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How to deal with a Spammer 
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How to deal with a spammer

An example:

You are browsing the NDD forum. You see a thread that looks interesting but, when you open, it's insanity and spam. What should you do? Report. Report and don't reply. The Black Guards will take of the locking, along with the moderators of that forum and action will be taken against the spammer.

What happens if you reply:

If you reply, the spammer will be happy. Remember, the spammer wants to draw attention. However, if you are THAT stubborn and you reply, there are two ways of replying:

1) The Good way: "Please, refrain from multiple posting because it's against the forum rules and, if you continue, you will be punished by the moderators. Try to post constructive posts! Thank you"

What happens?

Well, if you do this, sorry but you're being stupid. The spammer will have a good laugh at everyone of this posts and will reply to them with even more spam.

2) The "Evil" way: "Hey, stop scre*ing our forum! Don't spam! It's useless dude!"


"You're so stupid..."

What happens?

The guy likes this.. it's giving him a personality. He'll just reply back with even more spam just to annoy you. In addition, you will also be spamming and if you flame him you are also subject of having a warning from the moderators.

So, What do you do in case of spamming?

You report and don't reply. And why? Because each and every reply will boast the spammers ego and make him spam even more.


  • You see a spammer
  • You hit the report button
  • You don't reply

Another issue is those guys who post things like "I've never seen what a GoP is. Can you direct me to a page with it?" Well, usually they just one-line "What's GOP?" but the effect is the same. In that case, you do this:

Good example of several members replying to a newbie who didn't read the FAQ

It's simple. Remember, if you reply he's a jackass because he didn't read the FAQ, you'll be considered a spammer AND a flamer. Why? Because, no matter how many posts you have, no matter how good you have replied to other issues, you haven't been able to control yourself and you have did no contributed to the post you are replying, going off topic and you have insulted or potencially hurt the poster feelings.

The bold are the definitions of SPAM and FLAME.

Hope this helps ;)

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Sat Feb 05, 2005 3:21 pm
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