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1,500 points of corsairs - my first list 
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So I ordered a large batch of warhammer to start my new Dark Elf army and I hope it should arrive this week (it's 2 battalions and 2 Reaper Bolt Throwers) to get me started.

I just made a quick list around the many corsairs and crossbowmen I'll be able to make with the battalions it looks like this but I still need to lose 64 points to reach 1,500 points! What should I shave off in order to reduce the points I've got too many of?

P.S. Lokhir will join the unit of 17 corsairs, and both units will run 6 wide and 3 deep. The Sorceress will probably join a unit of crossbowmen.

-Lokhir Fellheart

-Sorceress, 2 Dispel Scrolls

-17 Corsairs, full command, Sea Serpent Banner (makes them frenzy)

-18 Corsairs, full command

-10 Repeater Crossbowmen, shields

-10 Repeater Crossbowmen, shields

-5 Dark Riders, musician, RxBows

-5 Dark Riders, musician, RxBows

-5 Shades, additional hand weapons

-Reaper Bolt Thrower

-Reaper Bolt Thrower

-1,564 points-

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Mon Jan 12, 2009 10:07 am
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First of all, welcome among the Corsair Brotherhood!

Some thoughts about your list.

General thoughts.
Some mobility.
Minimum anti-magic. You'll miss the ring...
Excellent missile phase.
Good melee against low armor foes.
Nothing to take care of heavily armoured foes.
And, not to be forgotten, outstanding corsair fluff.

Lokhir among frenzy corsairs is interesting because or the terror he inspires. It means that sometimes, the charged unit will just flee in terror, so the corsairs will miss their charge and stay out of combat in the middle of nowhere.
There you'll be happy that a possible countercharge would have to overcome another terror test (if the said countercharge would be in contact with Lokhir).

Frenzy corsairs are nasty against low armoured foes.
Against better armoured foes, you'll be happy to change the frenzy banner for the AP one (same price), it will benefit Lokhir a lot as well (more than frenziness).

The problem with your big corsair unit with Lokhir is that they must arrive as intact as possible into melee. Sure, they have a good missile resistance, but many arrows or some bullets will tear them down. Magic attack and template weapons will take a heavy toll as well.
I'd recommend you made this unit 20 or 25.

The second corsair unit could be belittled down to 10.
You can make them 10 handbow corsairs with musician only. You'll spare some pts.
They would march ahead of the main corsair unit in a single line, taking wounds and avoiding unwanted frenzy-lured charge, in case the enemy sent his fast cavalry to lure your big unit in an unwanted direction.
Remember, they cannot double-march and shoot, only normal-march an shoot. So you deploy them just in front of the main corsair unit, you double-march with all corsairs for 1 or 2 turns.
If the enemy sends light fast troops, instead of double-marching, you make the newly famous 4" sidemove with the rhb-corsairs and shoot at them, and let the frenzy corsairs double-march across the former position of the ahb corsairs towards your objective.

Scroll caddy can go in RBT instead of MXB, if you like, and move from 1 to the other if they are threatened.

MXB with shields are excellent: they can cover very efficiently the sides, and join the melee if the occasion arises. Now, if you're missing 10pts, drop the shield in one of the two units and keep them in the rear. The shield is good only against arrows (not bullets) and in melee (where you may wish not to see them).
I'd recommend to keep at least 1 unit with shields, they are really more versatile with their melee ability.
Try to see if you can fit a musician, however, especially with shields for which the melee is not unlikely. Overall the muso is more useful and less expensive than shields.

DR are useful but expensive (both in pts and in real money).
As you did not buy them yet, I recommend you replaced one of the units with 1 unit of 5 harpies. Much less pts, no shooting but you don't need that many shots, less efficient in melee but much more threatening to enemie's warmachines. And corsair fluff-compatible as well!

Shades need the Great Weapon instead of the ahw. 5pts more and it will be your only "can-opener". If you cannot find 5 pts, don't take ahw at all, spare 5 pts instead and never, ever send your shades in melee save against the weakest targets.

2 RBT, excellent. You'll love them.

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Mon Jan 12, 2009 11:18 am
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