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Skulls Tournament Report 2250 Comped (long) 
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Hey guys returned to the Dark Elves after an absence. Apologies if this is the wrong forum. To give you some idea I used to run lots of corsairs, witch elves and two hydras in 6th edition. I have been playing through 7th edition but with other armies. Recently took my repainted/rejuvenated lads to a 2 day 6 game 2250pt fantasy tournament known as Skulls. It drew a big crowd for our local scene of 46 players perhaps attracted by the introduction of the Eastern States tier system for composition as Daemons were dominating the tournaments.

Basic tiers
Tier 1: Daemons, VC
Teir 2 Brets, Dark Elves, Wood Elves
Tier 3 High Elves, Empire, Lizards, Skaven, Tomb Kings, WoC
Tier 4 Dwarfs, O&G
Tier 5 Ogres, Beasts

You could receive up to +2 or -2 depending upon a TO judgement of the strength of your list. Took my combat Khainite Dark Elves after hurriedly painting up the Executioners in the last fortnight and finally getting around to constructing an army base. My list received a standard 2 for Dark Elves...

Dreadlord "Unkillable" on foot, Pendant, Regen Armour, Soulrender
Death Hag BSB Dance of Doom (5+ ward), ASF banner
Death Hag with the Altar of Khaine
Sorceress Level 1 with scroll and Ring of Miscasts
4x10 Corsairs with handbows (8" thrown weapon with Str3 multi shots)
1x5 harpies
20 Executioners full command
19 Witch elves Musician
2 chariots
2 reaper bolt throwers
1 hydra

So yeah all the toys in this list which is pretty killy. The only thing lacking is black guard and a bazillion Rxbs. The corsairs are an unusual choice I have not seen many people going for this core set as the other Dark Elf core choices are pretty good. I like them but they have a learning curve and are crucial for getting my two combat blocks into position. There were about 8 Dark Elf lists at the event so it was one of the most popular armies a massive change from the last time I ran Dark Elves (in 2006 I was the only Dark Elf).

Game 1 James Dark Elves

The first day used random draw so I was very surprised to be up against another Dark Elf player, albeit the youngest player at the tournament at 11 years old. From my perspective this was all downside I mean if I won I could hardly boast about beating an 11 year old opponent as I was over 3 times his age. Of course if I lost I would enjoy a 2 day tournament of hard core ribbing from my similar aged gaming colleagues.

James was running as Dragon with heartseeker, Pendant and the Potion of Strength, 15 strong Black Guard with the inevitable banner and Crimson Death, 15 frenzied corsairs who hid an assassin, 12 crossbowmen, 15 spearmen and a Level 2 Sorc, 5 shades with a bloodshade, a Reaper Bolt Thrower and 6 Cold One Knights with the works including a BSB with the Hydra banner.

James deployed the Dragon centrally supported by the corsairs and the blackguard. The spearmen protected a hill upon which stood all his shooting. The Cold One Knights went for my left flank and the shades hid in a forest in my deployment zone left hand corner. I strung out my corsairs in front and put the two blocks in the centre with the Altar of Khaine. One chariot went on each flank and the repeater bolt throwers were on a hill on my table edge. The Hydra lurked on the left using a small forest to hide from the shooters directly opposite.

I won first turn and decided to shoot the dragon. I missed. Everything moved around a little except for the Hydra which surged up into the forest. Despite his years, James had an excellent grasp on Warhammer. It was his first tournament however, and initially he moved the Dragon up for a charge on my big blocks. I set up a trap for him which he noted and avoided but then one of my bolt throwers took three wounds off Mr Dragon who decided to try and hide behind a forest near the right flank. His shades then took out one of my bolt throwers but died to a Harpies charge. I used my remaining bolt thrower to take another wound off the dragon which had spent a turn breathing on my Executioners who were moving up. Combined with some futile shots from my Corsairs who were hiding out in the forest James could feel the pressure and charged the Executioners. My ASF Death Hag BSB frantically waved her banner and the Dragon died. The Dreadlord continued to fight though killing nearly all of the Executioners before I rescued them with a Dreadlord led corsair unit in the flank and he broke.

