.

Her name was Khara and she had been training as a warrior for years, and had been almost worthy of joining the ranks of the Dark Riders, but this ended any hope of that. They would not accept a prostitute, which they knew she was because the owner of the brothel had branded her on her forehead.

She remained in the brothel for many years, until a Slaaneshi raiding party attacked the small town in which she lived. She fought in the ranks of the warriors, seeking death. When her small group of warriors retreated, she stayed behind, still fighting. She was bludgeoned unconciuss for the leader of the norse knew enough of Druchii society to know a pleasure slaves brand when he saw one, and he added her to his harem.

She remained their for many years before she slew the Norse chieftain. Having done her duties she waited for him to fall asleep, before snapping his neck.She escaped in the confusion and left thir camp.Exposed to the elements and as she had not had time to dress before the alarm was raised, it was amazing that she survived at all but she did, and found her way back to Naggaroth.

The guards at the watchtower tower disbelieved her story, but after a drug which made it impossible to lie was administered, she was proven to be telling the truth. Before they could decide what to do with her the alarm horns were sounded. The Slaaneshi had followed her trail and come to the watchtower, thirsty for her blood, as their old chief had brought them great prosperity.

Khara snatched up an unusual spear with 2 prongs, and charged onto the battlements. Wherever she went, Norse would die. Her prowess in the defense of the Watchtower that day meant that she was inducted into the Tower guard, and she swiftly rose through the ranks, eventually becoming lord of the tower when her predecessor was torn apart by a daemonic dagon.

Her mind still bears the marks of her torment at the hands of her Slaaneshi captors, and indeed she follows Slaanesh now having seen his power and strength first hand. She hunted down and tore apart her father and the Brothels owner. Their blood turned her hair red and it ever changed.

To this day she has a secret loathing of men, for they were the cause of all that was wrong in her life.

General Opinion of:

High Elves: Fools who dare believe that they can hold back chaos.

Dark Elves: Some know that Chaos is the only way we will survive in the long run. Others need to be taught it.

Wood Elves: Annoying. They stay just ot of reach.

Dwarfs: We don't have to kill them, their pride will do it for them.

Empire: Inferior mockeries of dwarfen tactics with inferior troops.

Brettonians: The damsels are nice.

Orcs and Goblins: I don't understand who their had come to be so many of them when you can't tell the male ones from females.

Lizardmen: Must get some skink poison.

Vampire Counts: They are all obsessed with something, allthough i'm not sure what Lahmians want...

Tomb Kings: Stop their magic box and they are pushovers.

Ogres: They eat too much to be profitable slaves.

Skaven: Call in the exterminater.

Chaos: Unfortunatley inevitable. however the mortals shall all die if i get anything to say about it!

Beastmen: They have no sense of personal hygiene.

Hi, i'm Shadow Dark. I spend my time teaching dragons the difference between their food and the slaves that bring it in

Thu Feb 22, 2007 8:30 pm
Slave on the Altar

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Location: Suomi Finland
Army Name: The Heralds of Khaine

General: Marduk the Traveler

Philosophy: "Malekith is our lord and master, and I will take his word to the corners of the world!"

Quotes: "You say I have betrayed our homeland, but is one truly a betrayer if he left his lands for the sake of his Lord and Master?"
- Marduk addressing the ambassador of Naggarond on his Black Ark.

Background: Marduk was the young heir to one of the wealthy noble families of the Druchii. However, petty politics and scheming to gain personal power was a disgusting idea to him: he wanted to gain his power by crushing his enemies on the battlefield in the name of Khaine. After pleading with his father, Marduk gathered his personal force and a band of hired corsairs and embarked on their Black Arc, "Claws of Murder", which was given to them as a gift from Malekith himself a couple of centuries ago to better fight the enemies of his Lord.

High Elves: "The vile traitors who denied our Lord his rightful place at the throne of Ulthuan. I shall kill each one of them, or else I feel I have failed my duty."

Dark Elves: "I found the fickle politics, especially the ones of the Cult of Khaine and the Sorceresses, as......bothering."

Wood Elves: "Ah, the wise ones who did not anwser to the call of the weaklings of Ulthuan. However, they too have turned away from Khaine and thus must be killed."

Dwarfs: "Little, ugly creatures. Still, if you can break theam they make great slaves."

The Empire: "I have always found humans as a plague: they are weak, and the weak are supposed to die in the way of the strong."

