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The Death of the old The birth of the New 
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Its been a long time since i wrote a short sotry so i thought i start one and end my long silence. Comments would be much appreciated.

The room was silent. Scattered around the room where an array of candles. It provided the room with a warm glow. A roaring fire crackled and hissed penetrating the room with an intense heat. A sharp contrast from the bitterly cold wind, which howled through the streets of Naggaroth. The room was filled with what at first appeared to be clutter. However it was a fantastic display of weapons, shields and armour. A vast collection of a family’s heritage and pride. It was a representation of some of the finest warriors that the Druchii had to offer. The glow of the fire sent a reflection upon the armour, making them dazzle almost like holy relics. In the centre of the display lay a great banner. An executioner’s blade, dripping with blood coiled with a three headed serpent . It eyes burning with fire. All surrounded by a deep shade of red.

To the far side of the room lay a grand oak table.Behind the table sat a member of the Druchii nobility. He wore a look of worry upon his face as he drained goblet after goblet of wine. He wore a traditional Druchii uniform, his slender hands where encrusted with rings of silver. His long silvery hair fell to his shoulders, his dark blue eyes gave a piercing stare, as he looked towards his families banner. A multitude of thoughts flowed like a river through his mind. He pondered upon the days of his past, and that of his future. With a sudden burst of frustration he threw the goblet into the fire. A great hiss erupted from the fire, as he sunk deep into his chair. He began to rub his tired eyes, the room once gain fell into silence. A few minutes past and the Druchii appeared to compose himself and reached for some parchment and a quill. With a dab of ink he began to write.

The silence however did not last. The doors burst open and revealed a beautiful young Druchii maiden. She was also dressed in a traditional robes. Her long black hair was coiled like vipers. She shot a dark look at the Druchii, a sparkle of hatred held within her crystal eyes.Within seconds she exploded into a heated welcome.
‘‘Why are you doing this Malvek I new you where one to take risks but I never thought you where this much of a fool you are risking everything with this one act you cannot seriously expect this to work do you Mark my words if you dedicate yourself to this then you shall lose everything that you hold dear’’

Malvek placed down his quill and looked up towards the elf and looked deeply into her eyes, an old feeling of hatred swelling up inside.

‘‘Do you not think I know this Cecilia I agree with you that this is a bold move but the time of my rein has ended another must be chosen this will either make this house stronger then ever before or bring it to its knees but it falls to the children to prove themselves’’

‘‘Ah once again Malvek your arrogance overcomes you They shall tear each other apart to grasp this opportunity not only do you risk the destruction of your own family by their own hands you feel the need to abandon them in favour of your raids and war gloriously self centred to the end’’

‘‘Like I said Cecilia this is no longer my place anymore I need to begin anew besides I have rotted to long in this place for to long it shall do me good to hear the song of war once again and as for the children I would have it no other way if they are weak they will kill each other if they are worthy they shall survive each other and take this house further than I could have possibly done and you forget where we are this is Naggaroth not Uluthan fate does not smile upon the weak those who take on the troubles of others ’’

Cecilia once again threw a look of pure poison.
‘‘And what are you implying by that my lord’’
Malvek stood up and revealed his height, he towered over Cecilia and yet she still defiantly starred into his eyes. In a flash of an eye Malvek’s hands were around her throat. Her feet lifted from the floor as he carried her towards the wall. He pushed her against the wall and she let out a sharp cry of pain as her back hit the cold stone. She struggled to remove his hands from her, yet his strength far outweighed her own. He brought his lips close to her ear and whispered softly.

‘‘It means that you should know your place Cecilia they may be our children but this is the Druchii way and besides you will still be here to keep a watchful eye on them or will you be to busy being a lackey for convents’’
He loosened his grip; a long sigh came from Cecilia before she unleashed a powerful kick to Malvek’s groin. He instantly let go staggering slightly. Cecilia fell to the floor gasping for breath, but reaching to the blade at her waist. She brought another forceful blow to Malvek’s stomach, which caused him to crash onto his side; she leapt on him and pined him down. She brought the blade to his neck and fell still. Still panting for breath she stared down at her husband with complete hatred, and spoke her words with complete venom.

‘‘Fine you send everything we ever fought for to its knees and leave me to fight all of our enemies while you attempt to crawl your way back into Malekith’s favour do not blame me when you return to nothing but before you go here is something for you to remember me by’’

Cecilia drove the blade deep into Malvek’s waist. He let out a cry of pain and seemed totally struck. She raised herself up right and walked to the side of his face. With a smile she kicked him in the face leaving a trail of blood gushing from his nose. She turned and left, leaving Malvek lying upon the stone floor; with a slight sense of satisfaction she closed the oak doors.

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This here's a place holder. I'm going to write a detailed commentary in a few hours and edit it in.

From my first skim-over; it looks good :)

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A decent begining, you could look a bit harder at your punctuation but it is intriguing and I hope you continue it.

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