I sent my chariot into the black guard and it killed 7 of them before being dismembered by Crimson Death. I then used my corsairs and my last bolt thrower to shoot all the black guard down. Massed Str3 firing is deadly to Black Guard.

Meanwhile my Hydra breathed and killed about 10 spearmen who panicked away to block the Cold One knights who were having difficulty controlling their mounts. The hydra copped four wounds from shooty hill and then charged and ate a bolt thrower before running off the table to safety. I played timidly with him after that. The Cold One knights lurched down the left overcoming a stupid chariot (3 or 4 failed tests from that chariot) but played no other part in the game. The remaining spearmen were shot and destroyed by Rhb Corsairs and the Sorceress died with them.

In the centre the witch Elves were forced to charge the corsairs and the Assassin popped out killing enough to cause me to lose combat but due to Stubborn I held. I lost three or four rounds but then the dice shifted I won big and the corsairs broke just in time to kill off some fleeing crossbowmen in their rear. I finished with an 18-2 victory about 1730 VPs up and my pride still intact. James went on to dish out the pain on his next opponent!

Game 2 Max Wood Elves

With a nice table near a window that enjoyed the warmish Spring weather I was opposite Max a gamer I had seen at some tourneys but never played. His Wood Elf force was beautifully painted and had a great theme led by a Bretonnian knight and contained no forest spirits aside from a unit of Wild Riders.

Wood Elf Highborn (Bret Knight) with steed, Fimbulwinter, Dawnspear, Elynetts Brooch and Helm of the Hunt
Level 2 Wizard with Stave and Dispel Scroll
BSB with regen
Wardancer hero
2x10 Glade Guard
2x21 Eternal Guard one with a War Banner
5 Glade Riders
5 Wild Riders
2 units of 9 wardancers with a champion
1 eagle
6 Waywatchers

There were three key terrain features on this table. A building on the left flank would block line of sight. A big forest which Max put his smaller forest next to in the centre. A small lake which we played as impassable on the right flank close to the board edge.

Max’s army was going to test my Corsair theory. He hid nearly everything behind the big forests and placed the glade guard in two long lines in the open as well as the waywatchers on my right flank (open) supported by some war dancers with the Hero. I used a hill in my left hand deployment zone to host the bolt throwers and placed the corsairs all across my line with the infantry in the centre and one chariot each flank. The Hydra went central opposite the smaller forest.

The early turns saw Max’s shooting thin my corsair ranks. A unit of 10 on the right flank attempted to march, shoot and then charge the Waywatchers and they disappeared under a hail of arrows. Another unit of 10 marched stolidly up the table cursing the Quartermaster as the arrows penetrated their supposedly thick Sea Dragon cloaks which appeared to be off dubious quality. They also died to a man. My other central unit with the Dreadlord in it were diminished but could charge and force a glade guard unit to flee, rally and then flee again. A chariot killed the remaining glade guard unit but suffered several wounds in the process from repeated shooting.

On the left, the harpies saw off the Eagle. My last remaining unit of corsairs and bolt throwers killed the glade riders and Wild riders with some fine rolls. In the centre Max had pushed one of the Eternal Guard units up so that I could see them and I obligingly charged with the Executioners. Simultaneously I forced the Hydra into the forest to breathe on the assisting Eternal Guard unit with BSB and force marched the Witch Elves behind them up to support a later charge. Backed by a Cauldron my units simply outclassed the Eternal Guard who did hang around with Stubborn but I killed all of them, the Hydra used the BSB’s banner as a toothpick for his great fangs.

Max could do little at this point he tried to hide the Wizard but she fled from terror and then was ripped apart by my harpies. The wardancers hiding behind the forest came out were shot below half, went back into the forest, then came out again and were shot to bits. The other wardancer unit attempted a charge on my chariot, could not kill it and were smacked by the Dreadlord and his few remaining faithful corsairs. The game ended with 4 waywatchers on the right flank and two war dancers about to killed by the Dreadlord. I lost some corsairs and a few bits and pieces but won 20-0.