Brettonia: "They claim they have chivarly and honor, while they simply whittle down the enemy with peasants and charge when victory is asured. Thus, they are nothing but cowards."

Orcs and Goblins: "Uh, I wish I won't have to talk about them."

Lizardmen: "I have never actually met these so-called "Children of The Gods". We will see if they are so great as the legends say.

Vampire Counts: "Vampires I can tolerate as worthy adversaries, bt the Undead are but a little annoyance."

Tomb Kings: "Hmm, the long-dead legions of the Desert. Interesting ones, they are."

Ogres: "The best sell-a-swords money can get."

Skaven: "Little vermin not worthy of our attention: I wish they were purged, preferably soon."

Chaos: "Ah, the servants of the Dark Four. Great allies, but be careful not to rise their anger."

Beastmen: "The dark children of the woods. Not as dangerous as their mortal counterparts, but can be used when raiding in The Empire."

"The weak shall be purged from the face of this world so the true Children of Khaine can take what is rightfully theirs."

Wed Mar 14, 2007 7:56 pm
Dark Rider

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Posts: 125
Army Name: The legion of the Black Phoenix

General: Serini

Philosophy: We're the true elves. Our legion is choosen to serve to our king. Fight for him, fight for Naggarythe and fight for our folk! And you will save your souls. Only the fools can follow the chaos gods. Only a weeks are hidden behind the gods!

This legion is created by some common hauses. Its a part of the big forces that fought in the wars of the beard against high elves and dwarfes (this name is a long tradition). All these hauses are giving the soldiers to this legion to replace loses and to build new units. The main task of this force is patrol inside the Druchii empire at the south, very often its commanders lead them to attack Arnheim. Many succesfull attacs were done. But some troops were sent against dwarfes. The hardcore fights ended with many blooded loses and with the same number of blooded victory. The home city is the Har Graef. There is the staff of this legion.
All soldiers and hauses are loayal to the king and serve to the Khain. But their loayalty to king is on the one hand and on the other hand the officers hate his mother! No peace can be between forcess of slaanesh and legion of the Black Phoenix. And Morathi knows about their hate. She hates them too. But this legion is marching under the banner of her son. They're under his protection until they will do any mistake...

General opinion of:

High Elves: If you can, take them as the slaves. We have many works for them...

Dark Elves: We're only the true elves. Guard our lands...but at first, serve to our king. The kingd needs are the most important things!

Wood Elves: Dont fight against theese rabbits who are hidden inside their woods. The animals are too less than we and so, dont lost time with them.

Dwarfs: This folk have much gold and possesion. They're
slow. But be carefully, their war machine are dangerous.

The Empire: People? Humans? Slaves.

Brettonia: People? Humans? Slaves.

Chaos: The folk of our troops hate chaos gods. Their lands are next to us! Be very very carefully and kill anybody who is marching under their names.

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Thu Mar 15, 2007 11:40 am
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Location: Where you'd least expect
Army name: Wind of Vengeance

General: Lord Khaeldran (Keldran) Arleth or Corsair Admiral Draknir Reaverblade, captain of the Palace of Everlasting Torment

Philosophy: Conquer, destroy, slaver. Depends on the enemy.

Quotes: "Shut your filthy mouth, traitor. Lord Keldran told me to bring you alive but he did not mention that I have to bring you in one piece."
- Admiral Reaverblade to a high elf prisoner

"I see death more as a release rather than a punishment. The amount of pain is the thing that matters"
- Lord Keldran

Background: Khaeldran Arleth was born in Clar Karond as the son of lord Elthron, and lady Drethel, whose sister was a sorceress. Khaeldran's brother Naghlír was born fifty-five years after him.

When Khaeldran turned 120, he joined his first big battle against the hated kin as the squire of his father. He saw his father being cut down by a High Elf champion and he swore to have his vengeance on that foolish Asur.

In the year 1125, Khaeldran being 322 years old, he was already an experienced leader and joined King Malekith's raid to ancient Nagarythe as a battalion commander. During the raid he found again the same champion that slew his father and dragged him to Clar Karond as a prisoner. There he tortured the high elf to death slowly during two and a half years.

Khaeldran's grandfather, Urithair Arleth, died peacefully in the respectable age of 2300 years, and Khaeldran claimed his rights as the head of the family. Other relatives opposed this for Khaeldran was so young to be a lord, but they were silenced without leaving a trace.

