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druchi raiding force returning with slim pickings 
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I participated in a small (10 person) 600 point tourny, with 5 battles limited to 1 hour
my list

beastmaster scourge, heavy armour, sea dragon cloak, enchanted shield, crystal of midnight, pair of repeater handbows

18 AHW corsairs, full command SSS

5 cold one knights

5 shades with AHW

tis small raiding party wasn't the optimised list but it seemed fun and fluffy.

battle 1

scenario: capture the watchtower: no one starts in it

opponent beastmen
1 wargor with heavy armour

a large unit of gor ( I think about 20) full command

4 minotaurs with champion

2 units of 5 ungor skirmishers

deployment was very basic the corsairs and gors both having generals , standing infront of the watchtower, my cold one knights to my left in front of his minotaurs, and my shades next to the building, his ungors on his flanks.

first turn for the beastmen, mistake 1 was made here we didn't see you couldn't march and garisson so gors into building, minoutaurs up and ungors up

1 dead shade of ungor shooting

my turn 1
I assault the building with the corsairs and my cold one knights charge the minotaurs, both get the range required .

shooting sees 2 ungor dead

combat was intresting, the cold one knights hit everything, but fluffed the wounds rolling 3 1's so doing only 2 wounds before dieing horribly.
The assault party was my general and champion and 8 corsairs, vs 9 gors and his general.

I challange, killing his character so he can't kill any corsairs, or have ld 8.
The corsairs then put out a amazing amount of attacks being 28 ws 4 st3 attacks with hatred, killing all but 1 gorr, who kills 1 corsair. he breaks although being steadfast and i now have the building.

next turn the shades get sharged by his 2 units of ungor and his minators
stand and shoot to kill 1 big beaste(so only inflicting 1 wound) and then die quite horribly.

I shoot at some ungors

He assembles around the building rallys his gors and assaults with the minotaurs.

Thinking this is it I send out 10 corsairs hoping that i'll remain steadfast.
the corsairs suprise me with inflicting 7 wounds on the big beasty's killing 2 leaving his champion to fluff up his 2 hit killing 1 corsair.
he loses but following rules can't break so just stands there

I shoot at the minotaur but no luck

he joins his minoutaur champion with his gors (a mistake I horribly overlooked bur wel he overlooked all his impact hits and stomp attacks so can't really blame him.

the 2 units of ungors shoot but do no damage.

I shoot at the minotaur but again no wounds.

he assaults with his formed up unit i send out 10 corsairs, but fluff my to wound rolls killing only 7 gorrs and not killing the minautour, all my corsairs die but that isn't horrible as i'm steadfast right? i roll double 6's in my turn i rally and the game ends

I held the tower for 5 turns to then lose to something so stupid on the last turn(we rolled though but still)

No slaves here

battle 2:
opponent: orc and goblins
scenario, attacker defender

possibly the worst match up possible for me as i roll defender
the point here is that my opponent has 2 get 200 points over my table edge, and we are playing thiss on 4' x 6' tablles.

he had 2 units of night goblins(which containd 1 and 2 fanatics), 1 night goblin warbos(lord ) , 2 pump wagons 1 unit of hoppers and 1 chukka and a wolf chariot,
needless 2 say he got through with enough, even though i killed 230 victory points worth of units versus his 85 is still count as lost.

battle 3
scenario: pitched battle
opponent: vampire counts

he had
a vampire nothing special as far as i know,
a unit of zombies with full command, 2 units of 20 ghouls and 5 bats
he rolled the summon ghosts spell (roll a dice for every enemy unit on a 4+ its a wound no AS allowed and it goes 2 a new spirit host block)

he dumped his army in a corner and i put my cold ones in front my shades direcly in front of his vamp and my corsairs in the middle close to the watchtower that was on every table from the first scenario.

I get first turn, i use my crystal of midnight, and he fails his ld and loses invocation, he played a summoning army, this was practically a win for me.

his turn he rolls 10 for winds of magic (double 5) uses 6 dice to cast his spell, and has double 6's the spell does no damage and he rolls double 1 for his miscast, killing 14 ghouls and a wound on himself.

seeing oppertunity i charge with the shades but fail my fear test and can't touch the vamp as he wipes the shades out.

he positions himself to wipe out the cold one knights, the tries to cast the spel (rolling double 6's on winds)again, succeeding with irrisistable force. inflicting a wound on the corsairs and on the cold one knights, creating and tactically deploying a 2 wound spirit host . he rolls a 4 on miscast and kills himself and the leftover of his unit with the large template, and i have won the game. ghosts crumble the bats crumle the zombies crumble dramatically and the ghouls crumble.

I kill the remaining zombies for their banner and everything crumbles away

massacare for the dark elves but no slaves as it all fell apart.

battle 4:
opponent skaven
scenario: mist (deploy on your table edge then after all normal deployment everything goes 5d6 strait ahead (really funny and fun scenario)

lvl 1 engineer with warp lightning

a lvl 0 with a doomrocket he didn't use

20 clanrats with flamethrower
25 slaves
5 plaguemonks
a doomwheel
now this is a annoying list even more since both our forces where spread, out some even went passed each other

the cold ones and corsairs both made first contact, the cold ones taking care of the sencer bearers and the corsairs taking the flamethrower (which can stand and shoot) o forgot my gem on the first turn but dispelled the spell end removed it next. the cold one knights where destroyed by the doomwheel who, in turn got taken out by the corsairs. the lvl 0 fled his unit as I charged the clanrats and killed them. it seemed t be victorie for me until a freak 17 inch charge planted skavenslaves in my flank. my general was ther and fought bravely but the parysave was 2 much and they had 3 ranks a charge and a flank, i breaked and got run down, his 40 something unit bringing him him over 400 points

a massacre against, and as my opponent so elequently put it my slavers where enslaved by slaves.

battle 5
opponent empire
scenario meeting engament

1 engineer on barbed warhorse deployed normally
2 units of 20 swordsman deployed normaly
1 unit of 20 handgunners deployed normaly
1 hell blaster volley gun reserves

i choose table edge and had to put everything, first, with no reserves i spread out around the center of the board cold one knights to the right and corsairs 2 the left.

my opponent deployed a strong line of 2 units of swordsman then the handgunners and then the engineer.

I was able to put my shades in a corner behind that line.

i had first turn moved up my cold ones stupidly lumbered forward.
no magic of course, shooting saw my shades rolling exeptionally well and killing the engineer what caused the handgunners to panic, who ran through the 2 units of swordsman letting another panic and run of the table

rally attemts fail and now he's left with 1 unit of swordsman and a hellblaster he positions quite far to take the CoK.
my corsairs kill the swordsman my CoK are killed by the superb shooting of the helblaster and i move the rest of my army out of range , match done by turn 2 massacre and some slaves

I ended fifth and must say the scenario's are quite fun as is playing 600 points on large tables. my only regret is that in 600 points some army's can be seriously overpowered, and 1 mistake can easily cost you the entire game.

army's of note: the skaven who massacrued everyone, a vampire army with a loremaster vampire who was always seen in the last battle with about a 1000-1500 point army overwelming his foe whit summoned blocks.
and a WE player with a block of 20 driads, a noble with the 2+ ward on last wound that he used once. he rolled a one on his first use XD

i hope you found mmy rantings a bit informational, although short? The point is most battles where 20 minutes long, my longest being 40 minutes


Tue Oct 19, 2010 6:21 pm
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Seems great fun indeed!
Thanks for the report.
It may give some ideas to tourney organizers.

You illustrate why 2k is more fun than 2.5k.

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Tue Oct 19, 2010 7:57 pm
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