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1500 pt tourney list! 
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Slave (off the Altar)

Joined: Tue Sep 09, 2008 1:36 pm
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This sunday ive got a tourney 1500 pts, and im thinking about bringing the dark elves again. Last time i brought em i didnt do so well, mainly because i have DE since 6th, and stuff that wasnt so good back then is awesome now... grmbl. anyhow, the list:

Sorc, lvl 2, steed, lifetaker, tome of furion
sorc, lvl 2, dagger, pearl
master, BSB, HA, shld, sdc, pendant, soulrender

assasin, ahw, KB,+D3A, cloak

19 spears, shields, fullcmd
10 xbows, shields
5 dark riders, xbows, mus
5 harpies

6 Shades,GW

So a nice shooty/ magicky DE army with some elements of combat goodness. As you can see i dont have BG,CoB or Hydra. Im pretty happy with the character selection. Perhaps a scroll instead of the pearl. I tried the rending stars sin last time, but in 1500 pts there just isnt enough stuff for him to throw stars at. The COK are naked because i didnt have any points left.

Anyone care to comment?

Tue Nov 24, 2009 12:49 pm
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Fast cav is a missile magnet, a sorc in there is a problem.
You also might want to bait with them and will be risking your sorc. I tried it too and found it not so good.
Spare her the horse and put her into the rxb, you can't march and shoot anyway when with the DR, you only get the formation changes.

The rest looks alright.

If they were not sitting on our land, I would not spend a single bolt on the Asur.
How to tell apart the elves:
Men run naked - Asrai
Women run naked - Druchii
Don't know whether man or woman - Asur

Tue Nov 24, 2009 11:40 pm
Slave (off the Altar)

Joined: Tue Sep 09, 2008 1:36 pm
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I won the tournament! :)

i did change the list slightly. Dropped the harpies and added command + standard of slaugher to the COK. Mainly because my harpie unit isnt finished :)

First game was VC, Drakenhoff GG bunker with 2 vamps, 2x BK, wight king in a BK unit and 2x zombie unit.

I shot the BK units, and marchblocked the GG.s Tried to magicly take wounds of the vampires but failed. i managed to destroy the zombie units in combat with my spears and DR's in 2 turns. 1 zombie did make it though and my mage general, bsb and assasing got rear charged by dickenhoof.. Thankfully i outran him in the break. Then got charged again. i then killing blowed his BSB! and killed his general vampire with my bsb. Still lost the unit but won with a massacre as the rest was dead :)
next up High Elves, noble horsie, dragon mage, archers, Princes, 2xrbt and SM.

first turn i shot the dragon mage of his dragon, which turned stupid and failed that test his next turn :p That was basicly the game.

fun part. He charged his princes + noble in my spears with bsb, ass and mage. chalegned. Bsb absorbed his s6 hits and did a wound back. assasin killing blowed 2 princes but he held :)


last game was fun. Against Dwarfs. 4x 20 slayers (ya really) 2x10 thunderers, organ gun and runesmith with 3 scrollls. His plan was to field 100 slayers, but he didnt have em painted in time.

what i did was basicly shoot his thunderers, trying to get chillwind in it. i charged his organ gun in turn 2 with my Coks, as he thankfully only rolled a 2 on artilllery dice and just killed 2 of em :)

My dark riders spend 4 turns chasin the runesmith, trying to shoot him dead. in the meantime they fled and rallied keeping 1 unit of slayers busy. while i finally kille dhim in turn 5, after he burned all his scrolls with magic missiles.

my spears, bsb, ass unit killed 1 unit of slayers. I had to sacrifise my shades to prevent a rear charge on this unit. as it takes ages to grind through them :)

in the end i only lost a rbt and shades. 800 -200. he still had 3 units of slayers standing.

and that resulted in number 1 spot.


Dark riders are sick good. Shades are awesome. the assasin was pretty nice, but i only got to use his cloak once. getting that toxin on it to reroll 1's to wound is prolly better as i got quite a few poisoned attacks that coulve been killing blows! :)

2x sorceress is pretty nice magic, and the BSB build is good. Will never leave him home. Coks are good, but i dont think the SoS is worht it. stupidity still is an issue. thank god i didnt fail it at important times, but i did fail it quite a few times.[/b]

Mon Nov 30, 2009 6:27 pm
Malekith's Personal Guard
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How did you use your shades? I really want to incorporate them into my list but I just cant see a viable place for them where they will be worth their points.

Always look for the knife from the shadows.

Wait a minute, how do you hide a +2 flaming longsword in the shadows?

Thu Dec 03, 2009 2:28 pm
Slave (off the Altar)

Joined: Tue Sep 09, 2008 1:36 pm
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Mostly i used them as more expensive, but better shooting (Bs5 is pretty nice) xbowmen. Their ability to move as skirmishers helps alot to keep them alive though.

I also charged a unit of black knights in the flank with them. But because i screwed up my rolls (even with hatred) i only managed to kill 1, which meant i autobroke. if i had killed 2, the balance would have swung the other way. This did cause the unit of BK to be way out of brunt of the battle, which gave me 2 turns of shooting them and dealing with the rest of the army.

in 2k points i would probably change my assasin to a rending stars sin, and then my shades would be a decent firebase for him.

I think they are a wellrounded unit. But dont charge them headlong into stuff, they are not THAT good in combat.

Sat Dec 05, 2009 10:31 am
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