Game 3 Simon Skaven

I had played Simon’s Skaven once before with my Warriors of Chaos, and he absolutely tore it apart. As he noted at the time – “nice army list” which I took to heart so with Movement 5 and some Dark Elf trickery (read the brokenness that is the Hydra) I thought time for some revenge.

Simon had:
Warlord with the Languisher Sword, 4+ ward item, Bands of Power
BSB with War banner
2 twins with the usual Storm Daemon scroll set up.
3 units of clan rats, I joked that these were big enough that I could kill the first 20 and the next 20 rats would simply step forward to maintain the rank bonus.
3 ratling guns
3 units of 20 slaves
1 massive unit of Storm vermin with a War banner
1 unit of giant rats (4 packs I think)
3 units of 4 lawn bowl rats with breathing apparatus
1 tunneling team
2 units of 5 jezzails
1 warp lightning cannon

With Simon seriously outclassing my pathetic shooting and magic I could do one of two things hide and take a minor loss or go for the charge of the Light brigade. I took the latter option with the only real tactical decision I made to deploy my bolt throwers out of range of the jezzails and hide my Hydra behind a hill so that the Warp Lightning cannon could not zap it for two turns.

The Ring of Hotek came into its own here and really blunted the Skaven magic. It did cause two miscasts which both resulted in wounds. Simon’s jezzails nearly killed one chariot in the first turn but then his Warp Lightning Cannon blew up. This was quickly Followed by the demise of a tunnelling team and I was on my way. Then I moved into ratling gun range and my corsairs started taking heavy casualties.

My counter battery fire was weak. I did get a harpy charge off against one unit of jezzails but I whiffed badly in combat and the harpies fled. I used the Hydra to toast an entire unit of marble players, and panicked a unit of slaves but the Hydra was no match for the Storm vermin with their static combat resolution of 7 and was broken and run down.

I used one corsair unit to bait the giant rats and although they hung in for a round were killed. My other unit took on two slave units and with the help of a wounded chariot killed them all. The chariot then was blown up by the jezzails which were still hanging out on the hill. My other chariot did something useful barrelled into a full clan rat unit with wounded Engineer did 7 wounds on the charge, including killing the Engineer and broke and caught the unit. A single chariot really should not be able to smash 40 rats by itself but I was forced to charge by a dreaded ratling gun nearby and got lucky.

My left flank corsair unit shot and panicked some more globadiers but then lost 9 elves to ratling gun fire. My sole survivor took on the last 4 globadiers in hand to hand but was killed by the rampaging Storm Vermin.

However both my blocks now came into play and demolished Simon’s key General unit and his other mainline Skaven block. The Executioners racked up 10 wounds on the charge and the Skaven Warlord was last seen running for the mountain caves. The Storm Vermin on the left moved over into the centre for a last ditch charge by my returning Exes and some corsairs which netted a big unit. The game ended 19-1.

Day 2

Had a horror night with my 3 year old having nightmares so somewhat weary dragged myself to the Tournament on Monday to face Ben Leeper. Ben was looking his usual chipper self with his customary Aussie elegance (read designer stubble and ug boots). I have played Ben numerous times at tournaments and they were always fantastic games and this proved the case yet again.

Ben was also running Dark Elves but had gone for magic, running a Supreme Sorceress with lifetaker the pendant and the focus familiar on a pegasus, backed up by a level 2, a BSB on a cold one and an assassin. His army was smaller in numbers than mine, with some repeater crossbowmen, 2 units of dark riders, black guard with a suspicious looking banner, harpies, shades, cold one knights, some spearmen and supported by a hydra and a single bolt thrower. His colour scheme was a suitable cold blue.

