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Wood Elfs vs High Elves game 1 wk46 
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In true Dark Elf style, I managed to get our tree hugging cousins to fight our most hated enemy.
<you could ofcourse read that I finallty managed to get a large game in with my Wood Elf army, but where is the fun in that.>

Sorry no pictures or diagrams <kinda hard to make on tablets> :)

Scenario: Battle Line 2500 points

High Elves from left to right.
10 While Lions with Korhil <special character>, 10 Silver Helms, Lord on Star Dragon, 30+ Lothern Seaguard with Seahelm <character> and Sorcerer Lvl 4 High Magic, 10 Sisters of Avalorn, 20 Sword Masters, 5 Reaver, and 4 Bolt Throwers spaced out behind his lines.

Dark Elves from left to right
5 Wild Riders, Treeman, Great Eagle behind the Treeman, 6 Treekin, 21 Glade Guard with Moonfire arrows (+1 to wound on forces of Order)with Sorceress lvl 2 Beasts, Ancient Treeman lvl 4 Life, 38 Dryads, 5 Wider Riders, 5 Sisters of Thorn. Great Eagle.

Scouts: I placed my 6 WayWatchers straight across his Silver Helms 30 inches away

Vanguard: He put his unit behind a building with clear view of the middle of the board.
I moved my Wild Riders and sisters up their full 12 inch vanguard move

High Elves – turn 1
My opponent gladly took the opportunity to go first. And really put the hurt on me. His Lord on Star Dragon clearly wanted nothing to do with my archers. His Lothern Seaguard moved up to be just within their shooting range. His Sword Masters, Silver Helms and White Lions marched their entire distance. During the Magic Phase my opponent managed to get of Fiery Convocation on my Dryads with irresistible Force. I was lucky to loose only 12 Dryads to that. Shooting from his Sister of Avelorn, Seaguard killed another 7 more. His Bolt Throwers fired at my treeman and did very little. One of his Bolt Throwers however managed to kill 3 Sisters of Thorn.

Wood Elves – turn 1
Although I would have loved to get first turn, and be able to slip behind his lines, he did leave me with 2 oppertunities to good to pass up. My Wild Riders on the left charged his White Lions. And my Wild Riders on the right charged his Reavers. I moved my Eagle up to redirect his unit of Silver Helms so that he could not charge my Treekin or Treeman who had moved up to be able to get an easy charge next turn. My Glade Guard moved into the tower. My Treeman Ancient moved up a tiny bit. While my dryads retreated a few inches to make sure his Sword Masters would not be able to charge me. My remaining Sisters of Thorn slipped behind his lines to face his Bolt Thrower. Magic was a complete wash. I rolled double 1 for my Power Dice. Not even enough to try and remove Fiery Convocation. However luck was with me I managed to channel 2 extra dice. I used all 4 dice to get rid of Fiery Convocation. During the Shooting phase my Battle Standard Bearer managed used his hail of Doom Arrow, managed 4 shots (out of 3d6) and killed 2 Sister of Avalorn. The other archers managed to kill 5 more. My Waywatchers shot at the Silver Helms (ignoring armour) and managed to kill 1 Silver Helm. Luckily the melee phase was a lot more effective. My left most wild riders killed all 10 white-lions before they could strike, but Korhill managed to kill 2 of my Wild Riders. Korhill broke and was run down. My Wild Riders overran out of the charge arc of the Star Dragon. My wild Riders on the right, managed to wipe the unit across from them without taking any casualties. But so got up in their bloodlust they nearly ran of the board.

High Elves Turn 2
My opponent decided to charge his Dragon at my Eagle. I will admit I had not seen that possibility. He had a slightly worse that average chance of making that charge, but if he made it he would be half way to my lines already…I decided to flee with my Eagle and his lord on Star Dragon fails the charge, only stumbling forward an inch or two. This did however leave him a long charge on my Treekin with his Silver Helms. He takes it…and makes the charge. Not what I was hoping for at all. His remaining Sisters turn around and take aim at my Wild Riders on the right. He decides to keep his Sword Masters well away from my Dryads. Magic Phase was low this turn, and I managed to dispel the spell he tried to cast. Shooting. A lot less successful this turn. He managed to kill my Sisters of Thorn as well as kill 2 of my Right most wild Riders. His Seaguard killed 2 more Dryads, but his remaining Bolt Throwers failed to do anything.
In the combat between the Silver Helms and the Treekin I got really lucky. He managed to hit with all 9 riders, managed to wound with 5 of them but I made 3 out of the 5 saves, suffering only 2 wounds, and doing one in return. My Treekin remained to fight another round.

