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The Lords of Har Ganeth 
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The Family of Kurl Vraneth, was a powerful one. Long ago the lord and master of Har Ganeth had chosen a mate form the ranks of the Executioners, a female draich-master, a rare occurrence within the ranks of the executioners as usually most executioners were male. They were called the cruel, by both slaves, elves and noble families alike and for good reason, once during an invasion of Ulthuan he attacked a large town in Cothique, after the battle Lord Kurl in a rage ordered all prisoners to be killed and the entire town razed to the ground. Simply because some archers from the town shot his pet demi-dragon. Kurl’s mate bore him 3 sons and a daughter, Drukh, Khaleth, Khael and Lelith. During their early years all 4 were taught in the art of a sword. However shortly before the birth of the twins Khael & Lelith. Khaleth was sent to sea on the black ark of Kurl’s former mentor and master Droleth Olthos , under Olthos Khaleth learned lots but upon returning a hundred years later he found a different family waiting for him and his new brother and sister Khael and Lelith. It was then that Khaleth found that he was the neglected one out of favour with his father.

Khael and Lelith were inseparable the two twins would train together regularly that was until Lelith threw Khael against a wall and pinned him there with some dark magic that seemed to come from her hands, horrified she fled to her father, who immediately ordered a sorceress of the convent to released Khael. Lelith was sent to Ghrond to be trained in the art of the sorceresses. Khael now trained alone but at all times knowing were his twin sister was due to her magic. In time Khael to was sent to sea to be the last trained by his fathers old Mentor Droleth Olthos. 50 years later Khael returned and applied to enter the legions of the Executioners, he was accepted and 50 years later he was equal to high Executioner Tullaris earning him the title Lord Executioner.

Khael and his brothers were to gain great fortune on Albion as all three of them led legions from Har Ganeth in the services of the dark emissaries, Drukh gaining his great Gauntlet of Power, and Khael the most famous of all by halting a charge of a unit of Dragon Princes by himself and destroying each one of them causing terror though out the Asur ranks. Then during the early days of the Storm of Chaos Khaleth, who was acting as Reagent of Har Ganeth. Due to the fact that Drukh and Kurl himself were in Ulthuan fighting with the witch king. Ordered Khael out of Naggaroth and to sail south to Lustria to retrieve some ancient plaques of the Lizardmen.

Khael seething in rage however did carry out his brothers request and spent 3 months in Lustria searching for plaques and eventually after defeating many Lizardmen armies he succeeded in capturing many magic items. Khael flushed with victory sailed north back to Naggaroth. He would get his brother back for sending him on this wild chase, oh yes Khael would kill his brother alright he returned to Har Ganeth.

However as the Spear of Khaine came into the docks at Har Ganeth he saw smoke rising in the distance from the city and in the docks around him conflict raged between the City Guard, the Temple of Khaine, and the newly resurfaced Cult of Pleasure. In a fury Khael ordered the ships company into the battles around Har Ganeth. No one could stop the son of Kurl Vraneth as he fought with hatred up to the city itself. From there a captain from the city guard approached him and told him that the leader of the city guard whished to speak to him. Following the guard Khael entered a barracks and saw his sister sitting in a chair behind a table smiling at him. Both embraced lovingly but then Lelith told Khael of what had befallen her in the 3 months since Khael left Har Ganeth.

Lelith in Ghrond had been approached by lady Morathi in hope that Lelith would join the Cult of Pleasure when she refused Morathi tried to kill her but calling to her Dark Pegasus Lelith escaped. Arriving at Har Ganeth secretly. Lelith talked to the Hag Queen there about the Cult of Pleasure when she told the Hag Queen about the cult she thanked Lelith but Lelith announced that she would not fight the cult as many of her Fellow Sorceress were in the Cult and she could not harm them it was that night that the cult of pleasure in the city attacked the Temple of Khaine led by Khaleth, Lelith shocked at finding her own brother leading the attack showed herself and fought the cult. Forcing It back with her magic, sparking massed skirmishes throughout the city. Lelith left the Temple of Khaine and headed over to the city guard barracks finding the general in charge of the city dead Lelith took command of the city guard and tried to restore order in the city.

Khael after hearing his sisters report immediately took over command of the city guard and the Temple of Khaine and in just a few days of fighting order was restored to the city and upon entering his father’s hall he found the seat the ruler of Har Ganeth empty, Khaleth had fled the city as soon as he saw his brother from the battlements. Khael is now reagent of Har Ganeth in his father’s absence. But with a civil war raging it will be many days before he will be able to depart to find his brother, and bring back his head on a spear.


Reality check:
this is the background to my Character Khael Vraneth's Familiy. as the son of Kurl Vraneth the Cruel lord and master of Har Ganeth. after spending 7 hours aculimating all my 25 pages of dense fluff about the family and condensing it into what you see here [it is now 25 past midnight here in the UK as i post this]. this fluff is simply here for reference, for my War diary "Kinstrife in Har Ganeth".

i hope you enjoy it

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