The table terrain was not that critical being quite open. I strung out my corsairs in a long line to protect the more sensitive blocks behind and also stop the dark riders enveloping my flanks. My chariots book ended the line and the bolt throwers went into a forest on my right. The harpies were lurking behind waiting for their chance to do something useful and the Hydra was ready to rush down the left flank and engage Ben’s cold one knights, his Sorceress and some dark riders. He placed the spearmen, crossbowmen and blackguard in the centre, the hydra and bolt thrower on my right with some dark riders in support. The shades went on my extreme right flank in a small forest far too close to my bolt throwers for comfort.

Ben won first turn and immediately revealed the assassin in the shades and they all doubled paced towards my bolt throwers. The Hydra and dark riders rushed forwards whilst his infantry shuffled around. The Cold one Knights and Supreme Sorceress flew down to do some carnage with the harpies protecting his Pegasus. Magic was uneventful and I lost a few corsairs to shooting. In my turn I thrust the Hydra aggressively up the left flank to see if I could terror off the harpies and more importantly the Supreme sorceress who was standing right on the table edge. I flamed a cold one knight to death for good measure. My corsairs and blocks advanced.

I decided to use my Dreadlord and shooting to get rid of the shades and assassin threat. My Dreadlord joined the bolt thrower crew in immediate danger and one corsair unit (down to 7 models) moved to provide some shooting in case things went pear shaped. I killed enough shades to force a panic test which Ben passed so that flank was still in doubt. Subsequently the assassin left his shade unit (worried about panic tests) and was going to use his Cloak of shadows which Ben revealed at the end of a torrid magic phase forcing me to use my only scroll in defence. I made a minor error here instead of using shooting to kill the assassin and the Dreadlord to despatch shades I did the opposite. I did kill and panic the shades away but the assassin had rune of khaine and killing blow and despite my Pendant KBed my lord. It was a risk I did not need to take and took away one of my chief weapons against the Hydra (Str 6 Dreadlord). The assassin went on to kill both bolt throwers and despite my small corsair block shooting at him multiple times could only get him down to half wounds. He was definitely Ben’s MVP.

On the left my Hydra was constantly baited and blocked by harpies so I could do little so at last I charged them and they fled. I managed to keep flaming the Cold one knights though and they were starting to take heavy casualties. The two remaining knights and BSB charged my stupid Cold One chariot which fled and then successfully rallied. Ben’s Sorceress forgot about my corsairs and moved into range of a full strength unit with my Level 2 Sorceress in tow. This not only caused a miscast due to the Ring of Hotek (ending the magic phase) but shooting took the pegasus down to one wound and the Sorceress to two wounds. I killed another knight with some shooting from my cold one chariot and Ben cleverly decided to split his BSB and the Cold One knight Standard bearer. The BSB took out my small corsair block and level 2 sorc but in return was despatched by the cold one chariot. The CoK standard bearer hid behind a hill and I could not really get him.

In the centre my blocks kept advancing. Both units of Dark riders were gone, lost to shooting so it was really only Ben’s Hydra that stopped an all out attack. His placement was spot on and I could not corner the Hydra with the Witch elves and he flamed them down to just one model! Sadly for Ben that one model was in range of the Supreme Sorceress who had moved into the centre to cast magic, miscast took a wound killing the Pegasus and leaving her with just one left. The sole remaining Witch elf did Khaine proud and tore Ben’s general head off her shoulders and screamed triumphantly! My remaining units focused on reducing the Black Guard below half (I failed just) whilst the Executioners finally charged the spearmen. I beat them but they did not break and the game ended Turn 5.

This was very close and the difference was only 117 VPs which was enough for a 12-8 but could easily have swung in Ben’s favour. Aside from his magic where he miscast about 6 times I felt he outplayed me especially in the use of his Hydra and assassin. This was the only game where I lost a wound on the Death Hag escorting the Altar of Khaine. Another tight tournament game in a long list!

