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New AB 2000P Heartbreaker List 
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In the realm of fantasy role-playing games, a "Heartbreaker" is a game written by an author investing all his heartblood, passion and love for gaming, that is yet doomed to fail for the would-be designer puts in it every bit he likes from other game systems and the resulting mish-mash is nigh unplayable.

I avidly have been reading up on all the rumours concerning our shiny new book, tinkering with and thinking a lot about all the beauty I found. After much calculating and heart-rending decisions, I arrived at the following list, which includes the things I like about the new book the most, designed as a 2.000 P all-comers list with an eye towards a possible tournament participation. Even though I am relatively new to the game, I have certain suspicions about its competitiveness and therefore would like to hear your opionion on it.

Supreme Sorceress lvl 4,
Sacrificial Dagger, ItP-Item*, 2 Scrolls,
Dark Steed ... 378

Master,BSB, Halberd
Ring of Hotek, AoD,
Manticore ... 359

Assassin, 2nd HW,
Shuriken, Manbane, Cloak ... 176

10 RxB elves, shields, mus. ... 115

15 Spearelves, shields, mus. ... 108

5 Dark Riders, shields, mus. ... 97

5 Dark Riders, RxB, mus. ... 117

5 Harpies ... 55

5 Harpies ... 55

Cold One Chariot ... 100

5 Shades, GW ... 90

5 Shades ... 80

War Hydra ... 175

RBT ... 100

2000 P

(*So sacrifying Spearelves won't result in panic checks :twisted:)

Basically, the army operates in two blocs, one defensive with the RBT, the Spearelves power battery, the RxBers and the Sorceress, screened by a unit of Shades and one unit of Harpies for delaying, harrassing and march-blocking the opponent's troops which will likely want to get rid of my army's shooty and magic-y part; and one offensive bloc with the Manti rider, the CoC and the Hydra, assisted by the 2 DR units, a unit of GW Shades and the other Harpy unit, which are to flank-charge everything the three bruiser units take on, either advancing or intercepting offensive opponent troops. The Assassin will pop out somewhere and do his carnage thing, probly S7-tolshok-ing high-T critters.

Please note the list is written with the myriad of
comp rules for German tournaments in mind and a few not mentioned in that post, like max. 30 ranged weapons, so it might look a bit weird at first sight.

So, fellow Druchii generals, what is your opinion? Hopeless?

Wed Jul 02, 2008 10:29 pm
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