Khaeldran was shocked when he found out that his brother Naghlír was an illegal sorcerer, but he couldn't hand over his own brother to be executed- a weakness of character that Khaeldran swore he would get rid of. "Never let such unimportant things as feelings or family bonds disturb your rise to power", he said according to his father's teachings, but told his brother to flee while Khaeldran claimed everyone Naghlir was dead.

Nowadays Khaeldran works as a military commander and has become a close friend of the Witch King- in fact he recently received a hatchling black dragon as a gift from Malekith.

Draknir Reaverblade was born in Karond Kar. His father was a corsair who disappeared mysteriously just before Draknir's birth, and his mother was a beastmaster's apprentice. His mother Aiden was killed by an enraged manticore when Draknir was only twenty years old, and thus he can't remember his family much. He was the only child of his parents, and when he became an orphan, he was often contempted by his agers.

Draknir lived in Karond Kar's streets, stealing food from salesmen and sleeping in the dark alleys- until his father appeared again. At least the man was claiming to be his father, but in reality he was only a smuggler and slave merchant whose intent was to sell Draknir to clean the cellars of noble houses. Draknir was tied up and dragged to the slaver's boat, where he was accompanied by humans and other lowly creatures held imprisoned in the ship. Draknir managed to invent a plan and claimed the leadership of the slave band, and raised a mutiny against the slave merchant and his men. There was a bloody and unfair battle between five slavers and almost sixty slaves lead by Draknir, and in the end Draknir took control over the ship. The slave merchant-who was the only slaver to survive the night-was tied together with his dead companions and thrown overboard. Draknir sailed to Har Ganeth where he sold his former slave mates and hired a corsair crew on his ship, which he renamed the Nightblade.

Draknir became a corsair, just like his father had been, and during over seven hundred years of raiding he was noticed as a genious captain who never failed his raids. He had earned enough to have his own small fleet (his own calculations tell of nine thousand captured and sold slaves) This was noticed even in the Royal Court, and Draknir was nominated admiral and invited to command one of the Black Arks. Nowadays Draknir sails upon the Black Ark Palace of Everlasting Torment and has crew of four thousand corsairs and dark riders. Sometimes he still returns to his old vessel Nightblade to refresh old memories on the seas.


High Elves: they betrayed us and thus they shall die. Slowly and painfully.

Chaos: I never trust a guy who worships something that looks like a combination of a giant frog and swarm of slugs.

Wood elves: mostly harmless treehuggers.

Vampire Counts: I think that let those slimy worm-eaten creeps go and rot in the place they belong: Compost.

Humans, in general: Disgusting hairy barbarians who think they are the lords of the creation.

Orcs and goblins: i have Orchide boots.

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Sun Apr 01, 2007 9:30 am
Angel of Darkness
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Location: Australia
Army name: Death-bringers, of Khaela Mensha Khaine

General: Kaleth Sarradain

Philosophy: We fight the long war, against our traitortous brothers, we will fall in our hundreds, possibly thousands, for i would rarther die then give any ground, of the Witch King's.

Quote: You see this blade, traitor. Well, i reserved a special spot here for your neck.

Humans: Hairy ones. Just like beasts.

High elves: Traitors, to our great lord Malekith, may everyone of them burn in the nine hells for eternity.

Chaos: had enough of them on my Northern Patrol, nothing but barbarians

Wood elves: Also traitors, they will suffer like everyone else will.

Vampire Counts: Everyone of them will rot, in hell for stealing the magics of our kindred

Orc and Goblins: Inferior, crude, digusting. Make great book pages though.

Dwarves: Stunted fools, who would kill over a simple drink or a shiny piece of rock.

Saldrimek Xenan - WS6 / S4 / T3 / D5 / I3

Equipment: Executioners Axe (Rune of Beastslaying - Heroic Killing Blow), 2 Scimitars (Rune of Speed - Always Strike First), Dagger, Rune Branded Leather Armour, Executioner Helm, Fine Set of Throwing Knives (x4)
Inventory: Amulet of Darkness, Poison Vials x7, Deadly Poison Vials x8
Mount: Dark Steed
Gold: 163
Skills: Ambidexterity, Frenzy, Two Weapon Fighting, Ride
Class: Khainite

Sun Apr 01, 2007 9:51 am
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