Game 5 Casey Skaven

Casey had hundreds of rats, a rat horde supported by the twins, jezzails, two ratling guns and a warp lightning cannon. I had played Casey before and we both knew that if her shooting and magic did not kick in then my combat troops would wreck her battle line.

Casey deployed in a massive clump about the centre, for 250 rats it was very compact. The terrain basically funnelled down both flanks so I deployed opposite with the usual long line of corsairs, chariots on both flanks, bolters split on both flanks due to tunnelers and the Hydra on the left. I could use a rocky mountain to block one round of Warp lightning cannon fire but would then have to go for it.

I let Casey go first which surprised her but with my Hydra protected and most of her shooting and magic at extreme range I was not too worried. Casey suspected the Ring of Hotek was lurking within my forces so attempted to cast Warp lightning on a 5 and I dispelled the storm Daemon and one effort but a magical missile and some shooting killed a few corsairs.

In my first couple of turns I frog marched the lads up table. In this Casey made a tactical errror by not sending forth at least one slave unit to march block I was allowed a quick trip across country and more turns to let my combat heavies do the real work. The harpies got ready for a charge into the Warp lightning cannon or the unit of 10 jezzails which was cowering against Casey’s board edge. The Hydra endured massive amounts of shooting, the Warp lightning cannon fell short, then rolled a one to wound and then I regenerated. In fact the Hydra copped just one wound from all of Casey’s magic and shooting before charging the Warp lightning cannon which was crossfired by the harpies. Casey simply fled with her slave units which I thought was another error as my weak corsair units would actually struggle to beat a fully ranked up slave unit and again it sped up the combat phase.

The harpies bounced off the jezzails but the Hydra then did the business. My witch elves carved through a clan rat unit which had beat off a chariot. My Dreadlord solo charged out of a diminished corsair squad to assassinate a Warlock Engineer and hung around for 2-3 rounds of combat before I could send in further support. I was held up by the plague censer bearers who started killing a few executioners but when the plague monks were forced by frenzy to join the combat I turned the tide and overcame them with the help of a chariot which had failed 3 stupidity tests in a row. The storm vermin surrounded by Witch Elves in the flank, Dreadlord and BSB in the rear and Executioners to the front and died despite a massive 8 for static combat resolution and the prowess of the Warlord but I could not break the last clan rat unit with my Hydra in the last turn, although I did pulp the remaining Engineer. I lost most of my corsairs and the two bolt throwers to tunnel teams but won by 1100+ VPs for a 17-3.

Game 6 Matt High Elves

So last game and I was in the running for a podium finish being on Table 2. As long as the boys on table 1 drew and I got a big win then I could sneak past in the straight for the blue ribbon. Matt had one of the best painted armies at the event a cool White themed High Elf force. It was awesome up close and a privilege to play against. It was also a competitive force:

Star Dragon Highborn with 4+ ward, 2+ save rerollable save and a great weapon
BSB with Warbanner mounted
Level 1 scroll caddy
2x10 archers
1x20 spearmen Banner of immune to fear/terror
2 tiranoac chariots
1x5 shadow warriors
6 dragon princes with the banner of ignore forests
1 eagle
3 Bolt Throwers

The table was weird icy terrain, it was quite open with nothing in either deployment zone but two big forests and some icy pools. It meant that the game would be played in the centre and Matt lined up his shooters across the table. The chariots and spearmen were in the middle. The eagle on my right handside. The Dragon and Dragon princes deployed in the open which was a surprise although matt did reveal the skeinsliver item which gave him +2 to start. The shadow warriors went on the left.

I threw down my usual deployment a single long line of corsairs with the Dreadlord and sorceress in different units but central. The blocks behind with the Cauldron dead centre. A chariot guarded each flank and I split the bolt throwers to deny losing them to the shadow warriors or Dragon. The hydra went on the right flank.

