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Items for the CoK Champion 
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Which magic items do you prefer for the dreadknight champion? With the addition of the large amount of common magic items, we really have quite a few very valid items within the points limit to choose from. Here are my considerations:

Potion of Foolhardiness

This item is possibly the most costeffective. The dreadknight gets +1A in a charge for only 5 points. If you are investing in a dreadknight to provide extra kills, you really should include this item! 4 S6 attacks with a cauldron blessing is pretty good for a champion :-).

Whip of Agony

I would say that a big unit of CoKs is at its best with a Whip of Agony champion and Standard of Hag Graef. The unit is amazing on the charge with a cauldron blessing, but will also continoue to deal serious punishment the following rounds if you keep them blessed. If joined by a dreadlord or BSB with hydra banner, the unit gets sinply terrifying, however expensive...

Potion of Strength
With a cauldron blessing, your puny champion is going to hit with 3 S9 attacks when he charges. That dwarf BSB never died any faster...

Ironcurse Icon
Warmachines rule 8th edition. A 6+ ward against them for 5 poiints is more than well worth it! One saved Knight earns you back 5 times the points.


2+ AS will fail eventually if the enemies start picking on the champion. A single reroll for 5 points is a good deal.

Dragon Helm

1+ AS is even better, and with all the flaming weapons around it could easily include a 2+ ward.

Ring of Hotek

Even in its downgraded form, RoH is to be feared. If played right this item can change the game.

Null Talisman/Obsidian Trinket

Magic resistance is helpful against magic heavy armies.

Sat Aug 21, 2010 9:18 am
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I have currently thought about Spellshield + Luckstone.

With the CoB giving them a 5+ Ward, the Spellshield betters that to a 4+ against Magic, which is a good deal. And the Luckstone is just a good 5 pts, as you said also.

The Spellshield is 5 pts more than the Null Talisman, but the latter cannot be combined with the Luckstone.

Otherwise Ring of Hotek is good on a durable champ who ends up near the enemy quickly.

No item to keep the cost down is also always an alternative.


Sat Aug 21, 2010 9:29 am
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Very interesting post.

A few comments:

You can't give the CoK champ the potion of strengthas its 30 points. (yes, it is 30 points not 20, it's been discussed extensively on here and the outcome is pretty conclusive: there is only on PoS per any army, and ours costs more, sadly).

Dawnstone:could be very tasty: fail that 2+ save? that's okay, for just 25 you can re-roll it, and unlike the luckstone, it doesn't expire, so can apply to multiple failed saves for the model. That said, it costs nearly the same as an extra cold one knight, so is it really worth it?

The other trickster's shard:would be great for killing those 4+ ward save enemy characters in challenges, all for just 15 points.

Opal amulet:Same logic as for the luckstone, but its a one off 4+ ward save rather than an armour save re-roll, for just 15 points.

Gold sigil sword:Great for killing those pesky high initiative characters in challenges. Even high elf dragon princes won't get to re-roll their hits against him in CC and, if combined with the standard of HG, it will allow him to both hit first AND re-roll his to hit rolls every turn. Very tasty. Yes, it doesn't add a strength bonus, but he is already S4, so its not the worst trade off in the world. You could even combine it with the seed of rebirth (6+ ward) or luckstone (mentioned in your post), to give him a bit more durability...

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Sat Aug 21, 2010 10:42 am

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actually ring of fire is also intresting for a measly 25 points you have a cold one unit with a spel to fire afther having marched, giving them the flame banner makes for extra suprise when those regenerators get into combat.

tricksters shard is ,in my opinion, bad cause if you get hit with something but have a ward save that means 2 to 5 of those saves have to be re-rolled cause it effects your men

Wed Sep 01, 2010 5:04 pm
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actually ring of fire is also intresting for a measly 25 points you have a cold one unit with a spel to fire afther having marched, giving them the flame banner makes for extra suprise when those regenerators get into combat.

Except that you need to waste a PD for a measly d6 S4 hits.

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Wed Sep 01, 2010 8:00 pm
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With PoD, the Dagger and the Cloak DE can spare a PD more often than not on that fireball.

I surely hate my DR, harpies and 6 shades taking measly d6 str4 hits. Even more so when I have them right where I want them and then they evaporate from that measly d6 str4 spell.

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Thu Sep 02, 2010 12:21 am
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Whip of Agony with BoHG on a 6 man unit has worked wonders so far, the champion does more damage a turn than my hyrda manages in a game.

Thu Sep 02, 2010 10:41 am
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