Wood Elves Turn 2
With my Treekin holding up the Silver Helms, my treeman had a nice flank charge against that unit, and gladly took it. My Treeman Ancient and my Dryads moved towards the Sword Master. My Wild Riders turned to face the Bolt Throwers. The magic phase was really in my favour with 11 power dice to 5 dispel dice, I managed to get of Throne of Vines. My opponent managed to dispel Flesh to Stone, but failed to dispel Earth Blood on my Dryads. With my remaining dice I got Wyssan’s Wild Form off on my Treekin. During the shooting phase I finally managed to kill the 3 remaining Sisters of Avalorn. The fight against the Silver Helms was short and brutal. He did nothing to me, and I killed all but one of the SilverHelms. He ran and my treeman ran him down. My Treekin reformed to face the Lothern Seaguard.

High Elves – Turn 3
My opponent tried to charge his Star Dragon at my Treeman. Since it was a long charge I’m not sure this was smart, but he had to try something, for his charge range he rolled 1,1,2. Failing it by a huge margin. His Star Dragon stumbled forward. His Sword Masters charged my Dryads. He tried to reform his Seaguard so that he could keep a Bolt Thrower alive to shoot at my Treekin or Treeman. Fortunately for me, he failed his leadership test, and without a Battle Standard Bearer, he did not get a reroll and was unable to shoot. Magic was uneventful, but I did draw out my Dispel Scroll. Shooting killed only 1 Wild Rider in each of my units. In the combat phase his Sword Masters killed about 8 Dryads (Earth Blood really helped), but I managed to kill about 10 Sword Masters in return. But with charge and banner this combat was a draw.

Wood Elf – Turn 3
My one remaining Wild Rider on the left charged a bolt Thrower, and the 3 remaining Wild Riders on the left did the same. My Treeman Ancient charged into the flank of the Sword Masters. My Treekin marched up towards the Lothern Seaguard to be in easy charge range next turn. Magic was not very succesfull, he dispelled all my spells. During the shooting phase my Waywatchers, Gladeguard, and Treeman (strangling Roots), managed to bring the Star Dragon down to 3 wounds. His lord on that dragon remained unscathed. In the combat phase my dryads and Ancient Treeman wiped out the remaining swordmasters, but the Sword Masters killed all but one of my Dryads. The Wild Rider on the left destroyed the Bolt Thrower, the 3 Wild riders on the right did the same but then managed to overrun a full 12 inch to slam into the rear of the Lothern Seaguard.

At this point we called the game. It would have been interesting to see if I could get his Star Dragon down, but with just his Dragon, one Bolt Thrower and 35+ Lothern Seaguard already in combat with a three wild riders in the rear..and to be charged by 6 treekin. I think I had a good chance to win this.


Tue Nov 11, 2014 12:02 pm
Miscast into the Warp
Miscast into the Warp
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Nice report, shame you didn't get to play out to completion.

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Tue Nov 11, 2014 12:33 pm
Killed by Khorne
Killed by Khorne
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Unusual list. It was good to read about you using the stickiness of your woody troops to hold the enemy in place and then countercharge :twisted:

- How do you find the double Treeman list?

Lv4 Life Ancient is v. powerful but a big points sink if it gets I-bombed.

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Tue Nov 11, 2014 3:52 pm

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I kinda like this list. I know most Wood elf players run a shooty list. But personally I like a challange and for me there is no challange in playing shooty heavy.

This was my first try with this list. And i like it, loosing a few wounds on Treeman or Treekin means very little with the lore attribuut from the lore of life.
I will admit that Lore of Shadow or Death would have made me nervous. But I was lucky in the spells my opponents rolled and in the fact they did not use Lore of Shadow. If i would play this list on tournaments (highly unlikely, prefer Dark Elves), I might use a Lvl 4 Shadow instead of the Treeman Ancient. That might work better against a greater number of armies.


Wed Nov 12, 2014 12:13 pm
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