Matt went first and astonished me by making a dramatic move with the Dragon straight up the guts to breathe on my corsairs and Executioners. The Dragon Princes also supported readying for a Turn 2 charg with the Dragon. In the middle the chariots and spearmen also advanced menacing my centre. Matt’s shooting then wrecked havoc across the corsair lines and I lost men from all four units. I fortunately passed all my terror and panic tests for the Dragon breath and shooting and then pondered what to do. A Star dragon has 7 wounds so it would take a lot of lucky shooting to bring the sucker down, my best shot at winning this game was to get Matt to charge either the Executioners or Witchelves hold with stubborn and then pile in with everything I had to win via combat resolution.

So I pushed my 6 corsairs up in front of the Dragon and moved the Executioners behind them. I moved the Witch elves and Altar of Khaine such that Matt could not charge them with the Dragon as he could not land. 7 remaining corsairs were readied on the dragon’s flank and my Dreadlord skipped out of sight but ready to also charge in and possibly charge the Dragon if things got tight. I set up a corsair unit to divert the chariots away from this key combat, used the Cauldron to place a 5+ ward on the Executioners and scored one wound from all my shooting at the Dragon.

Matt took the bait Dragon and Dragon princes into my small corsair unit – it fled, everything held and Enemy in the way was declared on the Executioners. He also put both chariots into my diverting corsair unit. I passed another critical terror test and then combat was joined. The ward save was crucial I passed several key saves but needed stubborn to hold on. I did manage to kill two Dragon princes including the champion with my Exec champ challenging. Next turn I passed some more fear tests and put the Dreadlord next to the Dragon and the corsairs in the flank. The Dreadlord bellowed out a challenge and Matt was stuck should he move his BSB or take on the Dreadlord with his Dragon – there was no refusing as everything was locked in combat. He decided that the highborn should be able to take the Dreadlord and we rolled some dice. The Dragon Princes were struggling with only Str3 and the BSB copped a killing blow from my Executioner champion. I took out one other Dragon Prince for the loss of two Executioners. The High born swung and whiffed. The Dreadlord with hatred managed one wound on the Star Dragon (Soul render meant any wound was unsavable) and the Dragon discovered that a reverse ward save and regeneration is difficult to penetrate. I won by a considerable margin (4 I think) the two remaining Dragon Princes promptly bolted but the Dragon remained. Next round I put two more wounds on the Dragon and suffered none in return and even with a 3 dice leadership test the Highborn was off flying ten inches which I could not catch with three units. I then charged it again and it flew into a forest and died. That guaranteed me the win.

Meanwhile the two chariots demolished the corsair unit and rolling some good overruns piled into the Witch Elves. They killed ten on the charge and I needed stubborn to hold. Next round the Witch Elves poison kicked in and I scored 6 or 7 wounds with the last chariot fleeing and getting run down by the victorious Witch Elves.

From then on it was mop up operations and my dice were now red hot. The Dreadlord killed the last two Dragon Princes and survived three turns of shootin for a sum total of one wound. My hydra was badly wounded early so I hid it behind a forest but my chariot took out the elven spearmen unit by making a series of amazing leadership tests (4, 5, 6, 5, 5, 7) before finally winning combat. Matt’s first break test and he failed and was run down. I fired a bolt thrower at the Mage who was hiding in a bolt thrower crew, randomised the hit onto him and killed him etc. It was unbelievable. By turn 6 Matt had one bolt thrower left and that was it, I finished up by 2100 odd VPs as most of my corsairs were dead, the Execs were below half and the Witch elves were destroyed. 19-1.

If Matt had played a defensive cagey game I would have struggled as his shooting was much better than mine and the Dragon and Dragon princes (using the Banner and forest cover) could have leisurely picked off the Bolt Throwers, flamed my stubborn units and taken the upper hand. That would also avoid the eternal hatred issue – eternal hatred is simply insane all those rerolls…


So 6 great games against 6 very different and challenging opponents. I was very pleased to grab the trophy and take it back to Malekith’s pool room. Ben who I played came third overall as he could manage only a 15-5 win against Vampire Counts at the death. A very good general with Wood Elves (Table 3 last round) snuck into second with a 20-0 win in round 6.

Comments on the list:

Really enjoyed playing with the Cauldron of Blood (or the Altar of Khaine as I dubbed it). It is a very versatile piece of kit and makes your force much more killy.

The corsairs are well worth using. I took them to see if they could stand up in a tourney setting and they did their job admirably. My opponents devoted a disproportionate amount of firepower in killing them and their shooting is extremely handy against weak targets (like Elves). In the game against Simon their shooting did account for 2 out of 3 ratling guns and 1 out of 2 ratling guns in the battle against Casey's Skaven. In a mobile infantry battle line they are a decent choice. If you play a pure magic/shooting (whether defensive or aggressive) list then any of the other three core choices are better. Spears for sorc bodyguards and power dice, RxBs for shooting, and Dark riders for swift flankers and some shooting.

My executioners with the Death Hag BSB are overwhelming if used correctly. Very little can stand against such a heinous unit however you need to build your list and battle plan around said basket. It also forces the Cauldron addition. I would have loved some Shadows magic to push them along!

The Witch Elves only flashed occasionally. Need to rejig that unit.

Chariots have received a nice upgrade and were underestimated. Got Bolters and Hydra check.

Hope you enjoyed that massive report!


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Wed Sep 30, 2009 1:27 pm
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Excellent report with a good clear sense of how the games progressed. Congratulations on the big win!

Any links to pictures, further event coverage, etc.?

Wed Sep 30, 2009 2:37 pm
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Moved to battle reports.

Nicely done, sir.


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Heldrak wrote:
Excellent report with a good clear sense of how the games progressed. Congratulations on the big win!

Any links to pictures, further event coverage, etc.?

Never mind, saw the pics on TWF. ;)

Wed Sep 30, 2009 6:38 pm
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Never saw that many RHB corsairs in an army!
Glad to see such a nice practical use of this unit. 8)

Compliments for your winning.


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OK, they did not welcome you at that time.

Let's say: welcome back in D.net, and we're proud to see such a champ as you post such comprehensive tourney reports.
RHB corsairs FTW! :twisted:

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Awesome show! keep it crankin and adding trophies to "Malakith's pool room" LOL

love it!

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Thanks gents. Apologies for the wrong forum.

Calisson I did read through your tactica on Rhb corsairs as I was trying to figure out a way of putting them in the list. It was an excellent tactica and gave me plenty of ideas that I used at the tourney. They were much better than I had thought on paper and my opponents were generally shocked at their resilience and when I rolled well their shooting capability. They would really complement some lists as they are harder to deal with than say Dark riders or Rxb men. I mainly posted my report so you could get some feedback on using this unit as few people seem to have bothered trying them out.

Many times I lost 3 or 4 from a unit of 10 they ran away but then rallied in my back field and moved around denying areas from an opponent and holding quarters. In that sense they are a points denial unit - even though no enemy would think so when facing them.

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Thu Oct 01, 2009 4:31 pm
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Aggro wrote:
Calisson I did read through your tactica on Rhb corsairs as I was trying to figure out a way of putting them in the list. It was an excellent tactica ...
I mainly posted my report so you could get some feedback on using this unit as few people seem to have bothered trying them out.
Thanks for the nice words. :oops: Glad to see my work put to good use! Now I feel associated somehow with your win! :D
A link to your report has already been added at the end of the RHB tactica.
Thanks again!

One more reason to take them: opponents are not used to see them and don't know how to handle them!

Definitively they are an excellent complement to Khainite troops, as you magistrally demonstrated.
Also, to use them in proximity of your Lord helped with rallying Ld rolls, while they provided a very nice shelter for the Lord.
You discovered an efficient combo of Lord + several RHB corsair units.

Winds never stop blowing, Oceans are borderless. Get a ship and a crew, so the World will be ours! Today the World, tomorrow Nagg! {--|oBrotherhood of the Coast!o|--}

Thu Oct 01, 2009 6:33 pm
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